Bhad Bhabie's Video Has Fans Accusing Her of Blackfishing, She LOSES IT on Them

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Bhad Bhabie makes a shocking claim about her upbringing.
[Bhad Bhabie]
[Alexandrè Valenzuela]
[Lil Kim]
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Shakèela Bibi
Shakèela Bibi - Dag siden
Honestly I thought that it was the lighting. I didn't think it was blackfishing at all.
Laronda Mccaskell
Laronda Mccaskell - 6 dager siden
LMFAOAOAOA, she said the n word before tho!!!
Cesar Rendon
Cesar Rendon - 8 dager siden
Catch me outside how bout that
school cafeteria
school cafeteria - 10 dager siden
I think when she said "who want's to be black" she didn't mean that black people are bad in any way. I think she mean't that she is already happy with her race and doesn't want to chance it. She's just very bad at saying things right and you also gotta think about that she said all of this out of anger, she was stuttering and tried to get her word out. Which made it sound very wrong.
New Yardley Sinclair
New Yardley Sinclair - 13 dager siden
Is there a beyonce shade. How about the nikki minaj shade? Starts off dark but over time ends up white
lvia lviaquez
lvia lviaquez - 19 dager siden
White people get their skin darker and dark people try to get their skin lighter...
ByyxyRoblox - 24 dager siden
I get where she is coming from
ShanLe Wëęß
ShanLe Wëęß - 27 dager siden
Tarzan watching this 👁👄👁
Joyce Salim
Joyce Salim - Måned siden
we human make mistakes
Josh Medcalf
Josh Medcalf - Måned siden
If she had used the jungle book as an example it would’ve been a whole ‘nother story
Abi Igunbor
Abi Igunbor - Måned siden
The fact she said "who wants to be BLACK"JUST PISSES ME OFF
STARFAMILY 1LY - Måned siden
i’m pretty sure she is saying it like who wants to be another race or something like that
toca boca and more
toca boca and more - Måned siden
Why tf she said "who wants to be black" omfg
Kuso - Måned siden
Acting and talking doesn’t make you black it’s our past that makes us black
Mal_19824life - Måned siden
Why do people support this type of trash anyway is beyond me smh
Melissa Y Carlos
Melissa Y Carlos - Måned siden
I dont think she meant It that way she used It as a metaphor and Also you cant steal something from a race im mexican and im proud im no where wanting to be black 😂😂smh . Its ok to wear wigs and eyelashes or cornrows Also braids does not belong to black people , people from the coast in México Also wear braids and cornrows It doesnt belong to black people yall need to get over your selves.
Xxbanned Banned all
Xxbanned Banned all - Måned siden
Sounds like she racist
noufathnoufal 612
noufathnoufal 612 - Måned siden
I see nothin wrong with Bhad bhabie...we all know what she meant and god bless her it was so bad what happened to her it's her choice
noufathnoufal 612
noufathnoufal 612 - Måned siden
what wrong in being tan or her making herself look tan or black...we use whiter foundation to make ourselves white the same way ....what is wrong if she acts like black?
The Truth
The Truth - Måned siden
U guys took it kinnda too far im not defending her of saying anything she did was right but u guys are overreacting it was an example
Georgia Riddle
Georgia Riddle - Måned siden
When she said "who wants to be black" she very clearly meant shy would anyone aspire to be a different colour why is that a thing someone would want. Get over youreselves
Georgia Riddle
Georgia Riddle - Måned siden
People are way too quick to judge her and they know fine well that wasnt what she meant
Xavier Keel
Xavier Keel - Måned siden
Aye I am native American as well I am from the area and they come from the carribean
Xavier Keel
Xavier Keel - Måned siden
That is so mean
Xavier Keel
Xavier Keel - Måned siden
Who wants to be black I don't understand that I feel personally attacked
Xavier Keel
Xavier Keel - Måned siden
I do not like bad bhabie but if you say she is trying to act black that is mean to black people everywhere
Aphrodite xx
Aphrodite xx - 2 måneder siden
is nobody gonna talk about the “who wants to be black” part?
Bronx Spider
Bronx Spider - 2 måneder siden
Bronx Spider
Bronx Spider - 2 måneder siden
Bronx Spider
Bronx Spider - 2 måneder siden
Because she started Out there way!
