James Charles DRAGGED For Viral TikTok Trend, Furious Fans Want Apology

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James Charles took part in a TikTok trend, and people are calling him out for it.
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skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 9 dager siden
My nose is perfect
Stephanie Hernandez
Stephanie Hernandez - 17 dager siden
Tbh I don’t rlly like James but ppl are too sensitive towards a trend that wasn’t even supposed be ab*se.
Paul L
Paul L - 5 måneder siden
People are way to sensitive
A - 5 måneder siden
i’m very unbiased here as i’m not really aware of James Charles and am very indifferent towards him.
tbh, i think it was a little insensitive of him to do so however he has a very valid point. if he’s getting backlash for it, so should everybody else.
from what i’ve seen in this video, James seems to have all his actions twisted. i understand him being called out for it but they should keep that same energy when it comes to other celebs.
xtrasmalltrash - 6 måneder siden
Where'd people get domestic violence from? You realize that isn't the only way people can get bruised up right? Like he looks like he got in a fight, but people want to twist it so that they have a reason to be mad at something he does. I dont like James but this is just ridiculous. People just want a reason to be mad at something
Jada Potata
Jada Potata - 6 måneder siden
Ew lilhuddy
Divya Sasidharan
Divya Sasidharan - 6 måneder siden
It is an American thing where u brag about being arrested for violence?
Aimi lol
Aimi lol - 7 måneder siden
I honestly think james could have posted unicorns and rainbows and still get attacked for it.
Nameless - 7 måneder siden
Spill: “Many celebrities hopped on the trend.”
Me: “I don’t know any of these people... I feel old now... Who’s up for a friendly game of Bingo?” 😂
Xia UwU
Xia UwU - 7 måneder siden
People really do sensitive tho
Axel AW
Axel AW - 7 måneder siden
This is exactly why people have less and less sympathy or compassion for people who have been in terrible terrible terrible situations and things done to them they did never deserve, or ask for. That's why victim is now being used as an insult, then the strong, and courageous, and brave meaning it had before to be labeled one. I'm sorry but I don't have sympathy with the people who commented to James about that, your making yourself a victim, and things about you, so idgaf if your triggered or upset about it, and don't tell me I just don't understand then and because that's my view I must never have been abused or hurt by someone when I have, that's how my whole childhood was with my dad, but even then I'm 27 years old now, your childhood is only a valid excuse for your stupidity and selfishness to a certain age and time, and I'm way past it, so don't even go there, instead just get over yourself, you will be must happier if you look in a mirror and change that, I promise.
Tea Time
Tea Time - 7 måneder siden
Like everyone is pressed like no offence but it’s not James fault that your boyfriend/partner/husband is a lunatic
DesiredHeart. - 7 måneder siden
ok james haters need to shut up
Irmak Morcol
Irmak Morcol - 7 måneder siden
Honestly for all those people saying it shouldn’t be a trend and it’s a threat to people who get abused what does mugshots have to do with getting abused
Cameron Cardiff
Cameron Cardiff - 7 måneder siden
Oh my god people need to stop getting their feelings hurt over NOTHING
jjm - 7 måneder siden
It’s a mugshot 🗑
Mehmooda Razique
Mehmooda Razique - 7 måneder siden
bruhh people needa think about this tho: He did a mugshot trend, so it means he was in a fight or something. If HE was being abused, then why would HE be getting arrested. Some people are too sensitive. James is a good person, so dont come at him for doing something that a lot of others have done too. Move on with your lives and if your that sensitive about this situation, jus dont watch his tiktok or anything that will "trigger" you.
Addison is the queen Addison I want to meet you
*are you homeschooled*
vqrdant - 7 måneder siden
why if its james charles people start attacking like chile its not that deep like not everyone has to follow you
Shxliax - 7 måneder siden
*James: Walks-*
*Everyone Else: That's offensive to people with no legs, say sorry now.*
*Y'all need some help, how come Avani, Chase or Danielle weren't attacked (Don't go attack them tho) but like- James was **_the only Influencer attacked_** y'all psycho's-*
Zarin Tasnim Priyana
Zarin Tasnim Priyana - 7 måneder siden
JAMES : draws a butterfly on his face
WEIRD HUMANS : this makeup look is reminding me of my dead butterfly .HOW TRIGGERING and OFFENSIVE you are!
Lulu - Roblox
Lulu - Roblox - 7 måneder siden
Makeup has to do with it? God people, let james live. 🙄
Nora Powell
Nora Powell - 8 måneder siden
EVERYONE did this trend. why is it all of a sudden ''making fun of peple'' when James does it. give him a break
quii - 8 måneder siden
James : **imagining stuff**
Haters : omg he making fun of schizophrenia people

Stop it. Get some help.
