Demi Lovato in TROUBLE w/ Selena After IG Leaks, Ariana Clone Goes TOO FAR?

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Demi Lovato's private Instagram account is allegedly exposed, and Ariana Grande calls out her TikTok lookalike.
[Ariana Grande TikTok Clone]
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hønroccø - 3 dager siden
Demi is so problematic for literally no reason ..
Leshay Westraad
Leshay Westraad - 6 dager siden
i don't think it's healthy to want to literally steal someone else's identity, to be inspired and motivated by another persons look or how they carry themselves is one thing, like sure wear the high pony and do the eyeliner like Ari, whatever. But to go and become KNOWN because you're a copy of someone else is strange... celebs are also just people. people with MONEY yes, but still, just people.
Marina Lore
Marina Lore - 6 dager siden
In interview with Justin Bieber she asked if he regrets any of his tattoos knowing good enough at that time Selena and Justin were broken up and she and Selena weren’t good either it was so obvious she wanted to shade her
Changu Changu
Changu Changu - 7 dager siden
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 7 dager siden
I keep seeing a lot of stuff saying that ariana needs to get over herself, but keep in mind they're also talking like Cat from victorious, and as most of us know, Dan Schider, (idk how to spell his name and im too lazy to look it up rn) the director of victorious made Ariana do some weird stuff, and she Probably doesn't wanna be reminded of it, if you wanna know more about it theres tons of videos about what he did to Ariana
Loveness Marushane
Loveness Marushane - 7 dager siden
Demi speaks her mind and is very honest , but it's called " having mental health issues" when Selena misbehaves. Like ya'll know Demi has mental health issues too right..? SELENA is low-key toxic. The more you guys defend her , the more immature she becomes. I can't with all of these
"Selena - toes " .
ᴀsʜ - 6 dager siden
I agree
I Ate An Amethyst
I Ate An Amethyst - 10 dager siden
"𝔹𝕖𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕖 𝕨𝕖 𝕘𝕖𝕥 𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕧𝕚𝕕𝕖𝕠, 𝕀 𝕨𝕠𝕦𝕝𝕕 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕞𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕒 𝕢𝕦𝕚𝕔𝕜 𝕕𝕚𝕤𝕔𝕝𝕒𝕚𝕞𝕖𝕣:" 𝕐𝕆𝕌ℝ 𝕊ℙℝ𝕀𝕋𝔼 𝕀𝕊 𝔸𝔻𝕆ℝ𝔸𝔹𝕃𝔼 𝕆𝕄𝔾!!!
KoPi_Gamez - 11 dager siden
Sam and cat leh, don have ah
Brooklyn Lewis
Brooklyn Lewis - 12 dager siden
I lean towards selena more than demi... but I still respect her and sometimes listens to her songs.
taylor aha
taylor aha - 13 dager siden
I really wanna know why Demi and Selena grew apart..
Nicole Rice
Nicole Rice - 13 dager siden
Wouldn’t haven’t people look up to you and want to be you make you feel loved, make you feel like a good role model ?? Nah, she’d rather get mad about it. Ari can be too honest for her own good sometimes.
Nicole Rice
Nicole Rice - 13 dager siden
If you ask me, Demi isn’t a good friend and doesn’t Deserve Selena as a friend !
I’m just watching videos
I’m just watching videos - 13 dager siden
nobody can come through the father except for God gave his only son so than those who believe shall not perish but live eternal life John 3:16✝️🙏
it's me
it's me - 15 dager siden
people who cosplay: 👁️👄👁️
Silvia Greene
Silvia Greene - 17 dager siden
The nervous fireman postauricularly drag because yoke pathohistologically relax minus a puzzling prosecution. shivering, best beech
Palesa Nkele
Palesa Nkele - 17 dager siden
What’s up with the sad background music?
-If You Only Knew-
-If You Only Knew- - 17 dager siden
Hollyweird is garbage.
Rebel 420
Rebel 420 - 18 dager siden
I feel like he’s like a teenage know...
