Jeffree Star CALLS OUT People Who Leave Their House, Shane Dawson Worries Escalate

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Charli D’amelio talks about the difficulties of being an influencer, Shane Dawson is spiraling, Jeffree Star considers not leaving his home, and Jackson Felt made his ex-girlfriend cry.
Charli D’Amelio:
Shane Dawson:
Jeffree Star:
TikTok Stars:
Runtime: 11:23


Emily Maria
Emily Maria - 18 dager siden
I was on a Conan Gray playlist and then this video played lol
Darby Derdowski
Darby Derdowski - 5 måneder siden
why is this on a playlist of conan gray songs
Hungry Hinata
Hungry Hinata - 6 måneder siden
is anybody here from the conan gray playlist? i wonder why this is here
Amy Villegas
Amy Villegas - 7 måneder siden
I kinda see Shane's POV. I was busy, studying for my drivers exam, worrying about school, a job, and trying to perfect my hobby. Top that all up with my own mental issues and the worry from the virus. I got sick from stress. Its good to see hes good ig.
Lee Schrmstr
Lee Schrmstr - 7 måneder siden
bruv i was listening to music then this started playing not that im complaing spill is good i just wanna know why
808 Princess
808 Princess - 7 måneder siden
In February 2010 they were like 5
phoebe styles
phoebe styles - 8 måneder siden
uhh why is this in a conan gray playlist
Maite A.
Maite A. - 8 måneder siden
I was literally just hearing a playlist of Conan Gray and this got in the middle like what
Devil's Studio's
Devil's Studio's - 8 måneder siden
I was actually at the store a while ago i can't tell you how many people weren't wearing masks and some of them didn't care about the social distance thing as for my situation they opened so many places and recently the sickness got REALLY bad since they opened a lot of places again im mostly staying home
Glossy - 8 måneder siden
Spill: If you’re being cyber bullied, what should you do?
Tyler the Creator: *Just close your eyes haha*
GWEN LEE SZE WEI - 8 måneder siden
hi im frm sg in asia n my country is in circuit breaker and im staying home the best i can STAY HEALTHY!!
floralia - 8 måneder siden
Everyone last year was getting sick, last year was also, 2019. The virus has 19 it it. It's obvious that everyone has had it before cause its upper respiratory sickness. I bet you that's what everyone was feeling too. So, I believe that the virus took place in 2019. Plus the name was by the government, and you know they ain't finna say NOTHING so, yeah that's what I think about the number,"19" being thrown in the name.
Rain Eunoia
Rain Eunoia - 8 måneder siden
I've been in my house without going out once for 2 months straight...
trinity yus
trinity yus - 8 måneder siden
Okokok I respect this person (you tuber, I don’t wanna assume their gender or pronouns) SO MUCH! I can see the amount of effort put into editing and stuff! Like, 👑👑👏👏
Hussam Hussain
Hussam Hussain - 8 måneder siden
How did Charlie film a video in 2010 if she is 16 now
Nicolle Vargas
Nicolle Vargas - 8 måneder siden
my mom has to work everyday but its for a good reason! she provides food for my city :)
toby - 8 måneder siden
She said feb 2010 but she meant feb 2020 lol
David Cilantro
David Cilantro - 8 måneder siden
I haven’t left my house in 1 month and a half
DapperGirl15 - 8 måneder siden
i'd never leave the house if I had those adorable doggos omg
* ROZE *
* ROZE * - 8 måneder siden
My school:iTs FiNe JuSt WaSh Ur HaNdS
The Immortal Overlord
The Immortal Overlord - 8 måneder siden
And no Eurovision
Naïoby - 8 måneder siden
Jeffrey darling, give me your house and you can lock me in it yourself
That mommy life Gamer of 3
That mommy life Gamer of 3 - 9 måneder siden
How could they have spoke about something in 2010? At 0:58 you say 2010
Grace Manley
Grace Manley - 9 måneder siden
To be fair Shane likes to say “spiraling” as a joke and to be dramatic, like it’s a phrase of his
Dau Dau
Dau Dau - 9 måneder siden
My family and I still go outside like we play outside in our front yard or backyard or we walk around the neighborhood but we don't make that much contact with anyone but family but my sister's we can't have contact with them because they are sick but we have mask when we go out
That One Girl.
