James Charles DENIES Stealing, H3H3 Finally LEAKS DMs Exposing Everything

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Ethan Klein from h3h3Productions called James Charles out for stealing a signature design-but fans don’t know what to believe.
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M4RC0 - 22 dager siden
pretty sure most people came here because james charles is gaming now
Shoun Louie
Shoun Louie - 24 dager siden
Why is this guy bringing up past controversies so he can clapback
Maya - 4 dager siden
ethan only brought up the palette because it was a similar situation. imagine if tf copied james instead, james would've been as mad as he was with the palette. when he's on the receiving end he's understandably upset but when he's the one copying he gets really defensive :/
turisiya - Måned siden
Using the color palette isn't stealing except when you use the same concept and design. 🙄 He didn't even bother changing anything, just the placement. Seriously, I don't know why some of you guys insist that this isn't plagiarism.
Yasmin G
Yasmin G - Måned siden
"SUE ME" I'd rather buy that hoodie 🤣
Brendan - Måned siden
This James "fella" looks like an alien.
DracoHiteGames - Måned siden
James Charles merch is not even the exactly same color it’s the same but it’s not the right place and also why did you even mine of that it just call sister and then it’s purple blue and white and pink and also sister James March are so cute
Tina's Trooper Wheeling Life
I had a sweatshirt in these colors before these young bucks were a thought in daddys balls
Ω0R-30Ω - Måned siden
Larray wore that hoodie everyday chilling 💀
Hello Hi
Hello Hi - Måned siden
Hunny James I support u through everything but u r being a hypocrite here
•arbeborja• - Måned siden
"Copying is a sign of flattery"
Your sign is the art of jealously
LOLOL - Måned siden
soo whos right and whos wrong i was kinda confused
Coco - Måned siden
Who else notices the fact that the w&w pallete isn't actually an exact copy? Look closely at the corner colors. Some colors are similar but none are the exact same.
Peanut_The_Good Idk
Peanut_The_Good Idk - Måned siden
2:16 larray in that merch though..
You look like fire girlie
Arwa - Måned siden
Tik tok teens are annoying
Dragon Legend
Dragon Legend - Måned siden
One of my problems is how people reacted towards Ethan... He was literally asking a genuine question and wasn't even CLAIMING it was copied. He only asked if it looked like it. Like, come on MILLENNIALS, I thought you were smart enough to know what a question was?
Emma Ramirez
Emma Ramirez - Måned siden
I mean it’s just a design, yes plagiarism is a huge thing but tons of other people have the same colors. I think James didn’t mean to do it.
Always Lily
Always Lily - Måned siden
James could have done way cooler designs, but he choose that one. I feel like he didn’t “copy them”, but like I said he could have done so much more than just a “pastel hoodie”.
This is off topic: I think James should make a pastel pallet, it would be sooooo pretty! 🤩
Pixel Pudding 39
Pixel Pudding 39 - Måned siden
Can we appreciate that she said “Hila” right?
Alexandra Senior
Alexandra Senior - Måned siden
new creator anyone wanna exchange support out here in this dog eat dog world
no - 2 måneder siden
just buy each other's merch case closed
Jaydine Lee
Jaydine Lee - 2 måneder siden
For the record... Some 21 years old are children still. It really depends on upbringing and actually, even with that thought ..some 21 years old may be more responsible but mentally they are still children.
Dyain - 2 måneder siden
Idk how long you've been using those new pose thingys but I love them
Katia Razo
Katia Razo - 2 måneder siden
Honestly I don’t like any of them but that one guy went too far. James wanted to keep it private but the other guy wanted everyone to know and even SS the messages. He wanted some clout out of it and it’s kinda gross. On the other hand, next time James needs to be more careful on what he makes and should really double check what he is making before making millions of them 😬.
ThePaintedPixel 15
ThePaintedPixel 15 - 2 måneder siden
Although brain development is subject to significant individual variation, most experts suggest that the brain is fully developed by age 25. For some people, brain development may be complete prior to age 25, while for others it may end after age 25.
james is human, he makes mistakes.
