Doctor Mike Goes on Private Group Chat, Breaks Silence About Boat Party Drama

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Doctor Mike is called out for partying maskless on a boat, and fans are upset.
On November 12, Mikhail Varshavski, more commonly known as Doctor Mike, was spotted partying on a boat maskless in Sunset Harbour. Doctor Mike flew from New York City to Miami to celebrate his 31st birthday.
On the boat, Mike was surrounded by 14 people who were all maskless, including himself.
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Unorthodox Black Girl
Unorthodox Black Girl - 7 timer siden
I can’t with people mad. I just can’t lol
Jodee D
Jodee D - Dag siden
is this the migraine dr on ticktock or have i got him confused for someone else ?
Handygirl - 2 dager siden
Oh give the man a break. He exposes himself daily to covid at a hospital. You think a party is any more dangerous? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Deminalla - 3 dager siden
I'm annoyed that he went to a PARTY in a pandemic but I also feel bad for ruining his joy that he got from his birthday with his friends. I'm too soft aren't I
Basic Dva
Basic Dva - 3 dager siden
The fact that hot people can get away with anything
Smoky oder Psiau
Smoky oder Psiau - 3 dager siden
This is so sad because I enjoyed his videos and personality and now because of that my head wants to come up with excuses even tho the things he did are inexcusable :(
Aurea Andrade
Aurea Andrade - 4 dager siden
What a hypocrite. He is full of bs. no one was wearing a mask "at times". Keep in mind he planned this. You can tell when someone is sincere and he was not.
Fun Jeffrey
Fun Jeffrey - 4 dager siden
What a hypocrite
Htonu Hempu
Htonu Hempu - 4 dager siden
It doesn’t even amuse me that much because he created an image of him more as an “influencer” than a doctor !! SAD
Gringa Puerca
Gringa Puerca - 5 dager siden
That was a choice. - Tatianna
xDoubleDSauceX - 5 dager siden
Dr Mike is a human just like we all are we are not always gonna wanna wear a mask at every single point
Michelle J
Michelle J - 6 dager siden
Because it's never been about Covid, it's been control and politics. President Trump was right all along.
The way of Weston
The way of Weston - 6 dager siden
Is this made by the same people who make brew
Jamal D. Jackson
Jamal D. Jackson - 7 dager siden
Maybe he knows how dangerous the virus actually is and don't scare him at all. 99.99% survival rate its above regular everyday activities as walking in the morning.
Jojo .w
Jojo .w - 7 dager siden
Wiseman can treat people too, they're also very wise they tell how to treat the disease from its roots
Nameless - 7 dager siden
“Do as I say, not as I do”. I’m so sick of politicians, influencers and medical professionals preaching about staying home and following CDC guidelines. Yet, they’re all being hypocrites. It’s infuriating. We’re here, sacrificing so many opportunities for the greater good of our communities and the world as a whole. Yet, these people don’t care.
Donni Johar Lira
Donni Johar Lira - 8 dager siden
Wow, out of all the people I have seen and watched, never have I expected him to be part of a scandal lol. Knowing all his videos he posts on the Pandemic. I am shook but then again had a feeling this would happen.
Stephanie Mae
Stephanie Mae - 8 dager siden
Dr.Mike's research on the CDC went right over his head. He brought up the rules for dining and beach/swimming.
You can go to the beach and swimming distancing..that why it's allowed and has safety guidelines. And don't compare a boat party to dining 🙄
Eating at a restaurant helps the restaurant with revenue and also helps with mental health (a possibly safe outing).
Stop comparing a boat party to these .
Dybz - 10 dager siden
Wow.. ): it hurts to see Dr Mike do this.. 🙀
jisu - 11 dager siden
quack doctor mike
선도자너의 안티 소셜 클럽
At least he admitted it he messed up at least
Igoys Channel
Igoys Channel - 11 dager siden
OMG! The message though tested or not if you advocate on something at least you have to be an example! If you are screaming on wear your mask and screaming on social distancing then do it. The message of the party is definitely saying ITS OK TO PARTY DURING Pandemic anyway you got yourself tested. He is aware of this CDC Guidelines or not he should have not been seen in party and large social gathering.
