Myka Stauffer's Ex-Friends Break Silence, Police Report Exposes What She Did

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The Stauffer family has been mostly silent since they rehomed their former son earlier this year-but the controversy surrounding them hasn’t stopped.
In our last video on the Stauffer situation, we ended it with the news that Myka and James’ former son was safe with a new family.
But since that video was released in mid-June, more information has come out about the situation.
Our previous videos on the situation:
[Myka Stauffer Apology]
[Delaware County Sheriff]
[Bits of Bri Podcast]
[The Dad Challenge Podcast]
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digs beauty
digs beauty - Time siden
idc what anyone says i miss myka. i couldn’t imagine how hard this all was for them 😔
Toni Shields
Toni Shields - 7 timer siden
with 4 other young children its totally understandable this family was overwhelmed and in my opinion they did what was best for all the children , the family he is now with will have more experience and maybe not as many if any other children who need their attention etc
staycz4ajz A
staycz4ajz A - 8 timer siden
Loved your way of getting the information out... Classy is always the best way ...
Jean Morgan
Jean Morgan - 13 timer siden
Glad little one is doing better
Kathy Jaeger
Kathy Jaeger - 18 timer siden
The decision to finalize an adoption is hard. In my state, the family has 6 months to change their mind. The reason being is you want to make sure its a good fit.
We adopted 2 special need kids. It has been a bumpy ride. BUT we reached out for supports and resources.
I understand why they rehomed especially an overseas adoption where you don't have agency support.
Adoption is a hard and sensitive topic.
I swear this girl probably got all A’s in school-
muffinkisses - 2 dager siden
All the youtubers using this family’s pain for gain should be ashamed of themselves. Treat others as you would like to be treated!!
eTAEreal scenery
eTAEreal scenery - 2 dager siden
If hes doing so much better in his new home after only a couple of months compared to how long theyve been with him really shows that this family didnt even try. They acted like he's an animal...
eTAEreal scenery
eTAEreal scenery - 2 dager siden
Thanks to the Stauffer's now I know what to do to not be a terrible parent -_____-
L T - 2 dager siden
There is NO WAY she wrote that post. She's not that eloquent.
Soraya Sunra
Soraya Sunra - 4 dager siden
Narcissistic parents, I've watched
After watching how they all interact together, I'm appalled at total lack of emotional intelligence displayed by both parents. I truly am concerned for all the children's well-being, especially the oldest daughter. You can see in her eyes that she doesn't trust her mother. I believe this as I realised myself at 8 yrs old I couldn't trust both my parents, and being eldest of 5 I became acutely aware of protecting my young siblings.
I'm sorry my heart a sweet little boy was caused unnecessary distress and fear, but so relieved he's in a safe place for healing to begin.
Soraya x
Rebecca Abrams
Rebecca Abrams - 4 dager siden
You kinda come off like a troll. Do you have any news to share other than gossip?
JoJo 222
JoJo 222 - 4 dager siden
Rehoming? What is this, The Humane Society? We all make mistakes, but at who's expense? I wish they would've taken into consideration all of the professional and experienced advice given to them regarding the adoption as well as the child's special needs issues. Perhaps this boy's suffering would be less if he wasn't uprooted and flown overseas. Who knows? Poor little feller.
Lionel B
Lionel B - 4 dager siden
Better off not having these fools as role models
Henna du plessis
Henna du plessis - 4 dager siden
Very clever witch. She knew that if the "adoption" was NOT registered in the USA, she could not be charged with committing fraud. The boy was NEVER their child in the USA. Clever or criminal???
GradKat - 5 dager siden
This is an interesting video, in that it provided more information on why the Stauffers didn’t feel they could cope with the little boy. Autism is a complex condition and they clearly didn’t think this through before the adoption. To choose to adopt a special needs child when you already have several young and dependent children needs a LOT of serious consideration beforehand.
I still think the Stauffers come across as extremely phoney, but maybe I misjudge them. The concept of living one’s life on social media is alien to me. If the little boy is now happy and cared for with his new family, then that’s all that matters.
Rebecca Webb
Rebecca Webb - 5 dager siden
I wish i could have worked with this family .🙏
quixxo - 5 dager siden
Whites adopting non-White kids is a red flag.
