Charli D'Amelio clones are taking it TOO FAR! Bretman Rock Gets INVADED

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Bretman Rock's fans are going too far, and 3 Charli D'Amelio look-alikes are causing drama on TikTok.
[Bretman Rock]
[Charli D'Amelio]
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Gerico Eco
Gerico Eco - 8 dager siden
Bretman is so iconic..They're creepy asf
aeryn em
aeryn em - 10 dager siden
Oh cmon all these vsco tiktok girls lolk the same talk the same, they are all the same
xz yra
xz yra - 20 dager siden
Uhh actually charli and ellie are friends........ the only reason why ellie look bad at some people eyes bc TOXIC dunkins are trying to make put dirt on her name😐😐
Marshall Marshmallow
Marshall Marshmallow - 27 dager siden
Lol, clearly they don’t realize that people don’t keep growing until their 25 which Charli is a long way from. She’ll probably look way different when she’s older, these “look a’likes” won’t be looking like anyone but fools
swamasouras - 2 måneder siden
Honestly people should leave Elle alone, yall "fans" go to far when it comes to yall's "idols" or wtv. If its not effecting you then don't put your self in a situation, it's irrelevant like fr.
Sangpuii Pautu
Sangpuii Pautu - 2 måneder siden
Its okay to have a look alike but stealing their personalities are way too much 😦
Chloe JiaYee
Chloe JiaYee - 2 måneder siden
There’s another clone now.... Emily Lopez.
Sierra H
Sierra H - 4 måneder siden
She doesn't even look like Charli
belivt - 4 måneder siden
Yall can attack me but, I don’t see the resemblance of charli in ellie. maybe im blind
Reet Dhillon
Reet Dhillon - 4 måneder siden
what the heck like yall be yourself i don't get it
JAMAS JAMAS - 4 måneder siden
It’s just like James Charles gosh people can’t learn this days...
Olivia Chavez
Olivia Chavez - 5 måneder siden
I’m glad I don’t know of any tik tokers cringe
Goblin - 5 måneder siden
Its probably pretty sucky to be the “clone” their talking about, when spills got such a large following, and to everyone she’ll be known as a “charli clone” that’d be v downgrading ngl
Bored Ginger
Bored Ginger - 5 måneder siden
So just cause she’s “famous” no one can have any sort of similarities to her? Not even down to the smallest details such as a few hair strands being loose? I style my hair somewhat similarly, does that make me a copy cat? No.
Vanilla_rain uwu
Vanilla_rain uwu - 5 måneder siden
Glad charli had a nose surgery
Jamey Guy lmao
Jamey Guy lmao - 5 måneder siden
Bruh why people so pressed its just tik tok
Faith Rodarte
Faith Rodarte - 5 måneder siden
its cool to be inspired by someone but don't try and act/look like the person you got inspired from...
Emily Silvernail
Emily Silvernail - 5 måneder siden
Oh my God Ellie went to my middle school! No way
Emily Silvernail
Emily Silvernail - 5 måneder siden
She was an eighth grader and came later into the year, and she had like shoulder lengthish hair. She never wore glasses though
Daisy Brito
Daisy Brito - 6 måneder siden
im sorry but ellie IS copiying charlie sooo
Gamer King
Gamer King - 6 måneder siden
I mean the fans who stalk their idols or popular people is nothing new, i mean
palo g
palo g - 6 måneder siden
so what charli owns a hirstyle, an style, tik tok sounds? just let people live. people be saying that "ellie got famous for looking like charli" but how did charli got famous?...ohh yeah for doing a dance that wasnt her's.
Rayray - 6 måneder siden
She doesn’t even look like Charlie tho..
Saima Wasti
Saima Wasti - 6 måneder siden
Honestly for me, Charli D'amilio and Ellie Zeiler just look similar to me, not identical. I'm not saying they don't look- alike at all, I'm saying they aren't really like twins, just similar to each other.
