Danielle Cohn REVEALS New Boyfriend, Mikey Tua's Mom Gets Involved

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Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua try to reconnect, but Mikey's mom gets in the way.
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[Danielle Cohn]
[Mikey Tua]
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the neighborhood kid your mom forcesyoutoplaywith
Mikey's not going to prison
Hello Hi
Hello Hi - 3 måneder siden
I still have no clue what is her age after seeing a million if spills vids on her
Jalissa Moody
Jalissa Moody - 5 måneder siden
omg that’s not peaches that anne.commz8
Mara Banks
Mara Banks - 5 måneder siden
But she 14 her mother is the worst woman ever and they need to lock her up born in 06 she is 14
Peepee poopoo
Peepee poopoo - 5 måneder siden
Dis has happened 30 times cuz ur an underage girl who there for the relationship, not the person
m00nlette - 6 måneder siden
Just because Danielle is young doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what real love is and what it feels like to experience it, true love is different for everybody and just because she is a minor doesn’t mean she can’t experience true love however I think she is just confused on what love is at this point. She has dated so many guys that she probably has convinced herself that she loves Mikey but very clearly she does not. Dating so many guys has probably clouded her mind and she thinks that this is what love is but it’s a much stronger bond than she has with Mikey. Is Danielle really loved Mikey she wouldn’t have shaded him as much as she did when they broke up and she wouldn’t try to get back with him because she knows he can go to jail. Danielle is just desperate to be with somebody because she wants to feel loved but she obviously doesn’t have a strong enough bond with Mikey that it’s actually ‘true love’
This is just my opinion plz don’t get offended ❤️
Mailin Martin
Mailin Martin - 6 måneder siden
I say kick that boy out of ur house. Ur house ur rules.
D Lo
D Lo - 6 måneder siden
This little girl is 13 and she's crying about being in love
megann - 7 måneder siden
well i mean. maybe just MAYBE you date someone your OWN AGE.
arunas ardavicius
arunas ardavicius - 7 måneder siden
Red Tara
Red Tara - 7 måneder siden
She do be falling in love with every 17 year old
Mariah White
Mariah White - 7 måneder siden
And I don't care anyway
Aanila Khan
Aanila Khan - 7 måneder siden
danielle, wait 4 years, then see ur man in prison. I'm okay with them dating, idc, but he gonna go to jail
Pulse Aqua
Pulse Aqua - 7 måneder siden
FBI open up he’s turning 17 and she’s 14
bye lmao
bye lmao - 7 måneder siden
Poor Dani :(
Coco 1234
Coco 1234 - 7 måneder siden
Danielle Cohn: "I don't wann be kept a secret."
Dani's age: Me too. 😔
anne m
anne m - 7 måneder siden
You can tell by her voice that she’s so young
i am roach
i am roach - 7 måneder siden
i have a confession to make: i kinda felt bad when danielle started crying ;-;
Ophelia Rathmore
Ophelia Rathmore - 7 måneder siden
she’s literally 13. I don’t think this child knows what it’s like to truly be in love 😔
Amalia Morin
Amalia Morin - 7 måneder siden
Jackie: Boys aren't worth crying over.
Danielle: True! I know!
Also Danielle: *makes tik toks about how hard it is to get over a guy*
ii_cookz - 7 måneder siden
Danielle Cohn is just a attention seeker wants loads of people to make any type of content on her.
Brianna Faith
Brianna Faith - 7 måneder siden
I know how Danielle feels I’m 15 and I love my boyfriend more than I’ve ever loved anyone else like yes we might be young but if you love someone you love them y’all needa quit judging her and just let her be happy I know what she’s going through because my boyfriend just turned 18 and we were together before he turned 18 but still people have a problem with it I don’t care I love him and Danielle loves Mikey so just leave them alone
Mika C
Mika C - 7 måneder siden
Anyone else think this is gonna be like Jelena....just saying. Don't come at me!
sofia scissors
sofia scissors - 7 måneder siden
ah, young love..
Diamond Abney
Diamond Abney - 7 måneder siden
How is social media toxic? It’s good for everybody. What is the problem with it?
Sad _Bloøpy_ Blaap
Sad _Bloøpy_ Blaap - 7 måneder siden
Honestly I kinda support dem??? Like idk man, time will tell if they truly do want to be together, it's all about consent and everything they do. As long as they're happy and not getting into trouble, idrc. Not a fan of any1 in the video, just watched it out of curiosity. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Uncertified. Izael
Uncertified. Izael - 7 måneder siden
She low key played her self bc she 14 and he finna turn 18 so she technically isn't legal and dude can go to jail so I would move on too I'm wo thg mikey
Jessie Rose
Jessie Rose - 7 måneder siden
Wait so they broke up and now they're back together?
