Harry Styles DRAGGED Over New Photos, Shuts Down Hater with 1 Tweet

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Vogue posts the cover of their December issue with Harry Styles-and it breaks the internet.
On November 13th, Vogue announced that Harry Styles was going to be the cover star for their December issue. With this cover, Harry would be the first man to appear solo on the cover of Vogue. The photos featured in the article showed Harry in a variety of outfits, including dresses and skirts.
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rowan-may - 12 timer siden
There's too many big words.
My brain hurts.
isabelle belaney
isabelle belaney - 12 timer siden
Harry is by far the only man I’ve seen who has not put out toxicity. He’s always very polite, has always had a good attitude except for when he was getting attacked by the paparazzis. Men can wear dresses too, without getting hated on. Women wear suits all the time and everyone loves it, and so do I. Treat that equally.
Furkan - 15 timer siden
Mad disrespect for the other dude on the podcast trying to gaslight logan
Linda Montigney
Linda Montigney - 16 timer siden
Ever heard of clothes do not make the man.
Botlhale Mashiane
Botlhale Mashiane - 20 timer siden
Honestly, humans are a mess sometimes , including me. it's really disappointing how judgmental people are 😐
Marissa Q
Marissa Q - 23 timer siden
Unless Harry Styles is the only male figure in a kids life it’s not going to stop “manly men” from existing. It lets masculinity in all forms exist.
Orange Fruit dude
Orange Fruit dude - Dag siden
8:33 I don’t wanna be in 2020 it’s scary :(
Edit: I thought about it 2020 is a trailer of 2021, is there an option for 2019 ?
Juana Paz
Juana Paz - Dag siden
Nunca he admirado a nadie como a él. Es él un hombre bastante fuerte para realizar eso, y su orientación es muy a parte de todo. Nadie debería ser criticado por su apariencia o vestimenta. Él realmente es un ser con valor como persona muy alto.
RubeeRoja - Dag siden
What does he mean he " likes things the way things have been"? Has he ever seen fashion from other decades? What is he mean he likes things the way today's Ben. How's he ever seen fashion from other decades? Pink for men, super short shorts and cut off tops for athletic men, bell bottoms, high heels, unisex dresses for children (see Franklin D. Roosevelt), 19th century sleeping gowns/night shirts for men. We can go further and further back… And what about women's fashion. Being able to wear pants as a revolutionary movement…
*edit: sorry, I hadn't yet made it to the end of the video when she went into this I'm detail and I loved it.👏
Socksonmafeet - Dag siden
Clothing that is tailored to fit the form of man or woman IS gendered. Are we going to pretend that men do not have briefs tailored to hold and stabilize their, uh organs? How can you say clothing is not gendered, when they are several instances in which it is.
Socksonmafeet - Dag siden
Okay so if men have been wearing dresses since the beginning of time how is any of this, "progressive?"
Let's not pretend a Roman toga or kilt is the same as a dress tailored to fit the physiology of a woman...
I do think Ben and Candace missed the mark, but the gaslighting in this video is far more vicious and in poor faith.
Susan itzel Fernando Osorio
y el man despues sale con un vestido como si no hubiera dicho nd
Pearls Anne Heels
Pearls Anne Heels - Dag siden
Wow, I didn't think id ever agree with Paul Logan
Sugie Lou
Sugie Lou - Dag siden
I didn't know who Harry Styles was until I saw him on the cover of Vogue! Thank you! I love your music!
Vania Elizabeth Espinoza
I see this and I don’t know how I feel about it. I agree that clothes are genderless. I wear pants all the time and I’m a girly girl. I feel like I’m missing the point, though. I just feel like he wanted to get views and leave controversy behind. I’m not a backwards kind of person, but I fail to see what the point is. What was Harry Styles trying to say with this?
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn - Dag siden
It's really toxic to actually think that all republicans or conservatives are like this.
Double trouble Mate
Double trouble Mate - 2 dager siden
But really why get so worked up, let the guy do what he wants, why does our clothes have to represent our gender, it’s just a load of bullsh*t 🙄🙄
Charlie Quinn III
Charlie Quinn III - 2 dager siden
Bring back girly men
rushaye henry
rushaye henry - 2 dager siden
Y'all need to remember pants were meant for MEN
rushaye henry
rushaye henry - 2 dager siden
Ok yh but Am I the only girl here that wears oversized MEN SHIRTS,but obviously that's not wrong but when a man wears a dress......y'all gonnnaaa stack them....
rushaye henry
rushaye henry - 2 dager siden
I don't remember God saying"ADAM DO NOT WEAR SKIRTS AND DRESSSES".........
rushaye henry
rushaye henry - 2 dager siden
Y'all need to remember that men CREATED HEELS AND HEELS WERE MADE FOR MEN........SOO...........
