Beauty YouTuber Exposes Jaclyn Hill, Furious Fans Force Her to Speak Out

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A beauty NOburnr exposed one of Morphe's best-selling products-and Jaclyn Hill is speaking out.
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Krees Talks
Krees Talks - 6 dager siden
Why does Jaclyn speak like someone is chasing after her all the time
Sharose h
Sharose h - 15 dager siden
So Morphe messed with Hills formula , downplayed the ingredient change and people are mad at Hill?
Kitara Lee
Kitara Lee - 20 dager siden
It’s not ho ho ba oil. It’s pronounce jojoba
Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe - Måned siden
Did she gain a lot of weight in a short period of time? Or did she get stung by a thousand bees?
Holly Elisabeth
Holly Elisabeth - 4 måneder siden
I'm glad JenLuvsReviews did that video. I'm VERY allergic to carmine around my eyes, so it didn't surprise me to hear that a user's eyelids itched after using the new version. Luckily, I have the original one, but obviously won't be supporting this line here in 2020.
asmRTPOP - 5 måneder siden
“so... what’s the big issue?” treating your fans like children is a bad look sis
Claudia Briggs
Claudia Briggs - 6 måneder siden
Why do people think Morphe is responsible?? When James collabs with them his pallet always sells out and theses NO ISSUES? Like come on people
Gabby Clark
Gabby Clark - 14 dager siden
Idk like yes morphe made the palettes but it is Jacklyn responsibility to know what's happening with her palettes
Lillly Eevee
Lillly Eevee - 6 måneder siden
Probably thought Jaclyn Hill was the scapegoat all of this.
Maryaq - 6 måneder siden
Who wants the tiny little insect souls crushed to death so u can have their body juice for pigment to put on your eyes.
A L Y S S A K E E Y A Z Z I E - 6 måneder siden
Never knew morphe was morphe. Morf
Elizabeth Ramos
Elizabeth Ramos - 6 måneder siden
Jacklyn hill received PPP funds of $150,000-350,000 that was meant for small business loans!
Patina07 - 6 måneder siden
It's Morphe. I bet they forced her to release the lipsticks as well so they don't lose money on them.
Jakki Salazar
Jakki Salazar - 6 måneder siden
BYEEE morphie this sort of behavior isn’t acceptable in 2020 ✨✨✨✨
Carmen Dilcherd
Carmen Dilcherd - 7 måneder siden
"One hand washes the other, and they both Wash your face"!!!!! Anyone who has a brain will understand what this means in regards to Jaclyn and morphe
Lucy Craven
Lucy Craven - 7 måneder siden
The only thing I've ever bought from Morphe was the James Charles palette, and I bought it in Spring 2019. I kicked myself when the mini cane out for buying a large palette that's just going to expire when I don't use it all the time (I've used it like 4 times in the year I've had it) but hearing this, I wonder if they changed the formula for rerelease. It wouldn't be unlike morphe.
Rorikuro - p
Rorikuro - p - 7 måneder siden
Ok but like morphe customer service has bad grammar
Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer
Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer - 7 måneder siden
Guess morphe just lost customers. Cheap as$es
ava marie
ava marie - 7 måneder siden
stan timothee for clear skin😌📝✨
doobie demsss
doobie demsss - 7 måneder siden
She looks inflated af!!
doobie demsss
doobie demsss - 7 måneder siden
Bruh if you just look at jaclyn’s first pics on insta she’s all fine and not fcked up, then now her face is all big and fcked up its nasttyyyy that’s all I see in the thumbnails !
A Strawberry
A Strawberry - 7 måneder siden
Her makeup carrer is a mess tbh.
lush life love
lush life love - 7 måneder siden
Sometimes I feel Jaclyn hill is always kept untold about a lot of things and that's wats affecting her
Cameron Anson
Cameron Anson - 7 måneder siden
nunu bizez
nunu bizez - 7 måneder siden
She’s always got drama...I would never buy her makeup
MT3006 - 7 måneder siden
Why do people continue to buy JH products ?? There’s better products out there like ABH Urban Decay Mac just you name a few ..
