Danielle Cohn Reveals "I Was WRONG", Mikey DRAGS His Mom After Turning 18

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Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua are back together but Mikey’s mom doesn’t approve and talks badly about Danielle’s mom on social media.
[Danielle Cohn]
[Mikey Tua]
[Katie Tua]
[Cali Consent Laws]
Runtime: 14:20


Spill - 6 måneder siden
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no - 17 dager siden
girija kumary
girija kumary - 4 måneder siden
It is so hard to make every single vid of your we really appreciate your hard work spill😘
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis - 6 måneder siden
Spill hi
DillSamm - 6 måneder siden
Is the whole Shane Dawson bscklash gonna get...~addressed~? 🤡
Megan Tartsah
Megan Tartsah - 6 måneder siden
Señior Woofers
Señior Woofers - Dag siden
My parents steal from me but gives 2 × the money they stole
iiPinkGirlii - Dag siden
Mikey legit calling his mom a little girl when he is a INFANT!
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 2 dager siden
I am not stuck in a hard spot
bieberbear - 6 dager siden
If Danielle was older, I think they would be a cute couple and there would be no issue.
Acacia Harding
Acacia Harding - 12 dager siden
I think both sides are in the wrong. Sure, Danielle and Mikey are in an illegal relationship, but Katie didn't need to bring it onto the internet. Mikey and Danielle shouldn't have gotten together in the first place.
Bliss Tea
Bliss Tea - 13 dager siden
Spill I have a question so should I start a tea podcast
Saige - 17 dager siden
Why do they keep saying you mad like we concerned for the boy jeeze
no - 17 dager siden
Mikey sucks
aeryn em
aeryn em - Måned siden
Nah i want him to get arrested
Kimberly Arrington
Kimberly Arrington - Måned siden
Would not Dani be 15 yet good Lord she been 13 for like two years
CherryxBrat - Måned siden
Lol I'm 5 months late xD
Dude gon be real sad cuz ain't he 18 now lol Dani is still 14 lol
kErKeR karrot
kErKeR karrot - 2 måneder siden
Broooo i get that mickey wants to make his own decisions BUT MAKING A BAD IMAGE FOR YOUR FAMILY AND DISRESPECTING THEM ON THE LIVE
like brooo i-
Panna Juhász
Panna Juhász - 2 måneder siden
Honestly these laws are crazy!!!! LIKE WHAT
Tsukasa - 2 måneder siden
When he say "she not Supposed to yell me"
So childish u cant even live 5 second with an asian,mexican, black, mom lol
mami talusa
mami talusa - 2 måneder siden
b*** from da soof
Joyce Mungieko
Joyce Mungieko - 3 måneder siden
dani to be honest the only way you gonna help mikey from not going to jail is to break up and just be friends
Emily Samoliuk
Emily Samoliuk - 3 måneder siden
Lets be honest Danielle has really toxic parents so its not surprising that she grew up to be that
cloudy mel
cloudy mel - 3 måneder siden
J W - 3 måneder siden
He talks about his parents unemployment when they RAISED him but after one year he thinks he’s all mighty. Goodbye you can talk once people get a notice before you move in
Cindy H.
Cindy H. - 3 måneder siden
5:43 is hilarious
Elaine Lat
Elaine Lat - 4 måneder siden
Whatever. You guys are making them rich anyways. Who needs Hollywood when you have social media? lol
S R - 4 måneder siden
He did this to himself.
jungshook애버리 - 4 måneder siden
imagine waiting 8/9 months for a kid who leaves his family for a underage girl💀
Sam's_ Animations
Sam's_ Animations - 4 måneder siden
If danielle waited until she was 21 and mikey was 25 I would be okay with them getting back together but like shes 14 and he is still almost 18 also she deserves better eitherways
angie fuentes live
angie fuentes live - 4 måneder siden
9:01 so that means they were helping you... boy just stop cause they did something
Blirmy Fan
Blirmy Fan - 4 måneder siden
So this 18- year old boy choose a 14-year old girl over his own mother that has taken care of him ever since the day he was born for a girl who is not only controlled by her mother but also could get him in jail-💀 smh
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose - 4 måneder siden
BRUH, these kids need to be stopped.
klemontyme - 4 måneder siden
She sounds 13 in 2019.
