Danielle Cohn Sends Secret Messages to Mikey Tua, Trisha Paytas DISGUSTS Anthony Padilla

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Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua send mixed messages, Trisha Paytas sparks backlash for her recent video, and Billie Eilish calls out irresponsible behavior.
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ⱠɆӾƗɆ - 26 dager siden
When the pandemic started, I had to be separated from my own sister and mom because they were working at same job and wanted me and my dad to be safe. I still see people in my neighborhood who plays with their friends with no mask and not even at 6 feet’s apart. It disgust me, think for other and not only you.
Mya Couse
Mya Couse - Måned siden
Hey Trisha looks like the woman selling sugar to me behind 7 11
Loopy Playz
Loopy Playz - 2 måneder siden
Whats wrong with Billies eyes?
Idk if its personal sorry if I offended anyone I just dk
Emily Samoliuk
Emily Samoliuk - 3 måneder siden
Everyone is saying that Billie is sooo smaaart , yes she is but what she said is literally obvious i think 5 y.o realises that
Amanda Guanlao
Amanda Guanlao - 4 måneder siden
With a few videos, TP was able to ruin a community. It's sad.
Chiamami Jasmine
Chiamami Jasmine - 4 måneder siden
t trixie tyson tierney tobolter....? girl you can't give them names, they own person with names already ... im surprised that she made a video on DID without even sourcing a bit
(sorry for my english, im an italian girl :) )
brennamarie - 6 måneder siden
I don’t like Billie’s music, but I can totally get behind her as a person. She seems like a good role model.
Liah & Lauren
Liah & Lauren - 7 måneder siden
Billie eilish is so responsible! And trisha... thats a different story
Brown Eyes
Brown Eyes - 7 måneder siden
2 months later here we are and yes there dating again
Latifa Alshamsi
Latifa Alshamsi - 7 måneder siden
Honestly Billie was just giving advice
She is just giving her opinion
Billie is not a bad person
Breanna-Lynn Jordan
Breanna-Lynn Jordan - 7 måneder siden
Ok.. I- Who is better: Trisha or Danielle Cohn?
Yashna R
Yashna R - 7 måneder siden
Jeesuus, one second they r cursing each other and next second they claim they are dating again...wow
mila - 7 måneder siden
Nora Powell
Nora Powell - 7 måneder siden
totally irrelevent but billie fostering puppies is so cute-
Lianny Rodriguez
Lianny Rodriguez - 7 måneder siden
Girl I haven't left my house in two months
Már Kook
Már Kook - 7 måneder siden
V. V. V. Vv. V. Vv. V v. Vv. V. V. V v. C
lady of therapy
lady of therapy - 7 måneder siden
my respect for billie went through the roof
xX Life with Maddie Xx
xX Life with Maddie Xx - 7 måneder siden
Why is Shane friends with her
brooklynn Edwards
brooklynn Edwards - 7 måneder siden
dont drag @billie ellish into this
Hallie Schank
Hallie Schank - 7 måneder siden
Billie eilish should become a doctor tbh.
dude stop I’m not gay
dude stop I’m not gay - 7 måneder siden
God I want to feel again. *oh god I want to feel again.*
Xaida Marie
Xaida Marie - 7 måneder siden
Trisha is like the girls at my school who self diagnose themselves with depression
WALKER ELIZABETH - 7 måneder siden
You forgot Trisha’s last alter, Trash 🗑
Anna - 7 måneder siden
tbh i don't think that it's that bad- like whats going on in the world rn. Maybe the people that are sick stay home and the ones that are not sick get to go out :/
but anyway i love your vids keep up the good work!
sherifa nichols
sherifa nichols - 7 måneder siden
well mikey and dani are a thing again
LilPuppers 123
LilPuppers 123 - 7 måneder siden
I kinda forgot about the virus
Maddison Brooke
Maddison Brooke - 8 måneder siden
can you do bloopers?
