Jeffree Star's Ex-Boyfriend w/ 2 GIRLS? Tati Cancelled For Exposing Herself

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Jeffree Star addresses break-up speculations, Tati Westbrook's brand is accused of making a tone-deaf statement, and Nikita Dragun opens up on a failed collab with Bretman Rock.
[Jeffree Star]
[Tati Westbrook]
[Nikita Dragun]
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J L - 9 dager siden
Bergman is just so good at staying under the radar with dramas
JOJO MAMA - 22 dager siden
Joe smh...
Aliway - 27 dager siden
Why are you writing your wills when the recovery rate is 99.9%?? Jesus christ
Khloe-rose Gray
Khloe-rose Gray - 27 dager siden
Is there anywhere else that is corona virus free or just New Zealand?
Jasmyne Ross
Jasmyne Ross - 29 dager siden
Why in the world do people still care about who Nathan is dating???
autogirl53208 - 2 måneder siden
scare tactics now...nice
SHRELL Taylor - 3 måneder siden
So Jeffree Star has a history of giving people things and then when he breaks it off then he wants his stuff back is that what happened with the Andre dude broke up now you said he stole their stuff and really he was paying him and those were things you gave him
joy j
joy j - 3 måneder siden
Why they are so many negative remarks tati.. god
Angel - 3 måneder siden
Nikita need to understand its nothing personal
Kira Pozdnyakova
Kira Pozdnyakova - 4 måneder siden
My sister when her ears are bleeding:🏃‍♀️
Jeffree when his ears are bleeding: 🖐
Bonnie Howell
Bonnie Howell - 4 måneder siden
Jesus, off topic but.....Look at Nate's brother!..Good looks must run in the family!
Neko Neko
Neko Neko - 5 måneder siden
Im not a fan of tati but I don't think what she said is bad she wasn't like "oh this thing can cure rona" also nikita making so much fuss about bret refusing a collab with her when Jake clearly said that Bret can't do collab because he is tied to other brands.
S R - 5 måneder siden
...I’m watching way too many of these...
D - 5 måneder siden
Takis vitamins are a scam. But if she wants to recommend other vitamins that are realistic and not synthetic and not overly price then I don't see why people are upset. You should always care about having a strong immune
Valentina Correa
Valentina Correa - 5 måneder siden
You want a inmunnity buster? Eat kiwi
Cloud Mao
Cloud Mao - 6 måneder siden
Can't blame Jeffrey since he did what he has to do. And the legal issues? Look no further than his dogs. Or so I thought
I truly, honestly don't know who Tati is, but where's her mistake?
Chikondi Divala
Chikondi Divala - 6 måneder siden
People crying over Tati’s post 🤣wow man. You can even do something nice anymore. Whatever she said was in her own right.
Sassy Ma
Sassy Ma - 6 måneder siden
Without my daily and weekly strong supplements I become so weak I can hardly walk. and the pain can be relentless that I become very depressed it has actually ruined my life. I've been to many doctors that the only thing I got out of all those doctor appointments was a serious pain pill dependency and feel worse now more than ever, I've not worked in years and if I hadn't done the research myself and insisted on blood work and asking for vitamins I'm scared to think what I might have done to myself. This is still only a bandaid for now bc I still have no idea what's causing all my problems...So I'm only saying supplements help for somethings and is not a cure all...
throwaway - 6 måneder siden
y'all can disagree with Nathan all you want but don't try do discredit his attraction or affection towards Jeffrey just because you want to fit everybody's sexuality into a nice little label
When Brain Stop Work
When Brain Stop Work - 6 måneder siden
Honestly, I know I’m late, but GOOD for Nathan from getting away from Jeffree while he still could. Especially with what’s going on now.
Kumquat Manager
Kumquat Manager - 6 måneder siden
Good for Nathan to get away from such a toxic person. Hopefully he got paid for all the videos he was in.
truongyhal truongthuy Dj
truongyhal truongthuy Dj - 7 måneder siden
steven universe battle of heart and mind
Mas Rifqi
Mas Rifqi - 7 måneder siden
medstudent vs doctor. are they even real in real life?