That One Girl. - 9 måneder siden
I fell the same about Shane Dawson. Every-time my mums says it's bedtime I can't sleep cuz all I can think about is the ___________________. And I feel too scared to tell anyone because I feel like they'll judge me and say that God will protect us (I'm a Christian) and I know he will but it's so risky and scary so I keep quiet.
Jenni Lopez
Jenni Lopez - 9 måneder siden
Some people have no choice but to get out of the house to work for their families Jeffree
Jacob - 9 måneder siden
Right, were not all worth millions of dollars.
Kodzuken - 9 måneder siden
Anyone else come here from a Conan gray playlist. why is this interrupting my MUSIC
『Bl!nd Eyes Gacha 』
『Bl!nd Eyes Gacha 』 - 9 måneder siden
Why does she wear that pink mask a lot of the time?
Jordan Higgie
Jordan Higgie - 9 måneder siden
I had never heard charlis voice until this video
aliceangelplus - 9 måneder siden
call Larray Charli, he gotchu
Joshua Marshall
Joshua Marshall - 9 måneder siden
He has like 10 people in his house all the time, like don't even Jeffree. Ps I only leave my house to work, I'm government therefore I'm essential 🙄
Taylor - 9 måneder siden
charlie plain af tho
NeonFluffyCakes - 9 måneder siden
I wish i didn't live in a world with tik tok...
100k Subscribers With No Videos
100k Subscribers With No Videos - 9 måneder siden
Honestly Charli is super kind and sweet
She doesn’t get into tea and she helps others she is also super supportive that’s why I’m a huge fan
She inspires others
Jackie Stiles
Jackie Stiles - 9 måneder siden
Easy to say when you don’t have work and can afford grocery delivery lol
Savannah Vlogs
Savannah Vlogs - 9 måneder siden
2010? She would only be 5
Mari - 9 måneder siden
I didn't know Shane posted on my birthday (March 12) wow I hope he feels even better now
trinity wedin
trinity wedin - 9 måneder siden
before all of the vrius happend i told all of my family that the was going to be a pandimcie now they are saying i crussed the word
Annie Laster
Annie Laster - 9 måneder siden
It's so refreshing to see jeffrey star playing his employees when so called ethical companys like lush are firing everyone
puppyhowler - 9 måneder siden
ugh i feel shane's pain
i touched an atm and i started freaking out because of it...
the_high_priestess_ - 9 måneder siden
That’s so sad. She’s so young and beautiful. People are sick. Like really, they need therapy and take it out on people they watch on the internet. Whether it’s this gal, jeffree, Trisha. It’s all toxic to the OP and it’s sad.
Caelan Raegn
Caelan Raegn - 9 måneder siden
Horrible. The situation in my area, well, country, is horrible. We’re not sure how many people actually have the virus, our medical professionals are dying, the government’s not prepared for like, anything, and a lot of people are panic buying. The poor are suffering most, especially those who basically have “no work, no pay” jobs.
bonbony - 9 måneder siden
Sperky Sperk
Sperky Sperk - 9 måneder siden
It's interesting how Americans know take precautions and feel anxious about it while Europeans have been living with this reality for a while.
Alex J.
Alex J. - 9 måneder siden
pls protect charli shes amazing
Peli Pelican
Peli Pelican - 9 måneder siden
I cant leave my house because there are 1 people on my road who tested positive, along with a person in a village that's very close to me-
Sierra H
Sierra H - 9 måneder siden
👏🙌 Charli you dropped this 👑
dumb person
dumb person - 9 måneder siden
I go outside lol
Joker - 9 måneder siden
Why doesn’t Charli just turn of her phone lol
Ane Addison
Ane Addison - 9 måneder siden
RJ - 9 måneder siden
Shane.......gurl....get a grip, he keeps saying how he is not passionate about any content he makes, his fans are constantly asking for his old style videos, he just ignores them, shane........clearly you're done, move on to something new and stop broadcasting how you're mentally unstable and get some professional help
Nancy Robinson
Nancy Robinson - 9 måneder siden
Wow, Jeffree, I know you're probably scared and all, BUT I WAS TURNING PALE!!! From not going outside, as long as you are 6 feet away yuh fine
Blinxer - 9 måneder siden
I think the virus is Idk how to explain ngl ever sense the corona virus was out Ive been outside more I went outside 5 days a week and skipped a day and went out the the next day usually I would only go outside once a day and maybe for an hour or two I believe if you just trust in god and go where he leads you then your gonna be just fine but even so I’m not on quarantine although if you aren’t on quarantine go outside and live the dream just stay safe wash your hands when you get back in and avoid touching your face after going outside a mask would be helpful 2 but don’t let this virus stop you!

