Danielle Cohn ATTACKED over TikTok Video, Shane Dawson ENDS Haters, Blake Gray's Mom Calls COPS

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Danielle Cohn addresses her Playlist Live 2020 drama, Norvina explained why one of her products looks so familiar, Blake Gray calls out his mother for shady behavior, and Shane Dawson calls out a Facebook group.
[Danielle Cohn Update]
[Norvina and Fenty Beauty]
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Ray Ramos
Ray Ramos - 4 dager siden
Mia Ortiz
Mia Ortiz - 12 dager siden
Whether or not it’s for fun or not shaming is not OK especially when someone doesn’t know that a stranger is using their photo
Howdy - 4 måneder siden
People need to cut Daniele some slack, she’s got so much pressure on her to be a certain way by her mom and the media, I never liked her but I can at least empathize with her and her situation
S R - 4 måneder siden
She wasn't giving a mean look, she was just giving a "what's next...oh...ok...I don't know what to do, what's the next one?" look.
Bunny UwU
Bunny UwU - 4 måneder siden
Danielle is getting criticized so heavily by the same people who want her to act her age. so is she just a kid or not? people should make up their minds.
Celine Charlotte
Celine Charlotte - 4 måneder siden
I mean.. at least she said sorry tho for the bad performance
Daria Herrera
Daria Herrera - 5 måneder siden
Why is a minor talking about dancing on guys and wearing nothing but bras everywhere
Peter D
Peter D - 5 måneder siden
Makeup shaming is gross
Eden Danielle.
Eden Danielle. - 5 måneder siden
My husband's mom stole $10,000 from him when he was younger. She went to the casino with her boyfriend and turned it into $30,000. Never returned the money though.
moon light
moon light - 5 måneder siden
She literally acts like a child and she still claims she's 16 or 17
Elina Ossia
Elina Ossia - 5 måneder siden
It wasn’t Marilyn Monroe Dani..it was the Bailamos one..
Celina Viraca
Celina Viraca - 6 måneder siden
Really how disrespectful that someone would do that that cyberbulling
Naomi :p
Naomi :p - 6 måneder siden
-sour dinos-
-sour dinos- - 6 måneder siden
Blaire - 7 måneder siden
i like how danielle is laughing about it instead of being mean abt it bc she knows what happened and what seemed wrong
Gina Billy
Gina Billy - 7 måneder siden
One of the ads for me was saying that Donald Trump’s birthday was coming up..😐
kqityy .
kqityy . - 7 måneder siden
Tbh I stopped watching Shane because of Jeffree (not sure how to spell his name) because I never really liked him. I also don’t like the content they post anymore 😭
edit: *i miss the old shane*
n a m g g u k i e
n a m g g u k i e - 7 måneder siden
Nahir Wilson
Nahir Wilson - 7 måneder siden
Idc if she can sing or not...low-key it slaps
Silvia Ezenwa
Silvia Ezenwa - 7 måneder siden
Can't Danielle keep her hands still like girl chillllllll🙄🙄🙄🙄
na na
na na - 7 måneder siden
poor girl, didn't grow up properly because she's being controlled by her mother
not imp LOL
not imp LOL - 7 måneder siden
Okay LEMME say something randomly
**when he calls you princess but leaves u on seen**
Ooh *SEENderella*
I'm trying ok
I'm trying ok - 7 måneder siden
Tbh, honest, daniell doesn't have alot of personality, she seems nice but I feel like it's her mom's fault, for her ummm....you know....
Callah Tintacals
Callah Tintacals - 7 måneder siden
Shane didnt end anything LOL he expressed disgust... that was it... clickbaited much. the group is still up and running unhindered.... instead of "ending" fb makeup shaming groups he needs to end his messy toxic group of besties, im looking at u trish and jeffree
Suck My pp
Suck My pp - 7 måneder siden
Aha I’m in that Facebook group
I’m also in the hair and nail and tattoo and name shaming group
Sunflower - 7 måneder siden
I love how Danielle was like I was so nervous! Like girl you legit dance on camera with nothing but a bikini what do you mean?? lol
Hayley - 7 måneder siden
mickymc bryan
mickymc bryan - 7 måneder siden
Isn't Danielle Cohn a child? She speaks like a child too.
Seems like an overwhelmed stressed out kid to me.
bleachy - 8 måneder siden
I'm not a fan of Danielle and I don't agree with a lot of things she does, but I believe her when she says she didn't give a mean look.
aayv - 8 måneder siden
I'm just hoping that an Asian parent adopt her, she could've gotten raise well and actually love her
Sidney’s vlogs and More
Sidney’s vlogs and More - 8 måneder siden
For Blake I think that videos are a coping mechanism
Hi :D
Hi :D - 8 måneder siden
Danielle: Takes A Photo With A Fan And Rolls Her Eyes Disgustingly Aftet Taking The Photo

Also Danielle: i'M nOt A mEaN pErSoN i'M aCtUaLlY a VeRy NiCe PeRsOn
Amina Katarina
Amina Katarina - 8 måneder siden
Okay but let’s be honest the singing was kinde cringe
Jorja hummel
Jorja hummel - 8 måneder siden
Danielle cohn straight up said that she isn't forced to do anything
Queen Honey Bee
Queen Honey Bee - 8 måneder siden
Dani REALLY is not as mean as I thought she was
Lili Sinoti
Lili Sinoti - 8 måneder siden
Omg I brought that mascara
Lucky Taylor
Lucky Taylor - 8 måneder siden
Her singing made me laugh soooo hard 😂😂😂
Ella ruth
Ella ruth - 8 måneder siden
Danielle sounds like me when I'm forced to sing at a family reunion
d e s r a
d e s r a - 8 måneder siden
A nice person doesn’t need to say that they’re a nice person. Their actions does it for them.
