James Charles DRAGGED on TikTok, Jaclyn Hill Accused of Scam, Shane Dawson Pauses YouTube

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Jeffree Star shades a controversial Twitter video, James Charles is called out on TikTok, Jaclyn Hill calls out a commentary channel, and Shane Dawson gives fans an unexpected update.
[Jeffree Star Shades Fan]
[Jaclyn Hill Responds to Controversy]
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シiiBlxssomBerryiiシ - 6 dager siden
Imagine hitting a child not any child A FRICKIN 2 YEAR OLD BECAUSE THEY TOUCHED YOUR PALLET like dude- It's a 2 year OLD what do you expect-?!? it's a freaking toddler-
päärynä - 11 dager siden
I have never understood the way how someone can think that disciplaning your child physically is even an option. My parents have never done that to me and I didn't grow entitled or disrespectful.
I don't even know anyone who would've been parenting like that in here. If I did something bad many times without listening my parents when i was 2-7 years old, they took my favorite toy and I gave it back after some time, so that i could think myself that what I did was wrong and then talk about it with my parents. Also my parents would ask me directly why would i do it, so that they could understand, so that they could do the right things for me, not to harm me. Teaching it physically to a child only teaches that "I can't do that bc I don't want them to spank me" bc spanking raises fear in a child, not to mention it hurts.

In my opinion that's literally the way to raise up someone to not think in their own way about their actions and why they did those things.
Children should be raised to think for themselves. Just like people don't want their partners taking their love and feelings for granted, childrens should not be either.
yhana jee
yhana jee - 13 dager siden
James: *B R U H*
Sharleez Hajazi
Sharleez Hajazi - Måned siden
What the actual frick is wrong with that mother
Samridhi Sinha
Samridhi Sinha - Måned siden
Ppl are attacking james for no reason EVERYTIME
Sweet Vibes
Sweet Vibes - Måned siden
My sister is 2 years old, me and my mom have a lot of make up, we teach her to ask us, and we would play with her with make up, neither my mom neither I spank her or even touch her hurtfully, and she is well educated, so don't hurt your childs, they don't even know that they are doing bad things, teach them❤
Jhulna Absari
Jhulna Absari - Måned siden
at 3:32
Asians: but thats normal?
Philipinos: heh weak a hand? spank her with a broom if not a belt
B C - Måned siden
Haters: "JaMeS mOcKiNg PoC"
While non native english speakers, who can't really differentiate accents: "WUT"
Rosey Bennett
Rosey Bennett - 2 måneder siden
Oh my godddd listening to that baby crying in the background literally breaks my heart in pieces ... If you're not watching her that's your friggin fault !!! Oh my gosh
Seza Jay
Seza Jay - 2 måneder siden
Looool people need to get a grip
OnO OnO - 3 måneder siden
If you think spanking a two year old is “wrong” wait till you see how asian, hispanic and black moms discipline their children
Natsuki - 3 måneder siden
Love how while she's talking (the mom) in Facebook an admin approved for makeup something XD
Mikaila Hudson
Mikaila Hudson - 3 måneder siden
Oh my God. Can we just stop for 3 minutes with James Charles. Anything this kid does is going to be taken and dissected and torn down and criticized. Leave that child alone. He was NOT being racist. And, please, use the right terminology if you're gonna be upset Gentrification? Really. Just looks like you're just trying to be upset about anything.
*Soul Flicker*
*Soul Flicker* - 3 måneder siden
I love how you can tell who did and didn't watch Shannons video just by seeing people say "You can't criticize Jacklyn for..."
because if you'd watch the video, you'd know she didn't criticize Jacklyn.
Yeet Fluffer
Yeet Fluffer - 4 måneder siden
The one about the 2 year old toddler had me so angry i felt like punching that girl in the face. She doesn't understand yet so how can you expect her to know such a small thing you tell her? She isn't even old enough to understand and you think she knows enough.
Kaitlyn Chalmers
Kaitlyn Chalmers - 4 måneder siden
Her dad was wrong but cant get mad at jaclyn for being upset
cammijoe - 4 måneder siden
Guys, you do realize its extremely hard to perfect an accent?? He was literally receating a video he found funny. Poor guy, let him breathe without calling him racist, or any other names.
Shadowed Lullaby
Shadowed Lullaby - 5 måneder siden
Poor baby....