Also, is Ellie Zeiler born with the same face as Charli? Or she has done makeup to look like Charli?
Please let me know asap.
Brittney Morrell
Brittney Morrell - 6 måneder siden
everyone dreams of being verfired on tictok i think Ellie was inspried by Charlie
Rokka æ
Rokka æ - 6 måneder siden
Charli doesn’t own those hair styles, dances, songs and trendy clothes people share styles not just Charli now short hair is considered “basic” I had short hair like her before she cut and my ponytails were like that but for me since I had short hair my ponytail always ended up like that so if I had the same style too would I immediately just be a copy of her I’m just saying, yeah Ellie is copying her personality so she’s probably inspired by her, so basically Charli is basic and doesn’t own everything on TikTok including the dances and style 😐
Kenz Gray
Kenz Gray - 6 måneder siden
wait i thought ellie didn't know how to use twitter-
noir - 6 måneder siden
Ellie mostly did copy Charli because like literally, she has made most tiktok videos that Charli has already done and it's like Ellie is just re-posting them but in her own version, also she is making herself seem like Charli for the clout. Periodt. That's the REAL tea.
Alejandra Pescador
Alejandra Pescador - 7 måneder siden
They are no clones
Nela Sabah
Nela Sabah - 7 måneder siden
Bruh shes a psychopath
Callie - 7 måneder siden
I don’t understand why people are hating on Ellie, Charli obviously doesn’t have a problem with her so they should just leave her alone.
broken forever
broken forever - 7 måneder siden
No people need to stop
addison xxangels
addison xxangels - 7 måneder siden
ShrimpyGalシ - 7 måneder siden
Can we talk about how she spills the tea- it sounds so fun and i would never know about anything if it wasnt for you thanksss
AnaelNyah Primaux
AnaelNyah Primaux - 7 måneder siden
look people can look like a famous person and get inspo it's not her fault she looks like her
Chikki Baby
Chikki Baby - 7 måneder siden
Tbh I don’t think she copied charli but has gain a lot of clout for nothing
Bella Immaculate Jackson aka young granny
Omg I'm in love with his eyebrows!
Emma Braslavsky
Emma Braslavsky - 7 måneder siden
im sorry does Charli just own everything now other people wore the same thing before she was famous... MY GOD
Lily and Emily Vlogs
Lily and Emily Vlogs - 7 måneder siden
Ellie 100% is tiring to be charli
Klaus The Hamster
Klaus The Hamster - 7 måneder siden
I still Don’t Unterstand how you can get Fame for like Tiktoks?😂
african booty scratcher
african booty scratcher - 7 måneder siden
The Charlie and Ellie story is so similar to Ariana grande lookalike situation
Franchezka Moira Maquinad
Franchezka Moira Maquinad - 7 måneder siden
i think Ellie's Mother looks like Mrs. Heidi D'Amelio like waaaaaat!!!!they look the same okiiieee i em leavin'
It’s Nil
It’s Nil - 7 måneder siden
TikTok verifies Ellie because they think it’s Charlis backup
stan twice or else momo will eat your jokbal
honestly shira doesnt look like charli like???
airis lmao
airis lmao - 7 måneder siden
airis lmao
airis lmao - 7 måneder siden
Oh nvm he’s verified now lol
mitzel rose Cuevas
mitzel rose Cuevas - 7 måneder siden
i mean why do they copy? they all just want clout
SparkSparkle - 7 måneder siden
this reminds me of the james charles case lol
Bárbara Abreuu
Bárbara Abreuu - 7 måneder siden
i think people forget how tiktok works. its basically a lot of people doing the same dance and face expressions. So dont get all up in her face if the girl comes up looking like charli and doind the dances that trend. Charli style aind unique, its the most common style ever. Shes looking for clout? my guys everyone there is looking for clout cmon
Gacha Icecream Junkie
Gacha Icecream Junkie - 7 måneder siden
SHE CROSSED THE LINE PEOPLE.She literally blamed us for telling her that she copied Charlie and she said like "Ok I'll try to find my own style its hard you know"She aint even tryin
Oaxi - 7 måneder siden
Ariana Franqui
Ariana Franqui - 7 måneder siden
Honestly I do not care about what people do with there life... if she wanna put the tails SHE CAN DO it the fact that y’all be going and looking at posts when they posted it. that’s just creepy honestly!
