Gabbie Hanna's Drama w/ Trisha Paytas GETS WORSE, Twitter Chaos Ensues

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Gabbie Hanna apologized for her recent drama involving Trisha Paytas and her new song. However, fans are concerned that Gabbie's apology isn't genuine and are sharing their thoughts on Twitter.
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Spill - 3 måneder siden
Hi everyone. We'd like to apologize for our mistake regarding the acronym for borderline personality disorder. We incorrectly identified BPD as bipolar disorder, which is not the same thing. We are sorry for the harm we caused with the misidentification. We have since educated ourselves on the difference between the two disorders, and we thank all of you for correcting us so we can continue to learn. We will not make this mistake going forward.
Rachel Warholak
Rachel Warholak - 7 dager siden
hey sorryppkpkpo
It's Someone Duh
It's Someone Duh - Måned siden
@Jamless Jimin true
It's Someone Duh
It's Someone Duh - Måned siden
@Manduh Mack take care :)
Jamless Jimin
Jamless Jimin - 2 måneder siden
now THIS is a good apology
Kailey Mac
Kailey Mac - 2 måneder siden
all the people with bpd & bd clinging on because we like anyone who shows any kindness or attention cause we think people are constantly judging and hating on us 😅 (was diagnosed as bipolar at age 10 but rediagnosed with bpd at 20)
Joel Hinson
Joel Hinson - Time siden
Trish to anyone: I can criticize you because you're a "pUbLiC fIgUrE!!"
Trish to Gabbie Hanna: OmG lEaVe Me AlOnE!!!
Hypocrite much?
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - Dag siden
Im not a narcissist
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - Dag siden
I am beautiful inside
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - Dag siden
Its not bad for my mental health
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - Dag siden
I dont have any disease please no
cancelled - 3 dager siden
Gabbie has calmed down which is nice but trasha paytes is still a mess
Moonlixz - 4 dager siden
RAYMEL DELONEY - 9 dager siden
Ok I'm not trying to make this sound mean and I'm not trying to be mean but like your voice reading these tweets makes me mad I guess the backlash and you thinking how this reflects towards yourself just makes you mad
harley ivie
harley ivie - 13 dager siden
trisha is so quick to say someone is obsessed with her when she’s the one who’s constantly tweeting or posting about that person.
II MrBlueSky
II MrBlueSky - 16 dager siden
Good video but why are you blurring the word phycopath
II MrBlueSky
II MrBlueSky - 14 dager siden
@mikasa sure she's using in that context but it still seems unnecessary
mikasa - 14 dager siden
because trisha is obviously using psychopath as a bad word basically to insult gabbie. and she’s blurring every bad words.
NoxiousVein - 16 dager siden
Ok at least keemstar is a good youtuber
Sarah Katia
Sarah Katia - 25 dager siden
I'm confusion at this point, doesn't BPD means Borderline Personality Disorder or is it Bipolar Personality Disorder
LovelyBean Today
LovelyBean Today - 27 dager siden
Are they done acting less mature than a 6 year old.
Urvi Mande 25
Urvi Mande 25 - 29 dager siden
I don't like either of them! They both need Therapy and NEED to get off the internet!
Mackenzie V
Mackenzie V - Måned siden
Trisha & Gabbie both need help.
prepoxsessing - 2 dager siden
this. can't even blame 1, blame both.
Catur Yuliani
Catur Yuliani - Måned siden
Why trisha keep describing herself?
Alexzandrama - Måned siden
Eyyyy that a good game of thrones reference tho
__aysyaa - Måned siden
Ok i never thought i was going to agree with gabby but shes definitely in the right. If our making a series of videos throwing shade at a person when there not around or taking a brake from social media then you have no right to talk about people always bringing your name up. You do it all the time to everybody for no reason and for some reason now your doing it to james charles, She also kept blamming gabby for the interveiw when she made it obvious she wasnt comfy to talk about the subject.