She is TWO.
Peter D
Peter D - 5 måneder siden
I don’t think James Charles was racist 🙃🤷🏻‍♂️
Peter D
Peter D - 5 måneder siden
It breaks my heart to hear children cry
Zander Is Purple
Zander Is Purple - 5 måneder siden
"There are many kids in the world trying to be better than their parents every day"
**C H O K E S**
Alelee Ramos
Alelee Ramos - 5 måneder siden
That two year old could be feeling neglected by the amount of time you spend with/on makeup. My sister once flushed all of my mom's makeup down the toilet for that reason. That women needs a chill pill, and a priority check.
Angelina - 5 måneder siden
she is 2 and she doesn't know what is wrong and right that is why it is the reason parents are supposed to guide what is right and takes time to get her to listen
katie surkin
katie surkin - 5 måneder siden
the only good thing jeffree has ever done is 6:44😳but lowkey that actually made me quite happy that he was supporting those who appropriately parented their child
I really like Operation Ivy
I really like Operation Ivy - 5 måneder siden
Call me Chris Crocker in 2012 cause LEAVE JAMES ALONE!!!!!!
χρєтιтє.ραυlєттє .x
Y'all he was literally just imitating something funny that was trending! No harm done.
Stephanie Jackson
Stephanie Jackson - 6 måneder siden
James admires his work on tik Tok y'all crazzy yo.
It’s my Birthday.
It’s my Birthday. - 6 måneder siden
Okay James isn't racist... that wasnt him being- omg
Suga is everything :3
Suga is everything :3 - 6 måneder siden
As a Latina, I don’t think that was racist.
Roadkill Witch
Roadkill Witch - 6 måneder siden
Just....just buy the kid inexpensive makeup...clearly she just wants her own makeup????
disappointing disappointment
disappointing disappointment - 6 måneder siden
Sooooo are you going to make a video about how Shane's racist and child predator past are catching up with him
Aisha Abdulla
Aisha Abdulla - 6 måneder siden
00:18 too bad, I already did
Classic Pageantry
Classic Pageantry - 6 måneder siden
EVERYONE recreates stuff on tiktok. Soooooooo ya know. It was just haveing fun in my opinion. Now if he did the video than made fun of it tjat would be diffrent. If tjat males sence
Jaelynne M
Jaelynne M - 6 måneder siden
Omg, the makeup mom one makes me so scared for the baby
Pastatart - 7 måneder siden
i cant believe these sjw's-- apparently doing an accent is racist
Sweet Sinzz
Sweet Sinzz - 7 måneder siden
Honestly if I was a parent I’d joke around with them and be like “ohhhh you little-“ and then I’d say “TICKLE MONSTERRRR” then when we cool down I’d talk to them so they’re well behaved just my opinion though
AwhhMyaaa - 7 måneder siden
I mean I do understand we're shes coming from for hitting her child but like the other girl she could have talked it out with her child so she 50% wrong but 50%right I don't know how to say it like I want to but that's the best it going to get
Maria Rodrguez
Maria Rodrguez - 7 måneder siden
As living in a Hispanic house hold it’s normal for parents to spank children To teach them a lessson but they just do it when they too
Crystal Lion fire
Crystal Lion fire - 7 måneder siden
I don’t think James is racist to Latinos and that coming from a Latino girl who doesn’t even like him that much
The Mighty SusBus
The Mighty SusBus - 7 måneder siden
Why not get the child her own makeup? I had my own, it locks and when unlocked you unfold it into 3 pieces. I still have it, not that I've opened it since I was a child, and I'm in my twenties. Its like a Bratz Doll set up.
Sydney Mapes
Sydney Mapes - 7 måneder siden
wait whoa what about realitea
Emma Braslavsky
Emma Braslavsky - 7 måneder siden
I swear if James put on a blonde wig people would start attacking him and saying he’s racist
niyah yt
niyah yt - 7 måneder siden
A lot of people recreate Adam
Gustidewi - 7 måneder siden
every parents have their own way to teach their children 🙄
Faith - 7 måneder siden
am i the only one that doesn’t care about her parenting? my parents literally spanked me when i was little 👁👄👁
Lawrence Lopez
Lawrence Lopez - 7 måneder siden
If I had kids I can imagine if they found my collection of limited edition cards and folded them I'd lose it. Which suggests to me that I'm not ready to have kids. Not really the same thing but it's the closest parallel I can think of to her situation. So I can sympathize but like, don't hurt the kid.
ren bean
ren bean - 7 måneder siden
btuh some of yall dont have immegrint parents and it shows
Sarah George
Sarah George - 7 måneder siden
I feel very worried when the kid went silent.
