ACE Family "Nasty Clip" Drama Escalates, James Charles DRAGGED Into Mess

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Trisha Paytas comes for Austin McBroom and James Charles, and Catherine Paiz speaks up.
On October 15th, the ACE Family uploaded a video titled "A DAY IN THE LIFE WITH CATHERINE". Shortly after the video was uploaded, it was edited to remove a short clip. The clip is about 30 seconds long and shows the family getting ready for the day. In the clip, Catherine is filming an intro for the video. She turns the camera to Austin, who is holding their youngest children. He swears and complains about his hair being a mess and asks Catherine to refilm the clip.
But viewers weren’t impressed with Austin’s attitude and were concerned about his attitude off camera. Things escalated when Trisha Paytas got involved, and dragged James Charles into the mess.
Runtime: 17:41


Phoenix Ting Sie Enn
Phoenix Ting Sie Enn - Time siden
Trisha keep on saying others, I am getting annoyed here
Alena Sosa
Alena Sosa - Dag siden
Her name is Catherine McBroom!
Danijel Alimanovic
Danijel Alimanovic - 2 dager siden
Danijel Alimanovic
Danijel Alimanovic - 2 dager siden
1230atrit aj liv der
Ornella Tougouri
Ornella Tougouri - 2 dager siden
I can she that she is not happy
Mathew Nepomuceno
Mathew Nepomuceno - 3 dager siden
Never mind
Mathew Nepomuceno
Mathew Nepomuceno - 3 dager siden
Wait what
Mathew Nepomuceno
Mathew Nepomuceno - 3 dager siden
Poor Catherine
Jeremy Shupe
Jeremy Shupe - 3 dager siden
Not talking to your spouse for FOUR DAYS after an argument IS NOT NORMAL! FFS
litzi acosta
litzi acosta - 4 dager siden
i’m tryna figure out why trisha always in someone’s business. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Christiana Laud-Hammond
Christiana Laud-Hammond - 4 dager siden
My opinion, but like. This is practically part of their job, Catherine probably got annoyed with her husband and left that clip there. You have to remember their a family to, they have fights, their not “perfect” and it their job. Y’all are thinking way to much into this. But then again, it’s my opinion.
dani - 4 dager siden
The way he acts though is so disengenuine and is very obviously not his authentic personality. He is a bit scary tbh.
•ᠻꫀꪖtꫝꫀr• - 4 dager siden
The not talking for 4 days is normal to me because, my mo and step dad did that a time
•ᠻꫀꪖtꫝꫀr• - 12 timer siden
@Ariana Ortiz my mother and my father don’t like each other very much. So it is normal for me cause of....nvm 🧍🏾‍♀️
Ariana Ortiz
Ariana Ortiz - 15 timer siden
Step dad? Idk but most parents don't do that.
Cheryl Boubel
Cheryl Boubel - 4 dager siden
Everybody Just need to STOP HATING on Catherine Beautiful Family Stay Strong Catherine .
Angie Pimentel
Angie Pimentel - 4 dager siden
They’re weird
homemama1001 - 4 dager siden
People are gulliable believe them after them lieing
itz siimp_
itz siimp_ - 5 dager siden
I don't watch the ace family but in my opinion,
Catherine should leave Austin, you know the relationship isn't healthy when:
You don't talk for 4 days
Your partner cheats on you while you're f*cking pregnant
He/she mocks seriously stuff
YOU take the blame and apologize for your partners actions
These are exactly the reason why we can't have good things.
Also the reason why I don't like staying around men older than me, I only stay around boys younger than me or my father (my father isn't abusive, thank God)
Edit: whenever I look into Catherines eyes I feel like I know she's sad or going through some sort of abuse. I'm not the best at understanding people unless I'm very close too them. So Catherine, please leave that a*shole
Evi’s Vlogs & Fashion
Evi’s Vlogs & Fashion - 5 dager siden
Trisha bringing up James...please 🙄
At the same time tho parents do argue!
