Jenna Marbles Finally Breaks Her Silence, Fans Are Sobbing

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Jenna Marbles finally breaks her silence and fans are sobbing.
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winterTea - 9 timer siden
Jenna’s probably saying,
“we’re ending the Jenna and Julien podcast, and I’ve got a basketball game tomorrow”
Bear - Dag siden
Tammy Waynette
Tammy Waynette - 2 dager siden
She will be back when shes broke
Random Guy
Random Guy - 2 dager siden
Who cares, she just wants to do something else
Chastyn Minton
Chastyn Minton - 4 dager siden
I absolutely adore both Jenna and Julien, and I religiously watch Julien now that it’s just him. At some point, we have to realize that Jenna is doing this FOR HER, and if you really care about her, you’ll support her decisions. Best of luck to Jenna as she goes and is finally able to be her own person without millions of people watching.
JoLiza Schmitt
JoLiza Schmitt - 4 dager siden
OMFG WHAT IF SHE’S PREGNANT!? 😂😂(jk..but fr though 🤔)
Lillian Goguen
Lillian Goguen - 5 dager siden
Julien is amazing, he’s funny and I really like him as a person. Jenna deserves her privacy.
Chaser Stringstroke
Chaser Stringstroke - 6 dager siden
yarah bergh
yarah bergh - 7 dager siden
i miss her
Daniel Calderon
Daniel Calderon - 7 dager siden
02:45 She sounded so serious while saying "anytning" 😭💀
Jenny Skoog
Jenny Skoog - 8 dager siden
If she ever comes back I will be happy and follow her videos like before, but if she is not that will be ok too.
The most important thing is her wellbeing. I don't want her to come back if it makes her feel sad or broken.
C m
C m - 9 dager siden
She was too good for this world.
BabyClauders - 9 dager siden
Brooooo the fact that you actually said “anytning” when you read the tweet has me dying. I wonder if anyone else has noticed. 😂
poetic republic
poetic republic - 9 dager siden
Im still crying
Ania - 11 dager siden
Why do you read everyone's misspellings lol I can't decide if I prefer it or not
Lip Succ
Lip Succ - 12 dager siden
;-; poor Julien he has to get up and keep going he’s great
NightJett 1664
NightJett 1664 - 12 dager siden
Her leaving devastated me, but she needs to take care of herself first ❤❤❤
D E E P S L E E P - 12 dager siden
Its the fact you actually said "Anytning"🤣
Next To Nobody
Next To Nobody - 13 dager siden
Way to read the misspelled words😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Next To Nobody
Next To Nobody - 13 dager siden
Other people's feelings are none of your business. The World is soft and upside-down.
Francesco Dondi
Francesco Dondi - 14 dager siden
Sorry, "respect her decision" is not the point. People need to reflect on how toxic the internet has become to the point where it broke her.
Itsallawesome - 15 dager siden
Bunch of snowflakes can’t take comedy anymore.
Hunter Franks
Hunter Franks - 18 dager siden
What did she do?
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce - 18 dager siden
Who tf is Jenna Marbles?
Chaser Stringstroke
Chaser Stringstroke - 6 dager siden
RIISK - 19 dager siden
Tituba Vengeance
Tituba Vengeance - 19 dager siden
Why aren't these two married yet!?
Phoebe Hanley
Phoebe Hanley - 19 dager siden
2:48 anyTning 🤣🤣
oopsforgotmyusername - 22 dager siden
Julien is opportunist was at the right place at the right time
Skye - 22 dager siden
I know this is serious but like...
Any t Ning 😂
lil kate
lil kate - 22 dager siden
But why did she pronounce the misspelled word... "Anytning" I thought my phone glitched.
Ima_a_mess_bro ;-;
Ima_a_mess_bro ;-; - 22 dager siden
I never knew her but I respect her chose as a YouTuber myself
Sgl Lm
Sgl Lm - 22 dager siden
ngl whenever i watch jennas video the feeling of her not making any videos anymore just feels sad and depressed due to her being one of my favorite youtuber
Misty - 23 dager siden
Jenna deserves to just live her life how she wants to, and I'm proud that she's taking care of herself
IKhan - 23 dager siden
What fans don't realize that YouTuber's content are like shows. They have their beginning, middle and end and many of the original big name content creators are either burnt out or just want to move on to different things as their content ran it's course. Think of your favorite shows that you watched as a kid. Their original run ended a long time ago and that's just how it is. Sure, fans give their time and support to a content creator but that doesn't mean that content creator is obligated to put out stuff for the rest of eternity. If you're a true fan you'll support the decision they make.
Menames Rhiad
Menames Rhiad - 23 dager siden
Or we could say Jenna Marbles lost her marbles
*Da dum Chshhh*
Kaitlyn plays Roblox
Kaitlyn plays Roblox - 24 dager siden
I agree she can’t hold on to the past and everyone makes mistakes but she doesn’t have to post if she don’t want to
Em Zee
Em Zee - 25 dager siden
"I don't want anyone to be upset about anything" - a coward
Ninja563 - 25 dager siden
She was the last youtuber I followed.... But I just want her to be happy
Judith Peatman
Judith Peatman - 26 dager siden
You pronounced the typo “anytning “ at 2:50 😂
Kennedy Washington
Kennedy Washington - 27 dager siden
Guys I’m sorry to say but she is leaving forever she not making any videos it’s been 6 months now is done for forever 😔😔
Cece Alyssa
Cece Alyssa - 27 dager siden
Missing you always jenna, love u
Kandy Cos
Kandy Cos - 27 dager siden
lololol I love how you read all the typos so elegantly
aariez - 28 dager siden
I have seen many youtubers stop making videos. Working as an influencer is a lot of work and I think they get so much feedback, both positive and negative. It must be very stressful.
BruceWillikers - Måned siden
I love that you pronounced “anytning” the way it was spelled
uv.vibes - Måned siden
Also why hasn’t married her yet
uv.vibes - Måned siden
Tina's Trooper Wheeling Life
I wish her to be in her best place ever mentally and emotionally
REDISJUPITER - Måned siden
We miss you Jenna. Glad she's getting better and the help she needs!
Nugget - Måned siden
Truly, 2020 is the worst year ever, I miss her so much. But real fans would know she could be going through tough things, and we need to support her decisions and let it go. It's okay to be sad, but then I realised it isnt going to make it better. Have a great day ♡♡♡
Robert Whelan
Robert Whelan - Måned siden
I ship you and brew btw
SpkLife - Måned siden
My sister use to watch her before she got popular online.
Littlemiss Hero
Littlemiss Hero - Måned siden
Y’all need to let her breath. This is for her.. for her mental health and if you all cared about her you’d respect her and her decision. Change is hard but its good for everyone, I grew up watching her and its sad but I understand and I’m just happy she’s getting help but she deserve that.
Riley M
Riley M - Måned siden
I would LOVE if jenna came back because she's my favorite youtuber, but I respect her wishes to leave 😔
-livlmao- - Måned siden
i like to think he still lets her try his food whenever he makes his cooking videos :,)
Michelle Wommack
Michelle Wommack - Måned siden
I miss seeing the dogs
BoiiSimmer14 - Måned siden
2:48 “anytning” the fact she read it like that too kills me
Kailyn P
Kailyn P - Måned siden
I busted out laughing 🤣
yxjgkxdwpqln - Måned siden
i didnt even know she left until now omg 😢😢😢😢
Veegzee - Måned siden
Killrod Star
Killrod Star - Måned siden
People need to stop commenting on behalf of the people she had offended. If we are being real, there are very high odds that the majority demographic of Jenna's channels were white and non-black people. To dismiss and berate the severity of the issue that Jenna herself fully acknowledges, is a part of the problem. Jenna's decision was mature and respectable, black women are the most disrespected people in western society. Actively turning away from this chapter shows that Jenna does not want to continue to enable any overt or covert racist sentiment in her fans.
Spudd - Måned siden
Jenna’s decision should be respected, the people who say that she’s abandoned them and that she should come back, are not fans and I honestly think that it’s extremely selfish and narrow minded. Jenna should be able to step away and Julien should be able to do what he wants. Both of them have the human right to freedom with their careers.
dootsey - Måned siden
I can't take the absolute self involvement the general public has. "I would have preferred...", "this is my only escape from people trying to destroy me." what?!?
People can't accept anything simple for what it is. Something's always got to be changed or tweaked to suit their individual needs. The world doesn't work like that.
jammin 19
jammin 19 - Måned siden
wait so they didnt break up did they?
Hey Gurl
Hey Gurl - Måned siden
When the narrorator sounds out the spelling errors.
Clive Chiam
Clive Chiam - Måned siden
Willow Lepanto
Willow Lepanto - Måned siden
I only ever came for Jenna, I wish her well.
TypicalSlav 277
TypicalSlav 277 - Måned siden
It destroyed me that in "The Last Podcast" I couldn't see them. It was heartbreaking. It's like not being able to see your friend last few minutes before he moves out.
Fiona Mertens
Fiona Mertens - Måned siden
That one annoying Tornado Siren -
I'm shocked that people who cared about her aren't doing anything about how she was canceled.
Why not do something because of this? Why not give backlash to the people who basically forced her off the internet?
It's not just a coincidence that people dug a 10 year old joke out and used it on her.
ok - 29 dager siden
if its not their business they shouldnt get involved, jenna is a grown women and can take care of that herself. still it was 10 years ago, but she still did it, yeah, shes 'grown as a person' but she still did it. people need to understand, and to "Why not give backlash to the people who basically forced her off the internet?" why tf would people do that? whatever jenna did (im not sure) probably was offensive to some people, you need to recognize that..
Peachy Heartthrob
Peachy Heartthrob - Måned siden
I love Jenna AND Julien!
Kathleen Lewis
Kathleen Lewis - Måned siden
She made her money
Isabella Bostwick
Isabella Bostwick - Måned siden
i miss jenna so much but in the end, it isn't our choice. she needed this, whether we like it or not. let her be kind to herself.
Claire Southernbelle
Claire Southernbelle - Måned siden
You really pronounced "anytning"
Steel Magnolia
Steel Magnolia - Måned siden
I’ll really miss her content - but at the end of the day her mental health and happiness are a thousand times more important and must always take priority. I hope she’s doing better 💕
Jules Whisler
Jules Whisler - Måned siden
Ive never really watched Jenna Marbles, then heard she was quitting it and came here because I was curious what happened
OPrincessXJasmineO - Måned siden
I didn't know that's was her actually reason for leaving and now I'm upset and disappointed. I expected more from her. She knows how absurd it is try and not offend ANYONE. There's no way. It's spineless and makes me think she's pandering for support. Have no stance so you fight for nothing, say no truth, just make everyone feel good so you feel good.
Courtni Breann
Courtni Breann - Måned siden
I’ve been a Jenna fan since I was in 6th grade and I’m now 22 I miss her so much but if this what she needs that’s all that matters
Georgia Chivers
Georgia Chivers - Måned siden
I'm Glade that you showed others peoples opinion and and the cold hard facts and not going straight from what you think, thanks
Richard Jensen
Richard Jensen - Måned siden
After losing Steve Cash I hope both Jenna and Julian find their safe space. I will miss the puppies too.
I wish you all healing and joy.
World Builder
World Builder - Måned siden
Man I was subscribed and I didn’t even realized this happened, I feel like I’m a bad fan. I will miss the dogs.
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker - Måned siden
This is so ridiculous all these people just let her and him live their life. It's not about you guys it's about them.
Wei Ying ;p
Wei Ying ;p - Måned siden
Use updated pictures 😭
ok - 29 dager siden
Jessica Halberg
Jessica Halberg - Måned siden
I support her in her decision because I know she’s doing what’s best for her, but hearing her voice in that podcast clip made me start crying. I miss her so much her videos were the highlight of my weeks. I really hope the best for her and that she’s just happy.
Sairi_Taikutsu - Måned siden
kinda related to the topic and kinda not but
i feel their fans' sadness
Dominic Fung
Dominic Fung - Måned siden
omg spill pronounced "anytning" as the typo LOL
Michelle Bryan
Michelle Bryan - Måned siden
Thanks to scumbag snowflakes who came for her. She did nothing wrong. I miss her so much but, she needs to do what she needs to do. :( Love them both
Lulu The Dog
Lulu The Dog - Måned siden
watched since I was 2 and now she gone...😭💔
Aimyon - Måned siden
I'm not sad that she's left.
I'm sad that she's upset about her past self.
DeludedDonut - Måned siden
2:46 I really love that you read it exactly like it was typed lol
Kyle Graeme
Kyle Graeme - Måned siden
Im offended by her leaving tbh
L Joestar
L Joestar - Måned siden
😔people really don’t understand about mental health in this society
supchase - Måned siden
blacklvrose - Måned siden
I don’t get it. What was so “wrong” about her videos?
TheBlueEyedPhotographer - Måned siden
They were racist
Savannah yeet
Savannah yeet - Måned siden
Alfa Uno
Alfa Uno - Måned siden
Who careeeeees!!!
LowYummy - Måned siden
The fact a “fan” said Jenna needs to be doing what she loves. She didn’t just leave and not making videos. If she stopped making videos and doing streams then she wasn’t happy. She doesn’t owe you guys content if she isn’t happy. Jenna is a nice person and she left for a reason.
JACCO - Måned siden
Reading tweets does not count as news.
Jordan Wheeler
Jordan Wheeler - Måned siden
the way i didn’t really watch julien but once jenna left i kept watching him. i miss her SO MUCH and i hope she comes back when she feels better.
Elizabeth Church
Elizabeth Church - Måned siden
Thanks for the the videos jenna and for being our way out .
Anna Trimboli
Anna Trimboli - Måned siden
I think people should just move on with life or the next you tuber
LeeAnne Hazel
LeeAnne Hazel - Måned siden
I don’t think ANYONE WAS OFFENDED by her OLD VIDS. I feel like that was just a reason for her to leave.
ok - 29 dager siden
shut up, you literally dont know if people were offended or not. her old videos were racist, and if thats u in ur pfp "LeeAnne Hazel" please, for the love of god, shut up, you have no say if it offended u or not, you're white, and the racist videos were directed towards black people..
T C - Måned siden
Every last person that helped in ruining a genuine, good person are despicable, miserable people that deserve the worst in life.