Andrea Shore
Andrea Shore - 18 dager siden
Super fans are scary
Julia Coffey
Julia Coffey - 19 dager siden
Avika Kandoi
Avika Kandoi - 19 dager siden
umm taylor doesn't shade selena and supports her i guess demi knows that and that is why she told the fan to ask taylor
Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson - 19 dager siden
She said she isn’t a fan but she’s trying to be her
Abby Klemp
Abby Klemp - 19 dager siden
2021? Anyone's
ARMY Forever
ARMY Forever - 20 dager siden
I'm sorry but I can't look at Demi without thinking "That's why you use autotune and I don't"
Miss _ Golden
Miss _ Golden - 20 dager siden
They- I-
I need some time @~@
F0rtnite_Cooli0 - 20 dager siden
Honestly, its pages fault! How would she feel if somebody stole her true identity. She says ariana is being shady when shes only expressing how she feels. Just stop impersonating her!
bread am really a bread
bread am really a bread - 21 dag siden
Hey do u believe in Grava tea
archi Tecture
archi Tecture - 22 dager siden
Does demi never gets move on by her addiction
Lauryn Torrey
Lauryn Torrey - 22 dager siden
Ariana bothers TF out of me lol. And honestly it seems like Demi is one of those friends that doesn't want you to have any other friends but her. It seems like Selena didn't want to be around her because of how unstable she is, but still hyped her up and cared for her. It's really hard to be friends with someone addicted to drugs. Especially, if they are flipping out on you every 5 minutes.
Geniyah Doe
Geniyah Doe - 23 dager siden
So this is why Ari don't post her face cause people gonna thing it's a fan
Crown - 23 dager siden
MixedFruit Love
MixedFruit Love - 23 dager siden
we have celebrity impersonators who make a career of it and some celebrities' like Cher, Dolly Pardon, Britany, Michael Jackson, Elvis and so on. what is Ariana's problem? She really needs to stop.
Mae - 23 dager siden
honestly if i was a celeb and ppl impersonated me id feel weird too but i wouldnt shade them
Kwame Ofosu
Kwame Ofosu - 24 dager siden
Did Ariana just say OOF!!??
sandra carson
sandra carson - 24 dager siden
Thats just it Demi Lovato apology is always insincere and she always makes the same mistake so she has not learned from it cuz she keeps doing it over and over again cuz she talks about this forgiveness policy, well you keep doing it
Asma Abrahams
Asma Abrahams - 25 dager siden
Ariyaana you are not the only one that looks like that
Reese Janssen
Reese Janssen - 25 dager siden
1:28 does this guy actually say like this much or is that the meme? I'm confused :'/
C uhh heese Cuff
C uhh heese Cuff - 26 dager siden
Not that Demi is in the right, but everyone completely forgets that she struggling with not only her addictions but her severe mental health issues. And, Selena Gomez is literally an angel for understanding that Demi doesn't mean it, and has known her long enough to see that Demi is still in the process of healing. She's just on another spiral, and it's pretty sad.
For the Ariana situation. If no one is complaining about all the Micheal Jackson ones then no one needs to complain about this. That was blown up for no reason. There are literally impersonators for every celeb. I mean come on really? You don't see Johnny Depp complaining about being impersonated by Captain Jack Sparrow or Tom Hanks to Forrest Gump. and ETC. This isn't only happening to her, it's been happening for years to every other celebrity. I understand safety and identity fraud-related concerns but, anything else needs to be left alone. It's not that deep.
•bookworm - 25 dager siden
Summer Panda
Summer Panda - 26 dager siden
Am I the only one who feels like Demi is the toxic one....🙄. Gurl Selina just trying to be nice and compliment Demi and Demi like “time to unfollow her😌”.
123shortkarma ___
123shortkarma ___ - 26 dager siden
I mean, I only know Ariana Grande because of Victorious and Sam&Cat. Those shows really made my childhood days and filled them with laughter and joy especially during my grade school days (those dark days where I kept having falling outs with my friends, forcing me to either make new friends or to be alone). I literally made a schedule and bought an alarm clock just to watch those shows in nickelodeon.
LAMAR LAWRENCE_JR - 27 dager siden
demi is hispanic she can say the n word
Manashi Sarkar
Manashi Sarkar - 27 dager siden
I love Ariana's vocal skills, but..... Ariana is impersonating her look herself. Like, she trying so hard to look, how do I put it, "not caucasian", isn't that, like creepy? If we can accept Ariana for that, which we totally should, we can accept others too? Like, literally, none of these celebrities invented the look, they're all borrowing it from someone else because it looks nice (in someone's opinion). They don't monopolise the look. They don't own the patent for the look.
MieHanz - 28 dager siden
Ariana grande who? The donut licker?
Nicole Wang
Nicole Wang - 29 dager siden
You see.... I always new there was a connection between Arianna and Cat.
and I just found out they were they same person😅
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig - 29 dager siden
Ariana Simply Replied "oof"
fabfairie - 29 dager siden
froggymadii - 29 dager siden
let's be honest. demi isn't sorry about whatever she did. She's sorry she got caught.
Literal Legend
Literal Legend - 29 dager siden
Ariana definitely overreacted. You’re a superstar you can’t act to be treated the same.
