Danielle Cohn's BF Fights w/ Look-Alike, Tana Mongeau Wants to Date Addison Rae, Nikita Called Out

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A TikToker disrespects Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua by posting a series of video about them, Nikita Dragun is called out by a smaller artist for copying her design and Tana Mongeau wants to date Addison Rae?
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Runtime: 08:10


Taniah N.
Taniah N. - 27 dager siden
All this over a 14 y/o?
Ray Val
Ray Val - 2 måneder siden
I wish tiktok was removed from this earth. I lose braincells everytime I see a tiktok.
Brittanae Wint
Brittanae Wint - 3 måneder siden
I really wanna know Dani's age
Coffin Princess
Coffin Princess - 2 måneder siden
She's 14
Hello Young Ones
Hello Young Ones - 3 måneder siden
She’s 14.... and she has 2/3 tattoos... America can you explain how that’s possible please
Hello Young Ones
Hello Young Ones - 2 måneder siden
@Coffin Princess okay thank you
Coffin Princess
Coffin Princess - 2 måneder siden
Her mom signed for them
Luke Axolotl
Luke Axolotl - 3 måneder siden
Oh my god
larsdraws !
larsdraws ! - 3 måneder siden
Danielle shouldn’t be know for her age smh, she’s such a sweet person :/
Ava Poels
Ava Poels - 3 måneder siden
Tiktok is the stupidest app with the stupidest people and the stupidest trends. I swear Child
Sangpuii Pautu
Sangpuii Pautu - 3 måneder siden
When you have a devil font does that means everyone can't use it? I don't see any similarity.. 😔
Cyraevus - 3 måneder siden
ah yes Dani and Mikey the two cishet children who need to chill
ItsTrixx - 3 måneder siden
Spill and anna
Cateve05 - 3 måneder siden
Can we stop talking about Danielle? I honestly don’t get how people care. She’s 14- I’m sure we have something better to talk about?
ALDC clouds
ALDC clouds - 3 måneder siden
I mean I'm pretty sure Anthony was joking considering he started it a trend and then they both started being immature. In the end tho he even said he was joking but he did kinda take it too far
PandaFlow Beatz
PandaFlow Beatz - 3 måneder siden
this also shows how toxic media can get over some celebrities but this is intresting.
PandaFlow Beatz
PandaFlow Beatz - 3 måneder siden
by accident mhhm smh i thought things got better
Hello Hi
Hello Hi - 3 måneder siden
Who else thinks Spills voice is so soothing
Kimesha Hamilton C.P.
Kimesha Hamilton C.P. - 4 måneder siden
Um guys you know she can't stay 14 forever wasn't this from last year
👁👄👁how tf she still 14?????
katie katie
katie katie - 4 måneder siden
Thats it tana needs a therapist
Cam The Killer
Cam The Killer - 4 måneder siden
I can be her therapist-
Mikael Khan
Mikael Khan - 4 måneder siden
Just remember..y'all made them famous...
Charli SELALMATZIDIS - 4 måneder siden
The Black Catgirl
The Black Catgirl - 4 måneder siden
The Devil design is such a cookie cutter design. I don't like Nikita (**cough** parties during a pandemic) but It's a very simple design anyone can and already have gobbled out, don't act like it was YOUR design that you made alone.
Taylee Emerson
Taylee Emerson - 4 måneder siden
Ok. First of all. If both parents are ok with her and him dating it's ok. Two. If they were dating before he turned 18 it's legal. My nana got married to my papa at 17. And he was 23. It may be illegal but love is love. It's their choice. Bruh yall are childish shes been 14 for 3 years now? Yall cant except the fact that she has a good boyfriend. And that u been dragging that's shes 14 for years now. Makes no sense
Nafsi - 4 måneder siden
I don't consider Mikey and Dani's connection as "Relationship". Mikey is in relation with a minor. So no.
Pandora princess Gacha!
Pandora princess Gacha! - 4 måneder siden
1:20 sorry I screamed because I saw killua 😓
Marcio Official The Singer
Marcio Official The Singer - 4 måneder siden
She is freaking 14!!!! And meanwhile people are freaking because of 'cuties'....
Miss_Mischievous - 4 måneder siden

You welcome for hearing Spill’s first time swearing
apple neez
apple neez - 4 måneder siden
Anyways Mikey is being a big baby and they both need help. And what if that boy is younger than mikey!
Kattacck - 4 måneder siden
I swear tana and Addison would be cute together though
Ramen Soap
Ramen Soap - 4 måneder siden
It’s still not okay she’s still underage
Uncertified. Izael
Uncertified. Izael - 4 måneder siden
Why they was coming for malu when she was commenting like everyone else?
