Bella Thorne CAUGHT in SECOND SCAM, Fan Leaks Private DMs and Receipts

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Bella Thorne allegedly made $2 million in her first week on OnlyFans and people are not happy about it. But this is not the first time Bella has been caught in a scam. A business owner comes forward on Twitter and exposes what Bella did to her.
Runtime: 13:19


F IS - 7 dager siden
I think OnlyFans should have a "star review" feature (only in text format, without the photo/video of course) like the marketplace app since the users can't really see the full content before subscribing.
Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill - 7 dager siden
I can’t believe I used to be a fan of her.
Funny Lady76
Funny Lady76 - 9 dager siden
No one should get any thing for free, if you're going to do premonitions get it on a loan and buy it if you really like it... Sounds like she could afford it 😔
AlanaBo Banna
AlanaBo Banna - 9 dager siden
lol it was tana
Bryan B
Bryan B - 10 dager siden
Whatever.... let's see her mitt
striped cat
striped cat - 11 dager siden
im confused why anyone would pay to see bellas nasty bits
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 11 dager siden
I am not scammed please no
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 11 dager siden
My money is ok
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 11 dager siden
I didnt got robbed please no
Teller of unfortunate Truths
Teller of unfortunate Truths - 12 dager siden
Amber Davis
Amber Davis - 12 dager siden
wonder if she was even talking to bella or if it was an imposter
Sp33dd14l - 12 dager siden
Everybody say fraud charges...
Nichole Ellzey
Nichole Ellzey - 13 dager siden
They are like the live version of Mean Girls....
Jose Carranza
Jose Carranza - 15 dager siden
Who would pay? Get a bf/gf
Full OF Fool
Full OF Fool - 15 dager siden
Ppl who got scammed to see her nude pic got what they DESERVED.
She might be laughing at their stupidity,haha
JJ's gaming stuff and more
JJ's gaming stuff and more - 15 dager siden
Yh..., . This is disgusting why do people do this
k. k.
k. k. - 16 dager siden
Isn't the jewelry lady's business techically trademark infringement?
Grant Hedley
Grant Hedley - 16 dager siden
Wow - if Bella had been a man, this would have blowed up the world. Thankfully it’s just women V women, nothing to see here guys, move along lol
Ally Jadore
Ally Jadore - 18 dager siden
She can’t even spell
Rudy Valentin
Rudy Valentin - 18 dager siden
She’s actually a smart individual. Lol she took advantage of a broken system and y’all are sad cause you didn’t think about ;)
Anna Gutterman
Anna Gutterman - 18 dager siden
Nova Noir
Nova Noir - 19 dager siden
Imagine taking free stuff from small business owner and gave nothing in return. When you can afford it.
These rich folks are trully something else
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - 19 dager siden
Why not just give them the shout out on social media it's so simple and easy?!?! Why?!?!!! She gets the items even asking for changes. AND tells her to hurry up because she has a photoshoot. WHY NOT GIVE TYEM THE SOCIAL MEDIA SHOUT OUT OUT AGREED UPON? It's almost like bella gets a kick out stuffing strangers who will bend over over backwards for her
Richie Nickson
Richie Nickson - 19 dager siden
Easy street
Diane Green
Diane Green - 19 dager siden
She’s apparently a talentless twit, to sink this low. You’re very sad, Bella.
Chinaj Fine
Chinaj Fine - 19 dager siden
According to this vid..She's a big douch!!
Tommy D Thompson
Tommy D Thompson - 19 dager siden
If someone asks to collaborate, make them sign a contract. It's easy to get fooled by the idea of a "big break", but always protect yourself.
MaryElaine-Blinstrub Chambers
Bella Thorne wouldn’t give that name to a dog. I like dogs too much!
kpop rubix
kpop rubix - 20 dager siden
The scamming of small businesses was so sad☹️💔
Sheyli :3
Sheyli :3 - 20 dager siden
Gunzdown BikesUp 401
Gunzdown BikesUp 401 - 21 dag siden
I have onlyfans
George Bryant
George Bryant - 21 dag siden
Bella Thorne is trash 🤢🔫
Queso Dilla
Queso Dilla - 21 dag siden
And what does it say about people willing to pay $200/$100/$50, or any amount of money at all really, for a nude?