PaintedBooks - 7 måneder siden
Genuine question (coz idk anything about make up), why is the addition of carmine so important? Yes I know it's no longer vegan but it's just bugs? 🤨
cool_soima - 8 måneder siden
i dont know if im gaining brain cells or losing them

Xolly Xolly
Xolly Xolly - 8 måneder siden
She got bloated like a whale. You would think with all that money she would take better care of herself and keep on improving. But nope!!!
Annika Baker
Annika Baker - 8 måneder siden
Good job on the video.
Also to people who like tea spilled I suggest information overload.
marli :
marli : - 8 måneder siden
You can’t make your own formula. Just let them lose their relevance.
Sara Hanifi
Sara Hanifi - 8 måneder siden
I really don't care about Jaclyn hill but I do about James charles
Angela - 8 måneder siden
I wouldn’t care about either 😂
Sarah Cox
Sarah Cox - 8 måneder siden
How is it not customary to inform your customers that your VEGAN formula has now changed to NON VEGAN? Like whaaa? It’s not like they added more of a certain already existing ingredient, they straight up added a non vegan ingredient into a vegan formula...
Kay D
Kay D - 8 måneder siden
She isn’t a CEO and never ever will be. She likes peoples tweets defending her with calling women names. She’s passive aggressive and will chalk it up to being a “cancer”. I’m disgusted I’ve followed her for so long.
MakeupLostTime - 8 måneder siden
I mean this and type this from a professional businesswoman’s experience and POV. Fire your mother. Get professionals to help run and “save” your business.
Izabelle Khan
Izabelle Khan - 8 måneder siden
Omg what is wrong with with her face it so puffy...
Angela - 8 måneder siden
Alissia Serratore
Alissia Serratore - 8 måneder siden
Mahjabin Shab
Mahjabin Shab - 8 måneder siden
I am sort of happy that I have the og Jaclyn pallet
ryuk trevoso
ryuk trevoso - 8 måneder siden
what happened to jaclyns face its so swollen omg
Maybe Lline
Maybe Lline - 8 måneder siden
doesn't JS own part of Morphe?
Angela - 8 måneder siden
Ashyo Sings
Ashyo Sings - 8 måneder siden
For yall who vote Tory in the UK. That's Jaclyn
Bianca La Luna
Bianca La Luna - 8 måneder siden
Definitely no longer buying anything Morphe or any affiliate ... this feels like the last straw.
Glanny De Leon
Glanny De Leon - 8 måneder siden
My answer is NOPE 👎!!!!!! I’ve heard so many shady things about morphe that’s the reason I don’t have any of their products.
Eleceno K
Eleceno K - 8 måneder siden
Yall getting scammed buying from this woman.
Badgal 84
Badgal 84 - 9 måneder siden
The beauty community is so shady that's why I keep my money and not purchase anything from any influencers
Kristin - 9 måneder siden
Anyone else miss spills calm monotone voice?
Bruna - 9 måneder siden
Morphe was the worst thing that happened to Jaclyn hill, I think. It's like they paid her millions for her to get all the judgment, and deter attention from them while also making them millions. She probably signed a contract and can't get out so she just takes All the rage and blame, it's probably why she has been anxious/depressed. Not trying to defend jacklyn, just a thought. If I'm right, I wonder if she still feels that it was all worth it.
Rose Jacqueline
Rose Jacqueline - 9 måneder siden
Because they wanted to be even more cheap AF and save coin.
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour - 9 måneder siden
Who purchased her both palletts as i did. Are they fals it says they are Vegan and now they are not Vegan.
Skorpi - 9 måneder siden
Just did a video on Jaclyn Hill, why has she been in so many scandals 😂
Donna Karen
Donna Karen - 9 måneder siden
Morphe Customer Care didn't use proper grammar, anyone can run a business no schooling needed!
Ane Eik
Ane Eik - 9 måneder siden
The original Jaclyn palette is the only palette I have from Morphe that does NOT make my eyes itch.