MercyThingz H0rr0r
MercyThingz H0rr0r - 7 måneder siden
honestly it’s rosas rescision weather that was insensitive because she made that skit and it’s her thing not anyone else’s
Esraa Daoud
Esraa Daoud - 7 måneder siden
m0chijem - 7 måneder siden
Shannon went to far. Having a messed up parent DOES not always represent their child. She needs to mind her business
Joker's Meme Kitchen
Joker's Meme Kitchen - 7 måneder siden
Omg, American people are so sensitive, called child protection service on her for spanking her daughter? I wonder what would've happened if they lived with an Arab mom
Jessica Barnes
Jessica Barnes - 7 måneder siden
Let’s be honest the woman with the broken pallets didn’t have a promising makeup career anyway
kawii _
kawii _ - 7 måneder siden
me as an arab child watching Michelle's story-😳
AHHHITGAVEBIRTH - 7 måneder siden
I feel Shane, 2020 ain't nobody's year tbh :(
Dania Cruz
Dania Cruz - 7 måneder siden
TikTok is a very toxic app we need musically back
BillyTheMillipede - 7 måneder siden
So according to the internet if I recreate a video about someone with an accent that makes me racist? Oh please just look at how desperate you are
Nora Powell
Nora Powell - 7 måneder siden
James and Adam(or Rosa) are legit friends- and its not racist to copy something and trying to be funny. people cant give James a rest. plus since they're friends you think he would try to be racist towards him? ALSO, many people recreate Rosa's videos and nobody says anything about it but when James does it everyone goes off on him
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron - 7 måneder siden
Well whoops a 2 year old is curious.
Like i understand the pop thing but dude they're 2 and exploring smh that vid was disgusting. -_-
Little Flame
Little Flame - 7 måneder siden
About jacklyn what she does and what are father does is seperate. If they were in business together it would be different. But its probably hurtful to hear you compared to some one you arent close to any more.
Little Flame
Little Flame - 7 måneder siden
if the child is two why not get her child safe make up or by the cheap 99cent or dollar make up for her to play and experiment with.
on James charles I see nothing wrong with retelling a funny situation or redoing a funny skit.
katya has hairy legs
katya has hairy legs - 7 måneder siden
Omfg its a LITTLE KID! never would i say or do anything hurtful to a kid. yes i wear makeup, and i know it can get real expensive. but its a 2 YR OLD
Rhii •
Rhii • - 7 måneder siden
Why would you yell at a child for messing up your pallet? SHE’s 2 YEARS OLD. SHE DOESNT KNOW ANY BETTER.
requit 4432
requit 4432 - 7 måneder siden
Jiselle Velasquez
Jiselle Velasquez - 7 måneder siden
As a latina I do not find that james was racist, I found it so funny and did not feel offended at all. People are ridiculous.
J A - 7 måneder siden
i mean if he didnt do the accent it wouldnt sound like that impression-
# addictaed !
# addictaed ! - 7 måneder siden
asian children cant relate, we get spanked as a lesson lol
Racism is not a personality trait
Viki P
Viki P - 7 måneder siden
Imitating accents isn't racist. People do it all the time with the Australian, Scottish and Irish accents. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Wet Fetus
Wet Fetus - 7 måneder siden
We’re throwing the word a lot “racist” around we are forgeting the definition, so here is the definition of racisim
prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.
banana bear
banana bear - 8 måneder siden
You all stop beaning toxic james wasnt beanining rasist
stacey ฅ ̳͒•ˑ̫• ̳͒ฅ
Jaclyn literally has no right to say anything at this point. Smh.
bleuelle •.
bleuelle •. - 8 måneder siden
i dont think that the situation was in need for a spanking but like.... its just like something parents do and it isnt abuse lol
Alliely Bam
Alliely Bam - 8 måneder siden
POC what ?