Brandie Gram
Brandie Gram - 22 dager siden
Who cares.
kingsmen 2018
kingsmen 2018 - 22 dager siden
Who is Bella thorn? Honestly she looks like a nobody? Oh ya she a sx worker lol forgot thats why I don't know who she is am not good with hookers names lol
Zachary C
Zachary C - 22 dager siden
Only fans isn’t a job
Joe Devlin
Joe Devlin - 23 dager siden
emebeth zewde
emebeth zewde - 23 dager siden
She is Not a Celebrity!!! She will never be a Celebrity!!!
By the way which ‘‘career‘‘? She has no ‘‘career‘‘!
Shelby Zombie
Shelby Zombie - 23 dager siden
She tried 😅😂
Merlyn Fereira
Merlyn Fereira - 23 dager siden
Omg she scammed some people?
CanDIEland - 23 dager siden
There needs to be some sort of contract/binding agreement in writing, whenever these people do collabs with celebrities or influencers!!! ...just as any business would do with any average person. I feel like people forget, these celebrities are in fact human beings, just like the rest of us-and that said-some human beings lack integrity...
Yes, even celebrities, believe it or not🙄
Kristie - 24 dager siden
She'd say that the items weren't good enough... So she ghosted.
Adria Scherger
Adria Scherger - 24 dager siden
Thats so sad that poor girl. Sent 1500 dollars worth of jewelry to someone and all she had to do was post but that was too hard?
Forever Healing 100
Forever Healing 100 - 24 dager siden
this is sick how rude.. its a lesson get things in writing. if she was going to have an item sent and pose in a photo get a letter drawn up and have her accept the letter.. and once she accepts it she would realize she would be penalized if not fulfilled. CYA cover your as
Jo Dav
Jo Dav - 24 dager siden
Worked very hard for hajahaha
Love Ru?
Love Ru? - 25 dager siden
My guy there's Something called google
Zack Mo
Zack Mo - 25 dager siden
Y'all need help, a lot of help
Miss May's Bedtime Book Bunch
How can a girl make*and sell* jewelry with trademarked chanel logos?
Real is Rare of NC
Real is Rare of NC - 28 dager siden
Females on creative mode
Nina Victoria
Nina Victoria - 28 dager siden
I just refuse to believe this, this is insane 🙄🖐
Janice Cacatian
Janice Cacatian - 28 dager siden
Colorful Animations
Colorful Animations - 29 dager siden
so many people saying shes a scammer, she is. She will probs be taken down soon.
and the people defending bella probs got her nudes. or they are simps
Strranger Things
Strranger Things - Måned siden
All modern W are farts and all farts are a complete scam,
Literally they all are, hypergamy is the prove
WeltonvilleGal - Måned siden
She needs to be made irrelevant.
Dante SOS
Dante SOS - Måned siden
Why are we making these talentless losers rich & famous with OUR hard earned money? 🤔🙄😒
lillith77 - Måned siden
Blame the simps? Really?
Ayla Leigh
Ayla Leigh - Måned siden
Bella Thorne was also sent items from me around $2000 worth and my business, she also reached out to me. I still have the DM’s our texts her number and everything.. she also didn’t post the designer items I sent her.
May Nazarudin
May Nazarudin - Måned siden
Bella is very problematic and she needs to see that herself
Sarah C
Sarah C - Måned siden
I’m confused I thought sw were illegal
Katano Martinez
Katano Martinez - Måned siden
I dont care about all the men and women that have been ripped off on Onlyfans. Paying for nude pics is a joke.
The colab always have a contract signed no matter who it is even a Celeb. Also some celebs a very easy to smell on the kind of person they are for example Bella Thorne.
Shiru -
Shiru - - Måned siden
Dropshipping COUNTERFEIT jewerly from dhgate or Aliexpress is NOT being a small business LOL. That girl is NOT making those: she buys the jewerly from china for 5$ and sells them for 100$. If that woman brings bella to court she is the one going to jail for selling illegal products. Bella is too smart and she did this because she knew it.
•arbeborja• - Måned siden
Im still wondering y bella isnt in jail
Jesse Russell
Jesse Russell - Måned siden
The pervs get what they get
Ashley Ketchum
Ashley Ketchum - Måned siden
I mean I get it but im still laughing within the 1st 2 mins 🤣🤣🤣
nayr adiva
nayr adiva - Måned siden
The people defending her is simps :p
MrGoober - Måned siden
There's nothing wrong with scamming idiots.
That's what you get for following influencers.
