Dixie D'Amelio Beach Photos LEAK, Noah Beck & Griffin Johnson Forced To Speak Up

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Dixie D'Amelio shows interest in a new man and her ex-boyfriend Griffin Johnson isn't too happy about it.
Dixie D’Amelio was spotted with TikToker Noah Beck. For context, Noah and Griffin are part of the same TikTok content group, the Sway House.
Dixie and Noah were getting dinner with friends and seemed very close to each other.
Dixie and Noah beach photos: instagram.com/gilbertfloresphoto/?hl=en
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Kumieto - 16 dager siden
Is it just me... or is it that ever since the Damelio's and Houses came along Tik started to turn more toxic? It used to be carefree, what happened?
Elle Marshall
Elle Marshall - 2 måneder siden
Everybody 2 months ago= OMG have you heard of friendship
Me in october knowing that they are dating ...
vmeliocharrr - 2 måneder siden
We need tea!!!!
CrazyK100 - 2 måneder siden
Daniel Schwartz
Daniel Schwartz - 2 måneder siden
Why did she say RELATIONSHIP CODE relationship!!!!!! 😮
Dayra Mendieta
Dayra Mendieta - 2 måneder siden
Dixie and Noah look good together and cute
sidon musie
sidon musie - 2 måneder siden
Griffin cheated but I just feel like it’s disgusting dating your friends Ex it’s not even bro code it’s just respect
Come Game With Jay
Come Game With Jay - 2 måneder siden
Griffin is messed up
lily lily
lily lily - 2 måneder siden
grifins j ,ad he dont have better abs then npah♥
Ness Blister
Ness Blister - 2 måneder siden
Lol Noah and Dixie and dating now
tomatoez - 2 måneder siden
the way the damelio sisters are the most mature people I've seen in "tea"
Bee - 2 måneder siden
The sample in the background is used in one of suicideboys song ...
Eliza sap
Eliza sap - 2 måneder siden
If they are in a relationship it’s no one’s business whatsoever Griffin needs to move on and stop being so obsessed
Mariam Petit
Mariam Petit - 3 måneder siden
「 vintage boba 」
「 vintage boba 」 - 3 måneder siden
It was so funny
TheUnderdogsName - 3 måneder siden
dixie: "no❤️"
Vania Elizabeth Espinoza
Vania Elizabeth Espinoza - 3 måneder siden
I don’t even know all these people but I watched all this video 😂😅
3 name changes allowed every 90 days
5:07 "oh no u didn't😀?"
shaista omera
shaista omera - 3 måneder siden
yeah real soon....
Sylvia Boo
Sylvia Boo - 3 måneder siden
Griffen needs to give up on Dixie she moved on and he should as well he acting unmature
Miyah K.
Miyah K. - 3 måneder siden
Why y’all keep shipping ppl together I mean it’s fine but y’all over do it sometimes like there is a thing called friendship yknow
em ma
em ma - 3 måneder siden
3:10 dawg
Em Perks-Pruden
Em Perks-Pruden - 3 måneder siden
Leave them to their friendships, seriously people
Rachel Tang
Rachel Tang - 3 måneder siden
every time we idolize tiktok couples they always end up crashing and burning, some worse than others..
Cythist - 3 måneder siden
Why is Griffin so cringe... he literally cheated on Dixie... now Griffin mad cause her ex is with a GUY FRIEND.
pulin gogoi
pulin gogoi - 3 måneder siden
Guys please shut the ff up it's nothing to do with us ..cause everybody is same ff!!!
Braddison Lover
Braddison Lover - 3 måneder siden
Why not Griffin 👁👄👁 playing
Ly Ly
Ly Ly - 3 måneder siden
Not to be rude or anything.. but who cares ??
Cøokie Bouii
Cøokie Bouii - 3 måneder siden
Srry but straight TikTok is too much
I think I might have to unfollow a lot of ppl on straight TikTok srry but Dixie is no longer alt she is just on straight TikTok she becoming problematic
Arihan music
Arihan music - 3 måneder siden
why am i even watching this
A TISOY - 3 måneder siden
This spill account is run by the same miserable here for the tea content created and she clearly has no life being so up in others lives. Get A LIFE!
Tyler Thornton
Tyler Thornton - 3 måneder siden
Is he 23 noah beck and Charlie 16🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Hes to old she younger🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🙅🏾
Tyler Thornton
Tyler Thornton - 3 måneder siden
Is he 23 noah beck and Charlie 16🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ Hes to old she younger🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🙅🏾
just a random person
just a random person - 3 måneder siden
I don't even understand what's happening with these kids at this point smh
Renee Leavell
Renee Leavell - 3 måneder siden
I’m so confused. Lol oh gen z!!!
