Ariana Grande DRAGS TikTokers, Austin's "Maskless" Clip Enrages People, James Charles Gets Revenge

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Ariana Grande drags TikTokers, Austin McBroom and other influencers go maskless, James Charles gets put on the cover of Vogue, and there’s a lot Jeffree Star is afraid to admit.
Runtime: 13:20


Pomo Grenade
Pomo Grenade - 4 timer siden
fans defending them sound like 5 year old kids. please, go learn numbers or something.
Sushi Ojo
Sushi Ojo - 4 timer siden
Noticed how they're all *rich* privileged white kids... thinking they own the world just cause brainless kids be watching their 30 second dancing 🙃
Musferah Tanvir
Musferah Tanvir - 7 timer siden
I seriously don't think THE Ariana Grande even knows these 'influencers' exist
Shadow624 - 14 timer siden
Didn't ariana lick donuts?...🤮🤮🤮🤮 what a hypocrite! idol worshipping is so ridiculous their fans think they're gods and goddesses...
Fatehah Yusoff
Fatehah Yusoff - Dag siden
who the heck is bryce? 😭 i dont even know himmmm
Cynz - Dag siden
In my country we literally got beaten by the soldier when going outside without a Mask

Just a joke but true stay safe out there
Royale Carlos
Royale Carlos - Dag siden
pause at 0:32, jeffree star looking like he just ate all the lemons in the world that are completely covered in salt
eTAEreal scenery
eTAEreal scenery - Dag siden
Who is even this bryce? why does he think hes more relevant than ariana grande?
Thatchelci 25
Thatchelci 25 - Dag siden
I feel like Austin was playing he is a joker a lot
Cedric Elijah
Cedric Elijah - 3 dager siden
Let's start of with bryce hall, yeah' he got disrespectful ball'$ which i only know his name 'cause saddle ranch gave them fame
Lathiifah Nur X
Lathiifah Nur X - 3 dager siden
Sabrina Woodhouse
Sabrina Woodhouse - 3 dager siden
People like austin are the ones made fun of by people in customer service. We laugh about these people cause of how inconsiderate they can be. Customers even step in because we work one at a time.
Lee ann Powell
Lee ann Powell - 3 dager siden
Ariana Grande had every right to call them out cause they were being ignorant asf
LANDRALETA BRADEN - 3 dager siden
Soo THE Ariana grande is using y'all name for clout?? Baby please when she was on disney she had more followers then 7 mill 🤭. And y'all be for real does anyone like the big tiktokers?
Floc xia
Floc xia - 4 dager siden
Bruh almost every famous tiktoker are toxic af. That explains why that community is like that lol
royandescartes - 4 dager siden
0:29 i had to pause the video and ask myself who is the hottie - then the narrator said "James Charles" yikes.
Francisca Kim
Francisca Kim - 4 dager siden
"I kinda miss the Jeffree that played with makeup"
Y'all bullied him into shutting tf up, though? Chile...
The pretty girl
The pretty girl - 4 dager siden
I understand why Ariana got upset but there are sooooo many more celebrities that are not wearing a mask its not just them.
The pretty girl
The pretty girl - 4 dager siden
@Francisca Kim yeah ur right.
Francisca Kim
Francisca Kim - 4 dager siden
Yeah, but TikTokers have way too much power over Gen Z kids. You think kids will wear their masks while the D'Amelios rawdog air? Nah.
ANIME3000 - 5 dager siden
James and Ariana 👏🏼👏🏼
Susan Hatcher
Susan Hatcher - 5 dager siden
James was the right choice
Susan Hatcher
Susan Hatcher - 5 dager siden
Ariana a queen
Nicole Theunissen
Nicole Theunissen - 5 dager siden
Open your eyes in the last days For What is the deal of you gane the whole world but stil lose youre own soul. ..Repent!!!💯Wake up💤
Ricky A Clickpowr
Ricky A Clickpowr - 5 dager siden
Aww poor Jeffrey, a millionaire who had a rough year. 😞Its so sad.
Ricky A Clickpowr
Ricky A Clickpowr - 4 dager siden
@Francisca Kim 😒 Keyboard warrior. Honestly if he wants to off himself who am I to tell him no? I can't solve his problems for him.
Francisca Kim
Francisca Kim - 4 dager siden
But if he kills himself you'll be the first to pity him. Sit tf down.
the longest name
the longest name - 6 dager siden
ariana is such a queen and she always will
Robin King
Robin King - 6 dager siden
I have had a steady supply of masks since pandemic began I keep them in my car and always have on hand....
Alex Flores
Alex Flores - 7 dager siden
I go for team Ariana of course she was reminded this tik tok that COUVID-19 is still happening
Aesthetic ́
Aesthetic ́ - 8 dager siden
I find it disturbing how others think that people with money aren't allowed to feel sad. Yes, they're rich, they can buy whatever they want. But money can't buy happiness.