James didnt do anything imo
lush life love
lush life love - 8 måneder siden
Poor James..he does things without wanting to harm anyone in anyway.. he is young and wants to have fun..it was just a trend..y point him out n not others
Shuchi Bhadoria
Shuchi Bhadoria - 8 måneder siden
absolutely *L O V E* how almost 500 people on tik tok did this trend, yet only James had been called out...
Angel Mavundla
Angel Mavundla - 8 måneder siden
Omg I'm so irritated by some fans like
It's just a trend, not that deep🤷‍♀️
Like I'm sorry it triggers you or brings bad memories but how was I supposed to know👀
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover - 8 måneder siden
Danielle Cohn I’m not a fan cause she doesn’t act her age but I mean that’s her life and I don’t control her 😬😌
Amethyst Is trying ok?
Amethyst Is trying ok? - 8 måneder siden
James Charles: *breathes*
char - 8 måneder siden
did she really just call Danielle Cohn a celebrity...
Aya Peters
Aya Peters - 8 måneder siden
Do they know that it’s not only James Charles?
smexyunderscore - 8 måneder siden
We gonna ingore everbody else who did the mugshot and hop on James alr
Stella Draws•
Stella Draws• - 8 måneder siden
*James Charles decides to join on a Tiktok Trend*
"Fans": oMg jAmEs GlOrIfY aBUSE! iT DEfIneTly IsNt tHat i Am IgNorAnT aNd kEpT asSuMinG sTufF hAhAhA

Honestly thoose "fans" arent fans,real fans dont drag their Idol for doing a Trend alot of people arleady been doing before them.
AloeVega - 8 måneder siden
I think that what they were saying made sense but the trend should have been shut down beforehand, James probably just thought he was participating in a community, not glamorizing trauma and abuse
Kyle Chretien
Kyle Chretien - 8 måneder siden
It. Is. Just. MAKEUP!
zlurp - 8 måneder siden
I’m sorry people are too sensitive.
Aymar Pemberton
Aymar Pemberton - 8 måneder siden
Yeah exactly the weekend a billie did it for a story there’s wasn’t real either
no one important
no one important - 8 måneder siden
james: **styles his hair**
his fans: oMg hOw DaRe yOu, YoUr mAKiNg fUn oF pEoPlE whO hAvE cAnCer.
Camille L.
Camille L. - 8 måneder siden
The real issue here is not James, but the trend itself!
Cactus - 8 måneder siden
I guess this means I’m no longer allowed to wear makeup on Halloween that’s bruising or me bleeding 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sumaira Khan
Sumaira Khan - 8 måneder siden
I thought tanas last name was pronounced mongoo-
Nosays The Goat
Nosays The Goat - 8 måneder siden
Anyone else think the bleeps are hella anoying?
CJ2SEGGSY - 8 måneder siden
It’s just a trend 😂
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook - 8 måneder siden
I’m not even a big fan of James, but y’all be calling 1 person out! I’m sorry for the people that r getting abused, but if y’all r gonna take it so personally, then I don’t blame him for responding that way. Y’all finna call *one* person out when there r *hundreds* of people doing this! It is incredibly unfair for James! James seems like he just wanted to join in on something that was famous! I’m sorry to say it like this, but some of y’all r seriously ❄️. I’m sure he never meant to trigger anyone or inflict bad memories. As my own bro has went through domestic violence, ik what it’s like. He wasn’t trying to trigger anyone! If ur gonna call out *one* person, u have to call out *everyone*. It’s either *everyone* or *no one*
Kristina Cassandra Zaragoza
Kristina Cassandra Zaragoza - 8 måneder siden
Every step James takes , he gets called out. I honestly fell bad for him , people are making it look like that’s James cant do anything right.
