JayStation Manipulates and Sleeps with Fan, Old Ex-Girlfriend Exposes Secrets

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ImJayStation is known for his controversial NOburn channel, but he also has some dark secrets in his personal life.
[AldosWorld TV]
[Manipulating Kids]
[Final Thoughts]
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Spill - 10 måneder siden
This is the final part of the JayStation series. 🔥
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Wolf Team
Wolf Team - 19 dager siden
Johnny Sankar
Johnny Sankar - 6 måneder siden
snailxx - 7 måneder siden
k man
ThatGuyRiver - 8 måneder siden
Spill it is confirmed, Jay Hills (aka his ex-co worker) said he had recorded a video of him VERBALLY ABUSING ALEXIA... He recorded a whole entire video of JayStation(It says swear words btw) this is late but whatever... The video is called ImJaystation Thinks I Tried To KlLL him.. *THE TRUTH ABOUT IMJAYSTATION*
Michael Kuo
Michael Kuo - 8 måneder siden
Hello~~ love the videos, I think it would be good for videos like this that are a series to have like a link from the 1st video to the other ones, ya know. Just a suggestion, took me a while to find the second and third one haha
Muhammad Bin Moeed
Muhammad Bin Moeed - 6 timer siden
Noice jaystation sucks
The Poor In Spirit
The Poor In Spirit - Dag siden
He is a money hungry troll and has everyone talking about him which is what he wants
Melaniednrr Slayton
Melaniednrr Slayton - 2 dager siden
Shut up jay is The Best
TrespassingGaming - 9 dager siden
dayum spill be sayyin sass while readin text messages between aiko n jay
Cashh Washington
Cashh Washington - 9 dager siden
Aiko is too pretty for this
swers phrinfn
swers phrinfn - Måned siden
She *threw* the kettle
Mia Mejia
Mia Mejia - Måned siden
No Lights
No Lights - Måned siden
Ah yes, the 3 horsemen of Jay's insensitive, annoying, and violent life

Astrid L
Astrid L - Måned siden
All i can think off thru all the vids is WUUUUTTTTTTTT how does he have a platform?
Just. Angel
Just. Angel - Måned siden
0:42 when you realize they posted on your birthday:👁👄👁💧
luis justin moreira
luis justin moreira - Måned siden
his now girlfriend is Alexsia
luis justin moreira
luis justin moreira - Måned siden
everone is taking imjaystation stop it guys who evr do it will de in jill stop plees
Iris Brown
Iris Brown - Måned siden
What? He professes his love to her and threatens her in the same conversation. Lol
Joseph The master assassin
Joseph The master assassin - 2 måneder siden
At this point jake Paul looks like a good person compared to jaystation
? - 2 måneder siden
my brother watches him im ashamed
Åļţ Ķ¡ťtý
Åļţ Ķ¡ťtý - 3 måneder siden
We sometimes just need to applause to her for how much reading she does in one video😵👏🏽♥️
yamilette galeana
yamilette galeana - 3 måneder siden
I relly don't kere
sl3epy_time - 3 måneder siden
lololololololololol I remember him
Loyal Theorist Girl 101
Loyal Theorist Girl 101 - 3 måneder siden
When you vpiced out the messages I was like...weirded out whut whuuuuut
ThatOneCatGirl - 3 måneder siden
8:24 - 9:34 just like my ex texts😔
Jia Pia
Jia Pia - 3 måneder siden
Has anyone noticed that all Jay's associates have names that start with "A"? Aldo, Ahmed, Aiko, Alexia... Weird, right? I know it's not everyone, but I noticed quite a few.
Old Danny Devito
Old Danny Devito - 4 måneder siden
English is not my first language but I think is way more better than his
Ayden - 4 måneder siden
10:59 I know he did
not just say the n-slur imma just 🔪🔪🔪
1imezaj - 4 måneder siden
He’s the textbook abuser. Mean then gaslights tf out of his victims, he ALWAYS plays victim.
Infinity Plays
Infinity Plays - 4 måneder siden
Brew and spill same universe???