Secret Spy
Secret Spy - 3 måneder siden
Jesus imagine asking teenagers 300 times if they are dating each other when they said no 6000 times. THERE IS A THING CALLED FRIENDSHIP. you can be friends with a guy if your a girl and you can be friends with a girl if you are a guy.. just letting you know for all those who don’t know...
Abby M
Abby M - 3 måneder siden
Griffin said in his song that he didnt cheat and then on his Twitter he said he cheated and he said it was a mistake
lucas jimenez
lucas jimenez - 3 måneder siden
Yair Medina
Yair Medina - 3 måneder siden
Just trash messy hungry for fame individuals. All that is wrong with society. The way they talk, the way they manage themselves. Yikes!!! No thanks.
Genesis Erazo
Genesis Erazo - 3 måneder siden
be happy griffren
Rya Blue
Rya Blue - 3 måneder siden
Chase and charlie and dixie and noah.... thats very different, chase and charlie... they were working on there relation ship, dixie and griffin they BROKE UP!!!
Destiney Torres
Destiney Torres - 3 måneder siden
Why is Griffin acting salty and like Dixie is the reason they broke up. But Griffin was like: ✨SeNd ToEs✨
Kaitlyn - 3 måneder siden
Lil Mosey was correct, him and Dixie both worked on the remix
Queen Bee
Queen Bee - 3 måneder siden
Bardi Damn
Bardi Damn - 3 måneder siden
I am human is no longer a liable excuse
wolf cray
wolf cray - 3 måneder siden
Man this tiktokers really need a reality show.🙄More like keeping up with the tiktokers.
Brenna McDowell
Brenna McDowell - 3 måneder siden
Griffin's loss in my opinion Dixie deserves way better!!!
Ishyy - 3 måneder siden
they acting like they celebrities😂😂
strawberry court
strawberry court - 3 måneder siden
Idk about y’all but I don’t touch my guy friends like how Dixie does... not even girl friends
strawberry court
strawberry court - 3 måneder siden
There’s nothing wrong with being a h*e she should just embrace it 😂💕
BRIANNA LEE - 3 måneder siden
one point ion get bc why his bsf like are you trying to get back at him or sum .
Isabella Gomez
Isabella Gomez - 3 måneder siden
Opp griffin is not happy
TataOnEarth - 3 måneder siden
Sama Ahmed
Sama Ahmed - 3 måneder siden
who is here after the diss track
Jordan Captain
Jordan Captain - 3 måneder siden
"she needa choose up" 🤔
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe - 3 måneder siden
TheLachstar - 3 måneder siden
Can’t wait until Trump bans tiktok
Jolie nicholson
Jolie nicholson - 3 måneder siden
Omfg just let them live their lives my god.
Lindsey Traub
Lindsey Traub - 3 måneder siden
She keeps getting her photos leaked and then does it again, couldn’t you have learned your lesson the first time 🤷‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️
Jazzy hehe
Jazzy hehe - 3 måneder siden
Those are deepfakes
Britt Joy
Britt Joy - 3 måneder siden
😂 they were making a music video all along 😝
Isabella Nicart
Isabella Nicart - 3 måneder siden
NayDoesDoodles - 3 måneder siden
Ima girl, I only have guy friends, but I just call them friends,not “guy friends” it’s normal to me
Catlina a
Catlina a - 3 måneder siden
Griffin song
Tahlia Sanchez
Tahlia Sanchez - 3 måneder siden
Griffin doesn’t care. He said he doesn’t care
Adina Cortes
Adina Cortes - 3 måneder siden
Did anyone else notice that Spills voice changed? 🤔
Génesis Tinajero
Génesis Tinajero - 3 måneder siden
i prefer Noah
Jk Goulet
Jk Goulet - 3 måneder siden
They're just all so awful.
Ximena Albujar
Ximena Albujar - 3 måneder siden
Griffin just said that he is misogystic with proud???
Beth Plays _Gaming
Beth Plays _Gaming - 3 måneder siden
This feels like the twilight love triangle 😂😂😂😂
Emily Preslar
Emily Preslar - 3 måneder siden
literally all of it was for the music video y'all weirdos
Elliott Delgado
Elliott Delgado - 3 måneder siden
There’s no such thing as the “””bro code”””. It really depends on (1) how good of a person you are, (2) how good of a friend you are, (3) how much you care for the person you like, and (4) how selfless/selfish you are. Just because others are hurt because you like someone that that do, doesn’t mean that they’re a “bad person” or a “player”. You’re also not “top dog” if that person chooses you over the other. That just means that that person has a type, and you just HAPPENED to match with it. They’re mad bc they couldn’t keep a girl. They’re also the the type of guys that would break into her house/send death threats/threaten to..... uhhhh....... Hanna Baker (if you know what I mean). It’s tiring, they’re (probably) not going to get married to Dixie. They’re really acting Joe with this whole situation.