Blue Baby
Blue Baby - Måned siden
It’s fine if that girl wants to impersonate Ariana Grande it’s not like she’s hurting anybody Ariana is just blowing this out of context she needs to take it down a notch
Kalysta Ortiz
Kalysta Ortiz - Måned siden
It’s important to remember the humans behind the work yes, but these same people goin yasss arianaaa are the same people retweeting stan Twitter memes of people having breakdowns and recontextualizing it (that’s just one example) and they don’t bother to with them. I think it’s so hypocritical and not at all serious because while I understand it might be upsetting to feel generalized or degraded, she literally does impersonations of other stars all the time, one including Britney Spears which honestly should be more offensive because Britney allegedly has been forced to use an alternate voice to her real once. And yeah these people are impersonating her character and they may blend impersonating Ariana and cat together but that’s because that’s who she played and Ariana acts like cat at times
I think it’s understandable for her to feel that way but to ask these people to stop is unfair unless she apologized for impressions she’s done but even at that it’d be unfair because people don’t do it with the intent of harm and tbh it really doesn’t cause much harm and whatever harm it would cause wouldn’t happen if they just changed their perspective which they don’t have to but that’s just what I think.
kezia themoonchild
kezia themoonchild - Måned siden
Is that wrong like we are showing our love towards them? Wats hurting them i dont understand!
? lxna ¿
? lxna ¿ - Måned siden
Alexツ - Måned siden
2:18 leave a like 👍of how many times he said the word "like"
Contessa - Måned siden
Forgiveness culture?? 😂 Demi's so funny. You make mistakes yes.. but it feels like you don't care to do them, that's a choice btw. 😄
Wynn Wynn
Wynn Wynn - Måned siden
What an evil guy director
selena Gamer
selena Gamer - Måned siden
She is mad because fan dress and act like her ? Sry boo ur famous what did u expect ?? She should be happy they love her so much
Chamila Harshini Wijesekara
The film maker guy was really rude😡🤬
Flo - Måned siden
1:28 Overused of the word 'like'. I cant.
QueenZiare Hadley
QueenZiare Hadley - Måned siden
They act like looking exactly like someone else is just normal and not creepy.👀
Mya Pina
Mya Pina - Måned siden
woah so we just gonna ignore the fact demi didnt just impersonate but violate and use lots of people????
Anisa - Måned siden
Well i have seen several video about demi being racist soo🤷‍♀️
lisaish• - Måned siden
Demi Lovato is one of the most toxic celebrities there are 😂 also that Ariana Grande impersonator is so freaking annoying, how would you feel if someone just copied you or make fun of you?
Jujujobles - Måned siden
Demi is so problematic and toxic rather selena is so kind and giving
Mavis Vermillion
Mavis Vermillion - Måned siden
Ok then I take my words back 👁️👄👁️✋🏻
corleesha taylor
corleesha taylor - Måned siden
She wasn’t trying to be Ariana she was trying to be Cat. I see the difference
Methane Gummybear
Methane Gummybear - Måned siden
Demi Lovato has deep-rooted personal issues
Melissa Y Carlos
Melissa Y Carlos - Måned siden
That guy said "like" around 15 times.
ⱠɆӾƗɆ - Måned siden
It’s not because she’s a fan that Ariana can’t tell what she thinks, she even did it in a respectful way.
VOvo Kang Palaka
VOvo Kang Palaka - Måned siden
we can't really know what Ariana truly feels about the impersonation thing but if she said that it is making her feel uncomfortable at this point then it's best for it to just stop. she should like, maybe do someone else and stop using ariana for clout.
•*Blue Tea*•
•*Blue Tea*• - Måned siden
I love Arianna but she over reacted, you see people making fun of Debby Ryan and she’s fine with it. These celebs are hurt by to many people just because people think they have a right to put somebody down. I get Ariannas hurt but she’s strong 🙂!
Cherri Cotton
Cherri Cotton - Måned siden
Ariana ain’t shading you Hun. Ariana clearly said that she doesn’t want people to impersonate her. Your just overreacting.
master ugly
master ugly - Måned siden
I forgot demi lovato existed
Mochi Editzz
Mochi Editzz - Måned siden
Demi annoys me I’m so sorry y’all
Vishakha Tripathi
Vishakha Tripathi - 2 måneder siden
OMG she even tries to speak like her NO OFFENSE but reallly like wth I thought she just dressed like Ariana to entertain people like how she said but OMFG this is just so weird. I mean if she just wanna entertain people then why the ARIANA voice like c'mon.