SUPERSTUDIO - 9 måneder siden
Insighht ‘into’ the situation, not insight ‘on’ the situation. Ugh
Amto 87
Amto 87 - 9 måneder siden
Well this explains why I don't think her pallet is good at all
Chernobog Ra Aristaeus
Chernobog Ra Aristaeus - 9 måneder siden
First world problems....
afic10 - 9 måneder siden
Why people still support Morphe and JH, they both scam people, after every initial release, they cut corners and cheap out the formulas just to make more money.
afic10 - 9 måneder siden
Omg 😳 JH’s face looks a like an overstuffed dumpling.
Kyanna Jk
Kyanna Jk - 9 måneder siden
afic10 too much filler
Magic Purple
Magic Purple - 9 måneder siden
She’s always cleaning the air
Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson - 9 måneder siden
I have never purchased Morphe products, and I definitely will not do it now. I wonder how much $ this will cost them. Probably more than they saved after making formula changes
Kim T
Kim T - 9 måneder siden
Jen has a lot of idle time on her hands.
Kim T
Kim T - 9 måneder siden
Jen has a lot of idle time on her hands.
Kim T
Kim T - 9 måneder siden
Jen has a lot of idle time on her hands.
Kim T
Kim T - 9 måneder siden
Jen has a lot of idle time on her hands.
Nicole - 9 måneder siden
Why her face so swollen
Kyanna Jk
Kyanna Jk - 9 måneder siden
Nicole too much filler
Heather McManus
Heather McManus - 9 måneder siden
has anyone ever used morphe foundation? i swear i swatched it in the store and it was great, i took the bottle home and it was WAYYY off. same shade, same everything. morphe is seeming mad inconsistent huh
AARON A Utterback
AARON A Utterback - 9 måneder siden
who cares
elidel glz
elidel glz - 9 måneder siden
Hi guys, I'm not being mean or anything but jaclyn kinda looks chubby, am not beingg meannnnnn just stating my opinionnn
Kyanna Jk
Kyanna Jk - 9 måneder siden
Reezz G too much filler
inez lynn
inez lynn - 9 måneder siden
her face is really huge now wth
Kyanna Jk
Kyanna Jk - 9 måneder siden
inez lynn too much filler
SereneWolf studio
SereneWolf studio - 9 måneder siden
my sisters and my mom definitely won't purchase of morphe, In fact, I don't think they ever heard of morphe or Jaclyn hills palette. I just can't believe the Swatches are different. However, Morphe should have told the truth about the changes and post their ingredients as said. Jaclyn should stop manipulating the public and tell the truth that she just was doing this for people to like her so they can buy her products and her lipsticks are horrible, Not a true beauty guru there. Sorry morphe and Jaclyn but you both are not it.
Karysuuwu - 9 måneder siden
Im going back to drug store make up
Lauren Gunther
Lauren Gunther - 9 måneder siden
im sorry but im so tired of hearing about the “scandals” with jaclyn hill when trisha paytus has not been held responsible for her actions, whatever jaclyn has been rumored to have done is absolutely nothing compared to what trisha has done and im so angry that its not being talked about
Shinobu - 9 måneder siden
I’m sorry but Jaclyn seriously looks like her whole face was stung by bees
Catharina van Staden
Catharina van Staden - 9 måneder siden
What is going on with JH's face?😨
Kyanna Jk
Kyanna Jk - 9 måneder siden
Catharina van Staden too much filler
Amber Embry
Amber Embry - 9 måneder siden
The amount of filler in her face is ridiculous
hannah fahringer
hannah fahringer - 9 måneder siden
just buy from jeffree star. He’s real with us.
Elizabeth Ruelas
Elizabeth Ruelas - 9 måneder siden
Why is your merch so expensive?!!!😑
Zhraa ALnemer
Zhraa ALnemer - 9 måneder siden
Absolutely not, I mean I was saving to purchase from them but I totally canceled i’m college students fyi
Kaylee Tancer
Kaylee Tancer - 9 måneder siden
Morphe is sketch
Jane Mertz
Jane Mertz - 9 måneder siden
I would never buy Jaclyn Hill product 👎
Elizabethann Ferrario
Elizabethann Ferrario - 9 måneder siden
Jen loves reviews is a lady full of honesty and only tells the truth , which can’t be said for Jaclyn Hill ! I have the upmost respect for Jen and she wouldn’t say anything which was not true she has integrity and I fully believe anything she says . I bought Jaclyn Hill first palette I received it and unfortunately I tried three times to try to blend my shadows and no in fact so frustrated I put it in the bin . No point trying to return it living in the U.K. to be honest I have better things to do ! But I will never ever buy anything from Jaclyn again once burnt ! I now only use high end skincare and makeup , I am very disappointed, at least I can trust my brands I now use . I can tell you that I or my family will not longer use morphe or Jaclyn Hill !
