Danielle Cohn SHADED by Tana, James Charles Threatened in Car, Bretman Rock Attacked

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Grayson Dolan defends Ethan Dolan, Bretman Rock calls out fans, James Charles gets threatened in public and Danielle Cohn gets exposed by fans.
Dolan Twins:
Bretman Rock:
James Charles:
Danielle Cohn:
Runtime: 09:09


skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 8 dager siden
I dont have acne
Ray Ramos
Ray Ramos - 19 dager siden
Rōnin Belle
Rōnin Belle - 21 dag siden
I know I'm late but I never really have acne problems until now just turned 20 and all of a sudden they popped up out of nowhere like all over my face!
It really surprised me why it appeared so suddenly and why so late and way worse...
But I'mma work out to make my face healthy again
Tabac Adrian
Tabac Adrian - 6 måneder siden
Quarintine got us like:
Appleari 08
Appleari 08 - 6 måneder siden
5:05 well well look how the tables have turned
Fukui Hisoka
Fukui Hisoka - 6 måneder siden
I mean, Bretman’s right. If you don’t like your favorite YouTuber doing a collaboration with someone you detest, literally just don’t watch it. You don’t have to continue to make a big stink about it.
Maria - 7 måneder siden
My God, Ethan was so grown up about... we have to stan 😔
Melody Enriquez
Melody Enriquez - 7 måneder siden
Now E's acne is gone all the haters be simping for him now
mitsuriiy - 7 måneder siden
ryxleigh - 7 måneder siden
even my 19 year old cousin has the same body type as Danielle's . Whats happening god?
Suga is everything :3
Suga is everything :3 - 7 måneder siden
Sorry but, even danielle’s fans even call her 11 or 12
Rose Do stuff
Rose Do stuff - 7 måneder siden
Why can't this world be good
YaYa Martinez
YaYa Martinez - 7 måneder siden
idk if i would let my 11 year old be an influencer...im 23 but 11 is too young for me
i mean i hope the kid is doing okay and won't feel like her childhood wa taken from her.. it always feel that way
YaYa Martinez
YaYa Martinez - 7 måneder siden
I had acne problems too... well i still do
every month ill get at least 2 to 3 the
acne can't be really control as much as we want.. I'm going to a skin specialist or whatever they are call and my skin have gotten better but i still get acne
acne is not something that can just be cure by using one product
having acne is okay as someone who had her face full of acne the only place without acne were around my eyes and nose (sometimes) i have come a long way
heya im bee
heya im bee - 7 måneder siden
Honestly the people hating on ethans acne prob have acne, they just insecure
Madi Wyche
Madi Wyche - 7 måneder siden
I was picked on for acne and now I have anxiety, depression, and insecurities.
Daniyah Hussain
Daniyah Hussain - 7 måneder siden
I have severe acne for a long time. I had been bullied which led to me to become depressed and suicidal. But one day I thought enough is enough. Im 18 now and is working to a positive future
Daniella Cordon
Daniella Cordon - 7 måneder siden
Wait..... DANIELLE HAS FANSSSSS?!??!!? Bishhhh I’m shook
Youmna mohamed
Youmna mohamed - 7 måneder siden
I have acne and Idc
Teagan Kazeze
Teagan Kazeze - 7 måneder siden
not that i’m a fan but danielle could have just been tired, stressed, or even annoyed from taking a bunch of photos
maddie Hudson
maddie Hudson - 7 måneder siden
What annoys me is how the haters names are blurred out...
Janine Adams
Janine Adams - 7 måneder siden
for me Danielle was just plain rude, she didn't have to act the way she did . she's supposed to be a role model to others, and she's not doing such a great job. but then again as her FANS take up her rude behavior and think its intertaning, to be frank with you it is not. 👀🤦‍♀️😒
Alexandra Haselton
Alexandra Haselton - 7 måneder siden
4:50 ....... NO ITS ACTUALLY NOT 😂😂😂
lmao lol
lmao lol - 7 måneder siden
About danielle it is true that she didn't umm..u know she don't like her supporters...when the news about diego and mikey on live and diego was talking about vidcon with danielle
lena chamula
lena chamula - 7 måneder siden
Treat people like you want to be treated
lena chamula
lena chamula - 7 måneder siden
You guys have a black heart again I acne
Trashbag Queen
Trashbag Queen - 8 måneder siden
“i have trypophobia” which isn’t even a thing btw, it was made up lol! Ethan is and always has been a snack, id let him destroy my insides any time
Luvpeep - 8 måneder siden
I find Ethan more attractive-
Azahara Jorgge
Azahara Jorgge - 8 måneder siden
i’ve been a fan of the dolan twins for years and it breaks my heart knowing that some people are so mean. :(
Hannah Foster
Hannah Foster - 8 måneder siden
Todoroki 21
Todoroki 21 - 8 måneder siden
My brother had acne and its cruel to see how people are makes me wonder if my brother had ever been attacked for his skin people are mess up from the head they cant control there skin
PlAsTiC bAg
PlAsTiC bAg - 8 måneder siden
Both Dolan twins handled that PHENOMENALLY!
0.k.a.y - 8 måneder siden
I started wearing make up at a young age bc of my acne, people would stare and I felt very insecure and I still do
Yeah I do stuff
Yeah I do stuff - 8 måneder siden
I got trypophobia but the acne doesn’t bother me ig because i’m used to looking at in in the mirror lol
Your_fella_Isabella - 8 måneder siden
Danielle is a stuck up, two faced, white privilege little kid who needs to grow up in the right way 💀
beef stewie
beef stewie - 8 måneder siden
I have acne and the people at my school don’t have any, I get made fun of daily. It’s not fun.:)
sunflower - 8 måneder siden
Spill : have you ever had trouble while driving

