Malu Trevejo Threatens Fan, TikTok Star Attacks Bhad Bhabie and Woah Vicky

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Malu Trevejo and Bhad Bhabie's personal information was leaked, and Woah Vicky gets involved.
Malu Trevejo:
Bhad Bhabie:
Woah Vicky:
Runtime: 16:05


Xenitoria - 4 dager siden
Bruh these people need to play Minecraft or sum. They be doing to much
Anna C
Anna C - 6 dager siden
Sooo... she gets into people’s house and gets mad when they call her out? MA’AM
who cares! !!
who cares! !! - 5 dager siden
FOR REAL! And I don't even know half of these ppl
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 6 dager siden
I love my life
kiki quan
kiki quan - Måned siden
If she's not a barb then why disturb their property?
Bella Penot
Bella Penot - Måned siden
never knew about the dog situation with peaches ... :( i really hope that dog and the baby is fine
Danielle Thomas
Danielle Thomas - Måned siden
Malu and Vicky are garbage, so is the catch me outside girl, but Peaches legitimately needs help.
Cherri Cotton
Cherri Cotton - Måned siden
Peaches is terrible. I’m not being homophobic. And just because somebody isn’t a Niki fan doesn’t mean you can threaten to come and break in to somebody’s house.
AJ Beeby
AJ Beeby - Måned siden
All of them are in the wrong. Facts
Mylee101 Mylee
Mylee101 Mylee - Måned siden
I don’t like peaches because of what she does it’s not about her body or anything like that it’s just about what she does on live i do Respect her a little bit more for not being homophobic
Laura Goode
Laura Goode - Måned siden
That hirl looks like shes 15
Bronx Spider
Bronx Spider - 2 måneder siden
This Girl has and Admittedly stated she has👇Below
Mental problems (Wait) What)
Bronx Spider
Bronx Spider - 2 måneder siden
A Fan Stalker!
Tania Lopez
Tania Lopez - 2 måneder siden
Wait whos malu? Sorry 😬 and wat did she get famous for
Vaspiid - 2 måneder siden
Wow three tryna be black
Sarah Wales
Sarah Wales - 2 måneder siden
English is clearly not their first language.
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson - 2 måneder siden
No it is. They’re just trying to seem “hood”
Melani Huerta
Melani Huerta - 2 måneder siden
At 5:30 she makes a face lele pons would do
yana - 2 måneder siden
LovelyPeaches should go back to school tbh.
Alexzandrama - 2 måneder siden
Peaches needs to got to JAIL *PERIODT*
Z JEX - 3 måneder siden
Just call her peaches
Angel - 3 måneder siden
Imagine giving birth to a child and it turning out like peaches. So heartbreaking.
Ashley The_Narwhal
Ashley The_Narwhal - 3 måneder siden
Im having a bad day..
So ill appreciate that you would cheer me up...
soobin txt
soobin txt - 4 måneder siden
5:00 im srry but peaches could literally body slam her and plus shes 10x her size-
Toyomitsu Taishirō
Toyomitsu Taishirō - 4 måneder siden
Peaches? Why was she goin'?
*uNicOrNnzRaMo0d* - 4 måneder siden
I've never heard of this Peaches person until now. I wish I never did. TF is WRONG with her??!!
TJ Malana
TJ Malana - 4 måneder siden
“No she didn’t invite me all she don’t know I’m here. HEHEHE!” OMG Peaches is so disturbed. Peaches goes around the internet pretending she’s a victim when she’s the one that committed a crime and being stalker. I don’t even like those three individuals that Peaches is a “fan” of but I don’t blame those three for reacting the way they did. That’s down right stalker behavior and she needs to be in a jail cell.
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose - 4 måneder siden
Peaches is unhinged..
gloria muponda
gloria muponda - 4 måneder siden
Please she has to stop like ya,ll.
Bakugo Bear
Bakugo Bear - 5 måneder siden
Brooooooo,peaches is not okay,she needs to be in a jail and needs help,and she really think that Malu want going to talk about her after she JUST BROKE INTO HER HOUSE. Malu has every right to go offff.
Savana - 5 måneder siden
How she gonna threaten to fight peaches when she couldn’t even fight bhad babie?
