Danielle Cohn EXPOSES HERSELF on IG Live, Tony Lopez Shocking DMs LEAK

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Danielle Cohn slips up, accidentally revealing her age, and Tony Lopez gets exposed by several young girls and people want him cancelled.
[Danielle Cohn Slips Up]
Danielle Cohn accidentally revealed her age, and fans are speaking out. For context, Danielle’s age has been a controversial topic. Rumors of her being younger than she claimed have been on the internet since 2017. Danielle continues to insist she was born in 2004 but evidence has come out proving otherwise.
[Tony Lopez Cancelled]
A TikTok user posted a video about a message he got from a girl who said Tony Lopez messaged her when she was younger. We spill the tea on the situation.
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Derpstick - Dag siden
I'm upset with that one commentor saying "they didn't tell him they were uncomfortable with it." They are MINORS! They don't know what they should do if someone they IDOLIZE makes them uncomfortable. I know from experience.
queen s
queen s - Dag siden
Wait danielle is younger than me 😱😱bro she looks like a 20 year old
Jennifer Hamm
Jennifer Hamm - 7 dager siden
Sorry but the dude knew that Danny girls age was up for question for a long time so he should of stayed a way its his own sick fault hope he goes to jail any person that takes advantage of young teens should go to jail these are not mistakes people need to learn what a mistake is!!!! This was a bad decision learn the different
Jennifer Hamm
Jennifer Hamm - 7 dager siden
My daughter is 2005 and she is 15 and they said she was 2004 and 18 did I hear that right?
Emma Ayse Rye
Emma Ayse Rye - 8 dager siden
Personally i dont agree w the person saying it’s the Victims falut for many reasons
1: some if the victims spoke up saying they would play along to make a cause about him
2: it’s Never ur falut un this cause
3: it’s not just like that to stop Ok u cant just stop when this happens ppl like Tony have some kindda power to make you stay they Could not just stop i swear
Fine some ppl forgive him i dont see why but thats thair opinion fair but WHEN IT COMES TO THIS SUBJECT ITS NEVER THE VICTIMS FALUT
If this guy was a random guy doing thsi to Young girls would u just forgive him?
Um sry but UGH
Anastasia Jane
Anastasia Jane - 8 dager siden
If Danielle Cohn was 17 it would be fine but 16-21 is too much ! It’s disgusting!
what the flute
what the flute - 9 dager siden
She thinks by illegally getting tattoos she'll look older 😑
Suga is everything :3
Suga is everything :3 - 10 dager siden
Tony Lopez his like Hisoka they both like kids
baddie - 11 dager siden
She’s not 14. The pic was posted March 6, 2006. Her bday is March 7...
Umbra _Kyu
Umbra _Kyu - 12 dager siden
She should have been clear with her age from the start 💀
Annalisa Zanella
Annalisa Zanella - 13 dager siden
Angela Lim
Angela Lim - 14 dager siden
You don’t need to be famous to know that you shouldn’t be messaging underage girls. Most people aren’t famous and know not to do that.
Angelz HvH
Angelz HvH - 14 dager siden
Lol I'm like a kid I'm 14 hahhaa
Sarah Aron
Sarah Aron - 17 dager siden
Tony a 21 year old ADULT should already know better... I’m 19 and I would NEVER think about talking to a minor, I wouldn’t even want to, the maturity level is drastically different
RealflyRealeyes - 19 dager siden
How was the Flickr photo of her and her mother taken on March 6, 2006 if she wasn't born (according to the birth certificate) until March 7, 2006? That's the only part that doesn't make sense to me. I mean that still proves her age because of the year and all the other things but still weird.
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 21 dag siden
I dont make mistakes
shay - 21 dag siden
So why did u go thru daniella cohns old " age " News tfff.
Larissa Matingane
Larissa Matingane - 21 dag siden
Faree bash
Faree bash - 21 dag siden
Is tony lopez brotherof andreas lopez??
Mad.Dimassi - 22 dager siden
How many times can someone apologize Damm he ain’t even cute what y’all hyping him up for
禰豆子蛇喰夢子 - 22 dager siden
Pls don’t blame her.. she’s literally a KID! Kids don’t know any better. You should instead blame the adult that knows that what he is doing is wrong
Anastasia Jane
Anastasia Jane - 8 dager siden
We should blame the adult but minors do know better too and it’s not their hormones doing it.