Dj - 7 måneder siden
when mikey had his mom talk on the live when the mom said “ we know they loved eachother” or something like that you can hear mikey say “still do”
Dj - 7 måneder siden
it wasn’t peaches.. it was anne 😭😭
cloud Stormy
cloud Stormy - 8 måneder siden
It 1:00 pm
Laura M
Laura M - 8 måneder siden
0:36 Is nobody gonna talk about how that was Anne not peaches 😂😂😂
Pathtoparadise - 8 måneder siden
Danielle had so many boyfriends and what you see is that danis real love is/was Mikey..... You cann see thatt
l.k. roline
l.k. roline - 8 måneder siden
Your legal at which age in America ?
daisy - 8 måneder siden
thizbee - 8 måneder siden
I literally just scream SIS YOU'RE A CHILD at the screen every time I see her talking about relationships.
Alyssa_mee - 8 måneder siden
Who think she will get Played?————————————————->
Laela Walker
Laela Walker - 8 måneder siden
1:30 Periodt
baby gangster china
baby gangster china - 8 måneder siden
0:49 2:14 2:31
Sorry I wanted to make a timestamp for the livestreams
Olivia Heffler
Olivia Heffler - 8 måneder siden
I just want to say that her real dad left her so...
Annika Ruelo
Annika Ruelo - 8 måneder siden
She like: ɪ ᴛHᴏUɢʜT Iᴛ ᴡOUʟᴅ ʙE ᴅIғFᴇʀEɴᴛ
Also Danielle: ɪM ғɪFTʜᴛEᴇN
Hollie Anne
Hollie Anne - 8 måneder siden
She’s not in love with him.. she’s a child pronto
Ignorital Lyss
Ignorital Lyss - 8 måneder siden
Dani’s mom probably forced him
Snowy Queen
Snowy Queen - 8 måneder siden
I don’t blame Dani for ANYTHING! She’s just a teenager!!! 13 or not! I blame her *MOM*
Arielle’s Shenanigans
Arielle’s Shenanigans - 8 måneder siden
The thing I’m confused abt is when did Miley turn 18 like last year it was his 16 bday
ying - 8 måneder siden
I think Mikey's mom should just report them, then they'll listen lol
Saderist - 8 måneder siden
k but why do I actually feel bad
• raspbxrry •
• raspbxrry • - 8 måneder siden
I actually feel bad because dani is like helplessly inlove and people always give her sh* for it.
just_spying_ on_people
just_spying_ on_people - 8 måneder siden
I think that she should have let them date but keep rules and the rules that are needed not rules that are not needed it more understandable
TheSunflowerMother - 8 måneder siden
His mom just needs to give him a scare and throw him in jail
Rixiic - 8 måneder siden
Why do I feel bad for Daniel Cohn? I feel like her mom is the person who makes poor Daniel like this SHES A LITTLE GIRL! Her mom loves fame more than her own flesh and blood. Daniels mom is crazy.
chill out.
chill out. - 8 måneder siden
She is such a 14 yr/o you can hear in her voice, see it in her mannerisms. She’s naive-gullible. My lord.
Lexi Blue
Lexi Blue - 8 måneder siden
When you're actually 16 you can be w an 18 year old but not someone 5+ years older than you.
Ikari Veadric
Ikari Veadric - 8 måneder siden
If these two genuinely love each other, they can wait until they can be together to where they won't harm one another. Either by the law or abuse. They need to understand the risk and harm that will come if they continue to try and get together, and not try to stir up some Shakespeare rip off reality TV show. I also hope Danielle finally gets away from her mother as well so she can try to become a better person before her life gets completely ruined by her.
Valerie ILY
Valerie ILY - 8 måneder siden
Honestly y’all need to mind y’all’s own business
ãmÿ Ćhäñg
ãmÿ Ćhäñg - 8 måneder siden
I don’t get it, she can’t be 13 years old for 4 years? That’s crazy. I would want to be 13 years old for 4 years
Kristin radova
Kristin radova - 8 måneder siden
I'm sorry for danielle
Kennedy Dyer
Kennedy Dyer - 8 måneder siden
She literally had to stop and think about her age before she said she was liTeRaLly liKe siXtEeN
ANA - 8 måneder siden
She is 14yo (like me) she should have fun playng games outside, not even thinking abb love of her life and fame at her age.
ygkody - 8 måneder siden
Lil boy dramaz
Flora - 8 måneder siden
This shouldn’t even be a scenario in between teens🤷🏻‍♀️
Crystal Cruz
Crystal Cruz - 8 måneder siden
Danielle he Is going to jail
Vanessa.101 - 8 måneder siden
Sis is so in love with someone new every month so shut up child
Octavia - 8 måneder siden
TheZephuratito - 8 måneder siden
She switching boyfriends like I switch the channels on TV
Natasha Red
Natasha Red - 8 måneder siden
ik Dani is just a kid but it don't mean she should get her feelings played
Steph - 8 måneder siden
Why do kids have this obsession over being in a relationship ffs.
itsmejanis - 8 måneder siden
she is basically sending the love of her life to jail
Hide.yo.food. —-foreverhungry
Hide.yo.food. —-foreverhungry - 8 måneder siden
It feels like she doesn’t care about feelings and just wants it to be exclusive
Hide.yo.food. —-foreverhungry
Hide.yo.food. —-foreverhungry - 8 måneder siden
Love? Child ur still a fetus....life isn’t fair
aaliyah - 8 måneder siden
How is she 16 ?! Im pretty sure she was born in 2006 so that doesn’t add up
Demia Thomas
Demia Thomas - 8 måneder siden
Mikey's mom looks like Asher,,Avi and London Angel's mother Coco Angel you should really do a resemblance check on them and see if they really look alike??