The Grinch
The Grinch - 8 måneder siden
Shaming is not entertainment, it’s humiliation, its not funny
The Grinch
The Grinch - 8 måneder siden
I wish Danielle would just get off the Internet, maybe then she’d get her life back on track
Cute Raisin14
Cute Raisin14 - 8 måneder siden
If ur looking for the Shane tea!
Yana - 8 måneder siden
Idk why everyone’s saying “a ChIlD sHoUldNt Be ThRoWiNg It BaCk” when a 15 year old does it it’s fine but when she does it it’s not okay?
6 K O Ü R T Ę Ø 6
6 K O Ü R T Ę Ø 6 - 8 måneder siden
Daniel is in the innocent here, I can tell that she was very nervous in her performance. If Daniel were able to restart, I'm pretty sure she will try to do a better job
HarryIs MyHusband_jkButILoveHim
HarryIs MyHusband_jkButILoveHim - 8 måneder siden
Shaming groups seriously😐 aren’t we suppose to grow up... wth
kayla jade08
kayla jade08 - 8 måneder siden
Julieta - 8 måneder siden
I met danielle once and she was really sweet.
Weep Over
Weep Over - 8 måneder siden
Danielle sucks at singing so yeah no thanks
Rodeza Danna
Rodeza Danna - 8 måneder siden
Danielle cohn how many types she will 💅....
Karol Duran
Karol Duran - 8 måneder siden
i’m proud of dani i can see how much she’s changed and grown she’s finally starting to be herself and be kind to herself
Amaya Rodgers
Amaya Rodgers - 8 måneder siden
is it just me or i dont really have a problem with Danielle
artbox - 8 måneder siden
Gurl trim ur nails
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear - 8 måneder siden
My personal opinion is that I think that Danielle is a good kid.....like without her mother I think she could still be famous but without the slutty outfits, multiple bfs and dramas. I think she could have a good career without the manipulation of her mom. It her mom’s fault she’s the kid everyone hates like u can’t blame her because it was her mom’s idea to make her daughter like that.
Brylee Davis
Brylee Davis - 8 måneder siden
I’m sorry but that makeup look is scary😬 attack me all you want, I would care less
Cecil Kragness
Cecil Kragness - 8 måneder siden
Norvina talking through the process of making the mascara was both really insightful and a really good head-on way to combat the controversy. I really wish more influencers online took that kind of approach instead of beating around the bush so much.
Mathilde Gabriel
Mathilde Gabriel - 8 måneder siden
What breaks my heart is that Danielle doesn’t even looks like a bad person... She seems just really overwhelmed and her apologies felt really genuine to me. She is just a teen who is used to make money.
Kotashea - 8 måneder siden
Mathilde agreed
HANEUL ASMR 하늘 - 8 måneder siden
Who else skips warnings
Ruby_ Xynex
Ruby_ Xynex - 8 måneder siden
Kids money is parent money bc parent spend their money on kids whole life
нαиαкσ кυи
нαиαкσ кυи - 8 måneder siden
It’s not the guys fault really he didn’t physically force her- she would know if he had a girlfriend and said why wouldn’t you do it with your girlfriend instead of me? So it’s her fault-
ii gxbby
ii gxbby - 8 måneder siden
I think Danielle is a nice girl, the problems her mother.
Fuzzy Gaming
Fuzzy Gaming - 8 måneder siden
danielle cohn isn't pretty no offense that's just my opinion...
Zahraa Loved
Zahraa Loved - 8 måneder siden
Danielle Cohn
If she is fourteen or thirteen
She looks like 15 16 17
But why would she be with a guy that is already with a girl if he’s loyal
But Danielle was nervous 😬 who would’ve been
Norvina who??
Make up like what it is make up some do not use makeup
Exsuce me she stole from her own child she is crazy
Evelin make up looks pretty
But she uses Jeffree star will be proud Shane said that that is so true

What I think
1dont make up things
2 don’t know what to say
3 parents should have responsibility of their child action but the the child knows Better wow
4 make up is not beauty you are beauty
Carolina Ferreira
Carolina Ferreira - 8 måneder siden
"Do you think shaming groups are appropriate?"
What do you think, OF COURSE THEY ARE-
Edit: not trying to be rude just pointing it out :p
Libbi Zhibri
Libbi Zhibri - 8 måneder siden
Daniel was so nervous freaking out maybe she was freaking out because she auto toon in her music and she really doesn’t know how to sing lol 🤣🤣
King grizzly sin
King grizzly sin - 8 måneder siden
I believe her
Whatever Idc
Whatever Idc - 8 måneder siden
Yeah she was right about that girlfriend one, like ask your man not her.
Key Kat
Key Kat - 8 måneder siden
My hair hurts
Bliss - 8 måneder siden
“Here’s the clip of the performance” -add comes on- “The Corona virus..”
Im A Cat Meow
Im A Cat Meow - 8 måneder siden
The amount of times Danielle cohn said "like" is traumatizing.
Lulu - Roblox
Lulu - Roblox - 8 måneder siden
I feel bad for dani...
Sugarly Rose
Sugarly Rose - 8 måneder siden
Danielle actually sounds pretty chill.
genna s
genna s - 8 måneder siden
danielle cohn is like every other 13 year old i see
Cassie Hunt
Cassie Hunt - 8 måneder siden
Part. 193,938,930 of *why are people famous?*
confusing meme
confusing meme - 8 måneder siden
she didn’t even give the fan a “mean look” she literally looks so uncomfortable i feel bad for her
Alyssa Hidalgo
Alyssa Hidalgo - 8 måneder siden
i think shaming groups are fine for entertainment only and plz get consent of the person you are posting. If you don't it can be very hurtful.
Jade Sucks
Jade Sucks - 8 måneder siden
You know I loved Shane a lot. Until I found out about blackface and him saying the N word and Jeffree saying it too 🤦‍♀️.
Rose Lin
Rose Lin - 8 måneder siden
I think that shaming groups should not shame other and they are probably doubting themselves but it’s still not okay and I think they need to stop but that’s my opinion
dumbass ;
dumbass ; - 8 måneder siden
"I get really bad anxiety when there's alot of people there to see you" sis your videos get like 5 millon in like 3 days.
Raiha Palmer
Raiha Palmer - 8 måneder siden
she didnt look at the girl that badly, she looked literally so confused what
Elsey Gabs
Elsey Gabs - 8 måneder siden
ik danielle is a sweet girl its just that her mom is really doin it for the money
BrOcCoLi SaLaD
BrOcCoLi SaLaD - 8 måneder siden
Just a heads up, I read one of the ‘fans’ accounts of what happened and based on their story she really did sound kinda rude.
Bailey Victoria amber
Bailey Victoria amber - 8 måneder siden
the ppl that hated on the make-up girl don't even do makeup well themselves.
J3on_Xook - 8 måneder siden
I feel like Dani is a nice girl, I don’t think she’d act like this not growing up on social media. She does have a good heart honestly tho
god's beefy cakes
god's beefy cakes - 8 måneder siden
im not here to kink shame, i just wanna kink why
Aga Grzenia
Aga Grzenia - 8 måneder siden
If u want to have shaming groups have it. Just post self shaming like this girl said instead of dragging other people into something they don’t want to be a part of.
Kiyu Arate
Kiyu Arate - 8 måneder siden
Pandora princess Gacha!
Pandora princess Gacha! - 8 måneder siden
Can Danielle stop fidgeting her fingers akdnhaisndn
Brittany Ramone
Brittany Ramone - 8 måneder siden
If Blake’s mother was letting them stay in her home rent/utility/etc free and they’re older than 18 (idk any of these people so idk) then she deserves that $50,000. It takes a lot on a woman to raise children much less adults that could EASILY move out and live on their own with the money they rake in. To me he appears like every other stuck up rich kid.
Mawar Syazwani
Mawar Syazwani - 8 måneder siden
just want you guys to knw that 13yr girl intentional revealing cleavage and extra long nails waving here and there really disturbing me.
Addy Mae
Addy Mae - 8 måneder siden
for once I am on Danielle’s side
jacque Estavillo
jacque Estavillo - 8 måneder siden
Awwww shane is a sweetheart
P.Glockk - 8 måneder siden
this time yale went to hard she did nothing wrong
hey lol
hey lol - 8 måneder siden
Dude, Blake’s mom is crazy. And he should have posted that, so his mom can get arrested!!!
August's Will
August's Will - 8 måneder siden
If a shaming group is just for fun don't drag people from outside the group into your criticism keep it in the group and only criticise each other's looks. That's my outlook on that.
ዪዐፕፕቿክ ጕቿረየ ዪዐፕፕቿክ ጕቿረየ
I'm an awkward person so I can relate with Danielle. But when she was doing the dance with the fan she obviously looks uncomfortable and she was awkward . Also I feel like she a nice person in my opinion.
Erica Hickman
Erica Hickman - 8 måneder siden
With Blake Gray, it’s his life. He can post whatever he wants. Who cares? If he wanted to post something personal, let him. Worry about your own life.
Emily - 8 måneder siden
I'm really starting to feel so sorry for Danielle. She's so young and the way she is getting manipulated by her mother is really scary. I hope as she grows up that she can separate herself from her mom and find herself.
Anicya Galindo
Anicya Galindo - 8 måneder siden
Nails looking like chili peppers
Riley Rose
Riley Rose - 8 måneder siden
I feel like Danielle is really a good person but her mom uses her for fame ☹️
Heppers - 8 måneder siden
this girls voice is soooooooo boringing