Thats why she deliberately named herself
Bhad Baby
To give her a life
So stop defending that child, cor did nothing but watch her Rant her true nastiness
She never started out with a good side Or Goos Natured
Her life is DARK !
Bronx Spider
Bronx Spider - 2 måneder siden
She does have Black Culture Antic "s
Barbie Gee
Barbie Gee - 2 måneder siden
Her friend was trynna save her lol
Bhad Bhabie couldn't even apologize properly lol
yoshikage kira
yoshikage kira - 2 måneder siden
Calling someone black is hurtful
Coffin Princess
Coffin Princess - 2 måneder siden
Stephanie Garcia
Stephanie Garcia - 2 måneder siden
There's a difference between bronzer & blackfishing. Idk I hope she was going for the bronzer look. Still the Tarzan example was cringeWorthy😬
Dani Trigo
Dani Trigo - 2 måneder siden
She looks and talks like Cardi B 🤔
thelaughingwitch - 2 måneder siden
Props to Coi
Tha Kim
Tha Kim - 2 måneder siden
I understand why people felt disrespected and hurt by Bhad Bhabie's words but I also understand what she was trying to say. At the end of the day it was just a poor choice of words, she is still a teen and has a lot to learn about how her words can affect people. And that's ok to make mistakes as long as you acknowledge them and apologize.
Beth Kilner
Beth Kilner - 2 måneder siden
She's a silly billy that's all 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😆💖
RM 55 DXS - 2 måneder siden
Who wants to be *B L A C K ?*
Casiana Cozma
Casiana Cozma - 2 måneder siden
She's not racist, she is just a kid with anger issues and who doesn't like going to school so much...
Carolyn Turney
Carolyn Turney - 2 måneder siden
Tarzan ? Girl . Try again .
Musiclover _420
Musiclover _420 - 2 måneder siden
She said “TarzAn” 😭
Kim Vy N.
Kim Vy N. - 2 måneder siden
also once again im not black so i cant be the one to talk on if it offends me but as a poc i personally dont see her makeup as blackfishing. there’s a hella diff from what blackfishing/ca is compared to lighting/normal/filters. once again it’s black people to talk on it not yt ppl or nbpoc if they find it racist.
Kim Vy N.
Kim Vy N. - 2 måneder siden
i feel really bad for lil kim honestly those quotes are really sad
Alexzandrama - 2 måneder siden
As a black girl I feel more insulted that people make black people look like a personality trait IT'S A RACE IT DOES NOT DEFINE A PERSONALITY
Nic Doe
Nic Doe - 3 måneder siden
I love the context part talking about what Tarzan was about
Angel - 3 måneder siden
I love how her friend tried to correct her. That's what true friends do.
What Coi said was right. What you MEAN and what you SAY are two different things. Your intention doesn't affect the impact of your words. You're not apologizing for what you said, but how you said it. Because it did come out wrong, that's not anybody else's fault for interpreting it that way.
Angel - 3 måneder siden
I think if Bhad Babie truly grew up around black people and adopted their culture and behaviors then that's fine. If a white person grew up in, say, an indian family then the same thing would happen to them. That's authentic. It's when people blackfish because its trendy that's the issue. When people purposefully infiltrate black culture and spread it far and wide with no credit, and shaming it on the actual creators. That's when its disrespectful. Black culture is a real culture just like Indian culture or Indigenous culture. It deserves respect. If you're not Black or didn't grow up around black people, then don't appropriate it. Represent it with respect and credit.
Daniela Luna
Daniela Luna - 3 måneder siden
She just probably said it wrong and people get offended really fast
MiyahLikeThat - 3 måneder siden
she was stuttering the whole time ngl lol
Sabrina Jenkins
Sabrina Jenkins - 3 måneder siden
2020 has got to be the most offended generation ever 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Nifemi Makun
Nifemi Makun - 3 måneder siden
for the people who were saying it was just a tan it's the foundation didn't even match her chest
Bre Riley
Bre Riley - 3 måneder siden
She was basically saying that you're a product of your enviroment, but I think often times we forget that she's like 16, she's literally still a kid... And communicating for kids/teens aren't usually their strongest suits, let's be honest lol.
