Danielle Cohn EXPLOITED? Shocking Video Shows How She's Treated

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In the first part of the series, Danielle’s dad, Dustin Cohn joined NOburn to expose Danielle’s real age. Danielle Cohn and her brother, Chad Armchambault shared their tough childhood with Dustin and avoided speaking on Danielle’s age.
Since then, Danielle’s stepmother, Heather has revealed more shocking information about Danielle, Dustin responds to the drama, old messages from Mikey are exposed.
Watch Part 1 here: noburn.info/id/video/x5vOodx6orKFiaQ.html
[Danielle Cohn]
[Dustin Cohn]
[Sunshine Ranting]
[Ivan Steff]
Runtime: 16:17


vminkook is life
vminkook is life - 12 timer siden
Wait wait wait wait wait mikey and danielle got back together after everything they did literally exposing each other on ig tik tok and on other social media sites they got back together omg I'm just done
yoonpetit - 18 dager siden
Poor girl.
no - 19 dager siden
Bless her dad
no - 19 dager siden
Imma just binge watch spill and eat some Christmas cookies and maybe turkey
I - 21 dag siden
Without makeup, Dani looks 14 or 13
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 22 dager siden
I am not in so much pain
The Ghost Monster
The Ghost Monster - 24 dager siden
Please, Lets stop saying someone call Cps away from them. Be that someone, because everyone is gonna think Everyone called it when no one actually has.
Asha Bermudez
Asha Bermudez - 25 dager siden
Ok I am now genuinely concerned and worried for Danielle and I hope she’s okay..
Braddison Lover
Braddison Lover - Måned siden
Even if Dani is 16 or 14 she still shouldn’t be taking those type of photos😂
Moto Wog
Moto Wog - Måned siden
Someone help dani
Jacy Rogers
Jacy Rogers - Måned siden
i feel really bad for her, her mom is obviously living thru her and just getting the paycheck it’s suuuupeer sad 😞
Haile armstrong
Haile armstrong - Måned siden
her mother has failed her
Gracie - Måned siden
I dare y’all to watch a Danielle Cohn video and take a shot everytime she smacks her lips
*Actually, don’t-*
Anna Bart
Anna Bart - 2 måneder siden
You keep pronouncing her last name wrong.
Adrian Willaflower
Adrian Willaflower - 3 måneder siden
Oh my gosh! I just realized what she sounds like! That girl on Brandon Rogers' "Neighborhood Patrol(or Watch)" series. In it the girl acts and talks just like Danielle.
lovely - 3 måneder siden
Please stop making this about yourselves.🤦‍♀️ This is about Danielle so I don't need to know about u wearing long pants and baggy shirts at 15.
LeaLea WalkerWright
LeaLea WalkerWright - 3 måneder siden
Omg this is tragic !!! Danielle DID have an abortion and that to me is all her mom's fault. She is 14 a child and her mom treats her like sh%t she is a meal ticket for her narcissistic, controlling and manipulative mom. Poor Danielle my heart goes out to her, I'm not a fan but she is being exploited by Jennife, Shame on her.
Bee ASMR - 4 måneder siden
Thats why kids should just be kids
。sunnyxflowers。 - 4 måneder siden
She can wear her eyelashes makeup her crop tops clothes anything she wants but this girl had a abortion at 14 come on guys her father just wants her to have a respectable and decent childhood.Her mother is the most disgusting parent i have seen all year she didn't even go with Danie to her abortion leaving her all alone with only her fans and friends and some family members to support her that is disgusting Danie needs to be taken away from that woman like Cora from Peaches. I rest my case.
Anaya Brown
Anaya Brown - 4 måneder siden
They weren’t even cuddling or all up in each other until jen started recording:/
Lindsey Traub
Lindsey Traub - 4 måneder siden
Her abortion was true and im sorry but she put herself in that situation she shouldn’t have done things if she wasn’t ready for the consequences.
tj m
tj m - 4 måneder siden
Omg. Her mum is forcing her to work and NOTHING is being done about it? She needs to be taken FAR away from her mother. She is a crazy cow.
Carole Anderson
Carole Anderson - 4 måneder siden
Too young to have an abortion? So.... old enough to carry a baby to term?
Erin MHS
Erin MHS - 4 måneder siden
i have ALWAYS liked danielle cohn, and i always will. y’all are switching up now.
Kayley Hardin
Kayley Hardin - 5 måneder siden
I feel so bad for her father
LoonyHatter - 5 måneder siden
i just want to give her a hug :( i hope that danielle will realise what her mother does to her and go live with her father, because you don‘t need a social media career to be happy...
In Bloom
In Bloom - 5 måneder siden
Why is nothing being done about this child being exploited and her life forever online that will always be out there?!!
TwilightIsLIfe4493 - 5 måneder siden
Honestly I think _all_ of them are exploiting and manipulating her for their own personal gain.