WomanInTheMirror - 6 dager siden
It’s hard to judge this one. I don’t know any of the people involved and I’ve only seen one or two vids on this but it seems like this couple (or family) who lived a very public life on social media had thought this would be a great idea to adopt a child from overseas, whether to make $$ or gain likes or subs and got in wayyyyyy over their heads. Whether it’s because they were ill informed or not fully aware of what the reality would be like in raising a child with autism, they went head first only to discover they were in no way equipped to care for and raise a child with special needs.
I understand why people get all up in arms about “rehoming” the child but I also think that once they knew they weren’t capable of supporting this child, emotionally and financially, the best thing they could have done for the child was to find him a home with people that were equipped to care for and raise him in a far better environment than he would have been in with the Stauffers.
Despite what people say I really doubt that it was a decision they came to with ease.
Dale Mills
Dale Mills - 6 dager siden
I think good old busy body gossip has reached an all time low.
The Chrononaut’s Wifey
The Chrononaut’s Wifey - 6 dager siden
the person claimed
the person claimed
the person claimed
the person claimed
the person claimed
the person claimed
the person claimed
the person claimed
Bilinda Law-Morley
Bilinda Law-Morley - 7 dager siden
@8:30..a fire inspection?
Bilinda Law-Morley
Bilinda Law-Morley - 7 dager siden
FHS...this is a human...dogs and cats are "re-homed" Not traumatized, bereft, children.
And it's the script writer using the term, over and over.
Perhaps if this family had done more in-depth research...
Perhaps they should have been told that a child is a gift for life, not just a gift for Christmas.
Ericka Hope
Ericka Hope - 7 dager siden
She’s so disgusting.
Michelle L
Michelle L - 7 dager siden
Why are some words bleeped out?
Bailys Life
Bailys Life - 7 dager siden
Ok, I'm just gonna say it: They all look anorexic. What a surprise, everyone hates this toddler for watching them eat or having food insecurities. I bet it makes it harder to train the other kids to starve themselves with this little guy insisting on being fed.
Lesley Allinson
Lesley Allinson - 8 dager siden
I want to know how much money was involved in the staffers received
Nap Queen
Nap Queen - 8 dager siden
God what a trash human and parent.
1tutoo - 8 dager siden
What horrible human beings..... karma hits hard. Just saying
Fun Jeffrey
Fun Jeffrey - 9 dager siden
Josh is an obsessed freak
Xenopuff72 B
Xenopuff72 B - 9 dager siden
I smell BS.
Xhante Marie
Xhante Marie - 9 dager siden
I love the way Myka constantly talks about how hard it was for HER! This woman is a narcissistic disaster.
Night Owl
Night Owl - 10 dager siden
Under investigation: the Stauffer said...The Stauffer said....The Stauffer said again.....and then the Stauffer said.....the Stauffer said....., the Stauffer said......, the Stauffer said......and finally the Stauffer said. Huxley said nothing because he cannot defend himself in foreign language. The winner goes to....(your guess is as good as mine).
Nicole Winters
Nicole Winters - 10 dager siden
Shame on the adoption agency, they failed that child. They should have spotted this nutcase a mile away.
spiritsjoy - 10 dager siden
I am torn on this. There are so many broken adults from childhood trauma be it mentally or physically. Think of the numerous wonderful people who can't have children and would give your child all the love and stability they need. Regardless if your child is biological or not, if you dont love your children, let someone else love them. This has nothing to do with finances, many poor families have tighter bonds than those more financially secure.
Fabienne S
Fabienne S - 10 dager siden
I find it quite uncomprehensible that parents who are struggling already with a situation would want another baby just then.
Toothless nh
Toothless nh - 11 dager siden
no parent will be prepared to handle a special needs child, whether they are adopted or not, parents will have to start from zero or as most people know it will be a learning curve for them. But to think that these pests( they dont deserve to be called humans) are using an innocent/clueless child for fame is not only disgusting, but can also be considered as child abuse.
bl c
bl c - 11 dager siden
It was more cost effective to dump the child. Glad the little guys doing better.Guess he wasnt he cash cow they thought he would be
Prismatic Charms
Prismatic Charms - 11 dager siden
Ace family should be next!
Stacinator777 - 11 dager siden
It’s so weird to hear people talk about “rehoming” a human. It sounds like they gave him up before he could get taken away.