Michael Haigler
Michael Haigler - 4 måneder siden
Delta YT
Delta YT - 4 måneder siden
It's funny how both are bad YouTubers
Delta YT
Delta YT - 4 måneder siden
Jay station is officially the worst YouTuber 😎
Johnray Aldo Ibarra
Johnray Aldo Ibarra - 4 måneder siden
this means omettemo is helping him
xbox Gamer
xbox Gamer - 4 måneder siden
So it's proof that Jaystation is a racist as wellcuz Lady of what I just heard right there of what I go and jaystation were arguing about he said some pretty racist things
KEIANN Stewart
KEIANN Stewart - 4 måneder siden
3 AM I try to add 3 PM 3 PM and 3 AM are the scariest hours but you live in
CarlAngelo Sebastian
CarlAngelo Sebastian - 4 måneder siden
HeyIExistToo - 5 måneder siden
Im sure that this disclaimer did not work
Loh Yean Ping
Loh Yean Ping - 5 måneder siden
Maestro lucifer
Maestro lucifer - 5 måneder siden
He can't even spell...
⟨⟨Tanjiro Kamado⟩⟩
⟨⟨Tanjiro Kamado⟩⟩ - 5 måneder siden
I'm mad ta jay
Knight Racing LeagueTM
Knight Racing LeagueTM - 5 måneder siden
Voice Captions aren’t necessary
JAYLYNN PEREZ - 5 måneder siden
i do not
Troy Rowin
Troy Rowin - 5 måneder siden
Lier lier
Kate Droege
Kate Droege - 5 måneder siden
Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes - 5 måneder siden
Stop being rude to jBecause I think you’re jealous of him because the way he makes the coolest videos and you’re boring
Jose Munoz
Jose Munoz - 5 måneder siden
The fakeness comes back dant dant daaaa
Leah Lincoln
Leah Lincoln - 5 måneder siden
he rlly compared himself to Jesus i- chile anyways
Dennis Lessing
Dennis Lessing - 5 måneder siden
"If they wrote the bible back then they would put me in it"
Yeah, this guy is psychotic and a narcissist
Stephanie Guaraca
Stephanie Guaraca - 5 måneder siden
i alway wonder what happen to aiko thank you explaining
holly prevost
holly prevost - 5 måneder siden
This guy makes me sick tbh
Hello Hi Wassup
Hello Hi Wassup - 5 måneder siden
Hes probably a sociopath if you think about it 👁👄👁
Mommy TV
Mommy TV - 5 måneder siden
Will. P.
Will. P. - 6 måneder siden
my god, he's the epitome of trash lol
georgias at home with the body shop
georgias at home with the body shop
georgias at home with the body shop
georgias at home with the body shop
georgias at home with the body shop
Alferly Encarnacion
Alferly Encarnacion - 6 måneder siden
I watched that video right before this one
teagan baith
teagan baith - 6 måneder siden
Aubrey Jett
Aubrey Jett - 6 måneder siden
Aubrey Jett
Aubrey Jett - 6 måneder siden
Cindy Foster
Cindy Foster - 6 måneder siden
I still love his videos 🥰
destructive dan
destructive dan - 6 måneder siden
you shouldnt
Hilary Lee
Hilary Lee - 6 måneder siden
jay is a good guy
destructive dan
destructive dan - 6 måneder siden
no he is not also dont spam
Hilary Lee
Hilary Lee - 6 måneder siden
not jay
Hilary Lee
Hilary Lee - 6 måneder siden
You need to shut up
Hilary Lee
Hilary Lee - 6 måneder siden
Waw I don't think that's true about Jay cus every time iWatch he's 3am videos it's real
• Exøtic Ixia •
• Exøtic Ixia • - 5 måneder siden
no, it isn't.
Hilary Lee
Hilary Lee - 6 måneder siden
Hilary Lee
Hilary Lee - 6 måneder siden
Commander Scorpion
Commander Scorpion - 6 måneder siden
Did this video came after imjaystations final video?
Commander Scorpion
Commander Scorpion - 6 måneder siden
Oh ok
Sweet Cheesecake
Sweet Cheesecake - 6 måneder siden
It was uploaded 4 months ago...