Łëmõń_bøÿ ÛwÛ
Łëmõń_bøÿ ÛwÛ - 5 måneder siden
That’s some stalker stuff right there
Fernando Yanez
Fernando Yanez - 5 måneder siden
Okay I get that people don't like peaches and she does terrible things but it stills doesn't give u a right to make fun of someone
anqsty - 5 måneder siden
And I thought sasaengs were bad- ANYWAYS-
Alex Almeida
Alex Almeida - 5 måneder siden
Alex Almeida
Alex Almeida - 5 måneder siden
Ashlee Bee Whittlesey
Ashlee Bee Whittlesey - 5 måneder siden
When spill says whoah vicki 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Samantha Ponce
Samantha Ponce - 5 måneder siden
I swear why freaking peaches hasn't been arrested
Mariama conteh cp
Mariama conteh cp - 5 måneder siden
Spill more tea yes queen!
RI NA - 5 måneder siden
Peaches is crazy for real!!!!!!! 🤯
Carmen Barboza
Carmen Barboza - 5 måneder siden
im on the first 41 seconds... did you say malu is a TIKTOK STAR? um she was famous before tiktok was even a thing? more like instagram or musically star. thanks
Alivia Rios
Alivia Rios - 5 måneder siden
Malu you can get annoying sometimes to be honest
hey fam! it's Me Tammy
hey fam! it's Me Tammy - 5 måneder siden
Boomshine - 5 måneder siden
I swear women could get away with anything these days.
Hikariyxmi - 5 måneder siden
WAIT i just learned that she isnt at least 40 she 19😯😳😱😞
I don’t know Cosplays
I don’t know Cosplays - 6 måneder siden
I feel bad for the girl but she said a homophobic slur and no one is talking about it she was mad but it’s still a slur.
Aria_ A_A
Aria_ A_A - 6 måneder siden
Peaches: “Shhh, the next house I’m going to is woah Vicky” *acts like a secret*
Also Peaches: *posts it on the internet*
Me: someone collect this woman
Diamond Abney
Diamond Abney - 6 måneder siden
Dani Broccoli is problematic
eliza Schuyler Hamilton
eliza Schuyler Hamilton - 6 måneder siden
Aren't Malu and woahhvicky friends or some s***
Tai Lau
Tai Lau - 6 måneder siden
Some thing that ya'll don't understand, vicky has changed alot since then.
adorejada please
adorejada please - 6 måneder siden
Peaches need to go to jail 🤦‍♀️🙄
Marua Bekbossynova
Marua Bekbossynova - 6 måneder siden
Honestly, both sides are definitely not victims. Peaches was wrong to step on someone’s property. It’s kinda creepy. Malu was wrong to react like this, I mean, to talk unpleasant things about Peaches. Ofc, anybody would freak out if someone like Peaches would post some freaking stuff like sniffing one’s shirt. But Malu was way too rude.
Edited: I’m not on Peaches’ nor Malu’s side, I truly think that Police should notice Peaches, bc her actions are horrible.
viviverse- - 6 måneder siden
Thats so mf scary i-
Donea Slaughter
Donea Slaughter - 6 måneder siden
Yee Yee💀
Anastasia Hedrick
Anastasia Hedrick - 6 måneder siden
Honestly peaches needs some help she has done many things !!
amayayay - 6 måneder siden
My respect for woahvicky grew when I saw this video of vicky actually being logical and smart
Ashley Dubon
Ashley Dubon - 6 måneder siden
She need help
_Michi_Ru_ - 6 måneder siden
Peaches needs help ngl 😒
MeiQi - 6 måneder siden
Peaches is like that one bitxh who wants to go out during quarantine and then becoming that super-spreader
Katie PlaysAdoptme
Katie PlaysAdoptme - 6 måneder siden
Peaches has a daughter ?💀💀💀💀💀
Adriana Gonzalez
Adriana Gonzalez - 6 måneder siden
Okay woahhhh blah bitcky i think vicky is disgusting and peaches the other two are idiotic but pretty and i Actually remember😂😂😹 them who cares about buck vicky fyi😘💜
makayla mcknight
makayla mcknight - 6 måneder siden
peaches is on cracc.period.
b a k u g o u
b a k u g o u - 6 måneder siden
I keep hearing "malu traweyhoe" is it just me 😭🤣
Nurt Ainy Sophea
Nurt Ainy Sophea - 6 måneder siden
Why is she still not in jail
Angelica Beltran
Angelica Beltran - 6 måneder siden
How is she not in jail-
The cousins Rock
The cousins Rock - 6 måneder siden
Bhad Bhabie mom has the same name as me 😭😭😭😭✨
Mailin Martin
Mailin Martin - 6 måneder siden
All these girls crazy not just peaches
Strawburry Melody
Strawburry Melody - 7 måneder siden
the homophobic slur wasn't necessary thoo...
