Ariana Grande DRAGGED For What She Did Live, Gets Exposed for Body Shaming

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Pete Davidson has opened up about his relationship with Ariana Grande, and fans are divided.
[Charlamagne Tha God Interview]
[Pete's Standup Special]
[Coping with a Breakup]
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farah - 15 minutter siden
Ariana doesnt black face- she’s Italian, they literally darken faster than you can say hi. And she likes to tan- y’all too much istg
shitpost kid
shitpost kid - Dag siden
N c d ag m down
shitpost kid
shitpost kid - Dag siden
Anim a boi
shitpost kid
shitpost kid - Dag siden
Animat dangan reb
Avocato _
Avocato _ - Dag siden
Of course Ari's fans don't know who Pete is because they were just born when Pete became active on SNL
sweet phangurl
sweet phangurl - 7 dager siden
Both their feelings are valid their form of expression are different and I dont think either of them have intentions shared the other. The fans need to let it go.
Miaroxy890 - 8 dager siden
its the fans causing issues
Jaydine Lee
Jaydine Lee - 20 dager siden
Wait... The people not realizing her getting engagement rings for all her friends for an album called thank u, NEXT.. is 1000000% shade.. are you guys okay? Lol
Probxnqity - 9 dager siden
Who said engagement?
Irene Naserian
Irene Naserian - 21 dag siden
As an arianator, a huge one
What i can say is
Pete wasn't the problem
Neither was Ariana
The toxic arianators were the problem!!!!
Maddie - 22 dager siden
I’m really happy for Ariana and Dalton though. I was never called my name when I was younger. Everyone just called me “magnus’ little sister”
Dalvin Alcide
Dalvin Alcide - 22 dager siden
What the people expect he's a comedian that's his job like.......🤨
ade ade
ade ade - Måned siden
5:38 He referred to “break up with your gurlfriend yeah yeah cus im bored d d” lol
ade ade
ade ade - Måned siden
100% agree with 3:07
ade ade
ade ade - Måned siden
This is why u should know your level lol 😆
moonlight - Måned siden
Ariana is Italian so she not black facing she must just use a diff foundation and do YALL not know Italians are mixed with black blood ?
moonlight - Måned siden
Not the but whole eyes stoppp omgosh
Kalysta Ortiz
Kalysta Ortiz - Måned siden
Akshxhakkzkaj why tf is Pete so funny
Holo - Måned siden
imagine telling someone who has bpd and crohn's disease that they did smthn "for attention"
emma t
emma t - Måned siden
i don’t understand why people thought she was shaming him at the end of her grammy performance. the rings she put back in the box was her ring from 7 rings and putting it back in the box was to mark the end of the thank u, next era. this has nothing to do with pete
Rosalie B. Rowan
Rosalie B. Rowan - 2 måneder siden
Ariana’s fans are awful on so many levels. I really wonder what made so many of them this way... I literally have never been able to have a civil converstation with any of them before. How does one teach manners to an entire fandom?
DΣIӨП - 2 måneder siden
I love ari so much but her fanbase is soo toxic
Felicia Dominique Ja'Nee' Miller
bro i stg i didnt even know theydated and i love his comedy sooo he was pretty relevent to me XD
nutmeg418 - 3 måneder siden
I think ariana fans need to chill tf out. Pete is a person. We're all people. And for fans to just defend her every action like "she didn't even mean it like that" ... Like, you don't actually know her intentions at. all.
britt hunt
britt hunt - 3 måneder siden
Ariana is always making remarks about him, gives him the right to do the same. End of story! I never heard of Pete, and think Ari's okay, so I'm not on anyone's side, personally. But if it's okay for one to "share" it should be okay for both. And it's no one else's business really.
Well that’s a situation :\
Well that’s a situation :\ - 3 måneder siden
I miss old Ariana
Smiley World With Tasha
Smiley World With Tasha - 3 måneder siden
I think she just needed some space when Mac passed
H.A - 3 måneder siden
Ariana Grande does something bad,racial offends someone:
*Arianator suddenly go blind*
ajj - 3 måneder siden
im an ariana stan but this whole fandom is the worst i have seen. we are extremely toxic and rude and disrespectful to her exs, other artists, and even her as well. even though this was 5 months ago this still makes me hurt. yall wonder why ariana gets bad publicity and its because of yall stans.
froüt - 3 måneder siden
It's funny how "feminists" complain about sexism but are sexist themselves.
froüt - 3 måneder siden
@Chaas Cordero You're missing the point.