Jordyn - Måned siden
Trisha just needs to get of social media
dIsGusTeD - Måned siden
Ooh someone found out about the word 'psychopath'
Azúl - Måned siden
Gabby need to focus on getting that nose job and not Trisha
Beth Lamb
Beth Lamb - Måned siden
Literal trainwrecks.. Both of them. They need mental evaluations ..
Tasha - Måned siden
Grown women smh acting like middle school girls
Leah Johnson
Leah Johnson - Måned siden
oI feel like im the only one when i say i searched up the def of phycopath and it says "a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violant socail behavior."
ForzenFukuro Animations
ForzenFukuro Animations - Måned siden
Hm...if they are this what happens when there's a clash between two?🤔🤔
- meh -
- meh - - Måned siden
The voice of you are so calming-
MurkyJerky -
MurkyJerky - - Måned siden
Wooooow Gabbie is a MASTER at manipulation
Caleb Coerecius
Caleb Coerecius - Måned siden
Hey I don't want to like trisha... But I do what can I say she's funny... I love Trish ❤️
Mimi - Måned siden
Anyone have any idea who the “abusive friend” was Gabbie spoke about?
Josephene Yonnes
Josephene Yonnes - Måned siden
Trisha is Projecting.
Gamer Rain
Gamer Rain - 2 måneder siden
Trisha sis. This ain't it.
i need a bad bleep
i need a bad bleep - 2 måneder siden
someone take trisha’s phone, she sounds like a middle schooler getting mad at the girl who stole her gum
vee 2020
vee 2020 - 2 måneder siden
I dont know or like eithe that much but watching Trishas gaslighting made me afraid of her. Shes clearly a narcissist. That was some intense gaslighting of an already mental ill person that i just watched "youre crazy, youre delusional, i gave my guards your photos".
lana cooper
lana cooper - 2 måneder siden
Trishia payetas is a psychopath. I can see it right away
Crystal Rosie
Crystal Rosie - 2 måneder siden
so many bullies
Av - 2 måneder siden
BPD is NOT bipolar disorder. BPD is *borderline personality disorder.*
Soundless Screaming
Soundless Screaming - 2 måneder siden
Why did she like change her race
Sylvester Ashcroft
Sylvester Ashcroft - 2 måneder siden
This is a very public display of narcissism from trisha paytas.
Sofía Zúñiga Rodríguez
Sofía Zúñiga Rodríguez - 2 måneder siden
I love how Trisha says that Gabbie is delusional when she is... well... her.
a chicken nugget
has a DID
and "black"
like bruh
why is she still a reliable source?
Kayleigh Olivier
Kayleigh Olivier - 2 måneder siden
Trisha: *you're obsessed with me*
Also Trisha: *basically writes a while book about gabby on twitter*
annie brown
annie brown - 2 måneder siden
omg she is wearing a military dog tag
Marionette K.
Marionette K. - 2 måneder siden
they both are in the wrong tbh.
シYessie Slasher
シYessie Slasher - 2 måneder siden
BPD, Borderline personality disorder isn't a bipolar disorder
Also Gabbie and trisha Are enemies to each other because Gabbie made music about Trisha and Trisha made fun of gabbie
Oh wow 😏😐
シYessie Slasher
シYessie Slasher - 2 måneder siden
Also that's ok, we make mistakes everyday 😌👌 💖✨😌💅
w o l f i x x s m i d n i g h t
w o l f i x x s m i d n i g h t - 2 måneder siden
Ok srry it's not all about looks but when Trish look like a hamburger and says other people are scary I'm scared oof you because you look like a hamburger and keep on saying people that they are stalker like SHUT UP chatter box b****
Oofer de doofers
Oofer de doofers - 2 måneder siden
Its funny how trisha says leave me alone but she is harrassing keem and gabbie.
LonelyTaco - 2 måneder siden
I don't like, nor give attention to either one of them. No one in this situation is right. And neither of them want to hold accountability for the mistakes they have made.
ángeles - 2 måneder siden
the trisha one LMAOOO°°😭
Justine *
Justine * - 2 måneder siden
Why is “psychopath” blanked?
ryxleigh - 2 måneder siden
Not Trisha avoiding Gabbie Hanna because she's problematic acting like she's not problematic herself💀
RandomSauce - 2 måneder siden
A psychopath also loves to gaslight others, hence shifting fault from themselves to their victim/s. What I see is a girl, who is practically dying for attention, with a body language that desperately flirts with her audience, constantly calls on a certain popular name/person to draw attention, and then transform herself into a victim. I mean, the perp is shifting blame here. Maybe at some point stuff got serious as it usually does after you create this type of a beef and then people start attacking you for your previous actions, you simply lose control. Once you lose control, you start to escalate the seriousness of the problem. For me, the psychopath isn't Gabbie. But another someone is definitely exhibiting the general traits.
Dani Malloy
Dani Malloy - 2 måneder siden
Love how Trisha got a psychology degree overnight
Rihannon van Dinther
Rihannon van Dinther - 2 måneder siden
At least she Trisha could use some proper punctuation in her tweets
Analisa Burrows
Analisa Burrows - 2 måneder siden
Ok how bout on the count of three both of you leave eachother alone 😂😂1..........2...........thr--- 🤣🤣
Ingrid De Paula
Ingrid De Paula - 2 måneder siden
I'm so bored..... that's why I'm watching this
yana - 2 måneder siden
im better then these adults i stg
Paruhangma Limbu
Paruhangma Limbu - 2 måneder siden
come on guys.. we all know that they both , the same.
jennifer lopez
jennifer lopez - 2 måneder siden
Trisha, look, you're talking about Keemstar egging people on while you're doing the same thing. And hey I understand if you're upset about what went down between you all but there are so many better ways to handle that aggression that's not cursing at and writing paragraphs attacking people. (Btw I'm not standing up for Gabbie, they both handled the situation very poorly)
stranger - 2 måneder siden
Plot twist: *"they're secretly married"*
Babi Lx
Babi Lx - 2 måneder siden
I don't know any of those people..I mean on which country they are famous ?
Michaela Worsley
Michaela Worsley - 2 måneder siden
How in the world is Trisha's behavior not seen as harassment? Trying to force the narrative that she's dangerous on some way, when she's literally done nothing. And accusing her of being a sociopath! It's so frustrating to see her do all this and not have any negative repercussions from it.
Bichen Up Ur -
Bichen Up Ur - - 2 måneder siden
Gabbie Hana NEEDS to get off the internet permanently. This is the definition of social media ruining someone.
Kitty Shark
Kitty Shark - 2 måneder siden
I cant stand Gabbie Hanna.
FS_2710 - 2 måneder siden
Ah, the partners in crime. What shenanigans did they do this time?
aliendear - 2 måneder siden
Jesus. Who told her she could sing?
aksjdk D
aksjdk D - 2 måneder siden
bpd is borderline personality disorder not bipolar
Tiffany Jiang
Tiffany Jiang - 2 måneder siden
Trisha looks sooo obsessed with that amount of tweet about Gabbie.
Noorulhuda Javaid
Noorulhuda Javaid - 2 måneder siden
10:01 *burn
Emo Todoroki
Emo Todoroki - 2 måneder siden
Gabbi just literally always saying mY mEnTaL hEaLtH gabbi: can’t go to McDonald’s you know why mY mEnTaL hEaLtH-
Madeline Hatress
Madeline Hatress - 2 måneder siden
Soo are you and adult or a childd?? pick one
no name
no name - 3 måneder siden
Thank you Spill for censoring the word "psychopath"... As someone with ASPD it's so gross when people use it as an insult, you censoring it is probably the only reason I managed to watch these trainwrecks
penny saxon
penny saxon - 3 måneder siden
Tricia is a butthead
Hamza Lambarki
Hamza Lambarki - 3 måneder siden
I love when you read the “LMAO”s with soooo much passion 💯😂
Celeste Changco
Celeste Changco - 3 måneder siden
I remember when gabbie started from vine and how she seemed down to earth.