queenlyin - 8 måneder siden
Dannielle Cohn Is so messed up and Yall giving Her all this Fame
•N o t g r a c e•
•N o t g r a c e• - 8 måneder siden
You can think you just in a coma or something but your really just not this is real and it’s happening we need to stop going out it’s making it worst didn’t y’all hear the, already are you sick in the head how hard is it just to stay in the house for another 2-3 months it’s not so hard you can go out and stuff but really y’all be going out partying
•N o t g r a c e•
•N o t g r a c e• - 8 måneder siden
I think it’s obvious Trisha got plastic
Kimmie Swan
Kimmie Swan - 8 måneder siden
I didn't even know Ariana Grande could curse-
paulina szul
paulina szul - 8 måneder siden
Anyone else wanna buy the Black hoodie that says "spill" 😳😂
tipyada sukhang
tipyada sukhang - 8 måneder siden
she said the girls crazy bc she talks about a disorder then she crazier
황현진이 - 8 måneder siden
I love how some of them give that speech like that but THEY still go out and do some sort of stuff like that smh
Crishad Key
Crishad Key - 8 måneder siden
Your just causing more problems
Ariana Lifestyle
Ariana Lifestyle - 8 måneder siden
Imagine her saying that the song i love u Jesus was written by one of her alters
sunshine and darkness
sunshine and darkness - 8 måneder siden
I know we should stay home but get some fresh air sometimes like go out and breathe
hannah myers
hannah myers - 8 måneder siden
Okay I get the whole coronavirus stuff is very sirurs(I can't spell) but I have to hang out with my friend because my house is kinda catoctic and hanging out with him is my escape
SITI oo - 8 måneder siden
My dad still goes to work because
ARMYBLINK LoveToAll - 8 måneder siden
This was a month ago why am I watching this😂😂😂
GoddessPhoebe Valdehuesa
GoddessPhoebe Valdehuesa - 8 måneder siden
Billie has such eye catching eyess
I look like tana Thiccy Nicky coming through
Why is the virus bit right because I’m looking out my window and seeing people out on the street with random stuff like pillows and box’s full of sh-t
Purple Gang
Purple Gang - 8 måneder siden
Me still going to parties and hanging with my friends 🤫🤭
Blue raspberry and The ghost
Blue raspberry and The ghost - 8 måneder siden
Billy is too nice
Lysssa - 8 måneder siden
Bru May 9 is tmrw and it’s my bday and just hearing that date in the video then Oop-
Jaycee Lynn
Jaycee Lynn - 8 måneder siden
Billie being iconic again girllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!
Key Kat
Key Kat - 8 måneder siden
I dont really get DID no offence, but can someone explain it to me?
Cassandra Miller
Cassandra Miller - 8 måneder siden
I love Billie Eilish bruh...
Taylor Croft
Taylor Croft - 8 måneder siden
Of course Billie would foster puppies during quarantine, what did we do to deserve that soul in our lifetime
Solimar Rodriguez-Arias
Solimar Rodriguez-Arias - 8 måneder siden
my cousin got coronavirus in prision
Kailey Shev
Kailey Shev - 8 måneder siden
Go Billie
ooby47 - 8 måneder siden
Trisha makes my blood *BOIL*
Hampton Girls
Hampton Girls - 8 måneder siden
I agree with Hillary that we should stay home, but it's not only millenials-
Ace - 8 måneder siden
okey but like Arnold Schwarzenegger feeding his unusual domestic animals is like a mood.
nonbinary prideex
nonbinary prideex - 8 måneder siden
My mom has bronchitis asthma and a weak immune system people going out is horrible my grandfather (who is abusive to my mom and my dad) works in a hospital and keeps coming to my house like stay tf home people
Daniela DelCid
Daniela DelCid - 8 måneder siden
Me watching this after they got back together
Zoheir Benghaffor
Zoheir Benghaffor - 8 måneder siden
am i the only one anthony padilla was the charachter from 13 reasons why?
peep. - 8 måneder siden
yes I've been practicing social distancing, I haven't seen the sun in weeks
Mathew DeTine
Mathew DeTine - 8 måneder siden
15:20 theyre back together!
PePpA pIg
PePpA pIg - 9 måneder siden
I mean fr,
Eishal Usman
Eishal Usman - 9 måneder siden
Trisha thought she could use freedom of speech as an excuse to call a person with a mental disorder crazy like tf is wrong with her I'm so done but the sad thing is that's not even the worst thing she did.
Ernestina Addo
Ernestina Addo - 9 måneder siden
if she really loved and cared about him she would understand that she could rewin his life
Stevie Bos
Stevie Bos - 9 måneder siden
Arnold: stay home!
Also Arnold: *has ponies chilling in his house*
Chandrakanta Jaiswal
Chandrakanta Jaiswal - 9 måneder siden
I don't like Billie Eilish but she's not exactly wrong tbh
Paige Jones
Paige Jones - 9 måneder siden
trish needs to be put in her place
taco tastic
taco tastic - 9 måneder siden
Yeah billies right and I’m glad she spoke up about so more people could possibly listen. Because some people are panic buying it’s causing a lot of stress for others and making them think they also have to panic buy “just in case for later” . It also causes lots of fights between people in stores. 😓
Nicholas Heisler
Nicholas Heisler - 9 måneder siden
She is trolling and people don't realize it. 🙄 Yall are giving her to much attention. It's clear she has problems, just not D.I.D
Leah Diana
Leah Diana - 9 måneder siden
Ana - 9 måneder siden
Here in Europe you can get arrested and fined for going out during specific hours (people under 21 can only go out from 1-3 pm and ppl from 22-60 or smth like that can go out from 6am-4pm I think and I'm not sure if elderly people can go out at all)
Eva Time
Eva Time - 9 måneder siden
Tony Padilla? 13rw??
kermit - 9 måneder siden
why is she even relevant
K . T .
