Charli D'Amelio PANICS When Chase Hudson LEAKS Sway House's Dirty Secrets

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Charli D’Amelio exposes her ex Chase Hudson who kissed Nessa Barrett, and everyone in both the Hype House and the Sway House is getting involved.
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[Bryce Hall & Josh Richards]
[Dixie D’Amelio - Be Happy]
[Jaden Hossler Wants To Talk]
[Josh Richards Addresses The Drama]
[Nessa Barrett Makes A Statement]
Runtime: 14:06


Spill - 6 måneder siden
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Arica Nesmith
Arica Nesmith - 3 måneder siden
Yea right
Jodull - 4 måneder siden
QuestionableDecisionz_ - 6 måneder siden
Oh man i almost forgot the exposer
Amerilyn - 6 måneder siden
to be completely honest, i really think that these videos on kids is a bit much.
hihello s
hihello s - 6 måneder siden
Spill nah
JADE SMITH - 8 timer siden
Omg who cares lol
A MAN OF CULTURE - 14 dager siden
Spill is an organization.....XD she fooled us
Night Night
Night Night - 19 dager siden
IssyKings - 26 dager siden
Jeez, social media needs to give these kids a break. And just RELAX. yes, it is wrong to cheat of course But that's for THEM to sort out not us.
I reckon anyways.
Charlie Quinn III
Charlie Quinn III - Måned siden
leave chase alone
aeryn em
aeryn em - Måned siden
Okay so the only thing i can think about is... WHAT D OK THEY TOUR? THEY DONT GOT NO TALENTS???? What do they tour????
Miguel Velazquez
Miguel Velazquez - Måned siden
I feel so bad for Char she shouldn't have to go through this she already got cheated and hurt on 2 times by the same frickin guy...
Yes Yes
Yes Yes - Måned siden
Is legit rather watch Indian men building pools and houses out of nothing rather than tiktokers dancing videos like what's the point 😂😂😂
Goose Goose
Goose Goose - Måned siden
every story has 2 sides, hearing one and ignoring one is unfair so its better if you stay away from dramas and stories.
Nadia Shaffa
Nadia Shaffa - 2 måneder siden
Lol idk what's going on neither do i care...
777 - 2 måneder siden
master ugly
master ugly - 2 måneder siden
And plus they can basically group pressure him because it's like what 5-6 people against chase
master ugly
master ugly - 2 måneder siden
Bruh they ain't even verified on twitter 💀 and they hunting chase 😭
Saudi Shawarma
Saudi Shawarma - 2 måneder siden
I thought tiktok was for entertainment??
glenys hernandez
glenys hernandez - 2 måneder siden
idk why i cried oof
Larva 05
Larva 05 - 2 måneder siden
This is why i don’t socialise and watch anime in my room all day
Kayla Myahhh
Kayla Myahhh - 2 måneder siden
white people are so funny trying to be intimidating..
Serena Santillan
Serena Santillan - 2 måneder siden
poor charli
Cassie Passmore
Cassie Passmore - 2 måneder siden
They’re all going about this wrong, this shouldn’t be public news, this should be talked about, settled, then explained both stories respectfully without trying to “ruin” someone’s life. And then we can decide who we want to support. We act like human beings don’t have room to change if they’re on social media. He just needs to be more aware how to act and learn from this actions.
ErinRose - 3 måneder siden
if kissing chase didn’t mean anything nessa then why did youse kiss?
Anna Beth
Anna Beth - 3 måneder siden
ok but like, chase wasn't wrong......
lush. - 3 måneder siden
Lex ?
Lex ? - 3 måneder siden
um chile. this is so toxic
Teodoru Marco
Teodoru Marco - 3 måneder siden
Dibbi Dib
Dibbi Dib - 3 måneder siden
I had some faith in tiktok but they’re becoming like beauty gurus too :(
Lalalalalalla Poop
Lalalalalalla Poop - 3 måneder siden
I think spill has a Android 😭😭
Ruby gem
Ruby gem - 3 måneder siden
Where are these children's parents they need to take all the electronics away
lush. - 3 måneder siden
there adults lol
Rony Feghali
Rony Feghali - 3 måneder siden
ok... so? chase said the truth
Lainara-marie Bambershmay
Lainara-marie Bambershmay - 3 måneder siden
My heart goes out to these people.
I know it's seems cool to be apart of things like this. But please try to avoid it. At the end of the day all that matters is the simplest moments. The little things. No one needs to be famous and live their life infront of the world. That is just not a way to live.