H2•19 - 7 måneder siden
Fact: You cant Trust these Youtubers 🙄
Dylan Flanders
Dylan Flanders - 7 måneder siden
Nate doesn't own any of it he had nothing they weren't married
dreamsdo cometrue
dreamsdo cometrue - 7 måneder siden
Tati claimed that her pills can ONLY boost your immune system NOT cure this pandemic. Theres a difference. Chill tf out people, sheez 🤦‍♀️
Bianca Bee
Bianca Bee - 7 måneder siden
When you live together for more than a certain amount off time you're considered common law.... Not to mention, he says LEGALLY he can't speak about it, nowhere did he say, I'm involved in a lawsuit or because of a lawsuit...
Bobby-n-Kati Vickery
Bobby-n-Kati Vickery - 7 måneder siden
For the last time the FDA does NOT regulate supplements
LP Music
LP Music - 7 måneder siden
Tati was being smart in informing her customers, it was the right choice. It was good for her to tell the ingredients. I don't think her point was to direct things to the virus. I personally don't recommend supplements unless they are for hair. Disclaimer I don't support Tati in any way and never will.
Curly Mae
Curly Mae - 7 måneder siden
I don’t think Tati was trying to be what they are saying... she’s not telling you to buy her product she’s just trying to help in a way she thought was going to help boost someone’s immune system.... why is it so bad for her to share her and her teams research that they had been looking over for a year... this doesn’t seem malicious... I’m confused
matea saraginov
matea saraginov - 7 måneder siden
i THINK nathan just wanted fame
Emma Coward
Emma Coward - 7 måneder siden
Jeffree's ear started bleeding?!?! how?
bollyqueen18 - 7 måneder siden
Jeffree is entertaining... but he is always the victim and never does anything wrong. if he does something wrong, we have to understand the context to swallow his... "apologies". His fans are blinded... or in denial. You can enjoy someone's content without kissing their feet and excusing them.
Mariah Hair
Mariah Hair - 7 måneder siden
Jeffree and Nathan weren't married so he leaves with what he owns and Jeffree keeps what he owns simple as that
Coshlemp - 7 måneder siden
when are people going to realise that youre not supposed to take vitamin supplements if you havent been advised to by a doctor. Taking them when your not deficient in anything is just going to throw your levels whack and actually give you problems
DidYouJustSay Wig
DidYouJustSay Wig - 7 måneder siden
tati actually deserves the backlash.😌
cybercats - 7 måneder siden
🙄well nikita stop being controversial then you know you do it for views🤦‍♀️ like honestly nikita is so egotistical and poor me. But like shes a beautiful and obv smart busness woman but she's throwing it away to be a "bad bish"
Calista Roberts
Calista Roberts - 8 måneder siden
Ok but why are people getting so crazy about Nathan having a new girlfriend?
PaintedBooks - 8 måneder siden
Why is Tati still even relevant?
Bella VerHulst
Bella VerHulst - 8 måneder siden
Me and Nathan are from the same hometown...his brother went to school with my sister and they share friends. CRAZY
Destiny Marie
Destiny Marie - 8 måneder siden
I think the car was intended for Nate. Under Jeffree’s name so he legally owns it BUT it was for Nate to drive.
ديم ع
ديم ع - 8 måneder siden
Guys remember when the makeup community did makeup?
Chad Spar91
Chad Spar91 - 8 måneder siden
I seriously doubt the credentials of that person who said they were a doctor. How did you receive that much education, but can’t even read an email with the correct context? Tati literally advertised other companies rather than her own because she wanted to help people and firmly believes that these supplements will help. Where’s the issue?
Jenny Markova
Jenny Markova - 8 måneder siden
Tati went after janes Charles because he advertised another brand
karina moldovan
karina moldovan - 8 måneder siden
Me eating vitamina gummies rn...
XFlůffııX - 8 måneder siden
I still don't like tati but I don't think she should be canceled by this..she is attempting to help I guess
Xx infection xX
Xx infection xX - 8 måneder siden
Tati: *putting fans health before her brand*
Idiots: omg no, your so selfish!1!1!1! 😒😒😒😒
Letty Namang
Letty Namang - 8 måneder siden
If you're famous people find small holes to lash on you
Logan Gray
Logan Gray - 8 måneder siden
Who else binge watching these In qurintine
Sude Okan
Sude Okan - 8 måneder siden
i dont like tati but dont think what she did was so wrong either
Kizo - 8 måneder siden
*Are we not gonna talk about how they left their house on quarantine..?*
Kantb Tamed
Kantb Tamed - 8 måneder siden
Tati did nothing wrong.
