Famous Youtuber Runs Red Light, Cuts Tesla in Half and Starts Dancing

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A famous NOburnr's near-fatal accident causes people to doubt Tesla.
[Greg Ferreira]
[Izzy E]
[Sudden unintended acceleration]
Runtime: 12:41


• French Tank •
• French Tank • - 14 dager siden
Spill... more like "I take pills"
GoGicz - Måned siden
Press F to pay respect to that GTR it is awesome car.
berdie getahun
berdie getahun - Måned siden
It is November 28 2020
Thuy Ton
Thuy Ton - 3 måneder siden
The tesla splitting was normal all cars do that
Plastic Toast
Plastic Toast - 3 måneder siden
- He was going 60-160 against the Tesla
- the Tesla brakes
- He says he has depression
- Everyone says it's okay and they blame Tesla
srsl ppl need brains
Poj Dia Vaj
Poj Dia Vaj - 3 måneder siden
Gtr driver is BS. Inhuman
Broderz 43
Broderz 43 - 4 måneder siden
That's an animal crossing villager
U don't have to blur it out
leandra rodriguez
leandra rodriguez - 6 måneder siden
I have depression, so let’s drive a car over 60mph
Kimber Cox
Kimber Cox - 6 måneder siden
“Yeah since I’m depressed I can do anything I want and get away with anything.”
Me: *oooooh I smell karma coming~*
Int3rnetDoll - 7 måneder siden
Kaito - 7 måneder siden
"and say Tesla has 5star safety rate"
What, so you expect tesla will protect you from nuclear bombs?
Hanr .M
Hanr .M - 7 måneder siden
Hello its his problem. Cars are made to drive up to a specific speed .. well he was riding like as if the heaven door was closing. Thank to god he was in one piece. I hope he learned his lesson though
Hanr .M
Hanr .M - 7 måneder siden
Pulling the depression card wont help.
Stupidmammon - 7 måneder siden
Can we take a moment to be thankful that nobody died
Sarah H
Sarah H - 7 måneder siden
I’m just glad everyone is okay
BH - 7 måneder siden
So he is sober doing this...that’s even worse 👀
lynxa rin
lynxa rin - 7 måneder siden
Idk why being sober makes it better? If anything its worse because he knew exactly what he was doing.
Ludwine Exume
Ludwine Exume - 7 måneder siden
Depressed or not he shouldn't have done that the law is the law we never know he might be pretending to be depressed for attention
Axel AW
Axel AW - 7 måneder siden
*gasp* imagine that, metal doing what metal does at high impact speeds
Aine McLean
Aine McLean - 7 måneder siden
*Guy drives at 60-100 mile per hour*
TesLa IsnT SAfe
Its Sky
Its Sky - 7 måneder siden
If you ask me him being sober made it worse because that means he was fully aware of what he was doing he just didn't care and all these ppl defending him are idiots if it was your father or mother driving in that Tesla how would you feel, knowing that you almost lost ur parent because of some reckless youtuber.
Haruflowers - 7 måneder siden
I have depression, lemme just crash into 20 cars and dance and laugh at them!!
(this is a joke, I hope he gets into jail for the dumbassery)
Andely esther moronta
Andely esther moronta - 7 måneder siden
I’ve had depression and while it was very difficult it did not cloud my Judgment I still knew right from wrong and would never use it as an excuse for something like this
jessieboo 12
jessieboo 12 - 7 måneder siden
No matter what car you have it will still split in half so it seems Tesla needs to make there cars crash proof smh
Hinda Cabaas
Hinda Cabaas - 7 måneder siden
soo if u have depression you can drive over a red light and drive so fast?
Loren Dounts
Loren Dounts - 7 måneder siden
Being sober doesn’t make it better
Nerdrops - 7 måneder siden
Hearing these story’s makes me question why I had to be born in earth and not as a alien
IamBob UwU
IamBob UwU - 7 måneder siden
The Tesla: Splits in half.

My Mom’s Toyota: Gets a small dent.
Supporters:OmG TeSLA iS tHe SAFesT cAR EvEr!
waitied - 7 måneder siden
I have dreams of being the boss (Weapons: Minigun, Pistol, a StIcK i CaN aTtAcK dEm HaTeRs WiTh) except I’m da most powerful po-po and pEoPlE get attacked by the minecraft lava when they try to physically fight me.
Lulu - Roblox
Lulu - Roblox - 7 måneder siden
Being depressed isnt the excuse. Who breaks the law cause there depressed? 🤦‍♀️
꧁just another multi stan꧂
꧁just another multi stan꧂ - 7 måneder siden
Do u think being depressed is an excuse?