T M - 2 måneder siden
What if it’s just a publicity stunt to drive sales for both sides? 👀
adam - 2 måneder siden
i literally got a hoodie AGES ago almost the exact same as the teddy fresh ones only it has a primary colour scheme and is by the brand SLSTR. this isn’t original for anyone lol
Dan Wesley
Dan Wesley - 2 måneder siden
Dan Wesley
Dan Wesley - 2 måneder siden
Caroline Guy
Caroline Guy - 2 måneder siden
I'm geeking, James said "could be used by artists of any skill level" bro it's eyeshadow calm down
Kodi Angel
Kodi Angel - 2 måneder siden
H3H3: *gets mad at James Charles for stealing their non original idea*
Also H3H3: *steals ideas from pop figures and pop culture to use for their merch*
jay apo
jay apo - 2 måneder siden
Professional response???? He’s using EMOJIS!!!!!
Alther Esguerra
Alther Esguerra - 2 måneder siden
Colors be confusing me now
w o l f i x x s m i d n i g h t
w o l f i x x s m i d n i g h t - 2 måneder siden
Erhh those hatters for teddy you better wash your mouth copying is so rude ur basicly stealing there things James I gana say hey brothers so stop James like this time too far like ethan is not a bigger than you James copy cat so ov James copy cat fans are ganna bulky him so bye brothers and if any one knows morah elezbeth she was wearing g the same colour shirt it was the art room tour
Mrs Rana
Mrs Rana - 3 måneder siden
Umm just saying JC merch is not same to theirs the colours are liter for JC and the design is kind of similar but the pockets are different and why are they fighting about colours in shirts
Dr Manhattan
Dr Manhattan - 3 måneder siden
He was FAMILIAR with the brand. His buddy wore it all the time around him. He knows what he is doing.....
водка - 3 måneder siden
Teddy fresh isn’t merch, it’s a HUGE clothing brand! And it’s all Hila’s original work and the fact that James is dismissing that makes me soooo mad
Gabriella Lynn
Gabriella Lynn - 3 måneder siden
Glamour Toad
Glamour Toad - 3 måneder siden
I'm a James Charles fan and I'm not gonna sit here and defend him. What he did was wrong and he deserves to be called out for stealing.
KolonaRulez - 3 måneder siden
I have a hoodie from Factory 2-U I got for $7 that looks nearly identical to those hoodies. The real controversy should be why people are paying $60+ for one piece of branded clothing.
Janiya Gowdy
Janiya Gowdy - 2 måneder siden
Cuz it is branded and people will spend alot of money on clothes
Living Life With Tk
Living Life With Tk - 3 måneder siden
Ethan really mad that James has a bigger platform and will sell more. Like get over yourself. He even said he got inspired from Nike.
milk keato
milk keato - 3 måneder siden
The adverts are really annoying
Killsad - 3 måneder siden
Honestly reminds me of Tyler The Creator’s whole aesthetic
LurkerBae - 3 måneder siden
Its called white priveledge.
Corona01 - 3 måneder siden
Hey did anyone just noteised that they have the same profile picture because there both hugging some thing
roeya nimir
roeya nimir - 3 måneder siden
Tbh James Charles is TRYING, 1. The hoodies are already made, he can’t stop them because he will loose millions 2. Since they said something, THEY should find the solution not James Charles, 3.he should have apologized
cherrysoda97 - 3 måneder siden
Yeah companies have been doing that color scheme for years on hoodies. As for the palette, there was already a similar one on Morphe's that James demanded to be taken down and THEN the Morphe X James palette was on the site.
Rosa Romero
Rosa Romero - 3 måneder siden
idkkkk i think james was 10/10 wrong, especially after seeing the dms but pop off i guess
Jordan Phoenix
Jordan Phoenix - 3 måneder siden
these styles of jumpers have been out for years. idk why h3h3 think they made them up?
angelitatraviesa5 - 3 måneder siden
Back then turning 20 meant that you're old and 30 was the glory days but now being 20 is still being young and the glory days, and turning 30 is when you get old and start getting a life in a more serious way ._.
Miranda Lynn
Miranda Lynn - 3 måneder siden
they should just call it a colab and leave it at that...
We Chill
We Chill - 3 måneder siden
Marie M
Marie M - 3 måneder siden
I’ve never seen a Teddy Fresh hoodie before but now I’m buying one!
Kenzie Hogan
Kenzie Hogan - 3 måneder siden
Okay so basically what happened is H3H3 is complaining about James stealing but there’s an issue. This issue is it wouldn’t hold up in court, why? well even though James’s design is similar to H3H3, it’s different enough that James would actually win.