Sai - 8 måneder siden
"believe in external supplements". so this is like a placebo or what? you don't believe in vitamins. they are there. supplements like iron or calcium are REAL. nothing to "believe" in. they can help if you have a defiency and not if you "believe" in this.
Diyanara Malpica
Diyanara Malpica - 8 måneder siden
I can't believe people would rather believe random people rather than DOCTORS. What has this world come to!?
Karina Rodriguez
Karina Rodriguez - 8 måneder siden
Nikita seems to make a lot of bad business choices.
Andrea Manning
Andrea Manning - 8 måneder siden
Nate liked photos on ig omg hes dating her!!!! Come on 🙄😒🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Annie Kuzmin
Annie Kuzmin - 8 måneder siden
Does anybody else think Tati is wrong....
Hunter Cuyler
Hunter Cuyler - 8 måneder siden
so she forgives bretman when he ditches their collab, but she joined the manny train when jeffree wouldn't continue to fund manny's poor business plan?? hmmmm....
Emily Alison
Emily Alison - 8 måneder siden
Why does jeffree even care about the cars when he has like 20
Lizbeth Miranda
Lizbeth Miranda - 8 måneder siden
Because it’s his money that he worked for
Nandi Wamwere
Nandi Wamwere - 8 måneder siden
all i see is Tati and Jeffree :)))
Mary Ivy Fetterly
Mary Ivy Fetterly - 8 måneder siden
I wonder what will happen wit the house in Michigan also that is jeffrees but nats fam lived in
J GH - 8 måneder siden
Ummmm... maybe next time try not to waste the time of reading very long posts so focus,can you? It’s good , but I want the tea run more smoothly fast enough 🙏🏼thank you
Mayelin Garcia
Mayelin Garcia - 8 måneder siden
Can you just make a video about one theme. Like its annoying. You've done this in ALL of your videos. Cause it really annoys everyone
M AKLife
M AKLife - 8 måneder siden
And this why you never get married and always have everything in your name.
M AKLife
M AKLife - 8 måneder siden
It's Jeff empire. It's all him. It's Jeff's money. Nate is a pig. All he ever wanted was free trips, expensive clothing and luxury cars. He was never with Jeff for love, only money.
SuukiBuni Draws ۷
SuukiBuni Draws ۷ - 8 måneder siden
_Cars_ don’t have to be fought over _especially_ when _it_ _isnt_ _yours_
Alli Burnett
Alli Burnett - 8 måneder siden
Tati’s statement was so sweet 💕 PositiviTEA! 💕 She’s not even making profits from something she’s been working on, she’s passing on the research and information she has on immunity boosting ingredients so people can buy them from other retailers with non-affiliated link. 10/10 Covid response
Kate Smith
Kate Smith - 8 måneder siden
I like how you share both sides of the story no matter what your opinion is
Everything will be ok
Everything will be ok - 8 måneder siden
Why is the story about Nikita even up nothing "Tea worthy" really happened...
Keelan Myles
Keelan Myles - 7 måneder siden
Bretman and Nikita has been friends for awhile. In my opinion I think it's tea worthy.
Hannah Wilkerson
Hannah Wilkerson - 8 måneder siden
Tati did nothing but help, Jeffree should not give ANYTHING to Nathan (as Nathan owns very little because Jeffree worked really hard) and I’m sending prayers for Nikki.
HiKari - 8 måneder siden
This is the best News I have ever seen.
Brooooo I forgot to subscribe the first video I saw, oop- fixed that!
mr. black
mr. black - 8 måneder siden
hmm, why do I have a strange feeling that the “doctor” In the Tati situation is someone who isn’t actually a doctor
c4arla - 8 måneder siden
c4arla - 8 måneder siden
💔 he should have let Nathan keep the car
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi - 8 måneder siden
I don't see anything wrong with what Tati said. This is a smart thing to do which is boost your immune system.
TheLittle OneSana
TheLittle OneSana - 8 måneder siden
Tati utterly disgusts me. BUT theres nothing wrong with what she said in her emails.
emily - 8 måneder siden
People do be making tea out of nothing tho...
M K - 8 måneder siden
Jeffree is the "I did so much for you!!1" type of a manipulating person
SmiieRaiNBow - 8 måneder siden
I don’t see how they could be any confusion on what belongs to who. It’s all Jeffree’s money and it’s def his all along.
Baby Girl
Baby Girl - 8 måneder siden
I am extremely anemic and have to take supplements for my health Tati is just trying to help.
Murtle Turtle
Murtle Turtle - 8 måneder siden
The people getting mad at Tati reminds me of a jitter shaky person with a tin hat on who's rocking themselves in the corner of an empty room full of news papers and is paranoid about their surroundings still.

Like seriously, chill. If you're so critical about it then maybe you shouldn't be signed up for the newsletters.
hibaak - 8 måneder siden
Tati's words and tweets always get misinterpreted and twisted to what they aren't, and no one can deny that because it has literally happens twice already. And then in the end, no one ends up believing and she loses a big portion of her following because of it and I actually feel bad😭💀
SindraXO - 8 måneder siden
Bruh people are so over the top about Tati. I found her message to be very kind and sweet.
These people are what we call hateful.
johnbondmakeup - 8 måneder siden
I saw all of this coming -
Jazzy Audios
Jazzy Audios - 9 måneder siden
My parents found out about this video (they’re both nurses that work in Radiology at Kaiser Permanente), and they weren’t mad about what Tati said. These people getting mad are either hating or insensitive.
Nicole P.
Nicole P. - 9 måneder siden
Wow people will really look for any reason to get mad.
R X - 9 måneder siden
nothing wrong with tatis statement
Kyle Flynn
Kyle Flynn - 9 måneder siden
As a Doctor of Vaginal Studies, this video made me wet.
Noel lol
Noel lol - 9 måneder siden
wat . da . heak . ( yesh, heak )
dalma peller
dalma peller - 9 måneder siden
i am kinda shook,.
Fanks But no fanks
Fanks But no fanks - 9 måneder siden
Vitamins may not directly affect your immune system but they do greatly affect your overall health which coincides with your immune system. Have you guys ever noticed that healthy people don’t get as sick or their symptoms aren’t nearly as bad? It’s because being healthy helps you say safe. You all genuinely love pushing people down just to justify your own issues.
馬鹿寂 - 9 måneder siden
So is Nathan bisexual?
Typical_ Immy
Typical_ Immy - 9 måneder siden
that doctor (and others) are literally mad about nothing like leave tati alone she is just trying to help i thought doctors were meant to respect peoples decisions at all cost and be kind especially at these times like come on guys
Alden Alexander
Alden Alexander - 9 måneder siden
has anyone ever heard of polyamorous
Diana21692 - 9 måneder siden
8:10 are you a real doctor or not? Everyone knows vitamin c can help boost immune system
Diana21692 - 9 måneder siden
Just saying if guys start liking those kind of pictures of girls on a public view, he aint good
Diana21692 - 9 måneder siden
I learned that what you see from the outside is not the same as the inside
Diana21692 - 9 måneder siden
I feel so sorry for both jeffree and nate
Skelly Art
Skelly Art - 9 måneder siden
Tati didn't do anything wrong?? Vitamins and minerals are extremely important to the body and being deficient in them can have consequences (like scurvy which is caused by vitamin c deficiency). She never said that the supplements would cure or prevent the virus, she merely said that these supplements and vitamins can help you boost your immune system. "Boosting the immune system" doesn't mean untouchable and she never implied that. If you don't believe in taking supplements, this wasn't directed at you. Is she lucky to be rich and be sequestered away? Absolutely and it did seem out of touch how she kind of put the whole "it's us" vibe when she clearly isn't struggling financially. But almost everyone out there is doing that so I'm not going to over analyze her for that when all of these brands and celebrities are saying that same thing.
Katie Sanders
Katie Sanders - 9 måneder siden
He changed the name of Nathan