Millie Bobby Brown in Tears After Stalker Chases Her, TikToker SURVIVES Home Invasion

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A TikToker escapes a home intruder, Millie Bobby Brown breaks down in tears after a fan encounter, and Gabi DeMartino goes too far on OF.
Runtime: 15:26


Dobre Cosmin
Dobre Cosmin - 2 timer siden
i have a question—is it cp if you are sharing baby pictures with family??My family has pictures from our bathtize thats why im confused
Avery Froid
Avery Froid - 16 timer siden
I hope Millie and all those other people are ok
liltripzo - Dag siden
Would be a different story if Gabbi posted on Paetreon (even though to me it’s still weird with the caption..) rather than a SW site.. As a fellow SW, we don’t claim her. Knowing how the world is nowadays and I’m only 20, I wouldn’t even post my own kids FACES if I end up having any, point blank period because of creeps. I bet you her post is on sites for weirdos to look at. I hope she’s held accountable for her actions either way so we don’t normalize these type of situations. It can be detrimental to a persons growth.
MYVIDS Gio /MVG\ - Dag siden
Nov 30th is my bday😭
Brooke Almodoval
Brooke Almodoval - Dag siden
Jay Mi B
Jay Mi B - 2 dager siden
Gabi. I know your apology was sincere. But yeah Gabi. It’s REALLY NOT OKAY.
TheGamingSpot - 2 dager siden
That’s sad
luv mills
luv mills - 2 dager siden
I just wanna give mills a hug right there :(
Young@Heart - 2 dager siden
Annika - 3 dager siden
poor millie :(
GREENLY BEANLY - 3 dager siden
Definitely not fun to have someone break in. I have constant dreams of someone breaking in and me winding up in a casket because of one of my exes. I don’t do therapy because it’s all the same for me, it doesn’t help so I just journal out . But- anyways. We’re strong women and can get past anything ladies!!
So So
So So - 3 dager siden
Bruh people be like, " it isnt her fault its a mistake" and " people are just twisting things, this isn't what it looks like" when gabi posted a cp on a adult website 💀 this really grinds my gears.
What do I put here?
What do I put here? - 4 dager siden
Only to a human being?
crystalkilla - 4 dager siden
I’m not defending Gabi but why are people trying to control her posting times and what not? She’s her own self and what she does is her problem. Atleast she didn’t post nasty photos again!
riki dub
riki dub - 4 dager siden
Oh never mind
riki dub
riki dub - 4 dager siden
What cp
Rebeca Valdezacevedo
Rebeca Valdezacevedo - 4 dager siden
I feel disappointed on Gabi I don’t believe gabi anymore it’s disgusting and disturbing.
It’s my opinion so don’t come at me
Edits For Credits
Edits For Credits - 4 dager siden
3:29 :
*nomam, nomam, nOMAM.*
huraman orujovv
huraman orujovv - 5 dager siden
Gabis is disgusting
TheOMPlayz ROBLOX - 5 dager siden
like, millie is a human, just like us. she's talented and beautiful and kind, but there's nothing remotely special about her that makes her different from other humans. so for the person to do that to her is just rudel and disgusting.
Karma Ross
Karma Ross - 5 dager siden
Anyone can be videotaped in public.
mary K
mary K - 6 dager siden
why did it take 40 minutes for the police to get there???"

Jenna Moniot
Jenna Moniot - 6 dager siden
What in the world! I don’t care who you are or what you do for a living, I bet you would not want anyone videoing you, waiting for you to make a single wrong move to post it and make it viral learn to respect others as you would want them to respect you!!!
Mark Dayandante
Mark Dayandante - 6 dager siden
If people dont understand that sormone who might be above teen years or below or in the between ask a famous *16* year old celebrity for a freaking *video* ?! Y'all not making it clear but someone asking a minor to take a video of her.. who knows what they do with the video?!
Elizabeth Bedard [Student]
Elizabeth Bedard [Student] - 6 dager siden
This is not real they took clips of Millie from when someone at a store was video taping her without permission.