Sam Gib
Sam Gib - 3 måneder siden
I know what she's saying, she just used the wrong analogy for it....I don't think she was trying to be offensive...but I still think she should stop being ignorant 🤔
Well that’s a situation :\
Well that’s a situation :\ - 3 måneder siden
I thought she looked gorgeous and y’all who are shaming her need to mind ur business pls we all know she didn’t mean to darken her skin and she love all races❤️
Melody Suter Vo Van
Melody Suter Vo Van - 3 måneder siden
This lil girl is perfect exemple of a white priviledged brat
Linda Mueller
Linda Mueller - 3 måneder siden
There are alot of black people like Beyonce that bleached her skin and no one says ANYTHING about her pandering to the white people
Cheryle - 3 måneder siden
She's not "acting black". She's acting like a stereotype, and that's the issue.
Queen name of the song Cleopatre
Coi leroy u r so correct i understand she had sum valid points but coi s correct
Danielle Choi
Danielle Choi - 4 måneder siden
but are we not going to talk about how some people said to get cancer again to bb's mom... honestly thats just wrong
Brady K
Brady K - 4 måneder siden
I like danielle’s curly hair 👩🏻‍🦱 really pretty!
Negative Selim
Negative Selim - 4 måneder siden
But ngl it does suit her
Paul Chakares
Paul Chakares - 4 måneder siden
Southern Italian are dark
Paul Chakares
Paul Chakares - 4 måneder siden
Don't they say copying is the biggest form of flattery.
D3LLAR - 4 måneder siden
She was using a foundation that is honed as a foundation for black women. She then proceeds to wear box braids and other cultural braids. Y'all swear it's all tanning. Y'all should not be tanning and be my color. I am black. And she needs to learn to shut it up. She's problematic. And quite frankly just needs to stop. She needs to take a break from the Internet and mature. I'm literally the same age and act way more mature than her.
Style Q Rose
Style Q Rose - 4 måneder siden
I'm black and I KNOW those people are just racist if apart of my culture or NOT,It's just make-up that btw may look better than some of those racist people out there.I love her make-up,and her.
The Official Mymy Squad
The Official Mymy Squad - 4 måneder siden
If anyone is formed to apologize then they don't really mean it but that doesn't mean that u shouldn't forgive them just be the bigger person in the situation.
Remember that😀
Arturo Andres
Arturo Andres - 4 måneder siden
I'm not even by any means a bad babie fan. Yeah I know it gets two h's in there but auto, right? Anyway, the same people that say she acting black is the same people that call black people who speak differently white-acting, are they appropriating? No! That would be ignorant af to say, and while she is ignorant she honestly thought from what we saw in the video that tarzan was raised by bears, then she was corrected. People who made that connection are the problem, man I agree that bad babies was problematic to begin with but it's not unheard of to say people are definitely reaching.
Kristie M
Kristie M - 4 måneder siden
I’m Asian & I’m a tv extra. Black Opal is a very popular brand among many makeup artists and they’ve used it on people that weren’t black. It’s just that it’s very conventional. They used it on me and I’m not black
Edgar Po
Edgar Po - 4 måneder siden
Thats crazy.. why would anyone be that mean.." who wants to be black" well you apparantly lol she looks w that hair like other white female claimed to be black..
Anal Senpai
Anal Senpai - 4 måneder siden
She does not know how to express her words so everything comes out ignorant but she was not blackfishing or trying to be black and it is proven with the picture posted.
tommi mimnaugh
tommi mimnaugh - 4 måneder siden
She anit keepin it real.theirs wrong with her she always be all up in her feels,some type way 🤓
Ahjahli Lula Amadeus
Ahjahli Lula Amadeus - 4 måneder siden
Danielle Bregoli. She went on Dr Phil.
em - 4 måneder siden
Can I just ask, why would anyone follow you just because they think you're black??
Hannah Haul
Hannah Haul - 4 måneder siden
I think she's still too immature to fully comprehend that what she said was offensive or to apologise for it - she's still a child.
Rodrick’s NutSock
Rodrick’s NutSock - 4 måneder siden
I’m actually on her side. She doesn’t express her emotions properly but I get what she’s saying. The Tarzan reference was just her saying that her environment effected her outcome, which was true. People take that type of stuff way too literal to invalidate a valid point.