FistChicken65 - 7 måneder siden
Man people criticizing Tesla but there better than any other cars
a0ii - 7 måneder siden
*almost kills someone*
A person: guys its fine he has depression
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique - 7 måneder siden
i think you guys are overreacting, gtrs are fast, teslas are safe. end of story
a0ii - 7 måneder siden
He was driving 60-100 mph, obi it would break
Avni Goel
Avni Goel - 7 måneder siden
And let me tell you if that was a black man they would have arrest him
David Yt
David Yt - 7 måneder siden
He drove 60-100 MPH obivously its going to break
Cliff - 7 måneder siden
kira the meme lord
kira the meme lord - 7 måneder siden
*literally almost KILLS someone*
Fan: it's fine he had depression leave him alone
Arianna Ibarra
Arianna Ibarra - 7 måneder siden
Depression isnt a excuse to be speeding he’s breaking the law so why isn’t he in jail and all of you dummy’s out there he’s was speeding 60 miles per hour yes the Tesla is gonna split in half.
Annie Vuong
Annie Vuong - 7 måneder siden
couldnt he found an easier way of dying?
_Lxvvvy_ - 7 måneder siden
Imagine thinking having a depression is an excuse to put other people’s lives in danger

Some world we live in
Fedora - 7 måneder siden
Jose could've died yet people are defending Greg? What?
Shion Natsume
Shion Natsume - 7 måneder siden
Lizzy Likes Mangos
Lizzy Likes Mangos - 7 måneder siden
The amount of stupidity in this entire video, I can't even fathom
Rose Hearts
Rose Hearts - 8 måneder siden
Tesla’s are great cars, but when treated wrong, things will go wrong
r/JuiceWRLD - 8 måneder siden
The people in the back of the Tesla don't matter because they don't have a Tesla. Otherwise they would be driving their own. So why not sacrifice the whole back of the car.
Hihihihihi Jkjkjkjkjk
Hihihihihi Jkjkjkjkjk - 8 måneder siden
Cars are not perfect like get the car it’s a good car and it saved the lives
Phantom :D
Phantom :D - 8 måneder siden
If you didn’t know, the Tesla is designed to split in half to save the driver and occupants
Guac mole
Guac mole - 8 måneder siden
Atleast he survived 🌈 🧚‍♀️✨now don’t be shy, do it again 💕 🧚‍♀️✨
ShAdOw Zz
ShAdOw Zz - 8 måneder siden
Is this over Orr
Nardy Marbun
Nardy Marbun - 8 måneder siden
i'm even more suprised he didn't go to y'know
the ugly one
the ugly one - 8 måneder siden
I’m in Florida somebody help
Sky's The limit
Sky's The limit - 8 måneder siden
Y'all realize that if he wasn't in a tesla, he wouldn't be alive today. If he was in a regular car, it would've been absolutely crushed. The people in it would've been dead. Of course, the people in the back would be injured in the Tesla, but would have a bigger chance of living than just be dead.
Greg must've been going 110+mph. Reckless driving and should've been arrested
M1ll4Z - 8 måneder siden
So depression is an excuse for reckless driving and attempted manslaughter?
eunice - 8 måneder siden
yes. blame Tesla bc Greg was going 60-160+ mph and made a car spilt in half.
D D - 8 måneder siden
" I didn't hurt nobody " 😂
K H - 8 måneder siden
The Model X has a 5-star rating bc in accidents, the passengers and driver are incredibly likely to survive. It is really safe according to reviews and testers of the model. I’m just stating what I’ve heard and read abt.
Kaylee Somthin
Kaylee Somthin - 8 måneder siden
How do u expect a model x to dodge a car coming at like 90 mph. We cant always expect the best smh yall should know better and not thinking that the known safest cars are actually safe. Ashamed.
Acsentity - 8 måneder siden
The thing is not every car is safe not every car has a 5 star rating but it is safe due to the intensity of the crash it had made the Tesla split. Not every car survives a crash.
david bokan
david bokan - 8 måneder siden
Am sed for the GTR a love thet car
And yous buy a espea it had a 5 star rating in the cres test in 2000
allisson hernandez.
allisson hernandez. - 8 måneder siden
WHY IS THERE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THE TESLA!?? tesla one of the safest cars and it saved the driver, ok? plus, it’s not like no other car has been split in half because of an accident, chill.
Matthew McLaughlin
Matthew McLaughlin - 8 måneder siden
GTR gang!
BlackStarsッ - 8 måneder siden
I a'm i only one sad about the gtr ?
Corrupt3d Dreamz
Corrupt3d Dreamz - 8 måneder siden
The model x does have a five star safety rating in roll overs the model 3 is the safest car in car crashes due to the fact it has no engine bay
Sprite_Epicness - 8 måneder siden
Nissan: Sorry!