K . T . - 9 måneder siden
honestly, i appreciate the message celebrities are trying to put out but it's difficult to take them seriously because they usually have the finances and resources to be able to stay put and not struggle financially, emotionally, etc.
Alliana Gourdine
Alliana Gourdine - 9 måneder siden
Nobody: Ariana grande said
Savannah W
Savannah W - 9 måneder siden
nathilism - 9 måneder siden
All Dani's boyfriends look exactly the same
Emma Mignot
Emma Mignot - 9 måneder siden
We all have the right to suspect certain mental disorders, but you can't claim that you have it if you aren't diagnosed, even if things seem obvious to you.
_ L
_ L - 9 måneder siden
Omg Billies eyes are kinda scary...
Anna Figueroa
Anna Figueroa - 9 måneder siden
Ever since I found out Billie sold her soul she's been CANCELED 😐
crabgal - 9 måneder siden
I’m young, but I have asthma and I’m sensitive to respiratory illnesses. I’m glad that celebrities are calling out people for thinking they’ll be fine, because even young people aren’t safe. I have to be super careful and I rarely leave the house because of my asthma. I had to wear an N95 mask just to go to Meijer, I was the only person my age wearing one. This IS a situation to take seriously because ANYONE is susceptible to the illness
potato head
potato head - 9 måneder siden
I feel like sometimes it's the parents fault like keep the child with you
Aliyah Ibrahim
Aliyah Ibrahim - 9 måneder siden
I have did and the first story made me cry
SZzaxX - 9 måneder siden
My mom and I: **Stays home except for when my mom gets groceries for us and the older people in our family (leaving their groceries on their porches so they don’t catch anything)**

My grandparents and my aunt: *”So we’re all meeting up at Costco every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday, right?”*

Me: *•—•*
Misted Pine
Misted Pine - 9 måneder siden
I disagree with part of Billies talk.
Dixmond Skull
Dixmond Skull - 9 måneder siden
Trisha will always be a queen
Bailey Sanborn
Bailey Sanborn - 9 måneder siden
12:53 you don't pretend you're pregnant for five months either.
rory x__X
rory x__X - 9 måneder siden
arnold schwarzenegger feeding and petting mini ponies is too wholesome and it calmed me down (:
MysticMelodies - 9 måneder siden
America take notes form other countries who are ACTUALLY under quarantine, were I am form there are days were women are supposed to do out like Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and the men are vise versa and nobody is allowed to go outside on Sundays, and there are lines and there are limits on what people are supposed to take form grocery stores as well there is please for the people who are sick and are being treated as fast as possible like an every other country I send all of my condolences to anyone know somebody who is with the virus and I wish y’all the best
Jade Hook
Jade Hook - 9 måneder siden
What did Billie do wrong tho?
AUTUMN BLEVINS - 9 måneder siden
jayden plays
jayden plays - 9 måneder siden
Its billie not billy
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia - 9 måneder siden
Trisha saying ppl making content publicly forms opinions I can agree with; you chose to make things publicly, what I don’t agree with is making a publicity stunt for views. Oh and I love Billie Eilish for talking about the virus, and letting others such as influencers spread their opinions to younger people who don’t understand.
ツPotato - 9 måneder siden
Billie giving advice in the stories feels like an older sister you never had giving you genuine advice...
That feels odly comforting
777SAVIOUR - 9 måneder siden
mikey finna catch a case man
Emma Chianese
Emma Chianese - 9 måneder siden
Ight lets foster some puppies
BWD2 - 9 måneder siden
I feel like not enough people are taking this whole thing seriously (my 17 year old sister included) - my mom has to go to work because she is a medical type person (works with elderly people) and it's actually quite scary to think about what is happening in the world and how fast it all happened - also people who doesn't work for the government are struggling (businesses are closing and therefore not making money) so I just wish people would take this seriously so we can all get on and get better - hopefully (...also am so proud of my mom for going out there (don't tell her I said that))
Lea Middleton
Lea Middleton - 9 måneder siden
Preach Billie in Maryland (where i live) a 9 month old baby died from the virus
uttam das
uttam das - 9 måneder siden
*i diagnose you with about to be canceled*
Aneesa - 9 måneder siden
You singing the tiktok songs lol
The_a_team_x3 _
The_a_team_x3 _ - 9 måneder siden
Billie Ellish is correct about everything is she said.
Fatumo Abdi
Fatumo Abdi - 9 måneder siden
Errbody talm about Trisha and shii but we not gone talk about how amazing Billie Eilish video was ☹️