Chase Hudson's SIDE GIRL Exposes CHEATING, Breakup w/ Charli D'Amelio Gets WORSE

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Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson-also known as Lil Huddy-have been together since the beginning of 2020, but many people think they've broken up.
Chase Hudson allegedly cheated on Charli D'Amelio and the story gets messy.
Runtime: 12:55


Allen Medina
Allen Medina - 14 dager siden
Mistake OK BUDDY he oviously cheated because hes a bad boyfriend duhhhh hes an eboy OF COURSE THEIR GONNA CHEAT bruh eboys were built to cheat 6973 JUST STAY TOGETHER Charli loved you sooooooooo much!!! BRUH you do her like that !!! RLLY DUDE!!!! okkkkk dramamammama BUT WHYYYYYY HUH LIKE Herrrrr huh she should get back withher boyfriend before fame duuhhhh
• Jungkookie •
• Jungkookie • - 3 måneder siden
owl - 4 måneder siden
I think you're too old to be talking about teenager's relationships
mary Goodrich
mary Goodrich - 4 måneder siden
And that's why kids shouldn't have phones or social media
Hi I'm a Muffin.
Hi I'm a Muffin. - 5 måneder siden
Sure sure we’re just gonna ignore the fact that somehow we have like 20,18,16,19 year olds and a 15 year old is the most mature-
Christie Cobb
Christie Cobb - 5 måneder siden
This is so weird are they like 14?
Saima Wasti
Saima Wasti - 5 måneder siden
Why do Josh, Bryce and Jaden look so identical??? It's like they're triplets or something.
Zain Adnan
Zain Adnan - 6 måneder siden
I’m not trying to be rude or any but I really don’t know anyone
Sister Adi
Sister Adi - 6 måneder siden
I- teaaaa
dinah vlogz
dinah vlogz - 6 måneder siden
i feel bad for charli ang chase
Sama Ashraf
Sama Ashraf - 7 måneder siden
Um everybody need to remember once a cheater is always a cheater And i love u Charlie I hope You ok
Taylor Howard
Taylor Howard - 7 måneder siden
Bruh if I was in this situation, my mom would make me quit so fast lol
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher - 7 måneder siden
Girls have to be careful of who they want to date in life . Girls should only go out with guys because they make them feel special and safe around them and not because they are good looking or charming.
RYLXN - 7 måneder siden
The only girl Chase talked to while with Charli is Nessa, before he tried to talk to nessa these other girls were trying to break up Charli and Chase for CLOUT its DISGUSTING if you ask me
Kaylee Keough
Kaylee Keough - 7 måneder siden
Ugghhh i wanna be a hype house member or nessa so i can know if this is real or not!!
Pipka & Cassie
Pipka & Cassie - 7 måneder siden
rickyy - 7 måneder siden
You guys legit cannot blame Chase for everything, we have only one side of the story. Chase is a good person, I don't think he would've cheated on Charli
BEONCA DAUGHTREY - 7 måneder siden
I have nothing to say this is so so like you know awkward in this whole world which is LA
SuperKrock5 - 7 måneder siden
I don’t miss being a teenager. Imagine how much harder it is with social media now?
LunaMoon - 7 måneder siden
maybe the hype house should called the dramahouse
Rasberry Rumi
Rasberry Rumi - 7 måneder siden
Anyone remember when Harumi deceived Lloyd and played with his feelings. She ended up using him and breaking his heart.
Helross Hemlock
Helross Hemlock - 7 måneder siden
Bruh, so glad I'm not on this side of tiktok lol. I'm just bored in quarantine.
First Last
First Last - 7 måneder siden
who else is just like "poor charli"
Michaela Cutajar
Michaela Cutajar - 7 måneder siden
No stop i do not like this s t o p stop
Kristin Torp Hansen
Kristin Torp Hansen - 7 måneder siden
jr JR
jr JR - 7 måneder siden
Atleast Charli and Chase are still friends?
your lie in november
your lie in november - 7 måneder siden
Moral of the story:
Never doubt a 15 y.o cuz shes the most mature out there.
Brianna Banana
Brianna Banana - 7 måneder siden
Chases sister is literally the grown up in this situation
Yaneth Ontiveros
Yaneth Ontiveros - 7 måneder siden
No name No name
No name No name - 7 måneder siden
This is deep.
Fredy Ixta
Fredy Ixta - 7 måneder siden
I never knew ppl wanted to date a stick
Livi - 7 måneder siden
To report on the news, really? Like this would ever be on there.