Dimalumping Jabon
Dimalumping Jabon - 5 måneder siden
Everyone is just being mean to each other rn
Tina Bean
Tina Bean - 5 måneder siden
Jennifer A is a repulsive human being, and a flagrant narcissist. This woman needs serious help. Danielle needs serious help. She is being abused, neglected, and being put in dangerous situations that no 14 year old child should ever be forced into. It’s abhorrent, and it blows my mind that authorities are somehow being thwarted every turn. Those lives were this minor child pleading for someone to be there for her emotionally. It’s so painful to watch.
Nadezhda Nedeva
Nadezhda Nedeva - 5 måneder siden
Danielle's mother is using her for money. It's not Danielle who controls her career now. Hopefully she will escape this madness when she turns 18 and her mother has got no ways to legally control her anymore
Tadanielle - 5 måneder siden
She had an abortion
Kalais Olive
Kalais Olive - 5 måneder siden
Her mum was telling her to ask the fans not telling her what content to do it's all on dani's story time
Holly Conley
Holly Conley - 5 måneder siden
“Don’t wanna talk about my personal life on camera” but made a video anyway 💀 okay🤡
Kookie's cute Pout
Kookie's cute Pout - 5 måneder siden
I'm surprise that the law isn't doing anything and that her mom isn't at jail yet
CC AssiEE - 5 måneder siden
Wheres dr Phil
Michaela Walker
Michaela Walker - 5 måneder siden
Ur voice scares me😭
clymene - 5 måneder siden
I feel bad for her :(
Xxi X
Xxi X - 5 måneder siden
She made a video confirming that she had an abortion
A H - 5 måneder siden
Even though I'm not a Danielle Cohn fan this hurts so much holy- this is effed up
Mia Ortiz
Mia Ortiz - 5 måneder siden
This girl is gonna need a lot of therapy.
Indurani Byju
Indurani Byju - 5 måneder siden
I feel so bad for her!
Sarah Juarez
Sarah Juarez - 5 måneder siden
No she's her meal ticket!!!! I think mikey should have went to her father telling him. What all jen was making danielle do!!!! And show proof so she can get away from her mother!!! I feel bad for her. As a mother myself this breaks my heart. I could never do that to my kids!!!! She needs her life back!
Sweet Salty
Sweet Salty - 5 måneder siden
I feel so bad for her, I wish I could give her a hug. I wish she could come and live with me.
Abby - 5 måneder siden
Poor kid
woody ?!
woody ?! - 5 måneder siden
I hope Danielle creates a documentary some day (when she gets older) about the horrors of being a child influncer .. I hope she realizes what she is going through as a minor and she speaks up .. maybe she should get an /get emancipated?!
Real ivy Alvarez
Real ivy Alvarez - 5 måneder siden
My mom and my brothers would never let me dress like that 👩‍🦯
Angela _Angela
Angela _Angela - 5 måneder siden
It was actually an abortion
crunchytiktoks - 5 måneder siden
Well this explains a lot. Poor girl.
Dejanay Davis
Dejanay Davis - 5 måneder siden
Their is only one thing we hope Danielle doesn’t find drugs yalls (Lindsey Lohan) fingers crossed 🤞
I’m funny
I’m funny - 5 måneder siden
11:26 . I actually sent that to Maggie❤️ she’s such a sweetheart
Katy Ryder
Katy Ryder - 5 måneder siden
Her joking about pranking Mikey about being pregnant kinda proves they've been intimate. Why would he believe her unless they did something to get her pregnant.
yoo mee k
yoo mee k - 5 måneder siden
Can you please do a video on DymondFlawless?
Casey Marie
Casey Marie - 5 måneder siden
Ew, her mother is DISGUSTING...in every possible way.
Akari - 5 måneder siden
Jen talks to Danielle like she’s her friend and not her daughter
no u
no u - 5 måneder siden
okay but we can’t not blame danielle at all 💀
Hitomi Yakima
Hitomi Yakima - 5 måneder siden
*sighs* someone call cps
Carrie P
Carrie P - 5 måneder siden
The mom is kinda terrible
Samulex - 5 måneder siden
This is a Gypsy and Dee Dee story all over again and people support it
mars rodriguez
mars rodriguez - 5 måneder siden
she’s still young. she’s a little play thing for her mom and it makes me so mad.
Dayana - 5 måneder siden
This reminds me of gypsy rose Blanchard story in different circumstances
Sydney Paige
Sydney Paige - 5 måneder siden
Idk if it's just me but it seems so inappropriate that an adult is bringing to light and reporting on a pre teen getting an abortion. It just crosses the line.
TerribleTerri - 5 måneder siden
This is why we don't post our kids/family life on the Internet.
felt like it was documentary of 30 mins when really its just 16 lol
i get hidings, do u mean its child abuse and not child discipline
Iacob Alexandra
Iacob Alexandra - 5 måneder siden
it somehow gives me gypsy rose blanchard vibes lol
Coco Beanz
Coco Beanz - 5 måneder siden
As long as her dad has changed and is dedicated to being a better father, I think that he should have custody of her. Her mom is exploiting her sexually; that's insane and will have untold consequences for her in years to come.