T35LA: It’s alright
N_ame please
N_ame please - 8 måneder siden
Brain Mango
Brain Mango - 8 måneder siden
*tesla splits in half*
Other ppl:tesla is the safest car
Me:it split in half
a s h i a p
a s h i a p - 8 måneder siden
f for the gtr, such an amazing car destroyed by some guy in an accident.
car_guy _91
car_guy _91 - 8 måneder siden
Poor gt-r
car_guy _91
car_guy _91 - 8 måneder siden
So you wana say that rich one's don't deserve fast cars
Meowsers :]
Meowsers :] - 8 måneder siden
Oh, a dude was driving at probably 100+ mph. Yeah Tesla, yOu CaN dO bEtTeR
Daist :0
Daist :0 - 8 måneder siden
I lost brain cells reading the defense tweets
AV8R Jerry
AV8R Jerry - 8 måneder siden
I would prefer the car split it front or rear end to keep me safe. Never had a SUA in a Tesla, in fact if you try to go around a sharp corner at high speed it will cut the torque and slow itself down.
Chief Denis
Chief Denis - 8 måneder siden
It's called crumple zones not splitting zones, a car that splits is inherently unsafe either for the occupants or bystanders
Xyr1s - 8 måneder siden
Why am i mad at the people criticizing tesla
marz2nd - 9 måneder siden
All the people that say tesla shouldn’t get a 5 star rating are clowning now
dylan goforth
dylan goforth - 9 måneder siden
Fast cars are fast for a reason🤷🏼and should be driven fast
iLikeSubaruImprezaWRXSTI - 9 måneder siden
He danced because hes body really hurts or not
Alpine Aviation
Alpine Aviation - 9 måneder siden
Elon doesn’t invent stuff, he is a businessman
Takahashi Keisuke
Takahashi Keisuke - 9 måneder siden
Alpine Aviation exactly
Yazan Armoush
Yazan Armoush - 9 måneder siden
The Tesla was split in half because the other car was the one that was speeding, angel of impact, and other factors, not because Tesla car has a bad exoskeleton.
Okbro - 9 måneder siden
Yeah if a car is going 160mph and hits a smaller car it’ll do more than split in half. I’m surprised the Tesla didn’t become parts laying about instead of two whole pieces.
Terrell Rashard
Terrell Rashard - 9 måneder siden
If I did that I would definitely be locked up, no question.
Marcus Peddle
Marcus Peddle - 9 måneder siden
Oh boohoo who cares it's only America.
Takahashi Keisuke
Takahashi Keisuke - 9 måneder siden
Marcus Peddle America is a bad place man
Riell Marvel
Riell Marvel - 9 måneder siden
The shape of the car does not matter, the shape of the driver matters.
TheIlliterateLibrarian - 9 måneder siden
People are bashing Tesla but like if a car(3,800 lb) hits you around 60-100, you car is getting messed up, it’s not like Tesla’s a tank
Tam tam
Tam tam - 9 måneder siden
I don’t understand how u blame Tesla I mean why don’t you try driving 100mph right behind a car and see what happens...
kit kat
kit kat - 9 måneder siden
If you have a mental illness that could be fatal to others, you don’t need a license 🤗
Hijran Rahmani
Hijran Rahmani - 9 måneder siden
As a car guy it hurts me seeing the gtr like that
Croissant - 9 måneder siden
10:24 do people actually not know what crumple zones are
A23 B
A23 B - 9 måneder siden
The original founders of Tesla are the biggest short sellers and rumor spreader
Likhita Karanam
Likhita Karanam - 9 måneder siden
Question 🙋🏻 : What will happen to someone sitting in the back of the car when it splits in half? Are they going to be safe?
Abitosh - 9 måneder siden
I don't care if you have depression and want to end it all. Just don't involve innocent people.
Rug Rat Ruth
Rug Rat Ruth - 9 måneder siden
They really "yeah he's depressed it's fine." K keep that mentality when he almost kills you.
ojkilledmacdre - 9 måneder siden
The guy dancing afterwards is the I Icing on top. Them shifting the focus on Tesla seems bogus
Ryanair - 9 måneder siden
Yad - 9 måneder siden
This is like shooting someone in a bulletproof vest then saying the vest isnt safe because he got a bruise
Yad - 9 måneder siden
And people saying the tesla isnt safe??
Man crashed into him at high speed and the driver of the Tesla JUST GOT OUT AND WALKED AWAY!!
how is that not safe???
Johnson Le
Johnson Le - 9 måneder siden
I am tired of hearing stuff about Tesla the entire reason why the Tesla split in half is because the GTR Was goin 100-160 Mph and rear ended the Tesla if you know one thing about newer cars is that they have crumple zones around the frame of the vehicle and if the collision is wayyy to fast the crumple zones would snap because of the force. Back to the point GTR going 100-160 Mph crashes into Tesla, splits in half because of how fast the GTR was going.
Daniella Cordon
Daniella Cordon - 9 måneder siden
This..... this.... THIS is what 2020 is?
Dat Boi Mikey
Dat Boi Mikey - 9 måneder siden
How did he not get charged for this😠