Angel Angels
Angel Angels - 8 måneder siden
6:30 why does she look like that one girl from spy kids?
Danielle Wilhelm
Danielle Wilhelm - 8 måneder siden
I remember when I was 14 and thought I loved people 😂
Maxx Vo Gerstenslager
Maxx Vo Gerstenslager - 8 måneder siden
She is 16😑
softlixir - 8 måneder siden
Maxx Vo Gerstenslager 14**
Nicole Monet
Nicole Monet - 8 måneder siden
She shouldn't even be dating anyone she's like 13 no wonder she dated many guys when you're a kid you like any boy that gives you attention
Sophie - 8 måneder siden
Is she crazy??!? The whole reason why he is keeping her a secret is cause SHE IS UNDERAGED and if the cops find out he finnnaaa catch a case
Ana Escobar
Ana Escobar - 8 måneder siden
“I’m kept a secret to the internet and his family”
Bro because he doesn’t wanna go to prison , she needs to stop chasing after him . At least until she’s 18
ooby47 - 8 måneder siden
Danielle's nails are longer than any of my relationships😣😬
Katelyn Lopez
Katelyn Lopez - 8 måneder siden
0:49 i- high key feel bad tbh
Nina Chadwick
Nina Chadwick - 8 måneder siden
Girls been a little adult her whole life...smh she didn’t even get a childhood, come on guys let your children be children🤦🏽‍♀️
emo._. cami
emo._. cami - 8 måneder siden
Honestly i like the Danielle Cohn ones-
RIP Vine
RIP Vine - 8 måneder siden
2:41 lol love how she has to think about her age cus it’s NOT her age
Coralyne Perazo
Coralyne Perazo - 8 måneder siden
Danielle: I don't deserve to be kept a secret, you know?
Mikey: and I don't deserve to be in jail for loving a minor you know
*I'm just kidding
Coralyne Perazo
Coralyne Perazo - 8 måneder siden
But my question is why can't she handle her relationshit PRIVATELY not publicly
23 ABBYNISAH OZUNA - 8 måneder siden
oh yea btw that wasn't peaches on the live it was themeganlouise
23 ABBYNISAH OZUNA - 8 måneder siden
my little sister was born in 2006 and she is currently 12.
Meidina Sofyan
Meidina Sofyan - 8 måneder siden
Honestly... how old they are?
Mala Dutta
Mala Dutta - 8 måneder siden
First off girl you arent 16 you 13 that's why it's hard to believe you are in love
Second, if you love him so much wait until you become 18 and then date him, If its love then obviously he would wait for you too
problem solved.
B34N !
B34N ! - 8 måneder siden
Danielle at 25 GUYS IM 19!!!!
Mariana Rodriguez
Mariana Rodriguez - 8 måneder siden
That wasn’t even peaches!! It was anne😂💀💀💀💀
• flwr •
• flwr • - 8 måneder siden
She's younger than me and is getting like 5000 boyfriends each year
Mecca moo
Mecca moo - 8 måneder siden
She is 16 in Mikey is 17 there’s not a difference almost 18 but she really isn’t 13 or 14 whatever you think.
Kisha Poxes
Kisha Poxes - 8 måneder siden
2:43 She’s 14
Gyara Charles
Gyara Charles - 8 måneder siden
I just don’t understand 3 years ago they said that she was 13 3 years later she is still 13 do people grow or not
nikki best girl msp
nikki best girl msp - 8 måneder siden
This is how many times danielle said "it sucks"
Heeilyy - 8 måneder siden
okay, idk if this is the right opinion to have but it is very much my opinion. why is it a thing to care about age. i really don’t get it. because of the law we look at age as such a big factor. it’s not a big deal get over it. y’all act like he’s 30 with a 15 year old. 3,4,5 years okay relax it’s their life. let them live theirs and y’all should live yours.
Natasha Vazquez
Natasha Vazquez - 8 måneder siden
I’m happy for them. The only problem is that Danielle will not keep her mouth shut. It’s not that he’s hiding her..if it is made public he will go to jail. This is obviously why he acts different on the media so that people won’t think they’re together. But she just keeps blabbing her mouth😭
Shardai Smith
Shardai Smith - 8 måneder siden
I'm kinda confused how someone so young knows their "in love" with someone.
Nun Ya
Nun Ya - 8 måneder siden
So they’re dating as of right now ?