Epic Kirby
Epic Kirby - 8 måneder siden
do ppl forget that James is latino? what he did isnt even near racist
caila wright
caila wright - 8 måneder siden
yo that woman does not deserve to have a kid
Toto Hayamu
Toto Hayamu - 8 måneder siden
At school when we go the 'white American vsco girl' accent no one calls up racist, even tho we are Aussie.....some of u are clutching a straws
Mce_Games - 8 måneder siden
So, I'm late but the jaclyn thing: the person that made it IS NOT doing anything against any guidelines, but I still dont agree with how she did things because it wasn't very mature... JUST MY OPINION
Kirsten Ornelas
Kirsten Ornelas - 8 måneder siden
There was also a video in response to that horrid excuse for a mother where mama actually had her son do her makeup w her Jeffery start pallets and Jeffery star commented on how he loved the fact she included the child and mentioned how cute the little one was. I don't care what ppl give Jeffery grief about those moments show where someone's heart truly is.
Destiny Figueroa
Destiny Figueroa - 8 måneder siden
Bc everyone on TikTok copies everyone
Isobel Carmichael
Isobel Carmichael - 8 måneder siden
The kid is two!! I’ve baby sat kids for years. I’ve had ten year olds not listen to me but the child is two. She doesn’t understand bless her. I can’t have kids but if I could I would never lay a finger on them. My parents used to hurt me and I have no respect for them. I have respect for the people that say me down and explained wrong and right so I could learn
CoolBeans - 8 måneder siden
That poor little girl. Don't put your hand on a child like that.
I don't have kids. But it could have been resolved by telling her off - letting her know why it's wrong; then buy her a little toy makeup kit so she can do makeup with her mother.
decoy_girl - 8 måneder siden
Im confused who did jefree give a new palette and matress
Ikon forever blackpink Kpoplover
Omg what kind of mother beats her daughter and admits to it
Oof Oof
Oof Oof - 8 måneder siden
those ppl obviously has not seen asian parents lol😂✌️
Rosy - 8 måneder siden
I'm latina and I don't find James racist. Honestly I would actually find this funny.
Hava RS
Hava RS - 8 måneder siden
Cleo thegreat
Cleo thegreat - 8 måneder siden
Jaclyn hill got hurted so many times stop it
Nyxz - 8 måneder siden
Loren adson i see why she doesnt have a husband
Bred is Bread
Bred is Bread - 8 måneder siden
Ppl need to stop dragging james like he does a really nice makeup look and ppl say it’s edited on.
kezia - 8 måneder siden
6:47 where my asian moms at? if i come home with a B imma be whooped with a belt just sayin
Bakugou - 8 måneder siden
Jeffree is the most toxic rude manipulative person in the world
Juliana Chan
Juliana Chan - 8 måneder siden
Sooo is your name realtea or spill???? And good job love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Grete Kask
Grete Kask - 8 måneder siden
"I PuT It In A PlAcE WhErE ShE CoUldN't FinD iT, aNd WhAt DoEs ShE Do? FiNd It"!
Lucky Taylor
Lucky Taylor - 8 måneder siden
Nobody should even be talking about James because he was just trying to be funny and that’s not racist it’s copying a skit ppl these days are so sensitive 😬
Big Mac Emma
Big Mac Emma - 8 måneder siden
Influencer: gets into a huge scandal. Fans:oh its ok James:makes a funny video supporting a tik toker that he has collabed with and liked. Fans:”ThAtS rACiSt”
Emma linde
Emma linde - 8 måneder siden
BRuh If you talk with accent that is apparently racist again Where are we going people
siah1307 jj13
siah1307 jj13 - 8 måneder siden
I can't really say that what she did was bad tho because we get popped for the same stuff so..ya thats just how it is. So its not a bad thing to do at all. Unless she physically bruised her then thats when you get involved but however if theres nothing wrong then its fine..ya know?
D a n d e l i o n
D a n d e l i o n - 8 måneder siden
6:23 This for some reason triggered me like- dude-
Your 3 year old isn't Michelle's 2 year old of course they will act differently they are different children-
Cheesy Clouds
Cheesy Clouds - 8 måneder siden
She is 2 years, WHAT SO YOU EXPECT?!!! Hear her crying like that is concerning!! She needs to get that child taken away. Now she deserves no pallet at all if she would react like that! There is better punishments!!! Just take her toys for maybe like a day! It’s not that hard??