Riley Raye McKinnon
Riley Raye McKinnon - 12 dager siden
That wasn't an apology. It was another "Poor Me" victim narrative. She tried to make herself sound so selfless and wonderful while avoiding apologizing for what she ACTUALLY did.
She adopted a kid for admiration and clout that she abused and exploited like she does with all her children, then gave him away like a sweater you got for Xmas that you don't like.
F’er MaGee Hamilton Thompson
The Scumffers! And yes thankfully the little one is now in good hands.
Anna Int.
Anna Int. - 12 dager siden
Its funny when people say that the father never cheated, and was a decent guy....but she got the custody of her child. As someone who's gone through the divorce it funny to me how people think that custody can be given to one parent just because one parent wants it. Do you know what it takes to get a custody of a child? Do you know what it takes for judges to make that difficult decision to grant the custody to one parent, and leave the child without potentially decent life? They look at everything and decide what would be the best for the child, and cheating husband doesn't mean a bad father, but a bad father, abusive, mentally challenged, addict father can make a child's life complicating, and that's why sometimes the custody is granted to one parent, because he/ she's decent and can take care of the child, and potentially save the child if the other parent can potentially be a threat.
VIRGO - 13 dager siden
It’s sounds horrible but I’m glad she said she couldn’t mom the adopted child. Why? So many sickos out there that will hurt the child instead of speaking up. It’s a sick world.
Sapphire Rain
Sapphire Rain - 13 dager siden
I would like to know how the biological children are, who knows what she is capable of. I wonder if her children knew what actually happened if they would lose respect for their parents. I know I would.
Blaze Jay
Blaze Jay - 13 dager siden
Reminds me of every girl I knew that had baby fever but never needed the baby. Just wanted the attention that comes with having one.
Joan Kelly
Joan Kelly - 13 dager siden
Silence speaks volumes only concern that is huxley is happy with his new family and he suffers no more distress
Krista hathaway
Krista hathaway - 13 dager siden
Now people don't go out to me or yell at me for what I'm going to say sometimes in situations where your child is hurting other children really bad and there's nothing more you can do but put your child in a home to protect your other children it's what you have to do that child was lashing out on the other children and it really was and he was doing all the things that he was doing which we don't know if he did or if he didn't but if you was doing it then I understand it wanting to protect your children but if they just got in over their head and didn't want to take care of the child and really used him for clout in money then they're very bad people but we really do not know you know you get all the interviews from people say nothing to them and this and that we don't know if these guys are telling the truth because they're mad about the situation we really do not know what is right or what is wrong in this situation I wish they can give us more information about the information of this child his medical reports but of course because HIPAA not going to do that but in this situation I really think they should release the reports the real reports on what happened cuz the only way we can know what happened is by those reports now like I said if they really were doing it to protect their kids then I totally understand that I really do more than anybody here does
Inj amber
Inj amber - 13 dager siden
Wow spill you had a makeover. I would like you to dye your hair blonde
Gold Glitter
Gold Glitter - 13 dager siden
People don't realize how common this is. I was put up for adoption at age 7 and went to TWO adoptive home at age 9 and 10. Both parents decided NOT to adopt me and social services government works this way. Sadly I was out back in the system with no explaination. This is after changing my last name to theirs, meeting th or families, and calling them mom dad grandma grandpa.
Inj amber
Inj amber - 13 dager siden
I'm sorry you went through this
Gyh Ach
Gyh Ach - 13 dager siden
One Thing for sure is good. That kid is not With them anymore
k. k.
k. k. - 13 dager siden
"Myka said" "Myka said". As it is a foreigner little kid, she can narrate this however she likes... which she did. Sneaky worm of a mother.
Sophy Wilson
Sophy Wilson - 13 dager siden
I think we can all agree that the good thing about all this is hopefully the lil one is with much better “parents “ and they do what is best for him and he can try to go on past this and have a much better life now
Hey Hey
Hey Hey - 14 dager siden
I’m happy our baby boy is at least doing better.
1 Proud American
1 Proud American - 14 dager siden
I wish I could care about any of this but I can't. No I'm glade I don't care. There's something really wrong with all of them. I am glad the little boy is doing well though.
Grace Perkins
Grace Perkins - 14 dager siden
Failed adoptions happen and it’s sad when it does. Especially when the parents put in so much effort and love into the child. But sometimes the child just doesn’t want to bond with the parents or other siblings. But in this case, it’s just exploitation plain and simple. They didn’t want to put in that effort and just used the child for views and revenue.