I mean every couple goes through a point in life where they need therapy and the fact that they were BOTH on bored willing to do that is AWESOME 😁💞👍👏
KoPi_Gamez - 5 dager siden
So Austin's fan say it's ok to swear in front of childrens?
cute Skelton
cute Skelton - 5 dager siden
My grandma and grandpa didn't talk to each other for a month so yeah 😂😂😂😂
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - 5 dager siden
11:47 THATS MESSED UP! That isn’t exaggerating and you can see how uncomfortable Katherine is
Cecilia Njeri
Cecilia Njeri - 5 dager siden
Is anyone noticing how this dude is looking at her, something ain't right it's nothing normal there.
killua zoldyck
killua zoldyck - 6 dager siden
Savannah’s Vlogs
Savannah’s Vlogs - 6 dager siden
The fact Catherine is still with him. She gave Austin three beautiful kids and love he does look abusive. I just hope the kids are really safe and I hope Catherine is ok.
ERC Makeup
ERC Makeup - 6 dager siden
I feel like this is not going to end up well! Her eyes are screaming help! That’s how I feel when I watch this videos! Hope I’m wrong 😩
Mariajose Herrera
Mariajose Herrera - 7 dager siden
Im sorry, but thats what you get when you are with someone just for the money... like girl, stop depending on him, hes not the owner of your life.
Taylor Rae
Taylor Rae - 7 dager siden
8:49 if that was there 4th take and they edited the first 3 out how did they "forget" to take out the 4th? Obviously it was left in there on purpose and it worked.. we all talking about it! Just remember everything they do is planned out.. LOL and they are portraying themselves EXACTLY how they want to be portrayed, in a way that will get peoples attention (good or bad) its called staying relevant.. this is there job 🤣
Areeba Khan
Areeba Khan - 7 dager siden
Austin is fighting with cancer don't hats him please
Areeba Khan
Areeba Khan - 7 dager siden
I love ace fam , james
Azzam Abuhaish
Azzam Abuhaish - 8 dager siden
Is it just me or is he acting weird
Azzam Abuhaish
Azzam Abuhaish - 8 dager siden
Is it just me or is he acting weird
Angel.Aesthetics - 9 dager siden
Wait y’all parents don’t swear around y’all?
VIBIN W MARKEE - 9 dager siden
As I am watching the couple, I notice the way he’s looking at her, he looks up to no good. She looks like she wants to tell us something, she’s dying for help! In other words, something is definitely off about their relationship.
Kimberly Letash
Kimberly Letash - 9 dager siden
Him wanting to make it a joke her actually wanting to shed light and give respect to abuse victims. The minute she said verbal abuse he looked away LOL body language
Kimberly Letash
Kimberly Letash - 9 dager siden
Watching Austin force himself to smile and look at Catherine like hes inlove is so cringy
Taimi Teaupa
Taimi Teaupa - 9 dager siden
they still the best 👍
Aleisha - 9 dager siden
Catherine, Dearra and all the woman that cape for men like Ken and Austin have to deal with this themselves. When they’ve had enough they’ll leave. The messed up thing is Catherine and Austin have kids.
Whilda Lmao
Whilda Lmao - 10 dager siden
: ]
Nabor Guerrero
Nabor Guerrero - 6 dager siden
Nalin - 10 dager siden
ok but austin is so annoying. like he doesn’t know how to be serious in any situation
Ibrahim - 10 dager siden
I keep forgetting James Charles is a guy
jordan young
jordan young - 12 dager siden
Just don’t like how people can judge a person and form this idea of how they are based on one short clip. The man wanted to reshoot the intro. That’s all
Jamila Rat
Jamila Rat - 12 dager siden
Trisha needs to stay in her place and mind her business. 😤
Mirabelle Larbi
Mirabelle Larbi - 12 dager siden
11:03 the moment she switched up, that’s when I really knew this guy beats up, no matter how much she’s gonna defend him. I can tell by her facial expression, tone of voice and the way she speaks that she’s affected by that particular topic because she’s genuinely being abused in that house. By her own husband. I know it’s none of our business to get involved others matters, but in terms of this serious and harrowing situation, people really need to recognize these signs and take action, regardless of whatever individuals in Catherine’s position says... otherwise it will be too late
Abhisek Chettri
Abhisek Chettri - 13 dager siden
Trisha is just being nosy. Would you like if someone drag your name like that....smh
Tico Gooo
Tico Gooo - 13 dager siden
Stop going for Austin people are not perfect
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 13 dager siden
Couples argue ppl act like its it not✋🤣
C2trappy - 13 dager siden
at 12:01 Catherine looks so uncomfortable. i genuinely brioche Austin is a physco path.