Audrey Sablan
Audrey Sablan - 7 måneder siden
Omg who pops up outta nowhere at a youtubers house
aleah - 7 måneder siden
identity theft isn’t a trend smh
Brandon Guerrero
Brandon Guerrero - 7 måneder siden
I don’t know who any of these tik tok stars lol. Am I still the only one not on tik tok?!
itz_ ya girl
itz_ ya girl - 7 måneder siden
So they mad bc they have a look alike????
iiMarii - 7 måneder siden
Charli and Ellie Dont look alike at all tbh.
Leila Jonckheere
Leila Jonckheere - 7 måneder siden
i think that if ellie likes the style of charlie she just need to do what she wants
Sunshine Vang
Sunshine Vang - 7 måneder siden
Clearly her mom isn't watch ellie's tiktok
refal - 7 måneder siden
Ellie is copying Charli not yall 😐
Eliana - 7 måneder siden
Those songs are just trending
Just A Girl
Just A Girl - 7 måneder siden
I just want to say something 'Spill' Ellie Zeiler is not 15 she's 16 in this case :)
K Rosenfeld
K Rosenfeld - 7 måneder siden
I just think I wouldn’t want someone copying everything about me... so I feel like Ellie should take that into persona.
Caylee Wren
Caylee Wren - 7 måneder siden
I like Charlie but I would never try to impersonate charlie
Sayra Okoli
Sayra Okoli - 7 måneder siden
ellie didn't do anything wrong, you people just jealous, ellie became verified because people liked her and followed her, if charli herself dosen't have a problem with someone being inspired and copying her hairstyles who are you to judge her
Keizya Angelica
Keizya Angelica - 7 måneder siden
lol me noticing ellie got verified on 23 April me be like 'omggg is my birthday' lol
Alice ᄌ
Alice ᄌ - 7 måneder siden
I think Ellie cross the line .-.
chanel lol.
chanel lol. - 7 måneder siden
Charli ain't even all of that to b inspired by and idolizing. Like all she do is dance I don't see where's the hype-
bxnn1gUtzz - 7 måneder siden
Those arent fans. This is an extremely difficult time and they aren't making it better by stalking him. These mf need to go home and STAY HOME.
Miss Phscowolf
Miss Phscowolf - 7 måneder siden
if she did not look like charli would ppl be doing this, she cant chage how she looks
DESTI ALICYA - 7 måneder siden
i think girls can like whatever they want.. be it dress, hair do, make up and something like that. if the majority likes something, it doesnt have to be basic. girls can like whatever we want🥺 but in the end i have sumn to say . whats with the hype charlie (as a famous individual) have i kinda dont get it
DESTI ALICYA - 7 måneder siden
shes so famous in the span of little time and it kinds of confused me. i try to watch her videos but i guess shes not my cup of tea, but just wondering how is it for everyone else
Larry Styles
Larry Styles - 7 måneder siden
Ellie is older than charli
Sade DeDeaux
Sade DeDeaux - 7 måneder siden
Bro she crossed the line
Sade DeDeaux
Sade DeDeaux - 7 måneder siden
I encourage y'all to be kind GIRL SHUT THE H- UP
Indiah Corbett
Indiah Corbett - 7 måneder siden
This has gotten to far people NEED TO STOP & even more disgusting that people show up at his dads funeral LET ALONE HIS HOUSE some ppl are just crazy like calm down.