BraveDove Vlog
BraveDove Vlog - 12 dager siden
What’s more going on here? Looking deeper is he on the verge of a breakdown? Has he been depressed? Why did he make this choice? What’s beneath the bad choice he made? I think it would be a crying shame to lose him online because he is a great dr and he loves his job and also shares relevant factual information.
le bébéque
le bébéque - 12 dager siden
this is out of topic, but didn't anyone see that Doctor Mike had lost his muscle definition? well he did mess up this time but at least we can see that he does avoid gyms during this pandemic
jesmine moon
jesmine moon - 12 dager siden
He is a doctor, he is a human as well. He needs life too, he already 24/7 on his duty, what is wrong he having an party on his birthday.. com him a break...He giving medical advised as for us to take awareness and giving guidance. Chill chill ladies and gentlement
jisu - 11 dager siden
but what about the patients?
screamEvil - 11 dager siden
Covid is not a joke right?
Pachice - 12 dager siden
I wonder if he’s going to be allowed to treat patients now or will have to quarantine for 2 weeks...
Medbread 『🍞』
Medbread 『🍞』 - 12 dager siden
This is why I always preferred Dr. Hope
Nikkiestagram *
Nikkiestagram * - 12 dager siden
The Hypocrisy though.
Noushin Parvez
Noushin Parvez - 12 dager siden
Why did you mute him when he said COVID-19 at 9:47??
jisu - 11 dager siden
prevent monetisation
John Garcia
John Garcia - 12 dager siden
Rules for thee, but not for me
C Mccreary
C Mccreary - 13 dager siden
I like how he says everyone got tested before going out on the boat...🙄yaaaaaaaARight!🙄
jisu - 11 dager siden
it that's case, they're lucky to have privileged while others don't
C Mccreary
C Mccreary - 13 dager siden
“ I was honestly happy for the first time in almost a year“ as he gets in to his Ferrari🙄🙄🙄
GozieZilla - 13 dager siden
He has chosen influencer > being a Dr.
Mine Mine
Mine Mine - 13 dager siden
Jay Meep
Jay Meep - 13 dager siden
Has anyone brought up the fact that he’s still working as a doctor, did he not even consider his patients that he could be endangering? What a hypocrite.
ryan s
ryan s - 13 dager siden
These people we don’t know or have never met couldn’t have bubbled and tested together obviously 🙄
ryan s
ryan s - 13 dager siden
Leave him alone
A Derion
A Derion - 13 dager siden
All the people are saying stay home on lockdown...are rich...they are telling all us poor , under insured or not insured to stay home and away from each other.
Michael Budd
Michael Budd - 13 dager siden
Seeing a lot of salt toward Dr. Mike. He very much needs the criticism, but not the shaming. Know the difference? We want to help him as he has helped us. We wouldn’t like to be pushed away, right? Haven’t you felt great regret over a mistake before? I’m no saying to forget what he did, but be understanding. One can critique and still understand.
Chava K
Chava K - 13 dager siden
I think that this post was a good stand for him. I thank him for that.
Đœğo - 13 dager siden
He did a big oopsie
sonia sharma
sonia sharma - 14 dager siden
Lol in india people dont bash each other, cuz noone wears mask😂 seeing this its scary and funny that for one country its a big deal meanwhile in my country people believe covid is just a hoax
Pandemma - 14 dager siden
As someone who’s family has been affected by this virus I’m disgusted. I’m 22 and didn’t celebrate my birthday 2020 for the sake of safely for others. A 31 year old DOCTOR should know better.
Ilmārs Belēvičs
Ilmārs Belēvičs - 14 dager siden
I Love double standarts from left 🥳
Amber-lyn Miller
Amber-lyn Miller - 14 dager siden
He works in his own family medicine
Clayformations - 14 dager siden
IMO, it just shows again, they make rules for us... that do not apply to them.
Onions - 14 dager siden
Its a different rule for the commoner and a different rule for the rich.
And I dont believe for second this is the first time he's been hypocritical. Its just the first time he got caught.
Venus S
Venus S - 14 dager siden
This virus really seems to show us who the narcissists are.
Angeline Dwidinata
Angeline Dwidinata - 14 dager siden
That’s just very selfish 🤷🏻‍♀️ well, not surprised. A lot of people are very selfish nowadays.. nothin’ new
Mca - 14 dager siden
Practice what you preach, hypocrite doctor. 🙄
Jeanette N Freeland
Jeanette N Freeland - 14 dager siden
I believe he made a mistake and he is feeling bad about it
IcameIsaw S
IcameIsaw S - 15 dager siden
"..most likely the people he is around are tested.."
How naive people are. Doesn't matter how many times a person can get tested... they can get the virus at any time!
It's like have "activity" with someone who tested negative for an STD last week, but they were with other people the day after thr results.
Robert Wang
Robert Wang - 15 dager siden
Why is the word covid being censored?
M.Shafi18 - 15 dager siden
She seems upset that he has gals arround him.. just a jelous Lady crying for attention from him
Joshua Castillo
Joshua Castillo - 15 dager siden
Love how he lowkey used manipulative language in the discord screenshots and no one even noticed.