Igot7 ArmyTaekook
Igot7 ArmyTaekook - 4 måneder siden
I am neither of their fan and i dont know much about either of them, but i just like to say, both of them doesnt seem like a bad person, ari is a singer, she can sing about her life as much as she want cause its HER life story, Pete is an comedian it's in his nature to joke about things and not take it to heart. It's THEIR life, not fans. Both of them look like such a nice person, I think its the fans that dragging this whole thing out and making it into such a big deal and over reacting.
trippygrande - 5 måneder siden
oh my god. can y'all PLEASE leave ariana alone. she already said something about it AND she has been body shamed several times in the past.
calm down.
inactive - 6 måneder siden
Depending on the reason for break up I personally stay in touch as a friend or just friendly terms. This works because we where previously friends, also if you feel like it's not working talk, I can promise you they will appreciate your honestly and think higher of you
Belinds Bowstring
Belinds Bowstring - 6 måneder siden
Hmm... Explains the age gap.. I’ve heard of Pete Davidson way before I’ve heard of Ariana G.
FLEX HYPEX - 6 måneder siden
Typical girls
Liam Nishime
Liam Nishime - 6 måneder siden
Pete wasn't significant until he met Ariana.
*Pete wasn't significant IN THE 8-18 YEAR OLD POP SCENE until he met Ariana.
Kristian Upper
Kristian Upper - 6 måneder siden
Say it with me everyone It 👏doesn’t 👏 matter 👏 if 👏 it’s 👏 good 👏 it’s👏 still👏 personal 👏 information 👏
Liz - 6 måneder siden
- I don't think the way she used distraction its offensive
I think she meant that as soon as she met him, he was a distraction from her problems and whatever
Not that it never developed to more than that
- I think its a little unconfortable mentioning your ex body
But if one of them does it the other can too
- The jokes were kinda funny, and she mentions her on a song so its fine
- I don't think the ring throwing was shade
- it sucks to be known as someone's ex but when you date someone much more famous than you its bound to happen
- And to everyone saying that arinators didn't know him because they are kids
Im 24 and i have never heard this guy name before thank you next
Its not like its awful to be less famous than ariana she is huge
I do hope he starts getting recognition for his own work and not a past relashionship
- also they Both seem to be on good terms so does any of this matters
3llegg0 - 6 måneder siden
i mean, i found out about him dating ariana through him and not ariana so xD
Zoey_the_blob - 6 måneder siden
I love Pete more than anything, he is a comedian this is what he dose. You haven’t heard of him because your bed time is before SNL airs at 11 o’clock
Bry Bby
Bry Bby - 6 måneder siden
I have chrons disease so I feel him and some people are being a little harsh. Bc crohns is NOT easy it takes a toll on ur life that is unsolvable without a cure
Yassin Hossam
Yassin Hossam - 6 måneder siden
so ummmm tf
いちご ねこ
いちご ねこ - 6 måneder siden
all I gotta say is her fans act like grow up! He’s a literal Comedian grow tf up!!
ytedits - 6 måneder siden
せんぱい しお as an ariana stan i agree
EMMY GONZALEZ - 6 måneder siden
K but like who cares?
Balkisa Mohamed
Balkisa Mohamed - 6 måneder siden
Y'all stop shading Ariana grande and Pete Davidson she needed a man she had a man and know they broke up what's the big problem everyone does breakups
Hunniii - 6 måneder siden
I'm actually happy that Ari kept her relationship with Dalton a secret until a month ago cuz they've been dating since January
natalie Obando
natalie Obando - 7 måneder siden
Toxic ariana grande fans 🖕🖕🖕👊🤬
Mia VanLoan
Mia VanLoan - 7 måneder siden
Arianators shouldn't be so toxic and mean to Pete. He's human too, right? Someone dared to say "I don't care about his mental health issues. Shame on you. Really. I honestly feel bad for Pete. He's only known for dating Ariana, not his work.
*Barbara* - 7 måneder siden
It’s four am....why am I here??
