Charli D'Amelio DRAGGED for What She Did on TikTok, Shane Dawson Involved

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A gossip blogger commented on Charli D’Amelio's TikTok and got Shane Dawson involved. Now, people want him kicked off the app.
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beach dora
beach dora - Dag siden
Am I the only one who doesn’t like charli 🧍‍♀️i also don’t like that old guy
Stephanie Mae
Stephanie Mae - 11 dager siden
I don't know Charli, obv, but her doing that "nice" act on TikTok when she replied "I was just having fun" or whatever, then going to Twitter to act like a total bitch...I see your 2 faces girl
Shona N
Shona N - 21 dag siden
4:31 yes he shouldn't have said the stuff he did about charli's father but he didn't attack Charlie at all
lana hender
lana hender - Måned siden
Can we just kick Charli off the app she’s too political and literally has ruined the platform
aeryn em
aeryn em - Måned siden
Yes it is inappropriate but for some reason its not okay to think that? (Its cause shes a minor)
nayeli ariel
nayeli ariel - Måned siden
omg perez actually fought with me like HE COMMENTED ON MY VIDEOOooooo
Annapurna Siva
Annapurna Siva - 2 måneder siden
Perez dragging her father was low.
Also at 4:27 he neer had a problem with her wearing a bathing suit or living her life.
His question seemed reasonable
Y would I 15 yr old dance to a song with such lyrics knowing that they have a huge young following.
olivia - 3 måneder siden
shane scares me
Vrisha Dharmendra
Vrisha Dharmendra - 3 måneder siden
So now we know how tiktok became toxic and attacking people
Marnie Donnelly
Marnie Donnelly - 3 måneder siden
perez reminds me of jeferee star-
Sofia Cardenas
Sofia Cardenas - 4 måneder siden
he should be banned on tiktok period.
shxneswig - 4 måneder siden
in another video with ryland, shane said that he wasnt talking about charli and that it was just a random 15 year old girl
JusTiCe - 4 måneder siden
It’s funny how people are making it about her body and wearing a bikini. Lol it was about the song not her body. SHE made it about her body.
Lilly Bliss
Lilly Bliss - 5 måneder siden
Perez Hilton makes me uncomfortable asf
Rachelle Chimblo
Rachelle Chimblo - 5 måneder siden
I mean his initial point was not wrong but no need to bring anyone’s parenting into it
Johaunna Koyama
Johaunna Koyama - 5 måneder siden
Ok talking about the children growing up too quickly... we have been telling adults this for years. We are constantly being told we need to be mature and act like an adult when in reality these kids are 12-17 years old. Its funny that NOW people are talking about it 🙄
Stan Yumeko
Stan Yumeko - 5 måneder siden
wait what i thought charli is older than dixie lol😂 (i'm not fan of both of them so idk their age)
Sumera - 5 måneder siden
She's 15 lol. Go ahead wear a bikini to the beach. But dancing to an inappropriate song, expect the backlash sis. Its not right and its just weird.
Pretty guardian 01
Pretty guardian 01 - 5 måneder siden
I agree with Perez Hilton! It’s kinda gross when underage kids do things like this. When you’re a little kid you don’t see or get it. Wait till you’re an adult.
mr link
mr link - 5 måneder siden
Litterally where did he say her being in a bikini is bad
MG Wray
MG Wray - 5 måneder siden
Am I the only who watched this and was like "Oh right! Perez Hilton. The gossip guy who somehow mattered 15 years ago. Wow. "
"What's going on with Perez Hilton?"
Is a sentence I have never and will never say.
Jade Holmes
Jade Holmes - 5 måneder siden
I agree with him but NOT dragging the girls dad. I feel like she was dancing too provocatively for a 15 year old especially considering the choice of song. I don't have an issue with her wearing a bikini or dancing on the beach if it was in a none provocative way.
WAKOKAINE - 5 måneder siden
Well this is what she gets for stealing the dance move she made famous from a black girl
Smol Pit bulls
Smol Pit bulls - 5 måneder siden
Shane is much lower lol
Koia - 5 måneder siden
But everyone wants Jojo siwa to act her age...
Mae-AlphaStudios - 5 måneder siden
Why can't Tiktok just be back to its normal, unproblematic, "just vibin' with the music and comedy" self?
Syntax Error
Syntax Error - 5 måneder siden
I see it as promoting paedophilia.
Briza Negrete
Briza Negrete - 5 måneder siden
Honestly I don’t blame him. Kids over react and once they have kids their gonna understand what he meant.
Maarible - 5 måneder siden
Parents:we are upset that our children who are 15 want to be adults and want to go out and have s3x 😡
Also parents: *drinking and doing drugs and running away, stealing and commuting crimes because they can 😌
Bella Bunny
Bella Bunny - 5 måneder siden
I get the song being inappropriate especially to a youth following, but I don’t see a problem with anyway wearing a bikini.