Me : yes my mother didn't take me to McDonald's
Mi'Leigh Obloy
Mi'Leigh Obloy - 8 måneder siden
Okay might just be me but I ship James and Bretman
sierawilson - 8 måneder siden
I have acne and if I was treated like thus I would be gone mad
Gwennan Bubbles
Gwennan Bubbles - 8 måneder siden
My sister has acne most ppl from this world also has acne too if u dont have acne then good to u something csnt change with other people or mayqbe can but its really had to cover it up
Scarlett - 8 måneder siden
*If they think ethan's acne is bad... Then I must be horrible... I guess my face is sponsored by pimples xD*
halle - 8 måneder siden
Dani was upset that no one came up to her and she didn’t want to show it
Joshua - 8 måneder siden
5:00 lemme re phrase that, “and for now, janes Charles isn’t being attacked for literally breathing” I live for how unbiased your videos are but the way you talk about James sometimes makes it sound like he deserves or sorry more accurately that this is his fault
Kayleigh Clarke
Kayleigh Clarke - 8 måneder siden
Danielle’s last name is said ‘cone’ 😂💓
queenlyin - 8 måneder siden
Woww like they have never had acne
Hudadadaddaadaddaada Da
Hudadadaddaadaddaada Da - 8 måneder siden
You know it’s bad when even tana shades you
Anonymous 111
Anonymous 111 - 8 måneder siden
It doesn’t matter if you’re tired or bored if you’re an influencer you have people looking up to you. I’m sure it can be very hard but you’re in front of thousands of people. Put on a smile even if you don’t want to.
ELsA K - 8 måneder siden
The ethan situation made me cry my face is so much worse than him and that makes me feel scared to accomplish my dreams
flower_ girl
flower_ girl - 8 måneder siden
My family think my acne is bcos of make! I haven't fvcking worn makeup in ages and I don't normally wear it either but still
flower_ girl
flower_ girl - 8 måneder siden
I don't blame Danielle. Some people r insane. They bother influencers so fvcking much like they're humans too u know
Nora K. Schei
Nora K. Schei - 8 måneder siden
OK what is realityTEA
Kiera Ross
Kiera Ross - 8 måneder siden
1:39 that person is in for a rude awakening when they get acne on the forehead-
Gamer Chlo
Gamer Chlo - 8 måneder siden
They cant control their phobias
Nellia Kabeya
Nellia Kabeya - 8 måneder siden
What is happening with ppl these days
Murrin McLean
Murrin McLean - 8 måneder siden
some people are just so rude, ethan cant control whats happening on his face i bet hes trying all he can. so you people need to chill
Samantha Leicht
Samantha Leicht - 8 måneder siden
People are really coming for someone because they have acne. Y’all act like you’ve never seen it before
Kimmie Swan
Kimmie Swan - 8 måneder siden
Whats funny is that Danielle Cohn had the crowd sleeping-
rital - 8 måneder siden
Sorry, but why do you keep hating on James, he is using his platform to show his talent. He is collabing with people because he wants to make videos with friends. Stop hating.
Macey Irene
Macey Irene - 8 måneder siden
What a good brother 😘
Sophie Headrick
Sophie Headrick - 8 måneder siden
Tana always inserting herself into things.
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear - 8 måneder siden
Am I the only one who likes James Charles because he plays minecraft😂
Audri Taylor
Audri Taylor - 8 måneder siden
In one of Danis videos she said she is socially awkward
xaixn - 8 måneder siden
proactive didnt help my acne
Logan Isaac
Logan Isaac - 8 måneder siden
Acne is a part of life people need to remember that it’s not a big deal
_todoroki cutie_
_todoroki cutie_ - 8 måneder siden
Ethan : *being confident❤️*
Me: *hiding from the outside world*
Nora Seth
Nora Seth - 8 måneder siden
I hope ethan is ok
The Meaning Of Islam
The Meaning Of Islam - 8 måneder siden
you guys are mad because james charles was rich and you guys are normal or poor
Zahraa Loved
Zahraa Loved - 8 måneder siden
Dolan twins
Grayson is a nice brother but is true Ethan is right you have your skin there is right there you cannot change that