__ilovelucysomuch - Måned siden
Didn't Bella Thorne used to be a pornstar?
gypsy tears
gypsy tears - Måned siden
Eat the rich
Mikayla R
Mikayla R - Måned siden
She’s just attempting to defend herself when people are almost all turning on her. She only does what she wants to without any care about anyone else. Some celebs actually want help people and do so, but celebs like this disgust me. 😤😤
iluvweezies 56
iluvweezies 56 - Måned siden
Can someone link the website to jewelry ladies store. It’a Xmas timeeeee
Kuntry Gals Wofford
Kuntry Gals Wofford - Måned siden
I really hope things work out for you. But yes been scammed many times.
casie B
casie B - Måned siden
I think Bella Throne needs to be sued.
casie B
casie B - Måned siden
@ReVulsio_N thank you
ReVulsio_N - Måned siden
I agree
Emily Notley
Emily Notley - Måned siden
Just here to point out only fans isn’t just for nudes at all so no it isn’t riding the sw cost tails at al it’s not just for nudes 🤷🏼‍♀️
aquila 80465
aquila 80465 - 2 måneder siden
I think its more like bella thorne thought us a 200$ lesson. Onlyfans is total nonsense to begin with.
Lixilla - 2 måneder siden
Wait shes still relevant and has fans???

EPICWILTIME - 2 måneder siden
If you don’t wanna pay for Bella’s OnlyFans then just follow Julia Rose.
Debbie Cakes
Debbie Cakes - 2 måneder siden
I don’t feel remorse over that Lauryn girl...she should’ve known that giving away her custom jewelry for free and only getting a shoutout on Instagram n other social media as payment is a bad idea👎🏻 ...her loss was her own fault
ReVulsio_N - Måned siden
Bella is still wrong tho
Whatever - 2 måneder siden
Moral of the story, my girl bella can't spell pieces
joanna jamerson
joanna jamerson - 2 måneder siden
Can she sue her
joanna jamerson
joanna jamerson - 2 måneder siden
If i were famous i would show her stuff ALL OVER THE WORLD
The Latina
The Latina - 2 måneder siden
I love Kristina Maione, she so well educated, and therefore teaches us a bit too, honestly I just love her
D. Washington
D. Washington - 2 måneder siden
Lauryn...come flags all over the places
ReVulsio_N - Måned siden
Ya lol
Angelina Daggers
Angelina Daggers - 2 måneder siden
It's honestly so bizarre the different directions zendaya and b*lla th*rne went 😳
Janie Elizabeth
Janie Elizabeth - 2 måneder siden
Eww 🚮💩
Mitzo plick
Mitzo plick - 2 måneder siden
Hint to small businesses... get a contract.
Vlad Igor
Vlad Igor - 2 måneder siden

Bella: my cell phone
Love Your skin
Love Your skin - 2 måneder siden
And I’m here without knowing what is the beeped word is!!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️
Myja Terrell
Myja Terrell - 2 måneder siden
Woww she bogus. I feel sorry for Lauryn 🥺
Aruna K
Aruna K - 2 måneder siden
For a small business she needed to get a contract
A S - 2 måneder siden
I understand that sending a message js not the same as talking in person, but I just cant get why is she angry-texting like that? 9:08 “Will I have them or not” doesn’t sound very professional, it’s more like she wanted to be sure that they bought it
xo - 2 måneder siden
You can just download her OF contact from redit .. I mean .. I don't know why people are trashing her for nude contact. People obviously should know this by now
Rochelle Deliz
Rochelle Deliz - 2 måneder siden
"She got her bag leave her alone"??? Bruh when it's at the expense of those without the same resources Bella Thorne has then she SHOULD be criticized!
Vasudha Kota
Vasudha Kota - 2 måneder siden
she is just a cheapo who is scamming
Ahmed N
Ahmed N - 2 måneder siden
Disney star turned onlyfans model turned con artist. This girl did it all.
Liana DkL
Liana DkL - 2 måneder siden
Guys this is so fcked up :(
PecanSandees23 - 2 måneder siden
I thought Bella Thorne was a character in Twilight.
Phillip Sayphonik
Phillip Sayphonik - 2 måneder siden
I don't understand why anyone ever liked her. She is trash and always has been. If you follow her, you are also trash.
Alison - 2 måneder siden
Oh, is that the girl that danced with Zendaya on that Disney show?
panda girl
panda girl - 2 måneder siden
Yes she played CeCe on shake it up!
Kadeem Thomas
Kadeem Thomas - 2 måneder siden
I agree OnlyFans wanted to change the tip limit for a while and used Bella Thorne as an excuse. These companies never cease to amaze me🤦🏾‍♂️
Black Water
Black Water - 3 måneder siden
What a Thorne on the side...