Sid S
Sid S - 9 måneder siden
Make up made in China? Ew
Marlene - 9 måneder siden
Why are people still buying her products? Im so over her excuses and "I didn't know" excuses! This brand is not trusted and I will not be giving this woman my $$$.
kooolllkats cat
kooolllkats cat - 9 måneder siden
Hold up you said crushed bugs🤔🤔🤮🤢🤢🤢
Mandy Brekke
Mandy Brekke - 9 måneder siden
Is it me or is JH getting uglier and uglier every time something comes up with her makeup? Uglier inside AND out!
Brittany Lynn
Brittany Lynn - 9 måneder siden
Social media needs to leave jaclyn hill alone. Yall dont see what this is doing to her health? Oh I get it u don't give af.
Angelica Brown
Angelica Brown - 9 måneder siden
Jen is in the wrong business.. she should be a dang PI
Aylin Sosa
Aylin Sosa - 9 måneder siden
I bought mines a year ago and it has the sticker 🥺 I literally saved up a year worth of school money just to know that it’s not the same original formula
Anna Shak
Anna Shak - 9 måneder siden
all this over a formula change.. just return the palette and go buy a better quality one
Paula Weber
Paula Weber - 9 måneder siden
I love my Morphe brushes but would never buy anything with JH’s name on it. She’s shown herself to be shady too many times.
Autumn Autopsy
Autumn Autopsy - 9 måneder siden
I just wanna say, I work in the lab and develop paint and lacquer formulas. Additives, which are added in really small amounts (below 1%, often just 0,01%) can change the formula DRASTICALLY. The same goes for cosmetics. So yes, the last few ingredients, even though they're added in really small amounts, can and will have drastic effects on the formula. Balancing those additives perfectly is what makes creating a formula tricky and time consuming, it is what makes the formula unique.
Sashmax21 - 9 måneder siden
Weird seeing her heavier ..
Ariana Bautista
Ariana Bautista - 9 måneder siden
I wanted to purchase the new one now I don’t I love morphe but recently I have had bad experiences their foundation gave me rosacea idk if that’s right but my face turned red and it was so itchy even after I took it out it still burned the bristles of the brushes get bad after the first wash hopefully they fix this because I really like that they are luxurious yet affordable
Psycho Symptomatic
Psycho Symptomatic - 9 måneder siden
Heres my question... the representative that told Jen that the forula was the same, did they do that because they were told to? Is morphe throwing them under the bus?
Im getting shady corperate buisness vibes.
Tate Adison
Tate Adison - 10 måneder siden
I mean I know this is terrible but like props to morphe for admitting to everything and taking the blame and being transparent!
Tay - 10 måneder siden
Is it me or does Jaclyn’s face look more full?
MoonBeamsChild - 10 måneder siden
Which controversy is this now? Number 7? I've lost count. Never trust anyone with a Morphe code. -NHJ😒
Ann Jurgens
Ann Jurgens - 10 måneder siden
No I will not purchase
Bri - 10 måneder siden
But why are other collaborations ALWAYS good, while there's always an issue with jaclyn? Jeffree Star's products are amazing, and he even said he loves morphe. So it has to be an issue with jaclyn???
ky - 10 måneder siden
i was honestly gonna buy the revamped version because I couldn’t get the og palette in 2018 but i decided to wait because i knew something was gonna go wrong
and boy was i correct
Denisa - 10 måneder siden
This is why i never ever will be getting smth from her sorry not sorry
MashiroMomo - 10 måneder siden
yeah been done with Morphe and Jaclyn for years now. Same old same old
Adrian Leah
Adrian Leah - 10 måneder siden
I never had the original. All I ever had is the one you're discussing. Pigmentation was SO terrible...I felt like I was playing with kid makeup. In fact, I gave it to my ten year old daughter.