Chase Good
Chase Good - 5 måneder siden
Ken _
Ken _ - 5 måneder siden
I can see how people have a problem with the lyrics but Perez bringing up her father and her body!?! Dude that’s not right
someone ._.
someone ._. - 5 måneder siden
perez is suchhhhh an attention seeker
Your Yellow
Your Yellow - 5 måneder siden
Dana - 5 måneder siden
I love it.
Dana - 5 måneder siden
Looks like everyone is getting kicked off the app soon.
Daisy Gibson
Daisy Gibson - 5 måneder siden
I wanna know why a 42 year old man is so concerned with a 16 year old girl
Atheer Hassan
Atheer Hassan - 5 måneder siden
3:08 don’t believe everything that u see fool🤦🏽‍♀️
hi there
hi there - 5 måneder siden
Perez is a creep he shouldnt be bothered by charli dancing and him bringing up what happened to her father was absolutely disgusting.
__Janeal - 5 måneder siden
Perez is such a creep
Shorty Rodriguez
Shorty Rodriguez - 5 måneder siden
Jan 11 2014 : Marc Damelio getting arrested while I was eating birthday cake
Lizalyn Santos
Lizalyn Santos - 5 måneder siden
Children growing up too fast
Me: I do the reverse
Abby `3`
Abby `3` - 5 måneder siden
"Kids growing up too fast" Yup definitely, my mom gave me "the talk" at like 8 .-.

(I also know this girl who lost her virginity at 12 😳)
Liliana Johnson
Liliana Johnson - 5 måneder siden
Ok well I’m 12 and I danced to the EXACT same song as Charlie but I agree with her I was just trying to have fun with a few of my friends at the park
Mr potato 69
Mr potato 69 - 5 måneder siden
He sounds like the gayest person.................AND HE PROBABLY ISSS
Lonley Katerina
Lonley Katerina - 5 måneder siden
He asked a good question!
Marlee - 5 måneder siden
He do be obsessed with charli.
SOFIA HERNANDEZ - 5 måneder siden
Wasn’t he on Victorious?
Dorito - 5 måneder siden
I agree with P about dancing to the song but coming for her dad is wrong.
Zealot gacha
Zealot gacha - 6 måneder siden
Why do they pick on Charli there's nothing wrong with her
Challenge Ranks
Challenge Ranks - 6 måneder siden
All this over a video of a girl dancing?? Wow lol
Queen H
Queen H - 6 måneder siden
uhm technically your not a child after 12 anyways. ur a teen. 😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Vaishnavi Sawant
Vaishnavi Sawant - 6 måneder siden
If he is so bothered by underage kids doing stuff he should be in jail
Savage Mashups.Com
Savage Mashups.Com - 6 måneder siden
He is true tho
Cherry - 6 måneder siden
perez' twitter sounds like gabbi hannas LOL
Candy Floss
Candy Floss - 6 måneder siden
In my opinion it isn't wrong of him to ask if a 15 year old girl dancing to inappropriate music is appropriate. However, he completely crossed the line when he embarrassed her by shouting (way too happily) about her fathers past with drink driving. He's never been a child in that situation, I have, and it's disgusting for him to use that as ammunition. He can say he doesn't have anything against her but that's humiliating and he's 100% shaming her and her family. He's lucky not to have grown up in a household like that, if he had he'd never do that to her.
Lonley Katerina
Lonley Katerina - 5 måneder siden
Parents are only concerned about the money their kids are bringing in..they would let them do anything..shamefully I think
M - 6 måneder siden
To clear it up, all he really had to say was just that he found it a little inappropriate in his opinion, and that it was just a question and that’s all there was to it. But he didn’t have to keep going with it and continue to address it over and over.
Genos Demon Cyborg
Genos Demon Cyborg - 6 måneder siden
Yeah I definitely having *FUN AT SCK DD*
Well he wasn’t wrong but cringe
S Gourd
S Gourd - 6 måneder siden
He has a point about her dancing to a song like that at her age but also she can do whatever she likes. But I think he took it too far exposing her dad.
Eva Subs
Eva Subs - 6 måneder siden
He seems bothered by it tho
-Mari3. Mv-
-Mari3. Mv- - 6 måneder siden
Bethany equestrian
Bethany equestrian - 6 måneder siden
I’m disgusted that he cared so much about followers .
Lol lol
Lol lol - 6 måneder siden
Tik tok kids are so annoying
Cece W
Cece W - 6 måneder siden
those aren’t even the lyrics LOLLLLL
Twogami - 6 måneder siden
why are ppl even entertaining this dude, just ignore him. all he wants is attention
Jen Hulleman
Jen Hulleman - 6 måneder siden
After watching this video. In Perez’s defense he said nothing about what Charlie was wearing all he mentioned was the choice of music she was tic toking to
Jack Cottrell
Jack Cottrell - 6 måneder siden
It’s not technologies fault that we grow up to fast, it’s societies fault
Gordy - 6 måneder siden
Don't be giving your 8 year olds iphones and ipads.
Alliati Pharoah
Alliati Pharoah - 7 måneder siden
He is right though, like Charlie's followers are children (even 8 year olds). Just because the song is trending does not mean it is right . It is not about her wear swimsuit, just about the inappropriate song.
kenziearcana - 7 måneder siden
Stop looking at her body then if your so offended.
•Laci• - 7 måneder siden
I'm 13 my childhood hasn't ended IM STILL A CHILD I DONT WANNA GROW UP 😭
zominique lovers
zominique lovers - 7 måneder siden
So...We will wear baggy pants and oversize tee on the beach?🤣🤦‍♀️
Dazza 85
Dazza 85 - 7 måneder siden
He's right, she is underage and shouldnt be dancing like this to sexually explicit song, there are all sorts of creeps put there.
maria.s - 7 måneder siden
this man needs to mind his own business
Rubi Diez
Rubi Diez - 7 måneder siden
Sign that petition! 🙂
Steven James Finch
Steven James Finch - 7 måneder siden a 12 years-old kid btw just using my dad's acc.....soooo..... why does perez have to go through charli's dad's personal info? i mean like first of all, many people danced to that song AND people are just having fun. And then he brings up charli's dad's who got arrested 6 years ago....i mean like, MAN dont you KNOW how to respect privacy? mo offense but i think you're just so thirsty for attention. if u want attention and be famous do it in a right way not by spilling PRIVATE information and judging ppl, PERIOD.
bitch now im solo
bitch now im solo - 7 måneder siden
This 42 year old attention seeker man is so disgustingly sick i can't
bitch now im solo
bitch now im solo - 7 måneder siden
Okay so you're telling me a 42 year old attention seeker is screaming because a 16 year old wore a bikini and danced to a song,basically dragged her father into this?
Elena Y
Elena Y - 7 måneder siden
I believe in Charlie Demilio I’m a big fan
Elena Y
Elena Y - 7 måneder siden
Everybody Charlie Demilio is right
herbs - 7 måneder siden
The song is inappropriate for 15 yo
Ayesha Ayaz
Ayesha Ayaz - 7 måneder siden
Is no one going to talk about how he is literally hating on a 15 year old for dancing to inappropriate songs and then he legit pulls up a t-shirt with something inappropriate on it for all his younger viewers to see
Angelita - 7 måneder siden
And this is why I’m normal and doesn’t have TikTok
Amala Ry
Amala Ry - 7 måneder siden
Idk why he even cares about her
Marcia Winder
Marcia Winder - 7 måneder siden
Like Charli is defending herself for the wrong reason
keeping up with the tik tok famous dancers
I know they have a point about Charlie but guess what I am 12 years old and dancing to the same song on tik tok
Rylee Wahl
Rylee Wahl - 7 måneder siden
Perez Hilton needs to go
Sakusa’s Germ
Sakusa’s Germ - 7 måneder siden
I don’t know about anyone but I grew up listening to songs with cursing in it and yet still dont cures kids are growing fast but mostly because parents aren’t paying attention to them not the trends. My mom even knows some of the dances! But shaming a girl for dancing who actually acts her age isn’t right at all
Hope Feller
Hope Feller - 7 måneder siden
i’m sorry but when did he ever say anything about her gaining or losing weight
laterrian lofton
laterrian lofton - 7 måneder siden
She a woman/teen and she needs to be careful because anyone can take over her body that what our parents want us to care about our bodies
laterrian lofton
laterrian lofton - 7 måneder siden
I get now he tell her to care about her body and she need to cover her body up and I not saying he is right okay
lauren - 7 måneder siden
Gina Gain
Gina Gain - 7 måneder siden
She can post anything she wanna I love Charlie's tict8ks ok d8sen5 concern you oreson
Zoey_the_blob - 7 måneder siden
I grew up fast because it helped me to understand what was happening so that I could speak up for myself and stop people from taking advantage of me.
Boss _queen
Boss _queen - 7 måneder siden
Why is it his Business if she dances grown or dance to Inappropriate songs it’s not your child
Gabby Goo
Gabby Goo - 7 måneder siden
Also Shane Dawson has said that he was wasn’t talking about charli and he also said that he doesn’t have any problems with charli :)
You better get Stiches
You better get Stiches - 7 måneder siden
Yoh Voys
Yoh Voys - 7 måneder siden
Don't know who Perez is but he only just asked the same question Shane did... So really people were just pressed it was their favourite, Charli. But he really didn't need to include the dad.
hi peeps
hi peeps - 7 måneder siden
i honestly dont think that it was apropriate for charli to be dancing to that. and perez should not have been called out for asking if it was apropriate. but then bringing up her father, thats too far
Cj the Master Dj
Cj the Master Dj - 7 måneder siden
I honestly am on his side here, kids and young teens shouldn't be dancing like that especially in a bikini. The youth need to remember that there are certain types of people on the internet that is the reason it isn't safe
Jordyn Elizebeth
Jordyn Elizebeth - 7 måneder siden
Why is a GROWN MAN so worried about teenagers. That’s just gross