The Cuzzies
The Cuzzies - 6 dager siden
Can you tell me the home invasion girls TikTok I really want to watch it again
DaGamerD - 7 dager siden
Someone is stalking my queen Millie? Where r they I’m coming for them and it won’t be s friendly pat on the back >:(
Cherrykye Waters
Cherrykye Waters - 7 dager siden
Now don't put your kids on social media because you don't know who you're attracting
Dorcas Oyelade
Dorcas Oyelade - 7 dager siden
But imagine what if no police came. Exactly and y’all want to defund the police.
Luka Čuljak
Luka Čuljak - 7 dager siden
Poor Millie!😦
saraev1119 - 8 dager siden
I wonder if the man would still get off on making hannah uncomfortable if she was pointing a gun in his direction the next time.
Coca Vibez
Coca Vibez - 8 dager siden
Oh ok...I get it...But why put it on a s*xual platform tho?
Devyn Brown
Devyn Brown - 8 dager siden
Poor mills and Hannah
Tazi a
Tazi a - 8 dager siden
Ba Ba
Ba Ba - 9 dager siden
celebrities are people too
XxDemonKittyxX - 10 dager siden
The situation on Milly, thats disgusting, just because shes a celebrity and this is a 1 out of 100000 chance to see a celebrity doesn’t mean you can video her, just a simple photo would be alright but remember Milly is human to so the best thing normally to do is just say hi to her
Timster Bot
Timster Bot - 11 dager siden
Thanks for the “spill” get it hahahahaha
What am I doing with my life
Natalie Morrison
Natalie Morrison - 11 dager siden
Way too ducking close to my house for a home invasion I’m moving
Emilee Woolard
Emilee Woolard - 12 dager siden
Why do police take so long
swimmingtitans - 12 dager siden
Gabi KNEW what she was doing.
Lisa Diaz
Lisa Diaz - 12 dager siden
Imagining someone about only 2 years older than me being pressured into being taken a video of without consent. It's horrible. I myself don't like having my picture anywhere much less a video. so having someone else feel pressured to hurts celebrity or not.
I’m.clueless_ Kaden
I’m.clueless_ Kaden - 12 dager siden
I'm sorry but I don't think it's possible to "accidentally" post cp do you?
Xae - 12 dager siden
Not gonna say u should see how young millie is because age doesnt matter in this issue. Disrespect is disrespect
Bladerbeast GTH
Bladerbeast GTH - 13 dager siden
Unknown mist Mist
Unknown mist Mist - 13 dager siden
Girls like gabi need a reality check
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya - 13 dager siden
disgusting, absolutely disgusting, the man who broke in, disgusting
CUPlDLY - 13 dager siden
Biden is A pedo
Biden is A pedo - 13 dager siden
Bet she wishes she’d had a firearm. 40 minutes? Haha why’d she call the police and not the social worker? Haha “it was a mostly peaceful r8ping”
Jus Better
Jus Better - 14 dager siden
He was using the hand pocket technique
Annonymous Duck
Annonymous Duck - 15 dager siden
R u brews sister lol
Carmen :D Aguilar
Carmen :D Aguilar - 15 dager siden
Poor mills I feel really bad for her il her sm🥺
Trinity Godfrey
Trinity Godfrey - 16 dager siden
my anxiety went UPPPPPP.
Karma Always Prevail
Karma Always Prevail - 16 dager siden
How are these only fan girls able to look their family or significant other in the eye. Only-fans is "digital" prostitution.
Karma Always Prevail
Karma Always Prevail - 16 dager siden
it seems as though that we are loosing our moral compass
lily. - 16 dager siden
how hard is it to respect someone’s privacy.
Tamara Bruinewoud
Tamara Bruinewoud - 16 dager siden
I feel really bad for Millie and Hannah🥺🥺
The True Savior
The True Savior - 16 dager siden
This is why people need some sort of weapon or security system in their house. If this guy was just able to get onto her balcony and get into her house, it could have been over for her in just one fell swoop. Also, 40 minutes? You can get food delivered to your house in 10-20, but a life threatening event is last priority?
T1010 - 16 dager siden
The worst thing about the gabi video is that her family laughs at it everytime, like what?!!? WHY WOULD YOU LAUGH AT CP?!??!