Edit: I’m not saying you shouldn’t worry about the virus Bc you definitely should but for a person like me I have anxiety and I will pass out thinking about it so I live my days like I would live it in 2018 Lazy outgoing active and aware of things
campbell marie
campbell marie - 9 måneder siden
listen, i love jeffree, but saying how easy it is to stay inside when he lives in a huge mansion. some of us live in small apartments where it’s cramped and small. it’s not always that easy when you feel like it’s hard to breathe.
puppyhowler - 9 måneder siden
@Yolanda Peña don't self advertise or advertise for other youtubers it's really not cool
Yolanda Peña
Yolanda Peña - 9 måneder siden
campbell marie subscribe to maniac drawer
Giselle Soma
Giselle Soma - 9 måneder siden
People really shouldn’t be leaving the house. Unless it’s for food or medicine. My sister keeps going outside for walks, and I’m scared that she’ll get it. I have asthma so my colds and sicknesses are a bit worse than others. So if she gets it, I may get it and then I will have a chance of death. So **don’t leave your house unless you need food or medicine.**
Yolanda Peña
Yolanda Peña - 9 måneder siden
Lolita O-Rose subscribe to maniac drawer
Kirstin Grimm
Kirstin Grimm - 9 måneder siden
Here where I am we have 106 people infected I live on an island 🌴
Chanté Uwu -khaes
Chanté Uwu -khaes - 9 måneder siden
My first time he ring her say WELCOME TO REALITY
GhostDoggo - 10 måneder siden
_What's it like in your location?_
Haha, the Floridans are going to the beaches and never care much about the virus. To me, this is really disappointing. Theyre making it worse by like spreading the virus, like i mean okay they want to have some fun and not stay at home. I get it, I also dont want to stay at home but in order for us to have fun we gotta like protect and careful with ourselves so we can also have fun and get the virus taken care of.
XxJamxX - 10 måneder siden
also why is jeffree star in EVERY video
James Davis
James Davis - 10 måneder siden
When will he be irrelevant 🙄
James Davis
James Davis - 10 måneder siden
Shane is so annoying
Kiki Newton
Kiki Newton - 10 måneder siden
Girl.. you guys broke up, let it go. He ain't yours anymore sis.
Ashley Godoy
Ashley Godoy - 10 måneder siden
Charlie is famous for nun
zelda waffles
zelda waffles - 10 måneder siden
Not leaving the house in a week...those are rookie numbers
Aylah does Makeup
Aylah does Makeup - 10 måneder siden
Rly though Coachella in October so cool cause maybe we can see some really hyped up Halloween looks
oh look at that, im still trash
oh look at that, im still trash - 10 måneder siden
i like Charli :( like,,, she seems more real than most influencers. and she's modest and Kind ¿
,, and when it comes to beauty standards ? i hope this doesnt come out wrong but her body seems more, achievable? idk if thats ok to say
ashleigh h
ashleigh h - 10 måneder siden
Why was corona crossed out? It’s a genuine virus not something that might offend someone...?
sayuri miyamoto
sayuri miyamoto - 10 måneder siden
Los que son mexicanos en el minuto 5:23 aparece un periódico de publimetro
Nerak995 - 10 måneder siden
I'm in Houston so we bout to be in lockdown soon✌havent worked since the 16th
Lorraine Hamel
Lorraine Hamel - 10 måneder siden
sis you said and wrote that the unicef vid w charli and her sister are from 2010
Memeless Eyeballs
Memeless Eyeballs - 10 måneder siden
It’s been 5 days since I have been quarantined and it feels like almost the world is gonna end because our entire country is being quarantined and it’s scary D:
reign farah
reign farah - 10 måneder siden
Our country (Jordan) is on lockdown and 148 people went to jail for a year if u get caught leaving.......
Ashley Mancada
Ashley Mancada - 10 måneder siden
Charli dameeleo
Katie Bryan
Katie Bryan - 10 måneder siden
In 2010?? I’ve never heard of them till this year
missSDW - 10 måneder siden
Teens are very cringe. I can’t
strawberry이나 - 10 måneder siden
Oof I haven't left my house since Dec 25
Yang sinful
Yang sinful - 10 måneder siden
Why being an influencer is difficult??