Freya Bray
Freya Bray - 7 måneder siden
I am not sure though
Freya Bray
Freya Bray - 7 måneder siden
Some people’s say that it was nearly his 18 birthday and he could not be with Charlie
Freya Bray
Freya Bray - 7 måneder siden
He did not cheat
Ikindalike Yoongiii
Ikindalike Yoongiii - 7 måneder siden
I wish if tiktok is not there anymore

So that this people will no longer popular
Chelsie Glines
Chelsie Glines - 7 måneder siden
okay but seeing this now has made me realize how fast time in quarantine is flying by,,,,, like this was already 2 mo ago? it feels like yesterday 👁👄👁
Neil Perez
Neil Perez - 7 måneder siden
They dont realize their audiences are 8-11 yr olds. Smh
Luz Marban
Luz Marban - 7 måneder siden
Wait chase tried to f*** nessa???
Shalin Chantal
Shalin Chantal - 7 måneder siden
Children who acts more than adults, doing what they shouldn't do at their age.too sad they're running more than their shadows
Tai's Lyrics
Tai's Lyrics - 7 måneder siden
he is 18 she is 16 thats y they broke up. FAXX
Fernanda Salas Lemus
Fernanda Salas Lemus - 7 måneder siden
Chase’s sister is more mature than anyone in the situation
Bethany - 7 måneder siden
I think you accidentally uploaded the same picture three times? 0:41
ivoryvignettes - 7 måneder siden
First, it's messy cause any teen life displayed on the internet like this would look messy. Second, I think it's nice that a bunch of dudes kept him checked. This is rare. 3. My spaghetti is ready
Gigi Marie
Gigi Marie - 7 måneder siden
BigBoyBoris - 7 måneder siden
The question is.. why would someone cheat on Charli D’Amelio, like CHARLI. Shes perfect 🥺
ClipzYT - 7 måneder siden
When does it get worse?????
ivony_ izy187
ivony_ izy187 - 7 måneder siden
Chase is a cheater ok???
Swabra Camara
Swabra Camara - 7 måneder siden
Did they break up
Kaydesha Beneby
Kaydesha Beneby - 7 måneder siden
wow I didn't know that I'm older than Charli....and she looks older than me😲
Carmeli Galvan
Carmeli Galvan - 7 måneder siden
Yet Bryce cheated on Addison
jemma Garza
jemma Garza - 7 måneder siden
Well Josh is being a kid and making a big deal about it and now there thing is now over
iced_coffeE ROBLOX
iced_coffeE ROBLOX - 7 måneder siden
Me watching tea spills : needs more..!
Cant_Spell08 - 7 måneder siden
This is why being popular aint gud for me (Lol im nit popular)
Lorena Cruz
Lorena Cruz - 7 måneder siden
anyone else notcie that the pic nessa got was from xlilhuddy and not lilhuddy ?
Jade Daniella Reddy
Jade Daniella Reddy - 7 måneder siden
I feel chase
Da'vejah Berry
Da'vejah Berry - 7 måneder siden
josh is so a loser
Lajada Mckinnon
Lajada Mckinnon - 7 måneder siden
Chase acts like everything is ok but deep down inside there’s a lot of things wrong
Madison Eure
Madison Eure - 7 måneder siden
And everyone always would blame chase as the bad guy he DIDNT CHEAT ON CHARLI
not jaylin
not jaylin - 7 måneder siden
Istg Cynthia has dated probably half of the famous tik tok boys
Amielle Ann S. Lugay
Amielle Ann S. Lugay - 7 måneder siden
Is anyone gon talk bout, avani and anthony? 12:01 likee boiii.
HERMElA. D - 7 måneder siden
“ WOW ”
m m
m m - 7 måneder siden
Cedric Walker
Cedric Walker - 7 måneder siden
This it too much tea to spill
Sarah Kelly
Sarah Kelly - 7 måneder siden
This is so rude they're Charlie's mom literally it said then only they know what happened between them and everybody goes to assume they were cheating and this is such a horrible thing and it's filled with lines to make people look bad
Jayden fz. 128.a
Jayden fz. 128.a - 7 måneder siden
Yeah.... This Is some good stuff
feta jashari
feta jashari - 7 måneder siden
l love chase but he went to far he cheated on qarli with nessa barret he was trying to get into her that's bad but l love chase so much I'm not a hater
Melody Anagu
Melody Anagu - 7 måneder siden
I'm so sorry for charli. She is so jung 😞
Clarey and Mat TV
Clarey and Mat TV - 7 måneder siden
Smile chase :(
Chase: I forgot how.....