Mustard_Baiter - 15 dager siden
Curb your medical advices
伊君 - 15 dager siden
miami out of all places smh
Laura Robjohns
Laura Robjohns - 16 dager siden
I'm not an avid follower of Dr Mike but I have seen all of his covid related videos. Imagine speaking to 100 other doctors and medical professionals and to Dr Fauci himself and then think celebrating like this was a good idea, despite the minimalised risks. I can't imagine how streasful it has been over the last year but so many people look to him and to see him ignore his own advise just tells people that they can do it too.
Kiwi Equis
Kiwi Equis - 16 dager siden
I'm extremely disappointed at Mike and shocked he has the AUDACITY to go back on what he's been saying for almost a year. If youd say no when a subscriber asks if they can go to a boat party, then you can't either.
Angel Ica
Angel Ica - 16 dager siden
The fact that he’s a doctor and he knows BETTER than most of us but still partied just makes it worse.
veronica poh
veronica poh - 16 dager siden
So, according to his post, "I know I should do better and not have taken the photo without the mask"?
Not that he shouldn't have been in close quarters with other people not wearing a mask?
And the problem is the message it sent (although that is a huge problem) but not the health issues it could have caused?
This explanation/apology sounds like "I'm sorry I got caught," not "I'm sorry, I know I did something wrong."
kelp farmin6
kelp farmin6 - 16 dager siden
its as though the federal government thinks we all are part of its handout, we-think-for-you bandwagon.
Aniruddh XD 2K20
Aniruddh XD 2K20 - 16 dager siden
"His life as a person is different from His life as a Doctor"
So now CoronaVirus asks the Resume of a person for him to get infected
And what about his patients
What would have happened to him
Also he said he has checked the CDC Guidelines which mentioned the boat capacity to be below 10 persons and dude there were more than 15 people in a single picture
Clumsy Gallium
Clumsy Gallium - 16 dager siden
Mike made a big mistake, He was my inspiration, but not anymore.
bjam89 - 15 dager siden
Might i suggest doctor hope. He is an uk doctor He reviews stuff. He has humor. And he hasnt been to hot spot party. So a far better insperation
Majestics0ck - 16 dager siden
He’s human, humans make mistakes. We all make mistakes at one point (tbh more than at just ONE point) and are called out for it. And sometimes, we call out others for making mistakes and expect better afterwards. He’s no different and understands that. So, although his actions were disappointing, I forgive him because he is regretful, is wise enough to know the consequences that came with his actions, and and promises to do better
Rey Abri
Rey Abri - 16 dager siden
He made a beauty guru apology video💀
Tony Williams
Tony Williams - 16 dager siden
Chicks are hot, he's a dude. It's obvious what would happen. My main issue is he religiously pushes masks even in gyms so he isn't congruent with his actions which distroyed his message and if you asked him about going to a party during the pandemic then he'd say any risk is a risk so it's best not to take the risk that's usually their standpoint
This party was probably very good for doctor mikes health but he won't talk about that. If it was completely legal what he did then he could of made a video and shown what he did to reduce risks.
What makes it worse for him is he probably is in daily contact with other people in hospitals that are vulnerable
Emmanuel Abraham
Emmanuel Abraham - 17 dager siden
Why is the word Covid being muted? 🤔
dekuwu - 17 dager siden
I don't get why people are painting him as the bad guy, he followed all the rules of stuff like quarantining and not wearing a mask while swimming and stuff.
He even said that the boat trip was a SURPRISE yet he still searched up all the information so he could follow the rules.
Hani Ahlam
Hani Ahlam - 17 dager siden
he needs his medical license taken away asap since he wants to cosplay jake paul so bad
LaDolcevita - 17 dager siden
I wonder if him and Newscum are friends and ate at the French laundry together? 🙄
machie mwu
machie mwu - 17 dager siden
I didnt even get to celebrate my birthday last year and you say theres a lot of people who still go to parties? Uhm what
yanyan zhang
yanyan zhang - 17 dager siden
Here’s what I think. No one has lost their faith in his messages. They never had faith in the first place, and are instead doing 1 of 2 things. 1. They are attacking Mike because they literally have nothing to do and the spread of internet toxicity is much more ferocious than COVID, or 2. They are using Mike as final validation to continue what they had been doing already, going outside and meeting up in quarantine.
Mochiiee_kim - 17 dager siden
*sips tea
Jinhwa X
Jinhwa X - 18 dager siden
But...he’s a doctor PS: if you just absolutely have to party social distance from the people you don’t live with, have the least amount of people possible around, and wear masks as much as possible.