Lexxrios92 - 13 dager siden
Narcissist AF! I dated one and let me tell you. He has that face.
McLaren Karen
McLaren Karen - 14 dager siden
The way he stares and acts when she talks is like he wants her to watch what she's going to say before he does something...idk that stare seems familiar
Jasmine Rodriquez
Jasmine Rodriquez - Dag siden
I thought the same too. And how she just looks straight ahead. I have been through that when people would address some issues with me with my relationships. I can honestly see it in her eyes. But if they say they are ok then they are ok.
peyton Harp
peyton Harp - 14 dager siden
Ok the only thing I aggre with them with is that all couples argue
Nene A
Nene A - 15 dager siden
7:06 “elemafeo” lol
Khadeeja Gulaiz
Khadeeja Gulaiz - 15 dager siden
OK now I’m unsure but I think Catherine is covering it or they love each other OK at the same time I think about it but at the same time now
Le Zee
Le Zee - 16 dager siden
Argument is normal 🤦, you honestly won't see what they don't want you to see. She maybe wrong and he may be too, but like she said, it's thier business.
Le Zee
Le Zee - 16 dager siden
I misspelled their 😂😂
Ssonko Jamiru
Ssonko Jamiru - 16 dager siden
Me viewing this from Africa I now understand why whites over divorce and couples of Africans with whites last we don't over look things we don't judge others and police plus therapy are our least thought of things.
Emily - 16 dager siden
Elle: Ah, cussing again Father..
(Ace Child is Elle right? Sorry I don’t know the Ace family much 🥲)
JoRge KaThnEsS
JoRge KaThnEsS - 16 dager siden
What is your problem with James??
You punk!!
jaiden jones
jaiden jones - 17 dager siden
austin mcbroom really is annoying im gonna tell my child to stop watching them he a b****
。Ღ Glowcherry Ღ。
。Ღ Glowcherry Ღ。 - 17 dager siden
But rlly did he just curse infant of his 3 children?
jeslin Diaz Ortiz
jeslin Diaz Ortiz - 17 dager siden
Why about his hair doing great but he acking like a girl fixings about hair promble
Avi and abri redheads
Avi and abri redheads - 18 dager siden
I don't think she telling the Truth
Why nana Peace
Why nana Peace - 18 dager siden
Petition to the fact that a four-year-old has a phone and a crop top 😐.....
moew - 18 dager siden
This often happen in Among us ;-;
moew - 18 dager siden
This part ;-; 5:09 to 7:08
thedarinka - 19 dager siden
Tbh suspicions don’t just come from nothing, overtime people who watch the ace family will obviously notice things, people will catch on to their relationship
Tori P
Tori P - 19 dager siden
The way that they continuously mock domestic abuse.
bitch better have some money
bitch better have some money - 19 dager siden
Austin lookin at catherine while she looks up to remember what he probably told her to say beforehand is awkward
Enedelia Grimaldo
Enedelia Grimaldo - 19 dager siden
TBH I WOULD ACTUALLY be mad bc I didn’t have my hair done like ... ummm my hair is not rlly pretty when it’s dry but it is sooo😁😁😁
habiba ali
habiba ali - 19 dager siden
Trisha needs to retire already 🥱
Papillo_19 Papillo_19
Papillo_19 Papillo_19 - 19 dager siden
I those fans are overreact
Nicola Freeman
Nicola Freeman - 19 dager siden
I want to believe them, but she seems sad deep inside.
