Charli D'Amelio REVEALS Truth about Breakup, Chase Hudson Fans WORRY

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Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson officially address their relationship status.
[Charli D’Amelio]
[Chase Hudson]
[Sway House]
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♡Gacha♡Rose♡ - 3 måneder siden
Maachou Mustapha
Maachou Mustapha - 6 måneder siden
Why did they broke up they were good together
Maachou Mustapha
Maachou Mustapha - 6 måneder siden
They were good
Gracie Steel
Gracie Steel - 6 måneder siden
Poor girl I feel bad for you Charlie
Tyrone Hypolite
Tyrone Hypolite - 6 måneder siden
its rae
its rae - 6 måneder siden
That's sooo sad I'm crying cause charli she's only 15/16 year old
And she had feelings he's a guy he doesn't feel anything about her😢😢💔💔
Jean Tchamabe
Jean Tchamabe - 7 måneder siden
DON'T FORGET CHARLIE COMES TO MY HOUSE dur i have her phone number but i o ow
Gg RQ - 7 måneder siden
Nessa from the hype house?
Did I heard that right?
Bella Hernandez
Bella Hernandez - 7 måneder siden
So it wasn’t......
Maya Alasfory
Maya Alasfory - 7 måneder siden
I am crying 😭
Pepe Gonzo
Pepe Gonzo - 7 måneder siden
I mean there in highscool. Highschool relationships never last
Confetti it's a parade
Confetti it's a parade - 7 måneder siden
okay but how come charli was like "I was taking time" blah blah (paraphrasing) but chase said we're? idk their things sound the same but chase was a lot more we our etc???
Gaby noordervliet
Gaby noordervliet - 7 måneder siden
Zo sad
Vanilla Bellae
Vanilla Bellae - 7 måneder siden
Ew who would ever want to date or even actually SEE nessa 🤢
Tea Spills
Tea Spills - 7 måneder siden
Wait is nessa in the hype house
Chloe Jbeily
Chloe Jbeily - 8 måneder siden
is nobody gonna talk about how she pronounced xxxtentacion's name AHHAHAHA
Emma - 8 måneder siden
I think that they broke up because chase is turning 18 meaning he is an adult. Charli is 16 so if they are still together it would be illegal.
Fernanda Gutierrez
Fernanda Gutierrez - 8 måneder siden
Was I the only one that noticed that she said Nessa was in the hype house? 🤔
Stacy Vargas
Stacy Vargas - 8 måneder siden
No hates
Stacy Vargas
Stacy Vargas - 8 måneder siden
He’s using her
brooklynn Edwards
brooklynn Edwards - 8 måneder siden
this is not the truth about there breakup this is just old news everybody already knows
Marjory Vazquez
Marjory Vazquez - 8 måneder siden
Fah Vaimili
Fah Vaimili - 8 måneder siden
why are you guys fighting i love you guys and now you guys are fighting that because is chase fault
KATAVA - 8 måneder siden
Not so gamer Microwave
Not so gamer Microwave - 8 måneder siden
I mean who would date a guy with legs that look like dry noodles

And snap as easy as a twig
Luciana Fadel
Luciana Fadel - 8 måneder siden
Noooo not this plz they match so gd 😭😭😭
Mathew DeTine
Mathew DeTine - 8 måneder siden
this reminds me of dani and mikey
Jennifer Fuentes
Jennifer Fuentes - 8 måneder siden
Am I the only one who saw that she said at 20 sec through 25 he tried to hook up with Nessa Barrent from the hype house. She's not in the hype house though.
NN2611_ 22
NN2611_ 22 - 8 måneder siden
I never shipped them they were never a good match I think she deserves someone who will love her truly ❤️
Katrien Vanrykel
Katrien Vanrykel - 8 måneder siden
Nessa is not in the hype house
Xx Sarah xx 147
Xx Sarah xx 147 - 8 måneder siden
Charli dosent deserve to be treated like this this is so sad to hear
Phuson Nguyen
Phuson Nguyen - 8 måneder siden
i see charlie
i see chase
i click fast
oh lord i need a break
Bahl - 8 måneder siden
Halldora Arnalds
Halldora Arnalds - 8 måneder siden
Did she just say Nessa From the Hype house?..
????? - 8 måneder siden
And I also heared that chase wanted to do s** with nessa 🤢
Brynn C
Brynn C - 8 måneder siden
Who else ships Noah Schnapp and Charli?