Advice from a Hypocrite
Advice from a Hypocrite - 8 dager siden
I’ve been wearing a mask since March, and it wasn’t even a law. It’s been almost a year and I have never forgotten my mask . Just saying
selina z
selina z - 9 dager siden
Keya X
Keya X - 10 dager siden
Bryce is honestly so annoying
axailxa - 10 dager siden
Bruh why Bryce saying things Ariana watch it Ariana saying that her friends or ex friends need to stop
Chimmy Park
Chimmy Park - 11 dager siden
These Karens who don't wear a mask are part of the reason we are still here. Is it that hard to wear a mask and stay indoors unless groceries
MusicMitchy - 12 dager siden
I wish people would just mind their own.
yyoonqvk - 12 dager siden
these tiktokers have a more younger audience and they will probably listen to them. they need to start giving an example to their audience. miss grande did a good job in calling out these tiktokers
MoonlightCloud :]
MoonlightCloud :] - 12 dager siden
Ariana Grande is one of the Number1 music artists in the world, has 215 mil followers, is best friends with Nicki Manaj, Mylie Cyrus and Madonna, has met Obama, has a the freaking voice of an ANGEL and has a net worth of over 150 million US dollars... but sure... she was using a random tick tocker for fame 😤🤷‍♀️❤️
The E Machine
The E Machine - 13 dager siden
I got an ad that was kinda cool. If u wanna know just ask me cuz im lazy to ex0pain if no one is gonna see it
《píхííєhσllσws》 - 13 dager siden
jokes - 13 dager siden
There more i look at it the more it looks like jeffree star doesn't have eyebrows now im not a fan of jeffree star or the makeup community or whatever it is so thats why i never knew
thegrandebutera - 13 dager siden
"marketing move"-💀I'm sorry i passed
Ray Ramos
Ray Ramos - 13 dager siden
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager - 13 dager siden
Ariana Grande really DRAGGED tiktokers then said, "Thank you, next."
7amoor - 14 dager siden
Austin: complains about forgetting the mask
Twitter: he doesn’t care about the panademic
Noah, Dixie, Addison: no mask at a restaurant
Twitter: I’m blind
Mina_Ashido - 14 dager siden
Sophie - 15 dager siden
Ok LIKE I GET IT but u r allowed to eat without a mask and go in restaurants without BUT OK ONLY UR OPINION MATTERS
Adryanna Gadberry
Adryanna Gadberry - 15 dager siden
Sooo are we gonna go over the kanye and jeffree star controversy or wait and see how it all pans out first
yh it's me edward
yh it's me edward - 15 dager siden
Idk who TF. Them tiktoker think they is !!!!😅
Keith k. M. Jr
Keith k. M. Jr - 16 dager siden
I get ppl concerned but even though I don’t agree with what is going on. I put a bandana on but honestly my opinion ppl need to really open up their mind and eyes open then believing everything and jumping the band wagon
Jamina elyn Felicitas
Jamina elyn Felicitas - 16 dager siden
Bro leave James Alone!
Eugene .Gaming
Eugene .Gaming - 16 dager siden
And they weren't even claimed celebrity
-If You Only Knew-
-If You Only Knew- - 16 dager siden
What a dumpster fire this community is.
lakes - 17 dager siden
How to sum this video...

Everybody has haters.
Rhea Bankemper
Rhea Bankemper - 17 dager siden
james and ari dropped this 👑
warmseulgi ッ
warmseulgi ッ - 17 dager siden
bryce, you are a TIKTOKER. ariana GRANDE is a CELEBRITY
maryam mohamed
maryam mohamed - 17 dager siden
why people getting mad at austin ? he was joking
blueberry pie
blueberry pie - 17 dager siden
Alina Abaza
Alina Abaza - 17 dager siden
I thought we canceled jeffree with shane
Dhicks - 17 dager siden
Not him acting like Ariana need tiktokers for clout 🤣
Finley Jackson
Finley Jackson - 18 dager siden
Sometimes reporters make the wrong move Im just saying...
Ba Ba
Ba Ba - 18 dager siden
These Tiktokers rlly think their on the same lvl as MF ARIANA GRANDE. YEAH MISS THANK YOU NEXT MISS LAST TIME MF ARI. how? how?!
Adelynn Prior
Adelynn Prior - 18 dager siden
Imagine Ariana Grande calling you out ✋💀
Jay Meep
Jay Meep - 18 dager siden
You know what I would LOVE to see? All the celebrities sporting all kinds of amazing face masks!
Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill - 18 dager siden
Does that dude realize she has a lot more fans than him and she doesn’t need them for clout
ninja kornjaca
ninja kornjaca - 18 dager siden
I support ari 10000000% not just the fact that im a fan of her but shes right
Poohkun Playz
Poohkun Playz - 19 dager siden
Tay Ana
Tay Ana - 19 dager siden
I didn't even know who Bryce hall was I just knew about Ariana Grande
I didn't even know she was ✌🏿"shading"✌🏿 someone she was just speaking the truth
um chile anyways so
um chile anyways so - 19 dager siden
Smh. At least charli is queen.