I dont know, I'm not an influencer
mercy main, btw
mercy main, btw - 10 måneder siden
Oh no someone cried.
Candice Cart
Candice Cart - 10 måneder siden
🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️Well you don’t need to leave your house when you have assistants for that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I bet jeffrees assistants stock everything for him... must be nice
AgapeForgotten - 10 måneder siden
I think some people like Shane Dawson may be suffering from the nocebo effect. It's exactly what it sounds like, the opposite of a placebo effect where telling people they're going to feel ill makes their bodies feel ill. It doesn't make them a hypochondriac really as they aren't looking for it.
Abigail Whiddon
Abigail Whiddon - 10 måneder siden
Did she say 2010
La’Nyah Varns
La’Nyah Varns - 10 måneder siden
Why are people so mean ?
Lost_In_ The_Sky
Lost_In_ The_Sky - 10 måneder siden
Guys!!!! I work at BURGER KING and I am being forced to come to work and for what? A WHOPPING 8 DOLLARS AN HOUR y’all I can’t it honestly is ridiculous 2 me. So honestly Jeffery is a sweetheart paying his employees to pretty much go home is beautiful 🥰🥰🥰
Lost_In_ The_Sky
Lost_In_ The_Sky - 10 måneder siden
2010? I didn’t know Charlie was known in 2010??? I’m confused right now?
Lost_In_ The_Sky
Lost_In_ The_Sky - 10 måneder siden
Wait is that just a mistake cuz she was famous at 5 years old??
Cloud Chan
Cloud Chan - 10 måneder siden
Kassidy Vang
Kassidy Vang - 10 måneder siden
the tik tok girls look exactly the same to me????
YouTube Stuff
YouTube Stuff - 10 måneder siden
Oh yeahhh I gotta watch this one
Zero 》
Zero 》 - 10 måneder siden
Stuff303 3
Stuff303 3 - 10 måneder siden
2020 really isn’t a great year
cupid - 10 måneder siden
Tbh I dont get why charli got famous. Like it all started from thirsty boys who wanted to go to her school and now shes an "influencer"? I just dont get it...
Itzmehmaxie Xxx
Itzmehmaxie Xxx - 10 måneder siden
When your family tells everyone what you said about the fact your getting bullied and laugh about it: ;-;
Alexandra Chubinidze
Alexandra Chubinidze - 10 måneder siden
Bruh I’m so confused why all these tiktok kids acting like they celebrities or something like, we all fetuses, just cuz a few learn to do 10 sec dances in public and post it online doesn’t make anyone more important. That’s just my opinion ig
ッAlexia - 8 måneder siden
Yeah, but can someone tell me why TikTok is so popular? You do just dance and sing along to the music or something like that? I feel like everyone has TikTok but I don't.
Tatiyana Njihia
Tatiyana Njihia - 9 måneder siden
Sooo true like im confused people give them too much of a platform and now they all got BDE
3tll - 10 måneder siden
i'm for ppl who deal with cyberbully. HOW TF IS THAT REALLL GETTT OFF THE SCREEN
Gerit Werner
Gerit Werner - 10 måneder siden
Gempa 92
Gempa 92 - 10 måneder siden
She spoke in a video in 2010?? I’m so confused she would of been 5yrs old. Someone help I think my brain has melting
- v i o l e t -
- v i o l e t - - 10 måneder siden
They meant to say 2020
Jenna Ostroff
Jenna Ostroff - 10 måneder siden
Remember that it seems like there’s more cases because more test results keep coming back
ZoePlayz YT
ZoePlayz YT - 10 måneder siden
Why the heck are they censoring “corona”
Zoe - 10 måneder siden
2010?? charlie would have been 6 😂
ZoePlayz YT
ZoePlayz YT - 10 måneder siden
Is it just me or does anyone else get SUPER annoyed when they censor the most appropriate words 😂
ZoePlayz YT
ZoePlayz YT - 9 måneder siden
@- v i o l e t - ;-; oh
- v i o l e t -
- v i o l e t - - 10 måneder siden
They do that to not get demonitized
Joëlle Weetjewel
Joëlle Weetjewel - 10 måneder siden
I'm not a fan of Shane and Jeffree's, but I appreciate them taking the virus seriously and spreading awareness.