Stephanie Ch
Stephanie Ch - 2 måneder siden
Ppl literally make a living in Vegas etc by being professional impersonators of famous ppl lol why is ariana so pressed
chunchunmaru - 2 måneder siden
I was today years old when I learned Demi and Selena were in barney
Mayura Gulati
Mayura Gulati - 2 måneder siden
Like like like like like like like like like
Dude is that the only word in your dictionary?
Like like likw likw likw likw like
He didnt even say a sentence that doesnt have the word 'like'
Lisa Spence
Lisa Spence - 2 måneder siden
Who cares if someone impersonated her, she's a celebrity its what people do. Especially small children that LOOK UP TO HER that's what she did when she went on Nickelodeon 🤷‍♀️ little girls want to be like you cry me a river there are actual problems in this world
Geethaajith M
Geethaajith M - 2 måneder siden
"Ariana simply replied "oof" " 😂😂
Alden MacNulty
Alden MacNulty - 2 måneder siden
me when they show the pic with nicki: :O nicki!!!!
Mikael Bucha
Mikael Bucha - 2 måneder siden
Omg that impression of a meme is so true it’s sad 😭
AllaboutToys,trends,price,etc Campbell
Ariana should feel good someone looks up to her enough to want to impersonate her
AllaboutToys,trends,price,etc Campbell
Selena has class , I used to think Demi did too guess not
AllaboutToys,trends,price,etc Campbell
I loved Ariana as Kat she was hilarious!
Brooklynn Packwood
Brooklynn Packwood - 3 måneder siden
People impersonate cat because ariana’s style is kinda boring. If someone was going to do a good impersonation of Ariana what exactly would they do? Speak with a blaccent? Wear clothes that make them look miniature? And why are her fans hating on someone for being “obsessed with her” and “stealing her identity” if she’s just doing cat valentine voice overs like ? What ?
• aquaberyl
• aquaberyl - 3 måneder siden
she says she is "entertaining people liKE" who is gonna get entertained by old impersonations like that bruuuv 💀 and no, i don't stan Ariana 😂
Melissa Allison
Melissa Allison - 3 måneder siden
Ariana is an over privileged spoiled brat who doesn’t deserve what she has.. disgusting and disgraceful
Jessica Farmer
Jessica Farmer - 3 måneder siden
It’s the music in the background for me 😂😂😂😂
Suzanne Etc
Suzanne Etc - 3 måneder siden
I kinda feel like Selena must have betrayed her somehow
soapychikin - 3 måneder siden
Ariana is not that special.
Musicissmylife 05
Musicissmylife 05 - 3 måneder siden
Its sad that when people have problems with other people on the internet that they just cant deal with it in private insteed they putting it out there and making the other look bad and maybe give them a life long lasting 'scar'....just SPEAK guys if u have a problem with someone the world doesnt need to be involved in it...
Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad - 3 måneder siden
I love that ari said Oof instead of something else roblox vibes (air?)
Aletha Celestine
Aletha Celestine - 3 måneder siden
I was watching this one guy I was already watching her before I wash him he basically says she's not a real person
Racheal’s Vlog
Racheal’s Vlog - 3 måneder siden
Then get rid of ur face girl ur only famous because u look like her jezzz get ur own identity
Tinc - 3 måneder siden
I have never liked Selena Gomez. She always tries to not speak up and explain the situation, painting herself as the innocent one. Which is why I can understand why people such as Demi and Miley who are direct and not afraid to speak up their mind cannot get along with her. I remember those days where selena got salty after she lost the role of Hannah Montana to miley. So right from the start, I don’t think she’s that innocent. Also Taylor is someone that blames all her exes but herself.
kitti3 - 3 måneder siden
I feel bad for Selena, Demi is the only one shading and Selena is trying to be nice....
Hello Hi
Hello Hi - 3 måneder siden
Demi is so horrible! I mean I used to stan her but after this nuh uh sis
Hello Hi
Hello Hi - Måned siden
@Ria well there's enough evidence to prove it
Ria - Måned siden
@Hello Hi how do we know that Selena didn’t do anything to Demi tho
Hello Hi
Hello Hi - Måned siden
@Ria no way did u watch the whole video!! She's only supported demi and nothing else
Ria - 2 måneder siden
We don’t know the full story, Selena might have done something bad to Demi
lmaoooaoaoao Ooo
lmaoooaoaoao Ooo - 3 måneder siden
I totally think Ari is overreacting.
Adri Tr
Adri Tr - 3 måneder siden
As for Ariana I'm thinking she over reacted. There are tons of people that make a living impersonating famous people. Why she was hooked on this one girl acting like her 🤷🏽‍♀️
Afrida Khan
Afrida Khan - 3 måneder siden
I think the person should stop impersonating.