Jasmine Deaa.
Jasmine Deaa. - 4 måneder siden
I don’t think HE knows what a joke is..
Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat - 4 måneder siden
The back and forth comeback is so funny tho🤣🤣 PS I think dat AJ dude is joking
karen lacayo
karen lacayo - 4 måneder siden
To be honest Mikey and Anthony insulted each other like 5 year olds😂
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr - 4 måneder siden
Who are these people again??
Wren Goode
Wren Goode - 4 måneder siden
Is it just me or she cussed and forgot to bleep it this time! 4:26
piella Kakuji
piella Kakuji - 4 måneder siden
Why 2020 why 😭🙏
piella Kakuji
piella Kakuji - 4 måneder siden
2020 please go please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😉😉
Liana V
Liana V - 4 måneder siden
okay but why did i cackle when she said “BRAdDisOn ShipPerS”
reo m.
reo m. - 4 måneder siden
wasn’t tana married to jake paul or-
Vanesa - 4 måneder siden
I like musically better TikTok is toxic asf.
kẻ thất bại
kẻ thất bại - 4 måneder siden
sorry but the part she said "braddison" sounds funny.
Sammie Williams
Sammie Williams - 4 måneder siden
Get I get late cause I Just warmed up some random tea bags cause I was sleepy
Infinite Light
Infinite Light - 4 måneder siden
This is TRASH
Calista Roberts
Calista Roberts - 4 måneder siden
ok but what tana said to bryce made me laugh 😭
Patty Ruiz
Patty Ruiz - 4 måneder siden
Nikita always seems to take ideas from small businesses that can’t afford to fight back. DISGUSTING
Lillly Eevee
Lillly Eevee - 4 måneder siden
And taking the advantage because s(he)’s trans🤦‍♀️
Nicole - 4 måneder siden
They don't even look alike tho💀 someone can have literally just the same hair and y'all will be like "OMG THEY LOOK ALIKE"
Lisah Bear
Lisah Bear - 4 måneder siden
We all know the tana and Addison thing is a joke but I lowkey ship them
Dasia Reed
Dasia Reed - 4 måneder siden
His girl? You mean his child she’s a child
ChasingDeathbeds - 4 måneder siden
Tana may want Addison but it's doubtful that Addison is anything but flattered
I'll be shocked if Tana can get it💀😂
charley - 4 måneder siden
y people care so much ab her age
Tara - 4 måneder siden
Ffs just ban tiktok already.
TheMonsterguy411 - 4 måneder siden
The only question I have watching this video is... why are these people famous?
spazzed stilinski
spazzed stilinski - 4 måneder siden
addison rae a simply southern white woman, she’s obviously straight so good luck with that relationship tana talks about
abby •
abby • - 4 måneder siden
i see 0 similarities between simplicity and bad b!tch except the colors
Jeremy Obah
Jeremy Obah - 4 måneder siden
Wow just leave Bryce and Addison alone if they r not together and moved on leave them live there lives it's none of your businesses 🙄😒. Your makeing nothing out of something just so you can be what? Entertained.
Annie S
Annie S - 4 måneder siden
Since when does Spill put her opinion in videos? 🤔
anna murillo
anna murillo - 4 måneder siden
bruh she 14 and some guys are fights for her wow is mikey 17 or 18 now tho and i like his old hair better too.
Senthilkumar O
Senthilkumar O - 4 måneder siden
No she is 14.....
But years go brrr
Ice Pixy
Ice Pixy - 4 måneder siden
Trash TRASH TRASH TRASH x3 oh sorry missed one.. TRASH!
Unknown LOLOLOL - 4 måneder siden
I think the video was pretty good but I have a suggestion, I think it would be better if you guys try not to show or just blur inappropriate images of Danielle. Yes she is a public figure but she is still a minor
el from space
el from space - 4 måneder siden
i think the quality of spill's videos dropped...
ms. capalot
ms. capalot - 4 måneder siden
ok but why mikey got the edgar cut.