Emily Lindquist
Emily Lindquist - 7 måneder siden
this is so messed up....peaches honey....what is you doin?
Emily Lindquist
Emily Lindquist - 7 måneder siden
wait..didnt Vicky make a distrack on PapiJJ and Malu??
Ivette Hernandez
Ivette Hernandez - 7 måneder siden
My fave trio
Yourgurl Riri
Yourgurl Riri - 7 måneder siden
Umm Mali is bi
Lydia - 7 måneder siden
Okay but they all need help, i also need a help for knowing their that is not okay. None of this is okay😂
Iifesucks - 7 måneder siden
The way she said Malu😂😂😂😂
•xXallyXx •
•xXallyXx • - 7 måneder siden
Peaches: *Murders a whole family*
Her messed up fans: OMG YASS QUEEN!
Mountain Flower
Mountain Flower - 7 måneder siden
This is how many braincells I lost while watching this video 😷😂
Sapphire Adams
Sapphire Adams - 7 måneder siden
This is honestly creepy eww
Shaina Hamm
Shaina Hamm - 7 måneder siden
I wish peaches would come to my house. We live the 5th amendment in my house.
Em King
Em King - 7 måneder siden
wait a minute how can peaches claim malu was being the mean one at fault when she literally pretended to break the law and stalked her house what is happening
Sharla Escarzaga
Sharla Escarzaga - 7 måneder siden
Dang ;-;
Alexis-Nicole Aromin
Alexis-Nicole Aromin - 7 måneder siden
She look like Sid from ice age💀she need help
Alexis-Nicole Aromin
Alexis-Nicole Aromin - 7 måneder siden
She look like Sid from ice age💀she need help
Alexis-Nicole Aromin
Alexis-Nicole Aromin - 7 måneder siden
She look like Sid from ice age💀she need help
princess Lee Lee
princess Lee Lee - 7 måneder siden
U anit fighting no one stuf
princess Lee Lee
princess Lee Lee - 7 måneder siden
Why u crussing soo much her voice is soo annoying
italia nevels
italia nevels - 7 måneder siden
honestly yes, malu RN has the right to be mad and upset but other than this situation the way malu acts is disgusting. malu is obnoxious and is a loud mouth. and acts big and bad and for what ? she’s just too much sometimes.
Jaded Stone
Jaded Stone - 7 måneder siden
I don't appreciate the slur but she has a right to be mad :/
Kiki RekcaT
Kiki RekcaT - 7 måneder siden
Why tf did Malu use a homophobic slur? Am I the only one offended by it? Is no one gonna bring it up?
She had a right to be angry but using homophobic slurs is so ignorant. Please don't use homophobic slurs or racist slurs. 😫🙏🙏💓
Jessica V
Jessica V - 7 måneder siden
This is my question why is people fan of lovely peaches she went to people house that not right
iiCookie Kween!
iiCookie Kween! - 7 måneder siden
how the heck is she not in jail yet?!!
nxi.56 - 7 måneder siden
I only need to know one thing:

How tf is peaches not in jail-?!
This ain’t a joke I genuinely wanna know-
shy - 7 måneder siden
mah - lew not muh -lew
Sarah - 7 måneder siden
The three calab we need. Periott
daniella guevara
daniella guevara - 7 måneder siden
okay so my i stagram story gets taken off when i ask who got mobile bt her hasnt gotten tooken off .?🥱
Taehyung Happen
Taehyung Happen - 7 måneder siden
What the heck is wrong with people peaches needs help she needs to be in jail and she. Needs a therapist
Krish Wadia
Krish Wadia - 7 måneder siden
She eats her own- 🤢🤮 I will never be the same
Bearbedell Tracy
Bearbedell Tracy - 7 måneder siden
stalker status over 9000
ren bean
ren bean - 7 måneder siden
Trashbag Queen
Trashbag Queen - 7 måneder siden
how is lovely peaches out of breath from walking?
Sara Honolulo
Sara Honolulo - 7 måneder siden
I mean you were on her property what do you expect 🤦🏻‍♀️
Niomie Sunshine
Niomie Sunshine - 7 måneder siden
Jus a bunch of lil girls
Husky X
Husky X - 7 måneder siden
Bro peaches does what peaches wants
Joseph Nieves
Joseph Nieves - 7 måneder siden
How tf would u feel if she showed up at ur house like that?