DANILO JEREMIĆ - 6 måneder siden
Is dat al truf adaut Jaj stejson!!!!!!!!!!!
Taylor Howard
Taylor Howard - 6 måneder siden
Spill really said “tosay” thank you for that
Harlens - 6 måneder siden
HE dhole for that
David Escutia
David Escutia - 6 måneder siden
Kids cartoon
Kids cartoon - 6 måneder siden
Carol Postrado
Carol Postrado - 6 måneder siden
so true but jay has a very misrable childhood
Ghost Fox
Ghost Fox - 5 måneder siden
So do thousands of other people and they don't turn into dirt bags.
Sweet Cheesecake
Sweet Cheesecake - 6 måneder siden
Yeah but it doesn't redeem what he did..
Gabriela Padilla
Gabriela Padilla - 7 måneder siden
Thats mean talking about youtubers like that and he is a good youtuber
destructive dan
destructive dan - 6 måneder siden
no he isnt
bella gamer
bella gamer - 7 måneder siden
Emerson Velasco
Emerson Velasco - 7 måneder siden
Poor jay i am a fan of him
destructive dan
destructive dan - 6 måneder siden
ah yes the 4yr old army
JANICE CHIOK LI WEN Moe - 7 måneder siden
Matt Egan
Matt Egan - 7 måneder siden
Thank you spill
Dora Silva
Dora Silva - 7 måneder siden
He sucks
Vinny - 7 måneder siden
i dont even fell sorry for this person
ֺ - 7 måneder siden
Jay types like a kid. It's so painful for me to read his text messages, I don't even know how spill even read that.
sistermia - 7 måneder siden
No one gonna talk about how he said that n word at 10:58 ? Ok then
gacha wolf sister
gacha wolf sister - 7 måneder siden
That my cousin
Heaven Ascension DIO
Heaven Ascension DIO - 7 måneder siden
...wait he was my favorite youtuber
Ricardo Denizard
Ricardo Denizard - 7 måneder siden
He bad and faker
Jesse Urban
Jesse Urban - 7 måneder siden
Jay stole all of aldo videos
Mari Krebser
Mari Krebser - 7 måneder siden
jay is de bestttttt
destructive dan
destructive dan - 6 måneder siden
ah yes the 4yr old army
hello o
hello o - 7 måneder siden
I used to support him
Emily E
Emily E - 7 måneder siden
Okay everything else that is super messed up he’s done aside, a 27 year old flying out to see a 17 year old regardless of the reason for it is WIDLY inappropriate. That right there doesn’t sit right with me AT ALL.
Dalar Murad
Dalar Murad - 7 måneder siden
I’m disgusted by jaystation
Denise Diaconu
Denise Diaconu - 7 måneder siden
Aiko seems like a genuinely nice person
Vaktryon - 7 måneder siden
:o omg gaystton slep tid fanie i no fan hi anyymreo
Kelsey Bolton
Kelsey Bolton - 7 måneder siden
I love J. station videos
lalabuster - 7 måneder siden
everything about this video, even the first 2 parts, all ended up being about money and fame. seriously, just how rich and famous does this guy thinks he is? he's incredibly narcissistic and a manipulator. i only found out abt him now bec i was bored, but man im glad i have never seen nor watched any of his videos. i'm disgusted lol
Cloudy Life
Cloudy Life - 7 måneder siden
Jay literally needs to learn how to spell -_-
Mr Harrison
Mr Harrison - 7 måneder siden
why are u telling us al of this thats messed up u mocking it not fun to watch his vid dude thats not cool man
simplysierra xo
simplysierra xo - 7 måneder siden
Him and alexia are back together and the whole videos they did (including her calling him out as abusive) are all taken down.
Marilyn Bermudez
Marilyn Bermudez - 7 måneder siden
Why do you even care about Jay’s life literally like you don’t need to be in his life like it’s his life it’s none of your business but it is private life
You have no right to be going through his personal life would you like someone going through your personal life I don’t think you would because that’s personal life that shouldn’t be included in videos
Pp Camera
Pp Camera - 8 måneder siden
Ellie Daily
Ellie Daily - 8 måneder siden
He is at least 30. like most people that age have a kid and a nice job like what is he doing