CAMILO ECHEVERRI - 18 dager siden
He should’ve thought about the consequences before making the decision. It’s a shame b/c I’ve lost all faith in him
Sandhya Chandrasekaran
Sandhya Chandrasekaran - 18 dager siden
Here we are staying at home and having zoom calls on birthdays, online graduations, proms and there is the doctor who just "messed up" during a PANDEMIC!! You deserve an award Mike!!
somewhat of a thicc cow
somewhat of a thicc cow - 19 dager siden
I like to watch his videos I hope he learned from his mistake since I really do admire him and always will
Taiga Honest
Taiga Honest - 19 dager siden
You wouldn't trust your GP anymore if they did this and for good reason. So why should you ever trust this guy on anything related to medicine again if he can't even get simple social distancing right.
T Gauff
T Gauff - 19 dager siden
I'm very disappointed with him
ProudlyModified - 19 dager siden
bruh he literally followed what the cdc recommended. they were all in swim suits, obviously intended to be in the water, dont you think theyd all be in jeans if that wasnt the case? it wasnt just a boat ride for some sight-seeing, sure, couldve worn a mask once they were dried off and on the boat, but if theyre all testing negative for covid, i wouldnt have been stuck worrying my whole birthday over tiny details. and even if the others continue to party (as some mentioned), why is that a problem for dr mike? he had his fun and went back to work, if the others have the time to keep partying, i guess just hope their job doesnt require much of them. you cant control people and what they decide to do, even if theyre your friends.
That Chick
That Chick - 19 dager siden
Those woman who are defending him need to stop looking at his face and start listening to what he says. He even said that small parties aren’t good. He messed up. Big time because of his platform. It’s basically like he was showing “oh it doesn’t matter, don’t listen to what I said about partying!” Even though it might not of been his intention, that’s how it looks
C as
C as - 19 dager siden
What a clown
shammy dammy
shammy dammy - 19 dager siden
Classic case of "Do what I say, not what I do." hypocrisy.
Simi Patel
Simi Patel - 20 dager siden
... this is disappointing.
5Heliotrope - 20 dager siden
The dude is immature. A child with a stethoscope. Parents must be so proud...
Michelle Sanchez
Michelle Sanchez - 20 dager siden
I Looooooove doctor Mike, but I’m very disappointed, especially at that “I was happy for the first time in almost a year”......he has a nice apartment in NY, his family is healthy, he hasn’t lost his job, I’m assuming he has money, he has lots of friends and people who support him, yet he is only happy when he’s in Miami partying in a boat full of models?.....ok
YEETboi - 21 dag siden
I am loves watch his vid and you show up, just why, why, WHY.
Jay Quin
Jay Quin - 21 dag siden
Could of done it without filming every moment smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
Cara C
Cara C - 21 dag siden
I swear the people who attack him are the same people who don't wear masks. I am NOT defending Mike because he was wrong. But the people who get triggered are the same people who hang out with friends. I wear a mask and only see my grandparents, i don't see any friends or go in large groups. I always wonder if people really care or if they like cancelling people
3 Bees
3 Bees - 21 dag siden
It’s easier to ask for forgiveness, than it is to ask for permission.
Lea Lee - healthyteame
Lea Lee - healthyteame - 21 dag siden
I'm not into canceling, but either Covid is truly not as bad as everyone thinks and that's what this is going to start, he knows it, or he's being a double standard ....
Amal Abualrahi
Amal Abualrahi - 21 dag siden
I would be understanding with people who have a small understanding or being misled about the pandemic and the virus, but not a doctor! Was it really important? I've done online school, online graduation, spent Christmas alone, spent my birthday alone (was online) and short on money. Was it really hard doctor to be a role model???
jokes - 21 dag siden
Aren't there vaccines being made already so i get where people are getting at but this vaccine is getting made faster than before
Boloro B
Boloro B - 21 dag siden
Even tho he made the choice to make flight and the choice to celebrate his bday in a corona hotspot
vincent - 22 dager siden
i’m a normal person , never been to a party once in my life. you can go without a party for a few months , i’ve gone a whole life without any.
Diego Lagunas
Diego Lagunas - 22 dager siden
I’m soooo disappointed of him.
Mila Anić
Mila Anić - 22 dager siden
If he quarantined himself after the party, before getting back to work, I see no problem.
Momo Lin
Momo Lin - 22 dager siden
he is hypocrite
Megan The Meme
Megan The Meme - 22 dager siden
You know what else would reduce risk? STAYING HOME