Maya - 2 dager siden
I’d pick Harry any day over Candace or Ben
S I M M I - 2 dager siden
He is just wearing a dress, not changing his gender that he becomes less manly! Period.
Kenzie Siggers
Kenzie Siggers - 2 dager siden
I love Harry with all my heart, and have always supported him. He is my idol. Personally, I think him being comfortable in a dress is impressive, because I find dresses itchy and uncomfortable. And im a woman. I have been so proud of Harry for his accomplishments, and thats not going to stop now.
Neville - 2 dager siden
Who said Harry is feminine because he wore a dress?
•ᗴᑎᑕᕼᗩᑎTᗴᗪ ᗷᗴᗩᖇ•
Bruh they can whatever they want to be no one when I say no one I mean NO one asked her opinion
Oghosa Nehizena
Oghosa Nehizena - 3 dager siden
For me it doesn’t look good, but if he wants to wear it, Who am I to judge
Salamikuchentv - 3 dager siden
I don't get the point, in my opinion it doesn't matter what other want or think and others are not entitled to have men the "manly"way they want. confidence is more important.
—reasons why—
—reasons why— - 3 dager siden
"the east knows this."
girl what? i'm from the east. What are you going on about?
Marion Shedrick
Marion Shedrick - 3 dager siden
I don't get why this is such a big deal has anyone ever seen YungBlud he wears corsets on stage women's clothes we're 2021 the world is past judging people, we could be who we want to be and dress how we want to doesn't nothing changes the fact everyone in the world is their own person in their own way! different is a good thing if we were all the same the world would be boring.
EverSoWillow UwU
EverSoWillow UwU - 3 dager siden
Men wearing dress is really cute in my opinion it’s wholesome. And is completely fine, I don’t see why it’s such a problem
So So
So So - 3 dager siden
I like how Logan is being civil voicing his opinion and then mike goes," your too quick to get angry" bruh Mikey pall buddy chum your literally too quick to get angry about a guy wearing a dress... so what are you talking about?
Helena Emery
Helena Emery - 3 dager siden
“it’s not attractive” oh shut up half the women on this earth dream about marrying this man
maggie_shy_3O4 little miracle
She is pathetic , HARRY MAKE EVERy style Gorgeous and he is very confident in what he wears
sketchy. png
sketchy. png - 3 dager siden
The only time clothes would be masculine and feminine would be in french language.
JennieFlickerFan - 3 dager siden
Sydney: Men wearing dresses and acting feminine isn’t attractive to a large portion of women
Re:Zero fans: Am I a joke to you? I mean look at all the Felix simps
teegee70 - 3 dager siden
Umm...big deal. Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Prince. This isn't new!!!
Nia Thomas
Nia Thomas - 3 dager siden
They’re just mad he can pull it dresses better than half of these females 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️
Right Over Wrong
Right Over Wrong - 3 dager siden
Candice has a great point but it’s made to look hypocritical when she, herself, wears pants.
Dani Martinez
Dani Martinez - 4 dager siden
Leave him TF alone, dude this is so annoying
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren - 4 dager siden
The way Elijah Wood dragged Candace tho...
HoneyHaz - 4 dager siden
It's just fabric. Get over it.
Megan Rowse
Megan Rowse - 4 dager siden
What people wear isn't a reflection of who they are. It's just a physical attribution.
2020 Nightmare bad
2020 Nightmare bad - 4 dager siden
Lilah Shapiro
Lilah Shapiro - 4 dager siden
Can Ben Shapiro not get in other people's business for two seconds.
Abril Cabrera-Ruiz
Abril Cabrera-Ruiz - 4 dager siden
“Most women don’t think its attractive” HEY, skinny people are the beauty standard lets stop making plus sized clothes! “I want a man who can protect me” skirt equals bad and men shouldn’t exist if they are not MY and MY only specific type! “He’s destroying masculinity” MASCULINITY GO GRRRR GIRL BAD, HE DRESS LIKE GIRL 🙊, “kids will get confused” MOMMY WHY IS DADDY WEARING A DRESS, OH NO I THINK IM A HOMOSEXUAL, oh,,,what do you mean i see straight people on the television all the time? That doesn’t count. THATS HOW YOU ALL SOUND.
Miguel Derek
Miguel Derek - 4 dager siden
If you're a man and wear a dress that doesn't make you any less than man you are what you are don't even bother listing to others bad opinions on you. LOVE YOUR SELF
Amirah Khan
Amirah Khan - 5 dager siden
No one has the right to judge other people for what they wear or do because it’s that person’s choice of doing it , someone wearing something is not going to affect anything in your life .
Srishti Sareen
Srishti Sareen - 5 dager siden
1. Clothes have no gender, If we girls say we wear what we like (eg, jeans, tops, suits, jackets) then the same goes to guys, they can wear what they want regardless of gender cause according to this situation HARRY IS NOT WEARING "FEMININE CLOTHES" HE IS JUST WEARING "CLOTHES" and that's okay, and stop dragging kids cause i mean, nowadays kids know more and have a flexible mind set then what adults do, you cannot force some one to live like the society wants, and what's society, its just a bunch of ppl with fixed mind set who say "EQUALITY" when it comes to women and say "FEMININE" when it's for men. Kids are the most adaptable to what they are shown, show them that EQUALITY is meant for everyone regardless of gender and again "CLOTHES HAVE NO GENDER"
That was lengthy, sorry! But I had to put out my point of view. If some sees something off than what I'm trying to explain above, pls let me know.
Дарья Т.
Дарья Т. - 5 dager siden
I'm barely half in the video
It's so rough
Didn't know it was this inflamed
Nayeli Tejeda
Nayeli Tejeda - 5 dager siden
Imagin, one day our generetion will start having children, this world will be totally diferent, we came to change this society
Reality Check
Reality Check - 5 dager siden
There's no such thing as toxic masculinity
Hudsyn Livingston
Hudsyn Livingston - 5 dager siden
Bridget Hoey
Bridget Hoey - 5 dager siden
This is so annoying Harry is strong and knows how to open doors for women and also how to change tires! but he can also wear a dress
Geniyah Doe
Geniyah Doe - 5 dager siden
Why are people being hyprocrites? Literally women wear pants and suits. That's manly not feminine. Pants was made for men and so was dresses. But later on they gave the dresses to the women. But literally no women should talk about men who put on feminine clothes cause they are literally wearing pants and shorts that was for men. But soon changed.
Geniyah Doe
Geniyah Doe - 5 dager siden
Their talking about bring back manly men.....hahaha that's make me laugh. We never had a manly men in America. Probably MLK and Abraham but there is no manly men. Especially the try hards. ( The ones who think they are manly)
Sherry Nelson
Sherry Nelson - 6 dager siden
My son wears my dresses and I’m ok with that and he’s only 8 because he enjoys it but also likes shorts and pants as well.
Muskan Gurung
Muskan Gurung - 6 dager siden
*Women wearing suits*
Everyone: Wow she's so strong a real boss lady
*Men wearing skirts*
Everyone: Ew Gross. Bring back masculinity

sapna karunathilaka
sapna karunathilaka - 6 dager siden
Candace Owens dude I don’t care what the bloody opinion u have okay. But don’t ever speak a single words against Michael Jackson. U pathetic woman. If u wanna bring back manly men the real example for that I can possibly give u is Michael Jackson but for ignorance people like won’t understand it. No matter u r a man or a woman it’s all matters how u achieve things around u without harming anyone else around u. Which simply mean discipline, good character, good mind ,heart and soul. Women like u won’t understand those values. What the issue with Harry styles pictures they are fab! This is what u call creativity silly 😜
Victoria Minnich
Victoria Minnich - 6 dager siden
Harry’s gonna do what he wants always much love to him!!!
Super Nova
Super Nova - 6 dager siden
Y’all Harry did this for a photoshoot! And he was handsomely paid by Vogue ! Have any of you seen him wearing a dress in public again??No !
So relax!
Juju Schrader
Juju Schrader - 6 dager siden
This is the one time I like logan paul
Juju Schrader
Juju Schrader - 6 dager siden
Honey, us children are doing fine, leave us alone
Stella Kabisa
Stella Kabisa - 7 dager siden
Regardless of them not liking my Harry in a dress he still be getting that bag 🤷🏾‍♀️
Chumatok Tok
Chumatok Tok - 7 dager siden
Harry looks so amazing 😘keep on hating haters 😂
John Wick
John Wick - 7 dager siden
Alex Hood
Alex Hood - 7 dager siden
I think all coveralls are manly. no matter what color they are.
Carla Dino
Carla Dino - 7 dager siden
Que clase de persona eres Olivia tu eres hipocrita
Space Cookiie695
Space Cookiie695 - 8 dager siden
Clothes don't have a gender 😭
Amission Possible
Amission Possible - 8 dager siden
actually he wore something that the classy british old ages wore tho...
Joseth Mathew
Joseth Mathew - 8 dager siden
My take on this is just that it gets annoying and what happened on logan's show was that some people want everyone to agree and respect what they believe in, in this case Harry in dress but, the same thing goes the other way, if they don't agree with it its completely fine its their life, as long as they don't try to impose their ideology on others you be you whether you agree or not
Alexandrea Scammell
Alexandrea Scammell - 9 dager siden
I suddenly have a lot of respect for Logan paul
TheTadziofan - 9 dager siden
There are three men fighting about Harry, is all.
Lizey Jackson
Lizey Jackson - 9 dager siden
be who you wanna be, clothing doesn’t define gender
Marilyn Stevens
Marilyn Stevens - 9 dager siden
What Harry wears does not define him
King D3rty
King D3rty - 9 dager siden
Chris tucker dis it first- 5th element
ricardo marshall
ricardo marshall - 9 dager siden
Soooo basically she changed her thoughts after Harry shaded her...
ricardo marshall
ricardo marshall - 9 dager siden
@Luis Morales sickening...she should've kept the same energy
Luis Morales
Luis Morales - 9 dager siden
StanAnnabelleForClearSkin - 10 dager siden
Instagram stan: ok
Twitter stan: 👹😠🔥🔪
Sneha Sinha
Sneha Sinha - 10 dager siden
Wow..never knew that men need clothes and outer agressiveness to prove their masculinity. Ofc biology and emotions don't matter. 😑 Only females can dress however thay want and still be their feminine selves. RIP logic😂.
Erion Hotnjani
Erion Hotnjani - 10 dager siden
I agree with ben
Helen White
Helen White - 10 dager siden
Harry styles is a really cool catimite.
James Holden
James Holden - 10 dager siden
If you have a problem with men wearing skirts, you should have a problem with women wearing pants..
As for being an "alpha" male, it has to do with your attitude, and how you carry yourself, not what you wear.
Also, it's funny how you mention toxic masculinity, but not toxic femininity.
just a basic girl
just a basic girl - 11 dager siden
These reactions because a man wore a dress make me sick
C Life
C Life - 11 dager siden
The fact that there’s a whole argument about what someone wear, it’s a proof that they have too much unproductive time in their hand. So many worthy topic to argues and they argue about this useless topic 🤔. Are they really that bored ?
mary vassilakopoulou
mary vassilakopoulou - 11 dager siden
Who likes David Bowie?l love David Bowie and l think Harry is absolutely awsome with the dresses!
xnoworriesx - 11 dager siden
clothes *don't* have genders.
Harry Styles
Harry Styles - 11 dager siden
Sexism goes both ways. Racism goes both ways. Its important to remember that.
Comeback Justin
Comeback Justin - 11 dager siden
veronica young
veronica young - 11 dager siden
They just can’t simply except that decades change and just because it’s weird to you doesn’t mean it’s weird to everybody else so there. 🤦🏼‍♀️ my lord At the end of the day that person is still believing that’s all that matters.
Hadley Gustin
Hadley Gustin - 11 dager siden
0:17 “I didn’t even flinch”
Blossome_ Seonghwa
Blossome_ Seonghwa - 11 dager siden
As somone who grew up with no respect for neither Logan or Jake Paul I've gained so much more respect for Logan. He knows what he did before is wrong and he's growing from those mistakes.
Kirsten Meier
Kirsten Meier - 11 dager siden
I think (and hear me out) it doesn’t matter what you wear. It doesn’t make you male or female and it does not have anything to do with masculinity. If you identify as a female and you wear a suit, you are still a female. If you identify as male and you wear a dress you are still male. If anything, having the confidence to wear a dress makes you manly. You know who you are, ya know? If this doesn’t make since feel free to ask
Isabella Moreno
Isabella Moreno - 11 dager siden
"The east knows this".
Do they not know kpop fashion is a thing?
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau - 12 dager siden
“This world needs masculinity more than ever.” “we need strong men.” Okay. Explain to me why we don’t have a strong male role model for a president right now or had one for another electoral option. 💀 Humans are pathetic. No wonder why aliens never come here.
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau - 12 dager siden
Forever will love this man. Just. Wow. 😍 I can’t even pull off a dress that good.
sunnie - 12 dager siden
I truly don’t understand why people are upset over Harry Styles wearing a dress. Why does what he wears concern you? YOU have no valid opinion or input on what someone wears or doesn’t wear. period.
Era Akbar Budi Santoso
Era Akbar Budi Santoso - 12 dager siden
if women really want to be equally treated (have jobs, lead, get respect), women need to treat men equally too
Vroom Time
Vroom Time - 12 dager siden
So its attractive when a woman wears a suit- but not attractive when a man wears an amazing dress. Sheeshh..
Morne Dieter Dunn
Morne Dieter Dunn - 12 dager siden
Great Video! Thanks Hun. Love from South Africa
i have lemonade
i have lemonade - 12 dager siden
"I think it's completely okay for George to think that"
George has no business thinking that because it's silly and it doesn't affect him, and it wouldn't cost him jack to change that opinion. And this is not me 'silencing free speech buhuhu" cause that masculine clothes vs femine clothes way of thinking is so last century.