Bretman rock
That is not cool James Charles bretman made good vids together

James Charles
When I first saw it when they talked about Uber what??? What I think is that some people always have different opinions but do not hurt anyone feelings is not cool

I never liked Danielle Cohn
Neither her mother but your fans do you care about them they wasted there time or even money too freaking see you and do not even fame is not everything
Levis_cleaning_ Suplies
Levis_cleaning_ Suplies - 8 måneder siden
My forehead is BLOWING UP with acne-

I can’t go outside without being stared at 🙄🤨😒
This made me feel better :D
Maria K
Maria K - 8 måneder siden
Ok but Ethan is still hot, even with acne
Losita Tauti
Losita Tauti - 8 måneder siden
i swear people are only rude because they are at the back of a screen. E looks cute and hot with and without acne it dosent matter if he has acne are you gonna buy him proactiv??? NO.
Wow Wow
Wow Wow - 8 måneder siden
If she's having a bad day why does she keep doing it??
Bun bun Fluffy
Bun bun Fluffy - 8 måneder siden
Ugh stop
Sarah Cardona
Sarah Cardona - 8 måneder siden
These people acting like if they’ve never had acne 😒 they need to relax because it happens to everyone once in their life
chevelle - 9 måneder siden
k but like why is dani still famous?
her "fans" are mostly just haters
hey lol
hey lol - 9 måneder siden
The driver in the whole James story was really suspicious. James prob didn’t do anything, and the driver was just homophobic. Ppl these days 🤦🏼‍♀️
HeyItsVal !
HeyItsVal ! - 9 måneder siden
I love how the narrator ennuciated the *YAAAAAS* 😂😂
It’s Hayden
It’s Hayden - 9 måneder siden
Why are people like this it makes me sick people just want clout by being this way once again it makes me sick
Green beans
Green beans - 9 måneder siden
I think E is a very strong
im brutally honest
im brutally honest - 9 måneder siden
why cant people be like jenna marbles?
Joelle Du
Joelle Du - 9 måneder siden
Honestly, I'm 10 and when I was only 5 I already knew how to respect others and she is like 14 but so rude
xXAmLuvsXx - 9 måneder siden
I bet you anything, the uber driver was a James Charles hater. Disgusting.
Chandrakanta Jaiswal
Chandrakanta Jaiswal - 9 måneder siden
Why are people attack ing ethan like it's 2001 and appear ance matters?! It's 2020 get over it. Appearance doesn't matter.
BINOOD - 9 måneder siden
I bet Ethan’s acne got worse because of the haters, leave him and Grayson alone.
Corn On the kayla
Corn On the kayla - 9 måneder siden
Is it just me or bretman tries to look and copy James Charles?
Samantha Brainard
Samantha Brainard - 9 måneder siden
they should leave the twins alone omg, they didn’t do anything and acne isn’t something we can change. i fortunately can’t because of genetics but i understand that you shouldn’t make fun of people for that.
Chameleon !
Chameleon ! - 9 måneder siden
I don’t know why people were upset that Bretman collabed with James. People make mistakes and that’s ok. We’re all human and we don’t deserve to be made fun of.
Aminata Sankoh
Aminata Sankoh - 9 måneder siden
This was funny bc I'm just turned 12 this year and here we r having a girl older than me being rude
Johanka Pospíšilová
Johanka Pospíšilová - 9 måneder siden
Ethan is beautiful.
Gina Karev
Gina Karev - 9 måneder siden
Mood I have acne and some kid told me to go to cvs and fix it.
halle rumm
halle rumm - 9 måneder siden
cuz acne is sooo abnormal😒
Aleya Gold
Aleya Gold - 9 måneder siden
That danielle is just a lil spoiled girl. She should TRY and be rude to me
yusur - 9 måneder siden
danielle cohn does NOT deserve her fans she is so ungrateful period
Barbie Fdez
Barbie Fdez - 9 måneder siden
Good job Ethan
Queen bee
Queen bee - 9 måneder siden
It really shows how crazy society has gone over quarantine :p
Marlin Ramirez
Marlin Ramirez - 9 måneder siden
I don’t like James but the colab was really good, and there’s always dislikes but no mater what, let them be
Bryan Phung
Bryan Phung - 9 måneder siden
I’m sorry and this is not to be rude but weren’t they sponsored with curology? Is he not using it anymore?
laura roberts
laura roberts - 9 måneder siden
Ethan and Grayson Dolan 00:28
Bretman rock 03:08
James Charles 05:12
Dani Cohn 06:21
Jeswin Tom Thayil
Jeswin Tom Thayil - 9 måneder siden
I died when she said YASSS
Mari Baker
Mari Baker - 9 måneder siden
6:25 im so sorry but danielle (or should i say daniellas) left eyebrow is going down down down
Mari Baker
Mari Baker - 9 måneder siden
honestly to ethan and grayson, dont let the haters let u down, the kinda old guy who runs the food truck at my school wears ur merch. u guys are that famous and big and important and loveable