Who is in the wrong tho? Both of them, to a degree at least. James should have taken responsibility instead of throwing his team under the bus. He should have changed the design more (which is easier than you think). H3H3 is wrong in the sense that he was being unprofessional. He also is portraying his design like its original, it’s not. It originated in the 1940s actually! Though it went out of style for a while, I must credit him with making it popular again (wether he did or not, it’s hard to tell).
This situation is a complicated mess but if you don’t let you biases control how you perceive the mess, then all becomes clear
tinavarela1 - 3 måneder siden
And he stole the national anthem....🙀🙀🙀🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tivash Hall
Tivash Hall - 3 måneder siden
I want to hear your thoughts because mine are scattered 😔🤚
Me Me
Me Me - 3 måneder siden
If you’re not taking legal action then shut up
bella Mcfailure
bella Mcfailure - 3 måneder siden
That "once again 🙃" is so passive aggressive tom,e
Hamza Lambarki
Hamza Lambarki - 3 måneder siden
If you’re gonna plagiarize at least do it well 😂 he could’ve AT LEAST changed the color placements on the hoodie hh weak
Kyara Mapley
Kyara Mapley - 3 måneder siden
I don't actually think the hoodies are all that similar. The pale yellow pocket area pretty much changes the whole feel of the design even though the sleeves and hood are the same. Is it plagiarism if you can tell them apart by more than the logo? Maybe I'm wrong. Either way, I'm sure JC was going to make big money no matter the design.
Morgan Grace
Morgan Grace - 3 måneder siden
There’s tiktoks of James Charles friends wearing teddy fresh and the exact hoodie with him before his launch.
bhuvana j
bhuvana j - 3 måneder siden
But isnt that design very common
Susanne Jensen
Susanne Jensen - 3 måneder siden
The hoddies are both very unoriginal 🤔 reminds me of the brands "H2O" and "color kids" clothing I wore as a child/pre teen
QuillPenMonster - 3 måneder siden
H3H3 wasn't even complaining copying. Ethain was mostly concerned that James Sisters would think TeddyFresh was ripping them off. People forget how to read?
Melissa Cardenas
Melissa Cardenas - 3 måneder siden
“Drop the businessman hat, put on the human hat”....?
So then why didn’t James pull the design when he knew PRIOR to launch that it was likely copied 🥴
Barbiebandsome - 3 måneder siden
Gurl shut up it’s just a design.
Nicola Caitlin
Nicola Caitlin - 3 måneder siden
Listen, I'm not saying that James is right in this situation, but the way Ethan handled it was pathetic. Posting shady tweets because he didn't get his way? Thats something a child would do. He could have handled all of it in private, he could have even organised a google meet to discuss everything with James' team. Instead, he decided to complain on Twitter like anyone could have done something to fix the whole situation? I sure do hope that James stops producing the hoodie, but I also hope that Ethan would grow up.
Taylor Turtle
Taylor Turtle - 3 måneder siden
james is jeffree stars clone . like the mean girls she is cady . hopefull jc changes
AdamarisCraftsss - 3 måneder siden
I’m just sick of his blatant theft. It’s been multiple instances and can be proven. Why does anyone blindly support people who do these things?
Jordan Drakeford
Jordan Drakeford - 3 måneder siden
I think it's very interesting the amount of double standards between influencers, fans, and controversy. I'm immediately brought back to when everybody thought Jeffree Star shouldn't release his Cremated palette due to the pandemic but the product had already been in production far in advance. James is guilty by association. He LEADS a team. The team doesn't choose the brand's image or direction for him. The evidence ie the DMs were enough for me and anyone that recognizes a track record. So disappointing.
Ines Mondragon
Ines Mondragon - 3 måneder siden
You guys can share it's only colors on the sweater there's act like you made a lot of money on it.
yucky ari
yucky ari - 3 måneder siden
i’m not a james charles fan or watch him but i’ve seen many hoodies similar to both of them? he could of liked the design and did something similar. i don’t think it’s a ripoff.
Alizea Stearns
Alizea Stearns - 3 måneder siden
Imagine caring.
Nika - 3 måneder siden
James being an entitled hypocrite, what's new...