Isabelle Lampa
Isabelle Lampa - 22 dager siden
So fourth grader... there's Danielle
Khadija Amr
Khadija Amr - 22 dager siden
I honestly didn't know about Tony's stories I likes his videos imma unfollow him real quick
MaIna ppl
MaIna ppl - 23 dager siden
She was a child
She didn’t know better to her all she thought was “omg a influencer is talking to me” and not as “why? I’m a child his an adult”
Clover Jane
Clover Jane - 24 dager siden
The thing that bothers me the most about the Tony Lopez situation is all of his underage fans being brainwashed into thinking this was just a little whoops moment. I think he’s fully aware of the age of people he’s influencing and always was. He’s taken advantage of that, and knew full well what he was doing sending these young girls explicit messages. It’s like he was catering to that age group from the beginning. He’s not sorry for what he’s done and I guarantee you he’s not going to stop finding ways to get his fill.
Ur worst Night_bear31
Ur worst Night_bear31 - 25 dager siden
I’m not surprised anymore edit in 12 yet he looks to me like a loser-
Royal Family
Royal Family - 25 dager siden
Uhm yeah this isn’t a “mistake” this is illegal
Ece Torun
Ece Torun - 28 dager siden
It is so weird to me that people are blaming the girls.. he is a famous and questionably good looking tiktoker. Young girls are easily influenced by them. Also I think people don’t understand how serious of an issue this is and how disgusting this is until they are adults... YOUNG GIRLS LOOK FOR VALIDATION AND IT SEEMS MORE VALUABLE WHEN IT COMES FROM AN ADULT BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!
Cameron B
Cameron B - 29 dager siden
Why did this pop up on my feed? 😔
Cinnabun Sugar
Cinnabun Sugar - Måned siden
IT DOESN'T MATTER IF HE THINKS IT'S "okay because he thought they were consenting", MINORS👏 CAN'T 👏 LEGALLY👏 CONSENT👏.
KIDS THOUGHT PROCESS IS A LOT DIFFERENT THAN AN ADULTS THOUGHT PROCESS. Tony is not an adult. He is a man child. He may be 18+ but his mind is 12 so he acts like he's 12.
peachy - Måned siden
lets just say anyone reading this is prolly on the right side. The one that hates Toney and thinks that just because he's got abs don't mean NO-thing

viktoria M
viktoria M - Måned siden
I am 14 as Danielle and where I live it’s normal for teens my age to drink energy drinks ( even if you need to be 15) :/ and some even drink and take drugs...
Millie Wadey
Millie Wadey - Måned siden
Wait Danielle was born in 2006 then? Coz if so she’s only a year older than me! And I look like a 2 year old compared to her 😂
Sxdistic - Måned siden
Danielle Cohn conned us 👀
•ThatKidWhoDraws• - Måned siden
Bruh she’s only one year older than me.....she acts like a 16 year old while I act like a 5 year old
Pia Chu
Pia Chu - Måned siden
People don’t realise that they don’t just change once having Paedophilia thoughts always have paedophilia thoughts
¡!hailey!¡ - Måned siden
To be honest Danielle is the DUMMEST person I have ever seen
[Owlrie] - Måned siden
“People make mistakes and we learn from it”
person: Omg im sorry I murdered 29 people it was an accident 😭😭
Actual big brain people: you should be in jail...
That one fan: oMg PeoPlE MaKe MistAkES StoP HatInG!!
Eva X
Eva X - Måned siden
why are people saying they forgive Tony as if they're personally the victims 😭✋🏼
Leah brook
Leah brook - Måned siden
If Mikey knows her real age why did he go back to her ?
Amaris Asberry
Amaris Asberry - Måned siden
I think dani exposing he real age was a signal for help be she is not at fault her mother is manipulating her and alienating her from the people that know her actual age and that r telling jen that she needs to be a actual parent and stop worrying abt the money that she is getting OFF HER DAUGHTER
aeryn em
aeryn em - Måned siden
You can tell shes 14. She talks like a middle schooler.
LOLOL - Måned siden
* Am LeArNiNg AnD gRoWiNg *
srly y do u keep saying that just stop and say sorry
Azael Gomez
Azael Gomez - Måned siden
Binging these vids are so good!!!
no - 29 dager siden
I’m binging them To
Invision TM
Invision TM - Måned siden
USA be like... you: 19 her: 17. Police: hmmmmm
Caroline Benham
Caroline Benham - Måned siden
doesnt tony see he commuted a literal crime 👁👄👁
Dahlia Moxey
Dahlia Moxey - Måned siden
Does this girl go to school??
Mr.Chicken Nuggets
Mr.Chicken Nuggets - Måned siden
The people that are forgiving Tony are pick me girls
Lakshmi Narayan
Lakshmi Narayan - Måned siden
bruh canceled ?! *He should go to jail!!*
Arwa - Måned siden
What lopez did was crime not mistake sooo.....🙆🏽‍♀️
Kyle Hinrichs
Kyle Hinrichs - Måned siden
A minor cant legally consent, we all know this, so trying to say its not entirely tonys fault because the underage girls never asked him to stop is flat out bs. They couldnt legally consent to recieving those kinds of messages, so it stands to reason that they shouldnt have to say "tony stop" it should be implied from the very beginning because they cant legally consent to begin with.
Kate - Måned siden
danielle : *exposes her age*
also danielle : ✌🏼😙✌🏼
psycho asian kid
psycho asian kid - 2 måneder siden
Straight hisoka
tami stitt
tami stitt - 2 måneder siden
Also learning and growing? He should already have known. And it is his faoult. He doesn't need forgivness. Even if the minors said no it was still bad that he suggested it. Bad he thought it. And now he's not going to be a predator anymore? Not that easy. Can't just snap your fingers and change your disgusting mind. A mistake? Yes. Not a big deal?No.
tami stitt
tami stitt - 2 måneder siden
Omg Danielle is my age. It's crazy. But lots of kids my age act like that.Tony should know better though. Danielle made a mistake but he shouldn't have ever been like that with any girl underage and her mom should have heard of this and talked to her.
Taylor Swiftie
Taylor Swiftie - 2 måneder siden
Dea Garic
Dea Garic - 2 måneder siden
The numbers don't add up here. The alleged photo of Danielle the day she was born is March 6th, 2006 but then her dad shows a birth certificate for March 7th, 2006. One of those isn't real. I dont doubt she's younger than she claims, but I also don't think we have all the facts.
Dayjah Orsin
Dayjah Orsin - 2 måneder siden
She’s 1444
Aurora Judith-Ramirez
Aurora Judith-Ramirez - 2 måneder siden
Everyone pretending to be shocked that an adult is talking to a minor, as of this isn't an actual issue that's been happening long before we ever even heard of Tony.
Kiara Walker
Kiara Walker - 2 måneder siden
it dont even matter no more, mikey is incriminating himself because theyre back together
Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia - 2 måneder siden
Having a kid at 19? No.
yo it's red
yo it's red - 2 måneder siden
What's wrong with this generation tf
Evana E.
Evana E. - 3 måneder siden
We been knew
Are You Done Yet, Bigot?
Are You Done Yet, Bigot? - 3 måneder siden
🤗 it's the victim blaming for me🤗 jail him and keep him locked up
eat grass sled fast
eat grass sled fast - 3 måneder siden
the people victim blaming though. smh. girl? he should’ve KNOWN from the start not to text underage girls whatever he did.
fier huh
fier huh - 3 måneder siden
People who arent a victim of someone's actions and are unaffected: "I forgive [perpetrator]🥰".
Who are you to accept an apology that isn't directed at you?
Who are you to forgive a person's actions against another, for another?
Kaiden Jones
Kaiden Jones - 3 måneder siden
Amy Dao
Amy Dao - 3 måneder siden
he apologizes but that "apology" could be used for anything since he never actually addressed what he did wrong...