Jana Saad
Jana Saad - 8 måneder siden
I feel bad for they breakup
Unknow user Dont tell mine name
Unknow user Dont tell mine name - 8 måneder siden
Its so sad for Charli some peopel talk about here body and chase broke up and cheating and nessa is a bad girl
F l o r a l i e
F l o r a l i e - 8 måneder siden
wait.. i forgot that Charli existed
Addie - 8 måneder siden
Charli D'Ameilo and Chase Hudson do be getting money from this video thoooo
Sonita Moni
Sonita Moni - 8 måneder siden
Um sad about the break up but atleast they are friend and i hope chase wont fall for nessa adn there relationship is like mine me and my ex are still friend
Aya Kamal
Aya Kamal - 8 måneder siden
it’s normal that they breakup they are teens 15 and 17 oof
Dreamcatcher Twins
Dreamcatcher Twins - 8 måneder siden
Am I the only one that doesn’t feel bad about this situation lol
A local Simp
A local Simp - 8 måneder siden
I honestly think they broke up because Charli was 15 and Chase turning 18 And that relationship would be Illegal
Hla Al Khatib
Hla Al Khatib - 8 måneder siden
it's obvious they broke up bc chase is going to turn 18 soon and if they were still dating when he turned 18 it would be illegal.
Trish_ xx
Trish_ xx - 8 måneder siden
Sorry, but I think chase was just trying to get into Charli’s pants. He was so impatient he went to nessa who a year younger then him, Charli was only 15 at the time. Chase was SEVENTEEN.
Trish_ xx
Trish_ xx - 8 måneder siden
They broke up cause Chase cheated. But you’re still 12 so you wouldn’t know that, go side with your BLACK king.
Hla Al Khatib
Hla Al Khatib - 8 måneder siden
nooooooooooooooo they broke up bc chase is going to turn 18 soon and if they were still dating when he turned 18 it would be illegal.
Aquirra Berry
Aquirra Berry - 8 måneder siden
I don't like her
Ginger Ale
Ginger Ale - 8 måneder siden
Why is everyone attacking Chase saying that he used her for clout? You can tell that they have a genuine connection and even if they didn't just leave them alone. Chase already made a video explaining that the relationship was real and not just a publicity stunt. He signed off with his old mangers because they had a bad reputation of making kids do things for clout. The break up is hard enough so stop accusing them and just let them live
Makis Svoronos
Makis Svoronos - 8 måneder siden
Kim Young
Kim Young - 8 måneder siden
But theory is it cause their age?. Chase is 17 Charli is 15
Hla Al Khatib
Hla Al Khatib - 8 måneder siden
they broke up bc chase is going to turn 18 soon and if they were still dating when he turned 18 it would be illegal. charli is 16 so she is underage if they were still dating when he turns 18
Danna Trujillo
Danna Trujillo - 8 måneder siden
they announced they broke up on my birthday 💀
DarBear13 - 8 måneder siden
Which break up was worse - Lil huddy and charli or pat and jen ( My opinion: Pat and jen )
cherrybomb - 8 måneder siden
So they officially broke up and their relationship wasn't official?
papi !
papi ! - 8 måneder siden
Imagine caring about charli
Mr. hamsterツ
Mr. hamsterツ - 8 måneder siden
I think chase is going crazy
Skillo - 8 måneder siden
OMG before I went on to yt I was thinking “I think charli and chase will break up” trhibviudbwiu
Mariahkierra Dye
Mariahkierra Dye - 9 måneder siden
I didn’t know unofficial relationships can end?? Lol I’m high key confused
Kawaii Corn
Kawaii Corn - 9 måneder siden
The front cover is Charli saying “Why is everything Crome” on Tik tok
Time For Some Tea
Time For Some Tea - 9 måneder siden
didn’t think the relationship would last :(
Alii Aumua
Alii Aumua - 9 måneder siden
Who tf are these people
Idc man
Idc man - 9 måneder siden
Why is this always remind me of team 10
محمد محسن
محمد محسن - 9 måneder siden
Chase is so softich
TEAL3AF - 9 måneder siden
She’s so close to me in age and she’s more mature than me-
She handled the situation very well and deserves better.
(In my opinion btw)
Joycelyn Attuah
Joycelyn Attuah - 9 måneder siden
Btw, nessa isn’t in the hype house Charli is...
Kate Zheng
Kate Zheng - 9 måneder siden
Lol who cares
Gurleen kaur
Gurleen kaur - 9 måneder siden
0:25 nessa is not in the hype house
Pandora M
Pandora M - 9 måneder siden
‘truth’ about breakup? where is that in the video
heidi santana
heidi santana - 9 måneder siden
Rest in paradise X 💞💔
Brooklyn_518 - 9 måneder siden
"All I want is love that lasts....." Um, aren't these kids like 17?
Khloe’s Life
Khloe’s Life - 9 måneder siden
I think they handled it so well and that people should stop saying like needs more then chase because no one really knows want happen for real
Jana Saad
Jana Saad - 9 måneder siden
I wannt them to get back
ShyBolt - 9 måneder siden
I see a very bright future for Charli and wish her the best
Olivia Crucitti
Olivia Crucitti - 9 måneder siden
i feel like theres a chance charli broke up w him bc of the nessa thing and a few other reasons.
悲しいᎫᎯᎽ - 9 måneder siden
Wait so is nessa still daring josh..?
Johanna - 9 måneder siden
People shouldnt stick theire nose in it it’s their problem not anyone elses
angel - 9 måneder siden
They remind me of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. People shipping, famous relationship, boy cheating, fans saying girl is better of without him..
Aud paud Games
Aud paud Games - 9 måneder siden
I'm literally so lost in this Charlie and chase this but I'm he king bored so I'm just catching up on gossip
Jessica White
Jessica White - 9 måneder siden
This girl is going through a lot I feel sorry for her but I think she should quit the hype house for her safety just saying.
Faye Taylor
Faye Taylor - 9 måneder siden
Nessa is not in the hype house
mrkurtaswife - 9 måneder siden
I knew from the start he used her for his own needs
Mikaela Raika
Mikaela Raika - 9 måneder siden
Wait nessa is not from the hype house
Shaneeka D'amelio
Shaneeka D'amelio - 9 måneder siden
He mive on he is happy on snapchat lol he never liked her 😂
Shaneeka D'amelio
Shaneeka D'amelio - 9 måneder siden
So he didn't cheat on her with nessa nessa said that pn likee and ceyed yayy he cheated on charli with montana
Karime rodriguez
Karime rodriguez - 9 måneder siden
I respect them
El Ly
El Ly - 9 måneder siden
They literally have the Instagram posts with each other on their Instagram... they didn’t break up if those are still theres
sangwoosashes - 9 måneder siden
thats crazy.
Ateca Whippy
Ateca Whippy - 9 måneder siden
sorry DuDe
sorry DuDe - 9 måneder siden
Yooo dani cohn needs to learn from this
Brea Bergman
Brea Bergman - 9 måneder siden
i also thing we saw it coming i mean love sucks it never lasts . charlie is so much better without chase no efence
Leah Wilkins
Leah Wilkins - 9 måneder siden
They too young anyway. Do some chores, read a book, or sumn
꧁uwu꧂ - 9 måneder siden
lol i like how nessa tries to act like she never makes mistakes but shes the one throwing it back to a man praying 🙄
『Silent ᑕ Y ᑎ ᗪ E ᖇ VA ピ生現ゲ右安』
Why do people need to get involved in a problem if I was her I should of never tell anyone the about the break up.... and the funny thing is my friend used to like illhuddy XD now he’s looking bad cause of nessa thing...
Yungstar 7
Yungstar 7 - 9 måneder siden
Thank you this is very important info that we all need
midarisleft eye
midarisleft eye - 9 måneder siden
Charli : i love Chase alot!
People who don't know them at all : he used her
Gabrielle - 9 måneder siden
**Doesn't know who these people are**

**Is just watching to listen to the Spill voice**
Rubby Garcia
Rubby Garcia - 9 måneder siden
Hey I am sorry that nick from the last vid he was being rude and I don’t think that what he said was nice🥺🥺😫😫😔😔
luvscarlett - 9 måneder siden
Uhm Cody and Zoe put you in their series. The video is called The end of Zody go and watch it
jennifer Lopez Vlogs
jennifer Lopez Vlogs - 9 måneder siden
I think that’s good keep it that way unless you guys wanna take things friends for years then maybe one day ❤️
Random Guy
Random Guy - 9 måneder siden
Is Spill and Brew related?
Vaylo - 9 måneder siden
Rosé - 9 måneder siden
they’re so brave thank you for sharing their story. 💜
Arinah - 9 måneder siden
Are we really that bored that we are invested with some teenagers relationship??
Everyone has Their own shit
Everyone has Their own shit - 9 måneder siden
Chase 100% manipulated Charli and cheated on her. She’s so sweet and genuine. She deserved so much better than chase. It hurts my heart to see that Charli is that upset over him when he cheated on her. Hopefully your next boyfriend respects her like she deserves.
Walter Dario Usuga Graciano
Walter Dario Usuga Graciano - 9 måneder siden
Pero sigo creyendo en mis amigos