Francesca Lewis
Francesca Lewis - 2 måneder siden
She is my age
Pea Man TV
Pea Man TV - 5 måneder siden
this boy be complaining about his income going to his parents when I gave my salary to my parents purposely because without them, there's no me. i owe them for life.
Simply Snailogical
Simply Snailogical - 5 måneder siden
He is talking about his mom being a child. DUDE YOU WERE WITH A 14 YEAR OLD. YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS THE CHILD.
Simply Snailogical
Simply Snailogical - 4 måneder siden
@Misguided Angel I'm 15. I am still considered a child. Teenager or not that doesn5 mean you are an adult. 18 is an adult 14 isnt.
Youkiようき - 5 måneder siden
about the money situation his mom shouldn’t be taking his money that he could save for college or just for things that he wants
cherrymaulface - 5 måneder siden
Okay those two are ding dongs but can we talk about their parents getting famous off their kids controversies? ☕
Patricia D.
Patricia D. - 5 måneder siden
Unfortunately these kids are trying so hard to be grown up that they are missing their teen years.
taylie - 5 måneder siden
bruh, his mother literally RAISED him and he’s ditching her for an underage girl and criticizing her and disrespecting her. he’s choosing a 14yr old over his own MOTHER who raised him to be a good person but now he’s changed. she cares about him A LOT and he’s acting all high and mighty and spoiled. i’m in disgust, idk how anybody could treat their mom. i can’t imagine how sad katie is. she doesn’t deserve to be treated by her OWN son with that much disrespect. it’s sad to what the world has become. nay, the people in this world. if it were up to me, i would choose family over my bf, especially if he said or did THIS to my family.
taylie - 5 måneder siden
Misguided Angel i would care about his relationship but he is 18, a legal adult and 20 is a legal adult age, so yes they could date. personally if i were a mother, i would care about my son or daughters relationship to make sure that they are happy! :)
Anne Dumont
Anne Dumont - 5 måneder siden
I think Mikey and Katie needs some dr. Phil
TwilightIsLIfe4493 - 5 måneder siden
IIIIIIII'M SORRY, it's LEGAL for an adult to date a child?!?!?!
TwilightIsLIfe4493 - 5 måneder siden
Are these kids ever in school?? When do they even have the time for all of this??
Lena del Rey
Lena del Rey - 5 måneder siden
if i was mikeys mom, no way my child would tell me what to do
Clodagh O Hanlon
Clodagh O Hanlon - 5 måneder siden
wait the fact she is 14 and can “drive”
Clodagh O Hanlon
Clodagh O Hanlon - 5 måneder siden
Why would mikey get back with a 14 year old like why
KarBen 2020
KarBen 2020 - 5 måneder siden
It’s a shame Danielle and her smother are breaking up another family but birds of a feather. I’ve seen this story before. It’s an old one and it always turns out badly for all involved. You don’t have to believe me, time will show.
Ana - 5 måneder siden
But the fact that they are living off his income it’s insane like I get the pressure a kid can feel to be the only one that is supporting a whole family, it seems like he is with Dani just so he can get away from their family and don’t feel so alone.
Zarrel Cardenas
Zarrel Cardenas - 5 måneder siden
So why are they not in court yet? Literally, this whole ordeal needs to be sorted out cus we're tired of it.
tierd4life - 6 måneder siden
My mistakes shouldn't be held against me?! She cannot be serious, it's called REPERCUSSIONS! It's part of learning as you grow.
xLadyxKalesx - 6 måneder siden
just a little unsure as to why people are STILL saying oh he's dating a little girl and blah blah blah...their relationship is completely legal tho?? Or I guess it was before he turned 18. still people need to chill out and let them do whatever it is they wanna do. It's not our business to care about who someone is dating and how old they are and all that nonsense.
strxwberrykiss - 6 måneder siden
I didn’t even know who Dani was just me ???!
Ashley Castro
Ashley Castro - 6 måneder siden
Even though i agree with what his mom was saying, i dont think she should of blasted him publicly; that whole ordeal should of been a private matter & kept off the internet imo!