Diane Kaspersen
Diane Kaspersen - 3 måneder siden
dont forget dixies ather vid were noah and her kissed
amy saxelby
amy saxelby - 3 måneder siden
When Dixie said “Well there’s also relationship code” I feel like she was talking about griffin cheating 😶
ssteph - 3 måneder siden
she belongs to da .

tik tok room.
Lolita Lagramada
Lolita Lagramada - 3 måneder siden
I ship Noah and Dixie hard❤️
Safia Bashir
Safia Bashir - 3 måneder siden
6:57 - 7:02 BABAHBABA
Zara PULS - 3 måneder siden
Guys leave them ALONE
Hayley Giuliani
Hayley Giuliani - 3 måneder siden
Can we let these teens be teens, please?
The Armory
The Armory - 3 måneder siden
Why i feel like griffin and the armory are punching the air but me and Dixie are friends sorry armory i hacked u
Yumtea - 3 måneder siden
Yeah we all make mistakes yada yada yada No constantly cheating isn’t mistakes you know your not supposed to yet you keep on? Y’all need to STOP normalizing cheaters and cheating if you cheat I lost respect for you.
Cara Miller
Cara Miller - 3 måneder siden
The fact that he is salty after HE cheated on her BYE 😽
Teddii Bearii
Teddii Bearii - 3 måneder siden
Mayci Freeman
Mayci Freeman - 3 måneder siden
Idk maybe BE HAPPY REMIX (a meeting)
Anaissa D.
Anaissa D. - 3 måneder siden
There’s a little too much following teenagers on an app & talk of the bro code... this is weird
Profesk - 3 måneder siden
when noah doesn't contour his abs:
Shah - 3 måneder siden
why do teens nowadays have fans and paparazzi for literally just dancing and lip syncing? hella confused
jess - 3 måneder siden
love how dixie and griffens relationship was put out there without them wanting it and now its happening again- just let dixie live
jess - 3 måneder siden
soooo she cant have friends? fun
BREANNA ESTRADA - 3 måneder siden
i hope they dont date... People are ruining friendships and relationships when they basically force people who are "just friends" into a relationship.. Seriously needs to stop...
Days out with Nev
Days out with Nev - 3 måneder siden
dIxIe dEmoLiO
Nicole Steyskal
Nicole Steyskal - 3 måneder siden
they look like a great cople maybe there keeping it a secret
v right?....
Kaitlyn Heh
Kaitlyn Heh - 3 måneder siden
why can’t girls have guy friends??? 😔✋🏻
Anaiya Johnson
Anaiya Johnson - 3 måneder siden
How do u cheat on someone but get mad when they move on? Make it make sense I find it sad tbh
Asharizz - 3 måneder siden
They aren’t doing anything wrong honestly it’s just the fans tryna get into their relationships and wanna know everything about their personal life. It’s pretty toxic for them to do that.
Lesly Sorto-Ventura
Lesly Sorto-Ventura - 3 måneder siden
That little boy is so full of himself
Waleeja Naqvi
Waleeja Naqvi - 3 måneder siden
why are you invading her space she can do whatever she wants, And if you post stuff like this, not gonna get views? your just gonna get hated on jeez just mind your own business
TheStrawberrie Unicorn333
TheStrawberrie Unicorn333 - 3 måneder siden
He was saying that you’ll see him soon (lil mosey) is because he is in her new music video
Addie Swen
Addie Swen - 3 måneder siden
Normalize girls having guy friends but when you kiss your not just friends
Gisselle Casas
Gisselle Casas - 3 måneder siden
I think they are a couple but want to keep a secret
Farah Mecca
Farah Mecca - 3 måneder siden
You guys need to get that guys and girls can be friends!! Love you Dixie 🖤
angela gonzalez
angela gonzalez - 3 måneder siden
This is why us girls, it's hard to have ANY guy friends because everyone assumes your "dating". Can a girl just have a guy bestie? Like pls leave them be. Honestly it's not just us girls, it's for everyone. Can we just normalize girl and BOY friendship WITHOUT shipping?..
Nayanika Chakraborty
Nayanika Chakraborty - 3 måneder siden
All I know is they are doing all this (posting pictures like that together) for just blowing things more for clout as long as they are relevant
Defne Colakoglu
Defne Colakoglu - 3 måneder siden
To the people who say Griffin just made a mistake:
Jazzy hehe
Jazzy hehe - 3 måneder siden
mY fiNgEr sliLlPeD whEn I sAiD i wAS sInGlE