Nono Queen5
Nono Queen5 - 7 måneder siden
Not being mean but it was his fault LIKE CHARLI IS SO CUTE AMAZING AND LIKE WHY THO
Amy Guyer
Amy Guyer - 7 måneder siden
I don’t know what the heck he was thinking WHO IN THE FRICKING RIGHT BRAIN DOES THAT
Mia Pope
Mia Pope - 7 måneder siden
Woah woah woah wait why are the three guys making a vid on chase and charli’s business????
Zuwu - 7 måneder siden
Am I the only one that finds the age gap a bit too uncomfortable chase turned 18 and if he allegedly didn't cheat and they wouldn't have broken up then he would be an 18 year old dating a 16 year old I don't think it's illegal but it still makes me a bit uncomfortable
Waffles Death
Waffles Death - 7 måneder siden
I honestly have a lot of respect for Charli. She's very mature and unproblematic.
bby.cloudy - 8 måneder siden
Chase and charli were my favorite couple
subscribe plis
subscribe plis - 8 måneder siden
More than 1 million of people are passing truth a breakup and everyone is worried about only this one, bruh, only because they're famous.
Tessa Brisebois
Tessa Brisebois - 8 måneder siden
Poor Charli i feel spade 😔
Shanique Harris
Shanique Harris - 8 måneder siden
why is your voice so calming????lol
Lalita Rai
Lalita Rai - 8 måneder siden
Idk why this this videos about them keeps popping up in my recommendation and idk how much of it is true but one thing is obvious these 3 of them are quite jealous of Huddy&Charli
Aisha Fazal
Aisha Fazal - 8 måneder siden
This is sooo not true
They only broke up because chase would turn 18
Rackeem Heath
Rackeem Heath - 8 måneder siden
I feel very bad for charli
Hailey Wood
Hailey Wood - 8 måneder siden
but it was went they were talking not dating
AR Dylex
AR Dylex - 8 måneder siden
Ayeeeee my birthday march 20th
Diana Reiche
Diana Reiche - 8 måneder siden
Melissa Sexton
Melissa Sexton - 8 måneder siden
You know they say a lot that they want privacy and than u make so many videos about them maybe the do not want to be on a video it's their break up not Ours so what they says want happen to them and they can Figure out what happened not us they have been thorw a lot because of the break up so I say if the want us to know they can but it's not up to us to Decide,________Olivia Sexton
Audrey ZHOU
Audrey ZHOU - 8 måneder siden
did Charli actually find truth??
Itsz cloudy?
Itsz cloudy? - 8 måneder siden
He used her. He woudln't be were he is now without her. All he wanted was fans and money so...then he could break up with her. In his mind he knew every kiss every hug every laugh he was knowing he was using him. He knew he was turnig 18 soon. Thats why he got with Charli as fast as he can. IM DISGUESTED WITH CHASE. >:C
anomalous - 8 måneder siden
i just realized that Chase is literally 18 and Charli is 15.
*aaahh yes, i smell charges*
vion - 8 måneder siden
Amitytheclown - 8 måneder siden
“Yeah it’s a mistake to break Charli’s heart and cheat on her”
Kim Kate Dayrit
Kim Kate Dayrit - 8 måneder siden
Nessa cost all of this cause he made this a big deal
Maïwenn Abi Chedid
Maïwenn Abi Chedid - 8 måneder siden
josh changed a lot.
Sia Luhar
Sia Luhar - 8 måneder siden
I know how chase and charli feels
Kristen Payton
Kristen Payton - 8 måneder siden
Jus got finished watching tea about Dani and now its Charlie omg!!!
Farrah O'Sullivan
Farrah O'Sullivan - 8 måneder siden
In Charli’s 16th birthday messages chase was in it and charli looked really happy to see him so all I wanna know is why they won’t tell us
Rama's fun vlog's
Rama's fun vlog's - 8 måneder siden
Tecnecaly i think every one exept Charlis FAMIL NOT CHASE where al wrong i mean i am sure everyonr thinks that and besides why is Josh not mad that Chase tried to sleep with her tecnically i think bc of that maybe Josh is cheating to and just not making it obvious so he did the still softish disstrack on Chase. I understand what Chase did but maybe Josh did it too bc he was not mad at all when he found out he tried to sleep with Nessa
Victoria Huynh
Victoria Huynh - 8 måneder siden
I think charli should be the one who should've said "We are not gonna put a label on it yet"
Baby Leafy Tree
Baby Leafy Tree - 8 måneder siden
Teagan Daigneault
Teagan Daigneault - 8 måneder siden
When you try and sum up the situation it kinda makes it worse just says but btw love the content
JODIE PREN - 8 måneder siden
He is playing the victim
Joy Valero
Joy Valero - 8 måneder siden