Sacen - 17 dager siden
To look at Gabi's situation fairly, there was no bad intentions at it and she was a little too detached to reality and was an honest mistake to sell it. But if you view it the other way it sounds as if she's making a mockery of children who have this happen to them with/without consent
frish bee
frish bee - 17 dager siden
These tiktokers man..
Fabian Jikuru
Fabian Jikuru - 17 dager siden
Help a teenager get his anime pillow:$Fashbacck
Soggyteabag - 18 dager siden
He just wanted to be friends... well at first.
Gomiru - 18 dager siden
why is she saying "please" no need to be polite to someone inside ur apartment without consent
Jose PL4Y5
Jose PL4Y5 - 18 dager siden
Slumber Party Bard
Slumber Party Bard - 18 dager siden
who cares if she’s 16 people following you around like a creep is disgusting i didn’t even know she was 16 thought she looked older
Janelle Storey
Janelle Storey - 18 dager siden
I'm kind of confused about onlyfans is it only for adult content
Janelle Storey
Janelle Storey - 17 dager siden
@Dee Bx So its only known for adult content?
Dee Bx
Dee Bx - 17 dager siden
@Janelle Storey Not necessarily. You have creators on there who post things other then adult content however it's outweighed by NSFW content which makes it discouraging.
Janelle Storey
Janelle Storey - 18 dager siden
@xyz abc oh okay. Thanks!
xyz abc
xyz abc - 18 dager siden
Yeah. Like ppl will pay a subscription fees to see the creator's adult content
Not just another guy
Not just another guy - 18 dager siden
Celebrity or not, you ask and you respect their answer. A no is a no, no matter who it is. I've never understood why some people are such creeps.
I like to think that if you're truly a fan, you show the person that you like them by respecting them as a human being.
Axce Roles
Axce Roles - 18 dager siden
Am I the person who just realized maybe the man was the stranger who went in Stephanie / Mango’s House? I don’t get how much trouble he has been in to be honest. It’s scary for people to be in someones house. Actually in plenty of houses and them knowing the danger they are IN, I feel bad for everyone who was with him. Well him being in their house. This video made me scared and I’m happy I am NOT famous or known and NOT living in an apartment. Hopefully I don’t deal with a stalker or will never get a stalker this year. It scares me that people have been in these situations. Like what is wrong with these people?! Can’t they just be nice for once and just walk away not be a stalker fan or fan stalker! I don’t even know if this is real! It’s too scary, scary for me and the people who got in this situation. This is my response Thank you. Bye.
Papa Big slugs
Papa Big slugs - 18 dager siden
Phew I’m just glad women aren’t blaming all men😩🙌🏻
kingfireball _2003
kingfireball _2003 - 18 dager siden
why did they censor the word "weapon"
Sicsemperevellomortemtyrannis Stopdeletingmyaccount
Neighbor: Come in, it's safe here.
My response: X gonna give it to ya, perv!!!
DK Graffiti
DK Graffiti - 18 dager siden
Millie is wrong if she was in public then she could of just left. She has no rights to privacy while in public, sorry not sorry.
Mizzy Forever G
Mizzy Forever G - 19 dager siden
yall already know im getting a weapon
Dave Slattery
Dave Slattery - 19 dager siden
What’s annoying about some fans is they think because you watch and support someone you are entitled to breach their personal space when ever you want.... Just remember they’re humans who want and deserve their own privacy.
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose - 19 dager siden
this can happen to men too... just saying
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose - 18 dager siden
@h0tmess ! yeah I know but she kept saying this happens to so many women as kinda implying that it only happens to women
h0tmess !
h0tmess ! - 18 dager siden
We know, who said it doesn't, this isn't even relevant to this situation. Make your own video if you care so much
Adam Bloom
Adam Bloom - 19 dager siden
7:37 _✨"ShAkInG My HeaD"✨_
Adam Bloom
Adam Bloom - 19 dager siden
7:37:50 _"ShAkiNg My Head"_
WizardBeard - 19 dager siden
Stalking is messed up thats a given, but if youre in public you have no expectation of privacy so people can film you if they want to. If youre an ADULT. I'm fairly sure though you cannot film anyone under 18.