The Legends
The Legends - 8 måneder siden
Stop crossing of words there not even that bad
Xxi X
Xxi X - 8 måneder siden
Why are people sooooooo sensitive on the Internet
*•cloudyXtears*• -
*•cloudyXtears*• - - 8 måneder siden
James:celebrates Father’s Day. People:OMG HES MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE WITN NO DADS 😟
Ashley Rodney
Ashley Rodney - 8 måneder siden
People get offended over the WRONG thing
Epiphany eve
Epiphany eve - 8 måneder siden
James: breaths
haters: that offensive to people who are low on oxygen and need a oxygen tank to breath
Uncle Grandpa
Uncle Grandpa - 8 måneder siden
They're not talking about Charli, or Lil Huddy when they're just as big as him. The only trend here is everyone hating on James. It was JUST a trend and there were no bad intentions tied with it. I'd love to hear y'all go after the other people who participated but that's not going to happen, is it🙄
Billie O’Connell
Billie O’Connell - 8 måneder siden
James ches his head:
My penis is small, but
My penis is small, but - 8 måneder siden
Okay but like, I respect Charli damelio for not doing a mugshot tiktok and not jumping in on the mugshot trend
Panic! At The Twenty One Chemical Capricorns
Y'all are so quick to call out James Charles but are hella quiet when it's someone else
Zany Mimi Sino
Zany Mimi Sino - 8 måneder siden
This ain't it okay honey kon
Zany Mimi Sino
Zany Mimi Sino - 8 måneder siden
Zara Perkins
Zara Perkins - 8 måneder siden
I understand why people get triggered about stuff but the world doesn’t revolve around you. If you don’t like something, just move on with it and don’t come for people and make them apologise
Char - 8 måneder siden
My god why are they so opinionated it’s embarrassing if you’re bothered by this
Char - 8 måneder siden
Wow people are so weird looooooool they just come for him to come for him. snowflakes. It’s nothing to do with abuse he legit had a bust nose lol
Amagi - 8 måneder siden
I don’t really pay attention to stuff like this, but i honestly don’t think he should be shaded for keeping up with trends. Like, not everything is about you sis🤧
Cherry ETN
Cherry ETN - 8 måneder siden
Of course the tik tokers can get away with it but when a famous person does it they get the heat... yall need to stop targeting celebs just cause of their fame and start calling out everyone else..
pun pun
pun pun - 8 måneder siden
I can see how this is triggering and offensive but many people did that and u only call out James Charles
Molves 33
Molves 33 - 8 måneder siden
I'm curious why she is censoring some words that aren't curses or Intense ..
Sid K
Sid K - 8 måneder siden
Looks like everyone jumped on their favorite target James and took out all their collective frustration of the pandemic on him.
ada ibarra
ada ibarra - 8 måneder siden
James:talks and walks
People:oMg yOu ArE mAkInG fUn oF dIsAbLeD pEoPlE uGgGh!
I don’t have a name
I don’t have a name - 8 måneder siden
I know this is old idc but the brusied and beaten thing is something ive went through to in street fights to me it looked like a guy who lost a fist fight
carey Taitt
carey Taitt - 8 måneder siden
Dudeeeeee they really need to lay off the guy 😒
Izayah Martin
Izayah Martin - 8 måneder siden
...but all the other people who participated are being let off?
Han-Han Bui
Han-Han Bui - 8 måneder siden
So many other people did this trend though? Why was he the only one to get "dragged"?
TheFooFights - 8 måneder siden
Many celebrities: lil huddy, tana mango, danielle cohn EXCUSE ME
RollCake Cookie
RollCake Cookie - 8 måneder siden
sne ke
sne ke - 8 måneder siden
Internet people so sensitive especially to people they don't like. Or poor James just collected the wrong stash of "followers"
Casey Toivenon
Casey Toivenon - 8 måneder siden
It was sweet of James Charles for apologizing for making lite of domestic violence. & I'm sum1 that hates him. So abusing him about it IS wrong!
chaesfood - 8 måneder siden
I- this is a trend and people are getting pressed at James for this when they were doing nothing for everyone else.
Anayos - 8 måneder siden
Oh my jeez why is James always triggering y’all so much y’all pressed he doing what everyone else is doing he can latterly and y’all would say DISRESPECTFUL APOLOGIZE NOW!!
vivi selvia
vivi selvia - 8 måneder siden
it shows how some influencer their can do anything without care the issue and also the apology is not apology its an excuses to and also same as to say " mine your own kitchen instead " . so think before anything u do and talk :) might be a good decision
samantha cardenas
samantha cardenas - 8 måneder siden
I’m neutral about James but people are always coming after him. Like sometimes people find anything to complain about! Like if he breathes people come after him for breathing the same oxygen as them 🤣. But next time he should use a trigger warning, people have gone through things like we all have.
Pip - MC
Pip - MC - 8 måneder siden
I absolutely have no idea what James did wrong.
elim - 8 måneder siden
James: **puts on make up**
Everyone: oMg hE’s mAkiNg fUn oF pEopLe wHO caNnOt aFForD mAkEUp
kush brea
kush brea - 8 måneder siden
idc these people are pathetic “you need to apologize” he really does not it was a trend it’s not that deep they should really get over themselves
brooke_lynn - 8 måneder siden
James: *scratches head*
_Bellaquito_ - 8 måneder siden
Hold up, when she said celebrities I thought she was gonna show celebrities not influencers.