Joelle Laslo
Joelle Laslo - 6 måneder siden
“If she cared she wouldn’t yell at me” HAHAHSHHEHEJEHEJDHDBEHHEHD OH BOY
your dad
your dad - 6 måneder siden
“Da soof” bruh it’s the south lol
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose - 6 måneder siden
The fact these people have a platform makes me sick
Cece plays roblox Cece
Cece plays roblox Cece - 6 måneder siden
I love how u just say the truth so trust full and yes I still love her
Krystina Tieu
Krystina Tieu - 6 måneder siden
I actually feel bad for danielle 😔 it's not her fault it's her mother's😕
Savannah - 6 måneder siden
If his mom did take his money he was under 18 so legally all the money belongs to her, or that’s what I heard
Pinas Ashasfero
Pinas Ashasfero - 6 måneder siden
Omg these f...ing kids my god😂🤣🤣😂😂
MichelleッッValerie - 6 måneder siden
Me and Mikey have the same birthday different years 👁👄👁
Abigail Vasquez
Abigail Vasquez - 6 måneder siden
People need to report him honestly 🤷🏽‍♀️
I like my donuts with jam in the middle
i cant wait to see what he gonna do when he gose to jain
Jae Lou
Jae Lou - 6 måneder siden
I broke up with my ex due to him making me uncomfortable and making me feel like I had to choose between him or my family
headmistress here
headmistress here - 6 måneder siden
i feel so bad for his mom. she is doing her best to save him from JAIL!!
Hidden - 6 måneder siden
This man is a child gn- he even said she was 13 last year why he with her again- you know wha ima head out 2020 on the good shi
Zane Ro'meave
Zane Ro'meave - 6 måneder siden
Boy is 18 using the wrong "their" smh 😑
Knixie Granite
Knixie Granite - 6 måneder siden
I feel sorry for his parents. They just want what’s best for him and they want him to not get in huge trouble because of a girl who fakes her age.
If he does get arrested it’s his own fault, he could have listened to his parents and be done with Dani but no he thought it was a good idea to stay with her.
I feel/will feel no sympathy if he gets heart broken or thrown in jail.
Many see it coming, including myself, and he’ll get something soon for being ignorant for the situation that is on a high table
viviverse- - 6 måneder siden
Even if she’s actually 16, she’s not legal-
Drifting Sodium
Drifting Sodium - 6 måneder siden
Wth is Mikey doing? Leaving his own mom who clearly cares about his well-being (unlike a certain other mother we all know about) for an underage girl who's 14! I can't imagine how blind he must be to think his mom isn't trying to help
numb nutz
numb nutz - 6 måneder siden
He ran away! Boi I would suffer jus so I can have a fam like that. Have a dope luxury home like that... but naw stuck on part time struggling to pay most of my bills
•łıłıęķ• - 6 måneder siden
Somebody, give Mikey a Romanian mom, he'll shiver in fear every night
Diana Alberto
Diana Alberto - 6 måneder siden
Age is just a number if they love each other nothing else matter I understand he should not be mean to his mom but their are people in the world that are 10 or more years apart and are together, I think they make a good couple unless the do something that they shouldn’t do they can date that just my opinion
rahaf a
rahaf a - 6 måneder siden
the way you said "da souf" I-...
Theresa Piña Colada
Theresa Piña Colada - 6 måneder siden
Your mom “using” your money for a year? She freaking took care of you since you were a baby
Michelle Ruiz
Michelle Ruiz - 6 måneder siden
“I’ve been supporting them for a whole year”...
they’ve been supporting you for your whole life....
Lettuce - 6 måneder siden
Sad to see some children act like this. Act like a fool because of their own parents.
Naomi Elizabeth
Naomi Elizabeth - 6 måneder siden
Is he mixed?
Telepathy - 6 måneder siden
All I can say to all of them is, "You're*"
Alfred Bunna
Alfred Bunna - 5 måneder siden
Thank you
Yarangeli Suarez
Yarangeli Suarez - 6 måneder siden
Mikey: the fact that you can steal from your own son is sad.