Huey - 3 måneder siden
jesus, if anyone needs to go to a psych ward then it’s probably trisha... why you gotta dish out the insults like that.. maybe i’m being delusional or missing something here. I mean.. Gabbie did make mistakes - but who’s to say that she can’t grow from that? note to self: the internet makes everyone insane.
Coyotes horizon
Coyotes horizon - 3 måneder siden
Jesus all of them are toxic
Ashleigh - 3 måneder siden
Trisha needs to get offline and take care of herself she looks like shes in her 40s or 50s
Wasted - 3 måneder siden
Omg Adam made it in the video!
Simp TwT
Simp TwT - 3 måneder siden
Trishas rant kinda makes me mad idk why but she sound like she’s trying to start something
LaLa Johnson
LaLa Johnson - 3 måneder siden
I was born before cell phones....I have nothing.....hmm...nothing...hmmm ok
Annah Kreyling-Hoag
Annah Kreyling-Hoag - 3 måneder siden
Tbh didn't even know Gabbie left...
Ayukpa Starshine
Ayukpa Starshine - 3 måneder siden
Honestly, I lowkey take Gabbie's side in this and see that there was 0% reason why she should apologize for talking about her song. And I liked the song. And Trisha needs to slow her roll.
Marc - 3 måneder siden
I really haven't watched Gabbie Hanna's vlogs so I'm not familiar with her character but I've been listening to her songs for a while now. I originally saw it from a reaction video. I think they're actually great. Especially, "Perfect Day".
maruchan - 3 måneder siden
Honestly it is weird gabbie made a song for trisha then decided to sing it for herself
ana lee
ana lee - 3 måneder siden
did trisha ask gabby to write a song?
ana lee
ana lee - 3 måneder siden
gabbie started it and i dont get good vibes from her.
Ajla Smajlagic
Ajla Smajlagic - 3 måneder siden
Trisha looks like someone who is borderline n also abusive. I think she needs to seek help. She acts exactly like my ex roommate who would emotionally abuse his ex n this looks like since she can’t control gabbi she has to control other people’s image of her. Which is another form of abuse.
Maia Bou
Maia Bou - 3 måneder siden
they really throw around real mental health labels like they’re nothing it’s so disgusting. blaming everything on mental issues that they clearly don’t even try to research or understand?
bennihaha87 - 3 måneder siden
How old are these two women?
bri2brazy - 3 måneder siden
isn't she the pink girl crying ?
lucan valerius
lucan valerius - 3 måneder siden
Lol Trisha thinks shes any better than gabby, that's just pure comedy right there 😂
Myrora - 3 måneder siden
Are we forgetting that Trisha almost pushed DissociaDID system to suic$de? I don't like Gabbie at all, I never have, but I feel like Trisha is the psychopath here.
togas hot non binary bestie
togas hot non binary bestie - 3 måneder siden
When she called her a psychopath I was like:😑
K Mcleod
K Mcleod - 3 måneder siden
Trisha looks scary. She is a big shitstarter too. She makes up stuff.
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith - 3 måneder siden
How are these adults?!
Daniel tittyfish
Daniel tittyfish - 3 måneder siden
Trisha Paytas looks like a real life Miss Piggy.
ahistoryinmusic - 3 måneder siden
Sooo basically 2 problematic and toxic people feuding...
Celise Cupit
Celise Cupit - 3 måneder siden
Also Trisha: -won’t stop talking about Gabbie a while after Gabbie and the other dude just stopped-
LEXGGVS - 3 måneder siden
Saying she’s crazy doesn’t help you love
dont have a full opinion just ya
E E - 3 måneder siden
Im in the middle, trisha is mentally unstable, thats all I have to say about that, but gabbie shouldn't have released the vid if it made trisha uncomfy