WizardBeard - 18 dager siden
@h0tmess ! My point is pretty obvious.
coke cola
coke cola - 19 dager siden
he was bring out a weapon sadly its the one end your life but still scary
Harvey Brown
Harvey Brown - 19 dager siden
Poor Millie
what Italian called #knightion looks like
Wait Tik tok is still here no I thought it was just a nightmare NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Maxim Korol
Maxim Korol - 19 dager siden
She supports blm natural selection
h0tmess !
h0tmess ! - 18 dager siden
Go outside for once
e 5
e 5 - 19 dager siden
It takes 40 minutes for the police to get there yet it takes 2 minutes for them to arrive to give a parking ticket 😂 this is why the American police sucks
Dee Bx
Dee Bx - 17 dager siden
The county I'm in has like 10 cops at max :/
remeisn - 19 dager siden
She should stay home. The world is filled with people like that especially in 3rd world countries. It ain't all Disney.
Cailyn Vries
Cailyn Vries - 19 dager siden
Ahhh poor Millie! Shes only 16! People should totally respect people’s privacy! Millie deserves respect!
Sam Van vugt
Sam Van vugt - 19 dager siden
Facts celebrities are humans too but then famous humans
And millie is 16 years old
And if millie said no it's no she is a human too guys respect that celebrity or not be respectful too each other millie have done so much for her fans and for the whole world and she is 16 years 16 guys she have school too
Respect that no is no jesus man
No is no respecte that and if a celebrity says no its not rude it's not have respect a lot of people need to learn that
And Shes only 16 years old guys she is not a adult okay just 16 years old respect it they are humans too.
Citlali Morales
Citlali Morales - 19 dager siden
Spill you are the best because some people don't have social media and you are telling whats going on Love you Stay safe ( love you means as a friend )
Abrar 1920
Abrar 1920 - 19 dager siden
Aight lemme just blur the word when 'weapon'
Montgomery Bojangles
Montgomery Bojangles - 19 dager siden
The first story was just some BS. nobody should have to fear that some creepy dude can just break into their home and have the police not show up till 40 minutes later. Now on the other hand, Millie crying because somebody was filming her in a public place without her express consent is just being dramatic. Just go on with your life, you don't need to cry to the world about it. So its okay for surveillance cameras to watch you almost always while you're in public but a free person cant practice their 1st amendment rights because it hurts your "feelings". Nah bro. Cry me a river. Rights>Feelings
Mikayla Louwrens
Mikayla Louwrens - 19 dager siden
I don’t 100% agree what Gabi did was right or a good thing to do. Absolutely not. But people are a little overreactive after she apologised. It honestly wasn’t that bad. It would be worse if it wasn’t her but it was. She apologised, get over it.
Mikayla Louwrens
Mikayla Louwrens - 19 dager siden
Im sorry. It took the police *40 minutes* to show up?
Sharp Nail
Sharp Nail - 19 dager siden
Yo chill its just drake 😭😂😭
Artixell Animations
Artixell Animations - 19 dager siden
Millie is younger than I am. I would freak out if someone followed me. That's so creepy.
Josh Barnardo
Josh Barnardo - 19 dager siden
Two words, concealer carry
nyandalorian - 19 dager siden
That Hannah story is HORRIFYING. I can’t think of what would of happened if her phone wasn’t on or, god forbid, the neighbor wasn’t there!!!!!
Ultra Champ
Ultra Champ - 20 dager siden
ur not that famous girl chill no need to cover up the supports names 🤷‍♀️
lizard Rodriguez
lizard Rodriguez - 20 dager siden
It's 3am and I don't wanna look back and I'm just laying down xd.
Chad Hart
Chad Hart - 20 dager siden
Everyday Superhero
Everyday Superhero - 20 dager siden
Chases isn’t a word it’s chased 🚨grammar police🚨
Zelda Adlez
Zelda Adlez - 20 dager siden
Millie needs to chill. She's famous. They held a phone in front of her like any other fan would do. Plus, it's paparazzi. I know they get annoying, but you shave off some of your privacy when you strive for fame.