Princess Julie Mae Salado
Princess Julie Mae Salado - 7 måneder siden
To Ellie's Mom so your three kids are Ellie, that boy, and Charli? Bruh dont make statement when it's already bared that Ellie tried to ride on Charli's fame
Jeannet ackerman
Jeannet ackerman - 7 måneder siden
I think Ellie’s is inspire it’s internet
fatma tuesday
fatma tuesday - 7 måneder siden
Guys why won't u just unfollow ellie she's such a copy cat she litterly just using for cloud and she litterly crosed the Line like girl plz STOP THIS HAS TO STOP who would do such a thing just for cloud PLZ people unfollow ellie
Yarichin - 7 måneder siden
Ellie is just trying to get clout
Emilija Juhas
Emilija Juhas - 7 måneder siden
3:41 I thought she is dead
Tiffany Lo
Tiffany Lo - 7 måneder siden
I think that Ellie crossed the line
Arevig Sheohmelian
Arevig Sheohmelian - 7 måneder siden
miranda strickland
miranda strickland - 7 måneder siden
I feel so bad for bretman that his “fans” show up at his house when there is a PANDEMIC!!!
Aizee Marian Calleja
Aizee Marian Calleja - 7 måneder siden
Im not hatin on ellie qwq she was just inspired by charli Smh yall copying renegade though and her way of dancing smh why not let ger copy her style lol and some ppl copy her body roll
Mia La Torre
Mia La Torre - 7 måneder siden
She also wore a pink cloudy shirt just like charli And Addison
Bella Bonnin
Bella Bonnin - 7 måneder siden
Why are charli and Ellie famous for?nothing they look alike so what🙄?
Janice Thatcher
Janice Thatcher - 7 måneder siden
Exactly!! I'm soo tired of charli stans going after ellie and calling charli the queen of tik tok(which is is NOT)
Awsome Azalfa
Awsome Azalfa - 7 måneder siden
9:30 anyone can buy that top its not only a thing charli can buy 🤦🏻‍♀️
Saima Wasti
Saima Wasti - 7 måneder siden
1 question:
Was Ellie Zeiler born with the same face as Charli? Or she's done makeup to look like Charli D'amilio's doppleganger?
Madison - 7 måneder siden
bruh ppl can have the same clothes and hairstyles...calm down
mochiii_pufff - 7 måneder siden
inspiration and imitation is two different things you see just getting inspired and doing a total Ctrl C > Ctrl V is different if she was taking just some inspiration it's okay no one be hating but it looks unnaturally similar (I don't really watch tiktoks but I just watched their tons of tiktoks atleast for an whole hour and I can't see no difference unless they were twins or something.
FBI - 7 måneder siden
the way she said elliezeilerr tho-🤣
Riz K
Riz K - 7 måneder siden
Omg people can make their hair and wear whatever they want duh
AubreeFelton - 7 måneder siden
I’m sorry but she crossed the line 😤
noelani c
noelani c - 7 måneder siden
oh wow
Victoria Isabel
Victoria Isabel - 7 måneder siden
She’s trying to get more followers then Charli
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear - 7 måneder siden
Charli dances better tho so yeah ✌️
Nyra Singh
Nyra Singh - 7 måneder siden
ellie can't control that her facial features are like charli. and most tik-tokers dance like charli. however there have been some changes made by ellie. dont copy charli but maybe you can go down the same road by discovering new sounds and making your own orignal dances.
naja Lennert
naja Lennert - 7 måneder siden
Ellie and Shira Copies but Lisa and Taylor doesen’t
Hayley Clementson
Hayley Clementson - 7 måneder siden
but fr ellie is coping charli
RømanSandersStan123 - 7 måneder siden
Or ya know maybe she just...
*didn't wear it that day*
Itzthe _AceGirl
Itzthe _AceGirl - 7 måneder siden
I mean when Ellie's mom was defending Ellie i 'm like -2your mom aint you mouth speak for yourself-
nk - 7 måneder siden
What has happened to this world?
Everyone wants fame and money and could go to any extent to get it!