Anh Nguyen Bao
Anh Nguyen Bao - 20 dager siden
Trisha- are u ok ?
S E - 20 dager siden
This is so embarrassing what is she doing
Pandababy2013 - 20 dager siden
I don't think Trisha should be in other people's business girl is a hot mess and doesn't need to worry about other people.
Treneise White
Treneise White - 20 dager siden
She looks really uncomfortable
Nevaeh Eatin
Nevaeh Eatin - 20 dager siden
Idk why Trisha keeps on talking about ppl she doesn’t know she needs to keep other ppls name in there her mouth it’s so annoying🙄🥱
Lucida Rose
Lucida Rose - 21 dag siden
What am I even watching, na forget this- No Beuno.
em - 21 dag siden
'Fans': "Wow he beats his wife"
*addresses it*
Also them: "Guys, you act as if they dont have feelings, they're normal people"
cødy - 21 dag siden
BRUH if his hair is really that important to him then what is Catherine to him?? Literally, all he cares about is his hair and popularity.
Iz M
Iz M - 21 dag siden
7:23 they really tried to make him seem like the victim, something is definitely up with that family
JuniorKK - 22 dager siden
Lol trisha talking about how james charles makes money when she literllay has an onlyfans
shirley alaba
shirley alaba - 22 dager siden
I can't believe I'm watching these types of videos where I have no idea what's happening but I kinda enjoy this. Wonder why XD
•Hansuke Kun•
•Hansuke Kun• - 22 dager siden
And y'all missing the point he's spoiled and childish
HOOPIE304 - 22 dager siden
His language was mild you should hear my children speak.
Kathleen Wild
Kathleen Wild - 22 dager siden
He's like what messy hair YOU people are totally ridiculous
Kathleen Wild
Kathleen Wild - 22 dager siden
Oh please he fights with everyone
Angelina Zink
Angelina Zink - 24 dager siden
I mean Trisha has a lot to say about narcissism
Jeof Goodman
Jeof Goodman - 25 dager siden
Normal People: You All
asahi pov
asahi pov - 27 dager siden
not trisha diagnosing people narcissistic and sociopathic when she herself is a mess 😭
Shahad Malfoy
Shahad Malfoy - 24 dager siden
Exactly lol
Tanya Noel
Tanya Noel - 27 dager siden
RUNNN CATHERINE RUNNNN... he’s a control freak
L - 18 dager siden
She’s complacent. Who cares.
Lel Toca
Lel Toca - 27 dager siden
I love your voice 🌸
Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat - 28 dager siden
“Arguing is normal couple stuff right”
Bruh disagreements yeah, but not talking for four days, no
Bella H
Bella H - 28 dager siden
Idc what people say but Catherine is one of the most down to earth, inspiring, and kindest people I’ve ever seen on camera
Ay2ale - 28 dager siden
I cant judge a person on 30 seconds clip
Bertha Gallegos
Bertha Gallegos - 28 dager siden
It's normal for couples to argue, that much is true. However, it's not normal for couples to not talk for an extended period of time, like 4 days without talking is not healthy in any way shape or form.
Heliana Banes
Heliana Banes - 29 dager siden
The "creepiest part" is that this is "news."
NeedyBoBeedy - Måned siden
poor kids
【•νιηтαgє ѕυηƒløωєя•】
There’s sometimes when Trisha has good points
Karolin Thuesing
Karolin Thuesing - Måned siden
Can people stop dragging James into everything?
idk wth
idk wth - Måned siden
12:15 she looks like she's so done
Crystal368 Stillwell
Crystal368 Stillwell - Måned siden
Bro, just leave them alone, honestly.
Nic _____
Nic _____ - Måned siden
Austin is disgusting I can’t wait for the day Catherine finally leaves him