Carolynnn - 5 måneder siden
You can here the kid in her. She's being minipulated its so sad.
ᄋᄉᄋSipi - 5 måneder siden
you missed muting an abortion at 3:29
Emma Lynch
Emma Lynch - 6 måneder siden
Jennifer is a sick, sick human being. This poor girl has been exploited for years. We need to open our eyes, Danielle is the victim here, she did nothing wrong.
sunxhalo - 6 måneder siden
Please get the police on her mother she’s abusing and destroying her I’m 14 too and i could have cried for her she’s going trough
Rachel Fourie
Rachel Fourie - 6 måneder siden
Imagine being 14 and getting an abortion. OMG
Debbie Candice
Debbie Candice - 6 måneder siden
Unfortunately Danielle is the next Brittney Spears, she really needs to pay attention to this free Britney movement
Kaitlyn Blount
Kaitlyn Blount - 6 måneder siden
So wait, did everyone believe she was older? Cause... she looks like a child.
Jayrec12 - 6 måneder siden
im 15 (just throwing that out there) i kinda wish that dani could live with me like a foster sis? ik that sounds weird but i just want her to live a normal life. the one she deserves
Ju Lin
Ju Lin - 6 måneder siden
So so so unhealthy.
Mary Antoinette
Mary Antoinette - 6 måneder siden
this is so sad her mom doesn’t even love her she only uses her for money.
Natalie Drain
Natalie Drain - 6 måneder siden
I don't like either of them. I mean Danielle's recent posts she literally has chained animals.
CorpseParty - 6 måneder siden
Please for the love of God save this child. Please to all the people that hated her and made fun of her stop and look at what is happening to her. Please understand she is in danger and we need to help her! Please 💔💔❤️
Glow Pop
Glow Pop - 6 måneder siden
I feel like she will speak freely when she becomes an adult
y - 6 måneder siden
i feel so so bad for her.. 🥺
Rana Strollo
Rana Strollo - 6 måneder siden
That’s not cool, this is truly sad she is being manipulated and used as her moms personal Barbie doll!! Someone please call cps
Sophia Godinez
Sophia Godinez - 6 måneder siden
If Danielle had an abortion I believe her mother would have forced her too. Maybe she wanted to keep the baby but her mom didnt and thats why she got a tatto
Dayy Valentine
Dayy Valentine - 6 måneder siden
Poor little girl :’(
Divine B
Divine B - 6 måneder siden
The real bad guy is their mom when she said Danielle couldn’t get off the live to go eat I said what❤️
But that’s just my opinion
Gloria Silva
Gloria Silva - 6 måneder siden
Poor baby😞😭
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose - 6 måneder siden
The mom is so grosssss
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose - 6 måneder siden
They way you keep saying Cohn incorrectly is actually driving me nuts
Pig Peppa
Pig Peppa - 6 måneder siden
You can literally tell that she wants to be a normal kid so bad 😕
America Salazar
America Salazar - 6 måneder siden
Did no one catch how the said to prank him saying she is pregnant and that mean for this prank to make sense she would have to be sexually active for it to be believed and her mom thought it was a good idea do that means her mom is okay with it ...did any one else catch that
Jermellia Batts
Jermellia Batts - 6 måneder siden
I actually didn’t like Dani but honestly I feel bad for her she can’t even live her life as a normal teen because of her mom
lmao - 6 måneder siden
can someone just take these kids away from her.
hayley martell
hayley martell - 6 måneder siden
So if she's like this BC of her childhood I must be a psycho path!
tana mongeau’s left eyebrow
tana mongeau’s left eyebrow - 6 måneder siden
Poor girl🥺😭
Sophie Orr
Sophie Orr - 6 måneder siden
I could never even imagine treating my daughter this way 😭 it is very sad to see.
RainyGabbz - 6 måneder siden
Poor girl hope she gets a nicer life sooner or later
Ana Villalobos
Ana Villalobos - 6 måneder siden
i feel bad for dani 🥺i mean i always felt like her mom controlled her but now i have a bigger feeling. i hope when she turns 18 she can be strong enough to do what she wants to. i dont like her that much but a human shouldn’t be controlled by another human no matter what age.
Cameron Norton
Cameron Norton - 6 måneder siden
Their last name is pronounced like "cone" not "con" idk why you cant pronounce their last name right. Its crazy how you can say chads last name but cant pronouce danis 😂
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose - 6 måneder siden
I just commented this. It drove me nuts.
Forever for anyone
Forever for anyone - 6 måneder siden
Ngl but I kinda like Dani's step mom-
Suga is everything :3
Suga is everything :3 - 6 måneder siden
Me: * hears my name in the video *
Also me: o.o
Lyla Mendoza
Lyla Mendoza - 6 måneder siden
Video: On January 28th, Danielle posted a cryptic tweet that read: