Danielle Cohn Responds to RIPPING OFF Ashanti's Song, Tony Lopez SUED?!

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Danielle Cohn has been called out for stealing Ashanti's classic song "Foolish", and Tony Lopez gets in more trouble after running away from an interview with Adam22.
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Jelita Azizah
Jelita Azizah - 6 timer siden
No wonder Danielle's name is Cohn, she likes to Con people
1234쳐샫녿데 - 5 dager siden
Vantae ._.breadjinnie
Vantae ._.breadjinnie - 9 dager siden
Honey CXI
Honey CXI - 10 dager siden
Lol “uh child” its chile not child and it’s pronounced “chill”
LørdGrimEnder - 10 dager siden
I've been a fan for anshati since I was little I'm 15 and I grew up listening to 1999 and 2009s music ngl it's kinda disrespectful
Dill Pickle
Dill Pickle - 16 dager siden
Love how all the people on Danielles side are probably 11
Janice Cacatian
Janice Cacatian - 18 dager siden
Janice Cacatian
Janice Cacatian - 18 dager siden
Furkan - 18 dager siden
In danielles video she says “ashant is one of my favorite artists” probably because people accuse her of stealing what an original argument
*Soul Flicker*
*Soul Flicker* - 25 dager siden
People blame Danielle as if she's allowed to control anything in her life.
Greatswagga - 27 dager siden
even if its a cover, her version is trash.
kai doseart
kai doseart - Måned siden
I like how this girl keeps on stealing songs and acting like a 25 year old seriously her mom.need help
Voguemaven - Måned siden
This guy Tony needs to be jailed immediately!!!
Catspaw - Måned siden
Why do either of these two have a platform? Ffs
Vanica Caelum
Vanica Caelum - Måned siden
"Girls supporting girls " Whatta bullsh1t
Sakura Fairy
Sakura Fairy - Måned siden
If Ashanti gave her legal permission and is getting money for this cover, what is the problem? Many singers have covered songs and put it on their albums. People must be bored over quarantine to be starting stuff like this.
Katherine Meyer
Katherine Meyer - Måned siden
“Music isn’t for everybody”? Ummm okay. If you say so. I mean there are almost 8 billion ppl in the world so I guess that could be true but, to me, it sounded ridiculous just as a stand alone statement. IMHO
Tasia Gabriel
Tasia Gabriel - Måned siden
Do anything for clout
Alexandra Joyce
Alexandra Joyce - Måned siden
Part of growing up is being able to learn and to trust that the adults around you will help guide you to make the right decisions, not press themselves on you or make you feel uncomfortable or talk you into things
toad - Måned siden
She could have avoided so much of this if she just owned up to everything. Even if she wasn't aware she was supposed to credit the original artist, she could have taken the criticisms and corrected her mistake early on and gotten away with everything. Instead she dug herself a deeper hole and made excuse after excuse
sydneyyxD - Måned siden
Can I just point out that if you (as a parent) don’t want your children to be harassed online.......don’t put them online. It’s legitimately that simple. This woman has always pushed her daughter to be famous online and then cries about being harassed? Unfortunately, that’s what you open yourself up to when you put yourself out there.
Toxic Mind
Toxic Mind - Måned siden
Danielle should just say "MY COVER OF ONE OF MY FAVORITE ARTIST" not just saying "MY" because that's just truly disrespectful.
TheNraveles - Måned siden
Everything would’ve been okay if she literally just said it’s a cover.
If she wanted to sell it on Apple Music, contact ashanti’s reps and ask them if they can sell a cover like literally every other artist does.
It doesn’t sound like she did.
CrypticCompositions - 2 måneder siden
Ashanti stays getting ripped off. SUE SOMEBODY GIRL.
Luis Garza
Luis Garza - 2 måneder siden
Isn’t the chipmunk dating that 15 year old Demalio girl?
Joe mama
Joe mama - 2 måneder siden
Ofc Danielle has done a lot of bad things, but think about it- her mother is probably controlling all this 👩‍🦲🤠🤡
2am anon
2am anon - 2 måneder siden
her mom's using her, period
2am anon
2am anon - 2 måneder siden
"i dont know i just did the merch because i think its a cool thing to do"
wow, what a privilege
Gucci Tae
Gucci Tae - 2 måneder siden
I mean honestly I dont care at this point, idc what Danielle does anymore lol "queen"
Skylar Reynolds
Skylar Reynolds - 2 måneder siden
We need to stop supporting people just bc they can dance and lip sync. There’s so many issues w the hype house and other tiktokers.
Bloody Leia
Bloody Leia - 2 måneder siden
I’m sorry, why is this child famous again??? I’m so confused on how she has fans
ur mom
ur mom - 2 måneder siden
“cotton candy has a problem”
Cat-Holic - 2 måneder siden
Remember when Danielle Cohn also stole an article called "A Thank You Letter to My Absent Father" and made it seem like she wrote it as a response to her father's revelations about her? She's definitely a thief.
Koolest Kid
Koolest Kid - 2 måneder siden
Koko Kouture
Koko Kouture - 2 måneder siden
Tbh she should have put remix in it and not cover, she change the lyrics of and original there for it’s a remix...🙂
marisol martinez
marisol martinez - 2 måneder siden
she tryna get clout
Julie F
Julie F - 2 måneder siden
I honestly didn’t mind if she wanted to record a cover, it’s her slapping a lyric on some prison sweats and selling it as “merch”
Leann Andrea
Leann Andrea - 2 måneder siden
I don't think she meant MY SONG. I thinks she meant like thats my fave song or thats my jam.
Annette Garcia-Rivera
Annette Garcia-Rivera - 2 måneder siden
Can Ashanti just sue her already? Smh idk why you guys still make her relevant. If anyone should be canceled its her.
Leighandanime - 2 måneder siden
all this is disgusting
Sangeeta Pillai
Sangeeta Pillai - 3 måneder siden
All tiktokers are problematic ... EVEN charli
She is literally wasting covid tests just so she can go out... smh
Sangeeta Pillai
Sangeeta Pillai - 2 måneder siden
@2am anon ikr
2am anon
2am anon - 2 måneder siden
everyone's, like, struggling to get ONE covid test, and here she is, with her privilege smh
Koolest Kid
Koolest Kid - 2 måneder siden
Bro yes
amora kissaki
amora kissaki - 3 måneder siden
I understand that ppl are mad at dani by her ripping off a song
But calling a child a heifer...
The heck is wrong with you
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy - 3 måneder siden
You see she said past, past is past has tony changed yes has he done it again no k. Bye
Gwen Gomez
Gwen Gomez - 3 måneder siden
It’s not his fault I’m friends with him I’ll always defend him idc what anyone else say it’s not his fault I’ll always love tony no matter what so stop blaming him
8bitDayDream - 3 måneder siden
Just stealing from black talent. What else is new
KPOP BLISS - 3 måneder siden
im tired of this girl. first she's racist, then shes Hispanic, now she stealing a black woman's song, sis needs to stop....like right now
ゆう - 2 måneder siden
@KPOP BLISS ah, just didn't expect to see a Gazette fan here
KPOP BLISS - 2 måneder siden
@ゆう ??
I’m not sus lol
I’m not sus lol - 3 måneder siden
I miss the old days when adults were more responsible
michelle - 3 måneder siden
If people are going to come for Danielle, come for JLo too lol
LunarAngel - 3 måneder siden
I mean.. Trixie Mattel covered video games and it’s obvi a cover of Lana’s.. it’s a single of Trixie’s as well but she ain’t ripping off Lana.
Donald Kelly
Donald Kelly - 3 måneder siden
Try’s saying she’s older than she is but literally argues like a 14 year old
Cody Henslee
Cody Henslee - 3 måneder siden
I mean, if Danielle and her mother licensed the song, then I don't see the issue tbh. I mean, Whitney Houston didn't list "I will Always Love You" as a cover of Dolly Parton. She didn't have to be cause she legally licensed the song. That his the whole point of licensing music lol.
Ashley Antinori-Henriquez
Ashley Antinori-Henriquez - 3 måneder siden
That little girl needs to stop! It’s sad and disgusting how her mom allows her to run around at her age with a boy that’s 18! The more ppl talk about her good or bad the more coverage she gets. She’s a little girl and you can tell listening to her talk! She will be washed up by the time she’s in her 20s. And for the love she CAN NOT SING!
Nagito nonexistent Despair
Nagito nonexistent Despair - 3 måneder siden
Tony Lopez looks like Hisoka from HxH 😭
Makayla Laran
Makayla Laran - 3 måneder siden
not her stealing a song then saying the merch was for her boyfriend when clearly they aint gonna last-
GmonkeyJ777 - 3 måneder siden
Danielle Cohn will realize what a terrible mother she has one day.
Amber The Magnificent
Amber The Magnificent - 3 måneder siden
Bruh Ashanti already got ripped off by so many people, how tf she think she gunna do it too? The AUDACITY
Willow Moon Wolf
Willow Moon Wolf - 3 måneder siden
Danielle: I’m gonna keep doing what makes me happy.
Everyone else: But sis, you ain’t happy. You’ve been caught on video complaining about how your mom treats you.
Poor child is brainwashed. Her mom is gonna flip when she turns 18. She won’t be able to control her anymore. But she’ll try.
Kellz - 3 måneder siden
Dani used GirlsSupportingGirls WRONG. GirlsSupportingGirls IS NOT blindly going with anything someone says BECAUSE she is female. It's LIFTING, UPRISING, HELPING, OTHER GIRLS. BELIEVING GIRLS AND WOMEN WHEN THEY SAY THEY'VE BEEN ASSAULTED. (and men ofc) GirlsSupportingGirls is literally that. Support. Not a fallback, or an excuse.
Gunda Rose
Gunda Rose - 3 måneder siden
Ok ...I don't get why In america it's such a big deal if older ppl hang out with younger ppl. In my country it's normal..like, to hang out with someone who is idk .. 5 years older than you.
Nisaa Palomino
Nisaa Palomino - 3 måneder siden
ASHANTI IS BAE. She’s a beautiful person & an amazing artist, SHE DOESNT DESERVE THIS. Ashanti is classy & stays out of problems.
Rook Holgado
Rook Holgado - 3 måneder siden
Dang Ashanti can’t catch a break! Jlo out here been using her songs AND vocals in all her music
Emily Hernandez
Emily Hernandez - 3 måneder siden
I feel so bad for her :( you can tell she didn’t mean it like that but since she word it wrong she got backlash and even tho she tried correcting herself people still went off😔
Mavreen Espinosa
Mavreen Espinosa - 3 måneder siden
Whoever owns the royalty on that song needs to sue.
Felix's Wifeu
Felix's Wifeu - 3 måneder siden
OG's remember the Lopez brothers o. Phil Wright "humble" by kendrik
Ames OSullivan
Ames OSullivan - 3 måneder siden
I've never really been much of a fan of Danielle, she doesn't think before what does plus she doesn't really get much good credit on social media. Plus she's a horrible lair instead she just needs to own it be an adult. Danielle bf does have an issue going after her. Danielle is just using him honestly, also for the personal attention and social media as well. Personally, Danielle isn't made for the social media world. Let's hope she'll be better in the future. I love your videos!
C A - 3 måneder siden
She's so cute
Arlyn Fajsrdo
Arlyn Fajsrdo - 3 måneder siden
i didn't know Tony and am not a fan I don't even have tiktok but if he really knew those girls ages I'm disgusted
Juliano SB
Juliano SB - 3 måneder siden
Honestly, banning tik tok might be the single good thing Trump has ever done in his entire existence...
FlyingWonderGirl - 3 måneder siden
Who are any of these people?
anime stuff shoes
anime stuff shoes - 3 måneder siden
Chile who is still supporting tony 🤩 he should be in jail
Flora Lynn
Flora Lynn - 3 måneder siden
is she relevant lolz
Otera Juda Lioness
Otera Juda Lioness - 3 måneder siden
My point exactly on the other James Charles video everyone steals blk ppl EVERYTHING ... INVENTIONS, MUSIC, CLITHES OUR CULTURE, NATIONALITY....N MILLIONS MORE...but have we gotten reparations yet? The mayo ppl steals anything not nailed down...
PAPU BETCH - 3 måneder siden
Bruh if she "stolen a song" she would have to pay thousands of dollars to the creator
Ziknes - 3 måneder siden
"It's a single song, not an album single"

indiana - 3 måneder siden
Danielle: ‘Do people not understand what a cover is ‘

Everybody: 👁👄👁
Is she serious 😂she’s the one who doesn’t know what a cover is...
Nimnichi - 3 måneder siden
What’s up with the tweeting and deleting geez...
älä tule
älä tule - 3 måneder siden
Who is Ashanti?
meli ‘
meli ‘ - 3 måneder siden
a famous singer/songwriter
Efren Rodriguez
Efren Rodriguez - 3 måneder siden
Madalyn Moore
Madalyn Moore - 3 måneder siden
Who is this Tony? Bruh. How you gonna break the law like that? Call the police 🚔
Madalyn Moore
Madalyn Moore - 3 måneder siden
People get mad at dani, but at the end of the day, she's 14 and being ABUSED. I don't even get frustrated towards her anymore, she is lost.
Madalyn Moore
Madalyn Moore - 3 måneder siden
This little girl is so lost. 😔
Elena - 3 måneder siden
how does tony lopez think it’s just the haters trying to get clout??? they literally have evidence. it’s not allegations, it’s facts 😂
Di - 3 måneder siden
Danielle has been making music since she was a kid right? She should know the difference between a single and a cover to label it properly
Tropic Bitch
Tropic Bitch - 3 måneder siden
I'm disgusted..
Jules - 3 måneder siden
her edges 🤣 I'm dead
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - 3 måneder siden
yall dont relize is that if he wasnt famus he would have been arrested also he is just trying to get away with this bc he is famus
rebs - 3 måneder siden
Children shouldn’t be allowed to have social media.
maddy moson
maddy moson - 3 måneder siden
abt the danielle situation, i don’t think it’s her fault for labeling that as a single it’s probably all her team and mother. her mother is probably telling her to say things and i honestly feel bad for her
Lily - 3 måneder siden
I love how im watching this while sobbing cus I just left my bf
Rickolette Roach
Rickolette Roach - 3 måneder siden
Its not right what tony did back then but the only reason she is talking about this now is cause she wants money
Elisha Hilker
Elisha Hilker - 3 måneder siden
Danielle needs to stop putting covers on Apple and calling them singles then making merch about it makes me sick Ashanti works hard for what she has achieved!!!
Vcc. Tayla
Vcc. Tayla - 3 måneder siden
But did Ashanti ever respond tho..?
Reviews With Miradie
Reviews With Miradie - 3 måneder siden
I'm literally asking the same question.
Bascetkase - 3 måneder siden
There’s always something new with Dani like tf
Lfrno - 3 måneder siden
coming back to this video, what dani did is wrong but can we acknowledge the fact that a grown man called a child a heifer?????? that is so wrong
Liana Daniel
Liana Daniel - 3 måneder siden
Just forgive
Sodor Flubbs
Sodor Flubbs - 3 måneder siden
People do release covers as singles. But they say that they’re covers.
Sana Alhamidi
Sana Alhamidi - 3 måneder siden
I feel like Danielle is purposely doing problematic stuff and then making it seem like she doesn’t just for the views.
Purple Haz3
Purple Haz3 - 3 måneder siden
Please don’t do the tea of that girl Sarah dressing as Pocahontas, I’m tired of white peoples accepting her apology yet they have no say, them saying “it’s just a costume” is just triggering and sad
Tana Grant
Tana Grant - 3 måneder siden
one thing; ashanti isn’t a “creator.” shes an actual music artist that has millions of fans across the world. that woman didn’t win 8 billboard music awards and 2 amas to be called a creator.
G and N Cute squad
G and N Cute squad - 3 måneder siden
And I was playing when I said I like
G and N Cute squad
G and N Cute squad - 3 måneder siden
I like how it says us little 12 years old like you can really chill bc some 12 year olds know more the you