Allee Fleming
Allee Fleming - 3 måneder siden
What a cr33p
xSenpaaiLx - 3 måneder siden
I'm so done
Angelina Renteria
Angelina Renteria - 3 måneder siden
bro why are people blaming the kids. They are kids they dont make the best choices Tony is and adult
Doomer - 3 måneder siden
Now they gonna look for a picture of her fetus before she was born
Chiyoko - 3 måneder siden
Imagine being born in 2006 lamo
jeepurs_creepurs - 3 måneder siden
But he said stop being 16 what the fawk
Bethany equestrian
Bethany equestrian - 3 måneder siden
If ur not a victim it’s not ur apology to accept
Gwen Gomez
Gwen Gomez - 3 måneder siden
I still love him he’s a close friend of mine and I love him he did nothing wrong it’s not his fault it was hers so stop blaming him like he said he’s new to the la scene
Lughrina Benadie
Lughrina Benadie - 3 måneder siden
to the random people who say they forgive tony... u cant forigive him if the apology isnt directed to you...its up to the victims if they wanna forgive him not us😒
pooja 's behaviour
pooja 's behaviour - 3 måneder siden
*dark side of gen z* ._.
pooja 's behaviour
pooja 's behaviour - 3 måneder siden
*blame the mother of danielle who pretends she's not part of it*
Can We get to 2,000 subscribers without videos ?
I’ve been knowing Danielles age for like 2 1/2 years know, but her mom mostly manipulates what she does and manipulates her mentally.
Miar’s Em
Miar’s Em - 3 måneder siden
HOW does Daniels mom have CUSTODY still
Mi Mi Mi Mi
Mi Mi Mi Mi - 3 måneder siden
I feel so bad for dani... I know she was manipulated.
agørãphøbic - 3 måneder siden
Her age was gonna come out sooner or later
speggehti - 3 måneder siden
9:48 girl-
you do know that its *illegal* to be explicit with minors-
and minors cant consent
Vodka - 3 måneder siden
Savagechampagne _
Savagechampagne _ - 3 måneder siden
Wait but 16 and 19 is ok tho or is that just Germany?😅
Vodka - 3 måneder siden
technically the age of consent in America is 16 in most states but still it's an adult and a child,
aiDan K.
aiDan K. - 3 måneder siden
The most embarrassing thing is that he called her a kid, literally confirmed she was 13, and then went back to dating that 'kid' 🤢
average Gamer
average Gamer - 3 måneder siden
Are will still not gonna talk about Gemini official?
Brookeedits-_- - 3 måneder siden
Black Chapo
Black Chapo - 3 måneder siden
Bro what if she’s 23
Liz Hill
Liz Hill - 3 måneder siden
For the people defending Tony, bruh it’s not your place to forgive, it’s not your experience. And it’s disgusting the victim shaming saying they should’ve said something. Uhm no he has a huge platform, it’s uncomfortable to say that as is, and at the end of the day he’s an adult and knew better and knew it wasn’t and couldn’t be consensual??? It wasn’t a mistake, it’s a crime
Young_Shaad - 3 måneder siden
To take responsibility is to GO TO JAIL
Ateez's Pet_ Dumpster_Rat
Ateez's Pet_ Dumpster_Rat - 3 måneder siden
Everybody in the hypehouse should of *never* had a platform TO BEGIN WITH. They are all terrible people who are very problematic, what is wrong with straight tik tok and giving horrible people clout
Julian Nguyen
Julian Nguyen - 3 måneder siden
Danielle is so gorgeous idk why y’all be hating on her it’s her life she dresses how she wants, acts how she wants, isn’t it your choice to control HER life. She has a mother for a reason. Y’all be saying if Danielle was my daughter I would be disappointed, if she was my daughter I would be glad she a gorgeous and she the only person bringing money into the house.
Enfant Suavage
Enfant Suavage - 3 måneder siden
How is she still 14? Is she immortal?
Lindsay F
Lindsay F - 3 måneder siden
Who are they???
Melissa J
Melissa J - 3 måneder siden
It’s so obvious she’s 14, there’s no point in denying it anymore Dani, infact no one would be mad at you because we already know. At the end of the day you are just a kid so this is not your fault.
moony moon
moony moon - 3 måneder siden
Tiktokers really are so immature
Mourice - 3 måneder siden
She and her mother are probably good at among us
•Laffy Taffy•
•Laffy Taffy• - 3 måneder siden
5-6 years?
19 or 20?
That’s too young
Stella M
Stella M - 3 måneder siden
What did tony do?