And I wish to be apart of a world where we encourage the mediocre simple life instead of this.
『 Maleki Shit face 』
『 Maleki Shit face 』 - 3 måneder siden
Somewhere other than straight tik tok, in the depths of a different community, where peace and cheese is dinner, others are shipping famous straight men- and they do be actin' a lil sus😳
Alexander Leimone
Alexander Leimone - 3 måneder siden
Why didn’t they handle this in person like adults vs tweeting for the world to see...
faelane x
faelane x - 3 måneder siden
She's posting her twerking and in bikinis that cover less then under wear when all her fans are 8 and shes vaping
molly swigert
molly swigert - 3 måneder siden
im sorry but I love jaden aahaahaha
Daraveyboy #pokeRave
Daraveyboy #pokeRave - 3 måneder siden
Where can I get a still softish tracky!
Dellie Nath
Dellie Nath - 3 måneder siden
So are these celebrities too????😒
Patricia Ch
Patricia Ch - 3 måneder siden
Twitter fingers
Jariya Uh
Jariya Uh - 3 måneder siden
Im tired of tiktokers on a honest side.
Pills - 3 måneder siden
This is why there are school shooters
Diana Alvarado
Diana Alvarado - 3 måneder siden
And now we all know chase was telling the truth about Griffin.
Han-Han Bui
Han-Han Bui - 3 måneder siden
Nessa do be like: I’m in...
*P A A A A A A A A A A I I I I I I N N N*
Kailah Gaines
Kailah Gaines - 3 måneder siden
Video: Charli is in bad terms with her ex Chase Hudson...
2 months later: Charli and Chase hanging out everyday and going on double dates with Dixie and Noah Beck!
Alka Manoj
Alka Manoj - 3 måneder siden
All for nothing....
Maze - 3 måneder siden
Chandler: If I'm going down, I'm taking everybody with me.
APPL3CIDER - 3 måneder siden
Who's here after Chase was right?
EllerinaPlayz- Roblox
EllerinaPlayz- Roblox - 3 måneder siden
So are we going to ignore the fact that all he said was almost true..
Heyyy Girlies
Heyyy Girlies - 4 måneder siden
I feel so bad for Charlie she was pulled into this. She’s so kind and mutter and doesn’t deserve this. 😔🥺💖
Erika Ramsey
Erika Ramsey - 4 måneder siden
Okay pls stop with the disclaimers these videos aren't on the news
Mykah Anderson
Mykah Anderson - 4 måneder siden
mad respect for charlie after this one 🙏🏻❤️
Doug Watson
Doug Watson - 4 måneder siden
It’s not Ann it’s Ann-e
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe - 4 måneder siden
Why are they all just hating on Chase Hudson I think he's an ok guy. Everyone makes mistakes so what.
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - 4 måneder siden
This is just so immature, and their influencers who also have young audiences. What a disappointment.
Malak Ghalb
Malak Ghalb - 4 måneder siden
i didnt even know they dated
itsjohnnylmao - 4 måneder siden
And so what if chase and neesa kissed my opinion she should forget abt him also its up to chase for him to say he wants a second chance!!
itsjohnnylmao - 4 måneder siden
Ok so what why are the other getting involved with charli and chase relation this is something for those two to converstate abt
Jodull - 4 måneder siden
I- i need more tea BUT CHARLI GO OFF SHOW HIM
Dasia Reed
Dasia Reed - 4 måneder siden
Didn’t they break tf up why would she still have pics of him on her page? She’s somewhat mature but childish for acting like a child
J x Josie x X
J x Josie x X - 4 måneder siden
Like how they are Talking instead of FIGHTING
Arianna - 4 måneder siden
Soooooooo I guess we owe him an apology
Sandy Villaseñor
Sandy Villaseñor - 4 måneder siden
I forgot Chase existed
Jodi Lynn
Jodi Lynn - 4 måneder siden
Of COURSE they’d handle it “immaturely” THEY’RE ALL KIDS!!!
We want A 104th battle pack
We want A 104th battle pack - 4 måneder siden
Chase we all know you cheated
huddy - 4 måneder siden
But why did Jaden called Chase a kid bruhh
huddy - 4 måneder siden
But how did u know Nessa dmd alvaromero ??
Pooja - 4 måneder siden
Neko Bin
Neko Bin - 4 måneder siden
Lol me on anime/art Tik Tok not even knowing who these people are 👁👄👁?
Octopus Lol
Octopus Lol - 4 måneder siden
Charli is to young to be hanging out with these predators
Mati Lyle
Mati Lyle - 4 måneder siden
I'm just gonna say at least he admitted to it
Princess Rawat
Princess Rawat - 4 måneder siden
Did they all complete their homework tho?
leighade Xx
leighade Xx - 4 måneder siden
I see chase used tge 6ix9ine tactic
Douma’s Waifu
Douma’s Waifu - 4 måneder siden
Straights problem
Boo - 4 måneder siden
So I legit go cheated on and now I’m talking about it my girlfriend had 7 other girlfriends and while she was dating me and then when we broke up she was mad at me but it’s wasn’t my fault we got back together and she cheated on my again with another girl and then I go on social media to see someone fighting over a kiss when my girlfriend had 7 girlfriends behind my back and i didn’t make a deal out of it and y’all calling Charlie a responsible and mature yes chase made a mistake but then it became a big deal all because it was some big tik tok influencer I mean this is why earth is slowly dying 😉
Denzel Reyes
Denzel Reyes - 4 måneder siden
Me and my loud fingers typing and scrolling through twitter: 👁👄👁👆👆
Mrs_someone - 4 måneder siden
Mrs_someone - 4 måneder siden
Got7 BTS
Got7 BTS - 4 måneder siden
"somehow you've dated two minors that are STILL more mature than you've ever been" ksjhdjkshd
Ali Villafan
Ali Villafan - 4 måneder siden
Some of the kids in the new gen guys, I just hope next gen aren't like this
ghostie bruh
ghostie bruh - 4 måneder siden
is this what happens on straight tiktok
luxusmode111 - 4 måneder siden
Yo that apology from Charli is better than Tati's
Melody .
Melody . - 4 måneder siden
The fact that he said it wasn't about a girl
When it is about a girl didn't he kiss nessa... And left charli hanging leaving her no respect, she had to deal with this by her self is amazing, not even a grown man could say those things .🤦🏽‍♀🤣
Dorah Cravis
Dorah Cravis - 4 måneder siden
Quinton was chilling.
Saima Wasti
Saima Wasti - 4 måneder siden
Charli D'amilio: 16 year old, handles the situation like a civilized person
Chase Hudson, Josh Richards and others: 18-19 year old and 20 year old adults, fighting, spreading rumors and acting like 3 year olds fighting for a toy.
Hi I'm a Muffin.
Hi I'm a Muffin. - 4 måneder siden
So where’s Avani and addi at?
vampire diaries fan
vampire diaries fan - 5 måneder siden
its funny how griffen is there he cheated on dixie for fork sake
AMI AMI AMI - 5 måneder siden
i don't know what to do if i was chase everyone was insulting him i think he cry every night for his fault and ...
Esme Colville
Esme Colville - 5 måneder siden
This is why ppl don’t like Olivia.
Xavier - 5 måneder siden
so he’s one of those if I go down, you’re coming with me type people-
Nadine Alosta
Nadine Alosta - 5 måneder siden
Chase used to hang out with Sam and Jackson felt and they are with him or against him coz I saw there tweets here can someone plz tell me 💔
_elfie xx
_elfie xx - 5 måneder siden
I don't even know who these people are, I'm just here for the tea. Thank you. XD
Bella Reich
Bella Reich - 5 måneder siden
Most of these people except for charli are all handling this like children
WONG YI HENG Moe - 5 måneder siden
when influencers angry: TWEETS A 500000000000000000000000000000000000000 word long essay and screenshot and posts it on insta, fb page etc.
Cheesie Potatoes
Cheesie Potatoes - 5 måneder siden
He was right in the end tho-
whoiskarley? - 5 måneder siden
8:25 can’t girls have these situations too??
Healthy Oneke
Healthy Oneke - 5 måneder siden
Chase is better than char
Georgie Jesson
Georgie Jesson - 5 måneder siden
Charli is seriously so mature, she owns up to her mistakes, and she is so honest
Ramjet - 5 måneder siden
It’s literally all Charlis fault too 💀💀
Pauline Noelle Tan
Pauline Noelle Tan - 5 måneder siden
wow these kids are toxic. go back to school yall XD
zack nicely
zack nicely - 5 måneder siden
These people are SO cringy.
Kier - 5 måneder siden
Still watching 14:06
stariibunns - 5 måneder siden
Am I the only one who believed chase all along?