Mary - 7 måneder siden
I didn’t even know Pete from Ariana I knew him from being friends with John Mulaney lol
Nugget - 7 måneder siden
I dont like ariana, and I probaly wont, she's rude and insensitive sometimes, she's not my cup of tea but it's okay if you like her. She had her fame time
(Its my opinion, you dont have to feel this way about the situation)
PerkyTomato - 7 måneder siden
**sigh** This just makes me...sad... ;(
Maya Marina
Maya Marina - 7 måneder siden
He was always relevant but yall dont know good comedians like other ppl do. That's just that on that🤷‍♀️
Kalin Stephens
Kalin Stephens - 7 måneder siden
Never been a fan of Ariana. Also this should show people that marriage is more serious than they think. Getting engaged in a 6 month period is ridiculous. Imagine if they actually got married then broke up. You don't truly know someone in only a few months and people should stop rushing into it. That's just me tho.
Gunnerisstupid Xoxo
Gunnerisstupid Xoxo - 7 måneder siden
I’m just saying- ARIS A BAD B-
liz - 7 måneder siden
i love pete and im an arianator. my fandom really sucks sometimes.
Emily E
Emily E - 7 måneder siden
I’m sorry but I think most people would be upset if their ex called their relationship a “distraction” especially if they were engaged.
Nada Aliu
Nada Aliu - 7 måneder siden
Is it me or does PD look so much healthier now he’s no longer with Ariana 😂
Debbie Cicalese
Debbie Cicalese - 7 måneder siden
Lol literally with some of the jokes.
Ashley Donovan
Ashley Donovan - 7 måneder siden
The issue section of the video made me tear up. I was in a 3 year relationship, ive known this guy since i was 7 he was 8. We grew up together and dated. It ended really messy and we both got really hurt in the end. The ending was what i needed to hear. I couldnt describe what i was feeling, going through until this. Thank you.
jul jul
jul jul - 7 måneder siden
ariana stans actually terrify me
rtg edrf
rtg edrf - 7 måneder siden
Christine Shaw DollFace9990
Christine Shaw DollFace9990 - 7 måneder siden
Yes I have dealt with many horrible and traumatic breakups over the years somewhere worse than others. I'm not going to go into great detail about them.
Chelseaxamber c-e
Chelseaxamber c-e - 7 måneder siden
SoOoO wHaTs tHe BiG iSsUe
LEXG00 !
LEXG00 ! - 7 måneder siden
People are harsh
ally - 7 måneder siden
Can people just stop cancelling people 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
Gisele Lavigne
Gisele Lavigne - 7 måneder siden
im confused, didnt they break up TWO YEARS AGO. YOUR TEA IS LATE! Or i am idk..
Voice of Neha
Voice of Neha - 7 måneder siden
•ImR'sbottom •
•ImR'sbottom • - 7 måneder siden
I know Pete Davidson from SNL... I don't even really listen to Ariana Grande...
모니모니 - 7 måneder siden
that is so Fetch
that is so Fetch - 7 måneder siden
the fandoms ALWAYS ruin the career of their idols. PERIODT.
Dyane Ortega
Dyane Ortega - 7 måneder siden
I don’t understand why girls are kinda allowed to talk about a guys body but when a guy talks about a girls body everyone attacks
fullmetalparker - 7 måneder siden
ariana stans really are dramatic-
エンゼル / Angel
エンゼル / Angel - 7 måneder siden
*arianas fans are as toxic as billie eilish fans*
Clear As Ice
Clear As Ice - 7 måneder siden
What happens if some ones a fan of both haha
Aka Jvde
Aka Jvde - 7 måneder siden
if im famous im shitting on my exes idc
Leni XOXD - 7 måneder siden
Wait when did ariana say anything about petes genitals??
CORDARO JOHNSON - 7 måneder siden
I'm a fan of Ari, but I think that if Ari can sing songs about her past relationships, Pete can make jokes about his.
FOREVERCONFUSED - 7 måneder siden
I didn’t even know they dated yet I already knew him.
Acki Joma
Acki Joma - 7 måneder siden
When a celebrity have a fans - ages 9 - 16. That's so funny to see how they fight for their gurll!! Ouuu kids, go to bed. It's time for you to calm down, do your homework instead.
Vivian Wong
Vivian Wong - 7 måneder siden
The one take away I got, is that I didn’t know who he was before her, but now I’m 100% a fan of him cause his work as a comedian is SO good.
Angelic Niyah
Angelic Niyah - 7 måneder siden
Poor Ari
Cassandra Poole
Cassandra Poole - 7 måneder siden
Poor little ILUMINATI princess.
Cassandra Poole
Cassandra Poole - 7 måneder siden
I just can't grasp how someone can so blindly follow a celebrity and think they know everything
Sami Gillz
Sami Gillz - 7 måneder siden
This is ridiculous. There is such a double standard when it comes to celebrities. So Ariana can literally spit and lick a donut and doesn't get any fine or get in trouble??! But people are out here licking Ice cream containers and going to jail for 2 years!! Just because she is a celebrity doesn't mean she should get away with things she does.
Awaken Soul
Awaken Soul - 7 måneder siden
Wow.. I love Pete .. smh f her
Vivvie Mav
Vivvie Mav - 7 måneder siden
Okay but why do so many Ariana fans think they have to attack so many people even if Ariana has no beef with them
jxino 2000
jxino 2000 - 7 måneder siden
I did know him before he dated ariana 😊 like if you did too 👇👇
flower_ girl
flower_ girl - 8 måneder siden
Her vogue cover wasn't even that dark, some of her red carpet appearences was so much darker like there's literally 1 pic where's she's even darker than actual black girls. Why has no one called her out on it? Like seriously
Jade Sutherland
Jade Sutherland - 8 måneder siden
Huh? When is not calling someone a distraction not disrespectful? These 'Stans'really annoy me
Pandora Box
Pandora Box - 8 måneder siden
Ariana is shady..she shaded that girl for immitating her with a kat voice only because she hates the character.
Cerulean Diamonds
Cerulean Diamonds - 8 måneder siden
“He’s only this famous because of Ariana, isn’t he? I don’t remember him before they dated. .... he’s a narcissist whiner and the less of him i see, the better” Just because u don’t know him u are so sure the world doesn’t either... Wow speaking of narcissistic
oreo H
oreo H - 8 måneder siden
honestly i knew pete before i knew ariana
Kiki - 8 måneder siden
i got an advert of the watermelon sugar music video before this video and you bet i watched all of it....
Cee - 8 måneder siden
I just realized this was posted on my birthday
ILY - 8 måneder siden
Y'all fans need to. Shut. The. F***. Up! You guys need to mind your own buisness. This is between Ariana and Pete. You guys have no right to throw shade at him or her. You guys need to appreciate the both of them, and understand, they are 2 different people individually, who have their own lives, and their own successes. Y'all are trashing them, but does it not occur to you that while you're wasting time, instead of bettering, YOURSELVES, these 2 are making mad money, doing what they're good at. You guys also don't have the right to call someone insignificant, when you guys have never done anything memorable with your lives, You guys are grains of sand in the grand scheme of the universe. Don't you get it, your lives don't matter, till you do something positive with it, instead of shading people who have better things to do.
nathann - 8 måneder siden
Am ariana fan I didn't like how the fans treated him because he did Manchester joke like yes it's disgusting but it was mistake
Sxgarr - 8 måneder siden
I love Ari but tbh I don't think she did anything to help stop fans from being mean. Also what happened to the apartment that Pete and Ari brought in New York
Autumn Brown
Autumn Brown - 8 måneder siden
Honestly if I went saw I stand up comedian that just constantly talked about his ex like Pete did I'd just be like 😅 because you'd be able to feel the pain behind the jokes
Nova Essence
Nova Essence - 8 måneder siden
Me Who Actually Liked Pete And His Humour Before Knowing He Dated Ari. Also The Double Standards Are So Insane. I’m Thankful He Brought Up That Point. Also, He Never Talked Bad About Ari And Was Actually Fairly Respectful But Had To Make Sure The Jokes He Made Went With His Personality And Humour In A Way That WASNT Bashing Her.
Masshiroi - 8 måneder siden
I wish u would put that disclaimer at the end. I always have to forward the video and miss a piece of the tea.
Ilinca Stingaciu
Ilinca Stingaciu - 8 måneder siden
Y'all stop hating on Pete man just stop, nor Pete nor Ariana are to blame for nothing just stop 🙄. Stop hating Pete 🎀💓
Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts - 8 måneder siden
Lol all the youngsters who don’t recognise Pete
Majin Child
Majin Child - 8 måneder siden
How tf you gonna call someone who cares for you a “distraction”.
Jenny Sweetener
Jenny Sweetener - Måned siden
She didn't mean it that way. And she said amazing distraction and she loved him