- ellie alanis
- ellie alanis - 8 måneder siden
i honestly feel bad for james at this point. like, he was not the ONLY one doing the mugshot trend, YET he was the only one that was attacked?
Peyton Bradford
Peyton Bradford - 8 måneder siden
Tiktok isn’t the same anymore I’m happy yet sad💗🥺
T - 8 måneder siden
People react so harsh when it comes to Literally whatever James does. He literally was just doing a trend like everyone else does, but since he’s James it’s bad
chunky ded
chunky ded - 8 måneder siden
*bruh other people do the mugshot trend and no one gets offended,James does the mugshot trend and people gets offended*
Yunoa_Alvina - 8 måneder siden
5:23 Excluding Tana.....
Reem Khalid
Reem Khalid - 8 måneder siden
Ok but like everyone did the trend why they only hating on James
Ana Alina
Ana Alina - 8 måneder siden
3:35 Too bad. Close the tab and listen to some girl power music or whatever. He doesn't have to apologize 'cause you had a bad time in the past.
Carolyn Mir
Carolyn Mir - 8 måneder siden
Everything is about "privilege" and " triggering" and "tHaT's OfFeNsIvE" nowadays. Look, people can't be checking what's offensive or what's not in every single thing they do. Unfortunately, anything can be triggering for anyone, that does not mean you should stop doing things because you're scared it can offend someone. It is always going to offend at least one person🤦🏽‍♀️
Michael CHAN [08M2]
Michael CHAN [08M2] - 8 måneder siden
So is everyone watching a new show that triggers domestic violense or what, or are they a bunch of karen idiots or tik tok haters
Claire Golding
Claire Golding - 8 måneder siden
Why did she censor ’fight’ at 2:50? It isnt even a bad word
Mina Senegal
Mina Senegal - 8 måneder siden
So..... it was a tiktok trend, but no one complained about it until James Charles did it?..
krisy zoldyck
krisy zoldyck - 8 måneder siden
Okay, but James is just trying to participate in a TikTok. Ya’ll don’t have to come at him. And plus if you don’t like the TikTok just simply scroll down. Don’t come at him.
chunky ded
chunky ded - 8 måneder siden
Yeah they're like things that are soft
Amanita - 8 måneder siden
Do those people realise that being beaten, bloodied and bruised isn’t only common in domestic violence, its more common in fights, every one of the mugshots are behind the story of a fight, kidnapping or any sort of thing that involves the 3Bs, they mainly get it from movies that people DON’T find triggering but when a regular person does it, its not fine? Its an insensitive topic? The entire insensitivity thing for the bloody make-up thing only came up when James did it, anyone else people didn’t care even the slightest, Glam and gore does realistic bruised up faces with SFX and no one gets triggered buy that, her make-up has no story behind it either (love her btw), so it shouldn’t trigger you UNLESS you purposely bring it up.
Arshima Sajjad
Arshima Sajjad - 8 måneder siden
*James breaths*
Everyone: aRe yOu mAkInG fUn oF PeOpLe wItH bReAtHiNg PrObLeMs? YoU nEeD tO aPoLoGiZe.

TBH no one can match James's level in doing makeup.
thebasicartistlol - 8 måneder siden
James: **itches**
Social Media: umm thats offensive to people without limbs
James: **stares at the sky**
Social Media: umm thats offensive to blind people
James: **lives**
Listen yall, dont judge people even if they did something wrong. Not everything is about your lifestory or experiences. I know she shouldve put a TW, but he is still human. You are human. I am human. Why dont yall just forgive him so that a scandal wont happen anymore. And also, dont pick out and sweat the small stuff. Even if youre right, your words can affect their mental stability.
Vedantika Sanas
Vedantika Sanas - 8 måneder siden
I really like how you beep or blur some words that might trigger or offend someone. Much love to you🤩❤️
strawberry milkshake pop tart doglover
I don’t get why they are going for James only? A lot of people were participating in the trend yet only James got called out he was just trying to have fun and it has nothing to do with ab*se or anything like that yes ab*se is very bad but don’t take it out on james
49boi - 8 måneder siden
James Charles: Breaths
Everyone: YoUr MaKiNg FuN oF pEoPlE tHaT nEeD a BrEaThInG tUbE
chunky ded
chunky ded - 8 måneder siden