Nerly Saint-Fleur
Nerly Saint-Fleur - 3 måneder siden
The fact that JC friends wear teddy fresh.... Says a lot
ShindlersFist - 3 måneder siden
James charles fans are legit crazy
デーモンPurple - 3 måneder siden
I mean is merch a competitive market? I don't buy merch based on design, i buy it based on which creator i like more and want to support. I'm pretty sure h3h3 and james' fanbases don't overlap much
STAN - 3 måneder siden
I mean, that guy just wants clout. Sorry. If he was serious about it, he would dm him in private and handle it, but he's making a show about it. Yes it matters who is wrong at the end, but he loses credit if hes starting it wrong already.
Isabella - 3 måneder siden
For anyone saying that Ethan should drop the subject.. how would anyone feel if someone as big as James did that to you? I like james but I don’t approve of his actions sometimes.
Kristina K
Kristina K - 3 måneder siden
69 has new ones that looks the same too
Jaimee G
Jaimee G - 3 måneder siden
Ignorance does not justify plagiarism.
Jaimee G
Jaimee G - 3 måneder siden
Doesn't matter it has been rip-offed even before. It simply discredits the designer's idea, and for a big influence like James--
Rainboba - 3 måneder siden
Yay. Can't wait to be seen as a james charles fan when im just trying to support my fav podcast :|
Hails Fromig
Hails Fromig - 3 måneder siden
I have never hurd of “teddy fresh”
Freya Tc
Freya Tc - 3 måneder siden
“Our audience is different” eh I’m not sure about you guys but I watch both of their channels.
Darko - 3 måneder siden
remember you fans were also mad at Jeffree star for his "team" stealing the alien art. James is just as fault.
Darko - 3 måneder siden
just like everyone hating Ellen for what her "crew" did. James is just the same. he is in charge. it has his name on it.
J I Y A - 3 måneder siden
I’m sooo confused on what to believe??
Aria Weiß
Aria Weiß - 3 måneder siden
I don't think people realize that h3 has satire humor.
Aria Weiß
Aria Weiß - 3 måneder siden
I love Ethan and hila. Teddy fresh is better quality
Vivimus Jenos
Vivimus Jenos - 3 måneder siden
The designs were not in the same place at all? What are they talking about?
Luna Cross
Luna Cross - 3 måneder siden
Saw a sweater that looked almost exactly the same at a thrift store over 2 months ago. They’re fishing.
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande - 3 måneder siden
Teddy fresh clearly copied other brands since 90s
Summer Sings a lot
Summer Sings a lot - 3 måneder siden
You know I’m not necessarily standing up for him but you Gotta be blind if you think the two eyeshadow pallets arnt the exact same layout
the wizard
the wizard - 3 måneder siden
Nothing about James is unique or creative , give me a break. Poor hila
Kayla Mcmurry
Kayla Mcmurry - 3 måneder siden
@teddyfresh take him to court
Kait Flower
Kait Flower - 3 måneder siden
To be honest Rugrats and save by the bell had these colors first .
Breeze H
Breeze H - 3 måneder siden
It's a totally 80s design that has been around since the 80s..all you mfs ripped off the Fresh Prince's look. 🙄 Stop copying my childhood. 👍
Wat ar Yoo DOIN in My SWAMP!
Wat ar Yoo DOIN in My SWAMP! - 3 måneder siden
NAH, if I was H3H3 I JC would've caught a case. I would've been like, you've done this too many times you gonna learn today boi. You gonna learn *to day.*😂
Why it *ALWAYS* be creators in the makeup community stealing or plagiarizing other peoples designs? 🥱
Okay Then
Okay Then - 3 måneder siden
All three of them are acting very childish they are grown adults if Ethan had a problem with James “stealing” their Merch he should of act responsibly and just dmned him and solve their dispute and then afterwards he could share his honest feelings with the public but because Ethan straight up tried to make a very big fuss about it all shows how childish he is. But when it comes to James Charles stealing or copying H3H3s merch I honestly find it Unprofessional that he hadn’t I guess looked out for if people went for the same merch idea and basically having the same shirt but just his name on it is bad. he could of change some colours where the colours placed too the way his name is written the style of the Hoddie. Taking inspiration and stealing something is completely different things even if he hadn’t look out if other people had the same merch idea which I doubt because he probably has a big crew with him he could have made it more unique and the age thing being 21 is not being a child I’m pretty sure you have responsibilities in that age because your brain is fully capable of it .
kvmilla - 3 måneder siden
James Charles is getting ridiculous lately