Kiýah Kiy
Kiýah Kiy - 4 måneder siden
I'm hella confused about her age
SaltyAlex - 4 måneder siden
Phil Varte
Phil Varte - 4 måneder siden
*Plot twist: Anthony's closeted and like Mikey instead so he uses his girl to get his attention. 🤣🤣

I'm not hating on anyone tho just my thought going wild🤣🤣
Katherine Gibson
Katherine Gibson - 4 måneder siden
Danielle ain’t even worth it😭😭😭😭😭
Rayan Salama
Rayan Salama - 4 måneder siden
Any way i dont ship addison and tana
nmchzrs - 4 måneder siden
Guys this isn’t a real person lol
Kiaaa - 4 måneder siden
Uhmmmm ok I'm going to school
love lahme
love lahme - 4 måneder siden
This is so Irrelevantt, But Spill verbally describing the tiktok memes and songs is Sendding mee
Haleigh driggers
Haleigh driggers - 4 måneder siden
Is it pronounced mahloo of mawlu
lil me
lil me - 4 måneder siden
I’m sure the n word would be thrown around a lot in the tana/Addison relationship 🤣
Antimaus 2000
Antimaus 2000 - 4 måneder siden
Any one else feeling like in kindergarten again😅😂
Nakina Hanssen
Nakina Hanssen - 4 måneder siden
Tana first needs to get a lesson inn LGBTQ+ history. period. shes been super disrespectful in the past and now suddenly she wants to be a bi icon? smh bisexuality is not something you just.... want.... or can do or just chose. NOT TO MENTION Addison is HETERO. Tana is being hella creepy and not thinking about her actions or the consequences. Sis, your young audience's first intro to bisexuality and you're really making a mess of it.
LAdream Er###
LAdream Er### - 4 måneder siden
4:20 it’s clearly for clout just because he looks like her bf .. dunno why everyone is taking it so serious ... they should box purely becusde they look like each other and there’s hype .. not to fight over a 14 year old
Kristina Marie
Kristina Marie - 4 måneder siden
Tana isnt family friendly either tho, she would be like a female bryce for her.
penguin soup
penguin soup - 4 måneder siden
honestly i kinda ship taddison (tana+addison)
Onor TLS
Onor TLS - 4 måneder siden
... and this is why dracotok is superior
Sunamicoro - 4 måneder siden
Tana making bi chicks look bad
Amanda Crump
Amanda Crump - 4 måneder siden
I just get over the fact that Danielle uses here ear wax for chapstick. And these dudes out here fighting over her... and she’s 14!!
Sarah Harrison
Sarah Harrison - 4 måneder siden
Not really keen on the people saying "she's his girl" like...she doesn't belong to him, theyre in a relationship together. Idk if that makes sense
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller - 4 måneder siden
Addison can do better than Tana Mongoose.
Robert Villaba
Robert Villaba - 4 måneder siden
"At least my hair dont look like a barcode"
Nadiya NM
Nadiya NM - 4 måneder siden
Tana is clinging on to whatever fame she has left after that awful apology video and is gonna milk a relationship with Addison like she did Bella Thorn
E B - 4 måneder siden
Mikey when they broke up: she's 13 years old, she's a child, i'm over it
Mikey now: *gets back with her*
loreliethelamb - 4 måneder siden
7:30 love the cough lol
Evan G
Evan G - 4 måneder siden
Hes milking this way too much
Brattany Funes
Brattany Funes - 4 måneder siden
Brattany Funes
Brattany Funes - 4 måneder siden
•Addie bug•
•Addie bug• - 4 måneder siden
Tana and Addison as a couple kinda cute tho ngl. 🙈
Lucy Mary
Lucy Mary - 4 måneder siden
Tana gets uglier and uglier the more botox she gets
We took a cHóNcE
We took a cHóNcE - 4 måneder siden
I KNOW Bryce did NOT say Addison is family friendly 😭
Marz Oktober
Marz Oktober - 4 måneder siden
When u get in a fight with ur doppelgänger its not the best😶
eclectiq egg
eclectiq egg - 4 måneder siden
These two guys going at each other for their looks even tho they look the same is GOLD 😭
via - 4 måneder siden
i have a request pls, can u do a research about woojin from stray kids?
Aini Abdullah
Aini Abdullah - 4 måneder siden
Why everyone look similar? The style, the hair etc.
Aurora baby
Aurora baby - 4 måneder siden
I love how spill do not take side of any of these tiktoker. she just report on the news😌
Leiam Wedman
Leiam Wedman - 4 måneder siden
This is why I don't want to become famous
Soph Loaf
Soph Loaf - 4 måneder siden
4:25 Ah! You forgot to censor!
小猪 - 4 måneder siden
Why are any of these people famous lol
Bad Bleep
Bad Bleep - 4 måneder siden
Her name is-MEGAN not white Girl meghan trainor
Justin Y's Family
Justin Y's Family - 4 måneder siden
Can you make a video on daud Kim?