His mom:* what about all the stuff I bough you as a child to now that didn't matter to you *
Dernia Oscar
Dernia Oscar - 6 måneder siden
It's pronounced south
em0nekochan Draw
em0nekochan Draw - 6 måneder siden
Honestly we shoud just wait it out and wait till mikey is in jail then we will see what she will say
cai m
cai m - 6 måneder siden
In this case, respectively, they are not smart and the relationship is not smart. However to answer the question "would you ever choose a significant other over family," yes. I definitely would in some cases and I don't think it's wrong for other people to do so. It does not matter who you are to me.. if you treat me badly & I find someone else who treats me well, I am obviously going to choose that person over you and your right to have qualms with that may exist but it has little foundation to stand upon.
Bella - 6 måneder siden
No Danielle, his parents are not psychos, they don’t want their son going to jail
にか - 6 måneder siden
Bro if I did that to my mom, I'll be dead by then.

Mikey please respect your parents
veesaos - 6 måneder siden
the funniest part of this video is spill reading rap lyrics deadpan
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza - 6 måneder siden
She sounds 14, not 16
AWildKarasunoNumber10Appears - 6 måneder siden
Imma just wait till the sirens ring and sip my tea. Also, I don't think calling your mother a little girl when you're dating someone who 1) just turnt 14 and 2) wasn't 14 when you were dating her before and 3) is also a child is smart. It's cute that you're being led on by a baby and her mum. Also, don't go running back to mummy when you're in trouble. Then again, because shes you're mum she will do all she can to help you but I know you wouldn't do the reverse for her. How sad xoxo
Heather Bonelli
Heather Bonelli - 6 måneder siden
A LOT of ppl choose their significant other over their family, not all family is created equal... Trust me. I think both Danielle AND mikeys parents have a lot to answer for and exploited their kids for monetary gain. No one is innocent here.
Lime Beanz
Lime Beanz - 6 måneder siden
i hope their parents disown them
RoseAesthetic7 - 6 måneder siden
"She's supposed to be my mom, not my boss." Uh-
tasha cork
tasha cork - 6 måneder siden
Why is a child aloud to post videos and photos like this though, aren't there laws?.
adriana - 6 måneder siden
I don’t know this stuff is weird but I remember when they broke up Mikey hated Danielle and he kept saying oh she’s 13 and making fun of her with Diego Martir and now they’re just chilling there dating and like huhhhh
Twisted-Art - 6 måneder siden
Technically mikey: so my mom wont let me date a kid :( while im almost an adult
Im her sOn
Oof, boo hoo let me play you a sad song in the worlds non existent violin im disgusted
Ronasia Dudley
Ronasia Dudley - 6 måneder siden
It’s sad how he has to date someone younger den him
Georgia - 6 måneder siden
I don't understand why any of these people have a fan base
Penelope Booth
Penelope Booth - 6 måneder siden
I thought Daniele was 13???
Twisted-Art - 6 måneder siden
Uhh her birthday was a few months ago shes 7 months older than me actually
Amy Garcia
Amy Garcia - 6 måneder siden
I don’t understand why she calls this “news” in the disclaimer it makes it sound more important and serious in some cases than it actually is
CaliforniaGirl49 - 6 måneder siden
I just wanna see her drive a car lol
Hope Petersen
Hope Petersen - 6 måneder siden
The person that said any money he makes belongs to her is bs
Twisted-Art - 6 måneder siden
Well yes and no, we help/ give money to our parents when we’re adults.
RITAGE SHATER - 6 måneder siden
He said he help his parents for a whole year. Bro your parents raise u for 17 years and give u money
Reva Badekar
Reva Badekar - 6 måneder siden
no mum willingly lets their kid walk into a jail cell but thats what mikey insists on doing
Amaiah Daniels
Amaiah Daniels - 6 måneder siden
Melody AceOwO
Melody AceOwO - 6 måneder siden
He needs Asian parents ï swear if he has my folks he be crying....
Twisted-Art - 6 måneder siden
Hed be spanked soo badly If he has Hispanic parents My parents would take my phone away in a millisecond
Sakura Yang
Sakura Yang - 6 måneder siden
Like they say age is just a number and jail is just a place... Famous people problems 😂