Bernadette Caron
Bernadette Caron - 4 måneder siden
OK is is terrible that I quietly said "me" when she said "who wants to be black" because the melanin is absolutely beautiful orr... someone pls tell me😭😭
malika elouaamari
malika elouaamari - 4 måneder siden
she is such a racist "who wants to be black i do't unnderstand" like girl i-
Jezebel M
Jezebel M - 4 måneder siden
“Who wants to be black?!” Sis don’t throw that arounnnnnd.
Guevara Jeanty
Guevara Jeanty - 4 måneder siden
Coi is a real friend, she ils trying her best to defend Bhadbaby ,even though she does not worth it with the way she acts
Londyn K
Londyn K - 4 måneder siden
How does a small nose somehow make you wanna be a with person?
Toyomitsu Taishirō
Toyomitsu Taishirō - 4 måneder siden
Bro their just racist.

I'm half northern swedish or something and I'm like PALE. like a lil.

like dis shack is like..



trumpy padron
trumpy padron - 4 måneder siden
How bout dat haha
trumpy padron
trumpy padron - 4 måneder siden
U far from lil kim dnt compare haha
Rudy Caroline
Rudy Caroline - 4 måneder siden
Idk about this but I like her curls
um shile, anyways so
um shile, anyways so - 4 måneder siden
I mean.... did she really said... who wants to be black??
Deandrea Merchant
Deandrea Merchant - 4 måneder siden
I'm a sensitive person . But MANN come on now people yall know what she is trying to say ! She's not explaining it very well but you guys are taking it like she's comparing black people to gorillas or something knowing that's not what she saying .
Rachel Tracy
Rachel Tracy - 4 måneder siden
Comparing her skin tone to chyna isn't exactly fair because Chyna openly bleaches her skin.
Carmen Dilcherd
Carmen Dilcherd - 4 måneder siden
She doesn't look black, or that she's trying to be that either!! People today need to get a life and a grip
Bloomedflxwers - 4 måneder siden
she really said i dont "act black" GIRLLL
Claire Heath
Claire Heath - 4 måneder siden
Nonits hw other took it she didn't mean nufthing she just saying qen you grow up in different lights i get wat you was saying bad baie n you wasn't saying wat they said you was they have problems there just hateing bad babie your good dt let them get ta you there haters xx
Claire Heath
Claire Heath - 4 måneder siden
Bad babie there just hateing princess cause you look good one love for haveing a beautiful style 😘🍾🥂😘🎶🎼🎵😘
Claire Heath
Claire Heath - 4 måneder siden
Hello if by wearing your your hair straight n wearing makeup then she acting qhite isn't she if tats wat your trying to say she acting black well in my eyes white girls have been wearing make up n hair like tat fot years does it really mater get of this bs
Amariyon Hughes
Amariyon Hughes - 4 måneder siden
Leave This Girl Alone 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
starry night
starry night - 4 måneder siden
I kinda feel bad for her... like. Idk.
starry night
starry night - 4 måneder siden
Also considering she didnt pick the colour. The makeup artist did.
Jeremy Reyna
Jeremy Reyna - 4 måneder siden
If you black talk black...if you white talk white...if you Mexican talk Mexican....Be yourself speak your race be your race...
Marissa - 4 måneder siden
Also, how is she "blackfishing"? She didnt do her own makeup, somebody else did. And that somebody was BLACK. So if yall got a problem, take it up with her makeup artist cos hes the one who made her look like that!!!! Plus i dont even see how she was meant to look black?... Am i blind??
Joey h
Joey h - 4 måneder siden
Her makeup artist is the one who did her make up it’s not her doing it dark like that
Ms style
Ms style - 4 måneder siden
Coi literary try teach bhad bhabie a lesson
jordyn robinson
jordyn robinson - 4 måneder siden
IDC what anybody says she got famous from acting like a black stereotype and now people are mad, like you can't be mad when you helped her get there 🙄😒 make it make sense, she loves calling black women "bald headed black h**s" (she actually said that on IG) and still expects them to support her when she makes money off the culture, and then she gets angry when people call her out on it.
Piece - 4 måneder siden
Bhad Bhabie on the rise! Yeah!