Charu Krishna
Charu Krishna - 19 dager siden
Ace family at this point is kind of a mess
samantha beaar
samantha beaar - 20 dager siden
7:55 "he's white" what's wrong with of having white people on vogue? besides, portugal has many white people living in there...
Alex Boggs
Alex Boggs - 20 dager siden
Yes anyone how defense Ariana Granda and anyone how hates bruise haul
Alex Boggs
Alex Boggs - 20 dager siden
Shut up 🤐 braise
Alex Boggs
Alex Boggs - 20 dager siden
Yes Ariana!!!! Ariana!!!! Ariana!!!!
Dana Jabak
Dana Jabak - 20 dager siden
Blue Blood
Blood Lust
Blood Money
Illuminati confirmed
Dana Jabak
Dana Jabak - 20 dager siden
I mean there is a weird pattern around these pallets. They have Blood in their name
• D A I K O N •
• D A I K O N • - 21 dag siden
The fact that Bryce thinks Ariana knows who he is , is just funny to me
• D A I K O N •
• D A I K O N • - 21 dag siden
I hAvE tO gEt ReAdY fOr My MoVie
• D A I K O N •
• D A I K O N • - 21 dag siden
Not Addison acting like a celebrity 💀💀
TalentedEvolution - 21 dag siden
Anyone wanna talk about why the views are at 666k?
Kaylee DeCaussin
Kaylee DeCaussin - 21 dag siden
Well those surgery masks aint gonna protect u either 🤷🏼‍♀️ a painters mask will and either will a fabric in my opinion
codm sloth
codm sloth - 21 dag siden
2:10 this guy has a car and all the time in the world just go back and get your mask
Lee Holland
Lee Holland - 21 dag siden
Ariana be like 👁️👄👁️
ragnheiður - 22 dager siden
so moral of the story, stan ariana grande.
Im so Golden
Im so Golden - 22 dager siden
Austin is a Karen now
JustSimpinForCorpse NothingToSeeHere
People really think being a 'rich man' and having 'unlimited resources' is the key to happiness
Masa Manshi
Masa Manshi - 22 dager siden
There is no excuse of not wearing a mask! I have a box of masks in my car in case I forget!!!! Or if you you don’t have a mask JUST GO HOME
ell lly
ell lly - 22 dager siden
Honeyyy tiktoker and celebrity is not the same thing.
Rose Marie
Rose Marie - 22 dager siden
Tik tokkers are not celebrities
Ayşe İpek Taşdemir
Ayşe İpek Taşdemir - 22 dager siden
jerusha jo
jerusha jo - 22 dager siden
I respect tik-tokers and stuff but what Ariana Grande said is true like Just because you are and influencers/tik-toker doesn't mean the rules don't apply for you , we are going through a pandemic and going to saddle ranch isn't that important people.
fluffy_pandaxcx c
fluffy_pandaxcx c - 23 dager siden
Ariana doesn’t need dancing teenagers for marketing help 💀
Kitch G
Kitch G - 23 dager siden
Uh, not all of has have millions in the bank, most of us needs to go out to work. Oh and by the way, your millions have no value if farmers stayed at home, if factory workers stayed at home, employees in groceries stayed at home!!!!!!
gamer9800 6
gamer9800 6 - 24 dager siden
Kumieto - 24 dager siden
12:38 That's annoying. Just because someone has a lot of money doesn't mean they lose emotions and feels. Every heard of the saying money can't buy happiness? This is just a up front example of that meaning. No matter how much money one has, or how much expensive stuff someone has, they still can't always be happy. At the end of the day we're all human. Humans have emotions and thats just how it is.
wei3h - 25 dager siden
i love how everyone is like "she's ARIANA GRANDE!!" like we don't even need to explain why she didn't use tiktokers as a marketing strategy.
Christine The Spartan
Christine The Spartan - 25 dager siden
Austin is for the trash
He doesn’t deserve his family
ÆPĒX - 25 dager siden
Bruh they are causing so many problems like the Neighbours vineyard getting destroyed and it takes 2-3 years to grow!
The ace family is so problematic or their just looking for attention
And don’t tell people that we are jealous of thier money health is more important and family.
Annisa Holder
Annisa Holder - 25 dager siden
I am in love with Arianna Grande she is really the best but why do you have to throw shade at the tiktoks but in the picture it showed there where 4 people in the picture right and had no mask on and like mostly all tiktoks go the so I don't understand and tiktokers are celebrities honey don't know what you talking about honey chill lax😑
Dulce Sandoval
Dulce Sandoval - 25 dager siden
Bryce hall? Who he? Sounds and looks like he’s annoying
swagmacdaddy - 25 dager siden
”Ariana grande has 200 million more followers than you” whilist Cristiano Ronaldo having the most followers.
swagmacdaddy - 25 dager siden
Im going to Africa, goodbye
swagmacdaddy - 25 dager siden
they are going to parties because they are american.
Spidey Bil
Spidey Bil - 25 dager siden
Influencers ars not celebrities
Spidey Bil
Spidey Bil - 25 dager siden