Amy Jo Michael
Amy Jo Michael - 14 dager siden
Poor little guy he must have been so confused when they gave him back
Amy Jo Michael
Amy Jo Michael - 14 dager siden
That was still a baby Under 5 years old is still Toddler age in my eyes and I think of a toddler as a baby and All She had to do was take a bit more time with the adopted son to teach him and get the other kiddos in on it too Make it a game of teaching love because If it was one of her own blood children that was misbehaving because of his autism? What would she have done if Her own baby she had ended up with autism She couldn't give that baby back could she So She would deal with it and do anything she could to help her baby.child Shame on them for adopting a kid and then giving him back Breaking his heart He must have been so confused thinking where is my mommy and daddy omg so sad poor little guy
Ashley Summers
Ashley Summers - 14 dager siden
Every other word is “I” In the apology
Decembirth - 14 dager siden
She can continue to stay offline.
Rachel Busby
Rachel Busby - 14 dager siden
Why in the world would they need to hire care 27/7 for this child when there was two parents in the home I have a special needs child work and do it by myself with no help. Also no therapist would ever so there is nothing more we can do never have I ever heard this at all
d r
d r - 14 dager siden
What sort of world is this when you have to redact the word ‘threat’!?
pathways678 - 14 dager siden
I find it funny that the boy was in the Stauffer's family for like 3 years and couldn't speak a word.. goes to a new family for a month and start speaking words. Mmmhmmm suspicious
asmr fanny adams
asmr fanny adams - 14 dager siden
I forgot about this fruit loop 4 a second
Katherine Castillo San Roman
Katherine Castillo San Roman - 15 dager siden
Blah blah blah! They are absolute freaking GARBAGE!
The Dark Siren
The Dark Siren - 15 dager siden
Sometimes it’s annoying how spill reads things. Did she really have to say “the person claimed” so many times in a row
Kimberley Currie
Kimberley Currie - 15 dager siden
Rehomed? Is a child a puppy now?
Jennifer Hamm
Jennifer Hamm - 15 dager siden
They didn't adopt him in the US bc they knew they wasn't going to keep him! They were told dont have young kids when adopting but they didn't care and did it anyways bc they knew it be a good reason on getting rid of the boy! Its sick
Sinead Pereira
Sinead Pereira - 15 dager siden
This shouldn't be online
ShellingOut - 15 dager siden
No one should look up to her as a great mother, she is an attention seeker and even treats her kids like they should be grateful to her, everything is me me me, and plays mind games with her kids just to get a reaction, horrible greedy person
Violet Martha
Violet Martha - 16 dager siden
6:45 "Myka said her father told her he couldn't keep their FORMER son safe from the other kids"!!?? Was that supposed to be the other way around?...that he couldn't keep the other kids safe from the former son?
Amelia - 12 dager siden
Found that odd too. Freudian slip from myka there? Unfortunately we'll never know
Recycled Knowledge
Recycled Knowledge - 16 dager siden
Rehomed? More like abandoned!
QuinnElisabeth - 16 dager siden
She would‘ve never „rehomed“ her biological son if he would‘ve shown aggressive behaviour to his younger brother or other siblings. And that‘s a fact
natalie Stevens
natalie Stevens - 16 dager siden
I love how myka is like “let’s get rid of this kid, the. Adopt a German shepherd and get pregnant again”
Myka never bonded with Huxley because he never came from her. I’m glad she rehomed him, he didn’t deserve what they were doing to him. She didn’t have a clue what she was doing and she was more bothered about making more kids than spending the time with Huxley giving him what he needs and helping him recover from the absolute trauma of his previous life in China
Sneedies - 16 dager siden
Not loving the way she calls people with special needs "special needs". It's like when someone calls a POC a "black".
Emma Vrijburg
Emma Vrijburg - 16 dager siden
As an adoptee myself i can only imagine the traumas this child must have from this situation
The fact this could happen in the first place disgusts me
Sarah Bryan
Sarah Bryan - 16 dager siden
All I can say is I’m glad that kiddo is with a family that wants him for him, not for fame. Clearly this family was not equipped for any children.
j saka
j saka - 16 dager siden
I hope these people get fired from their day jobs. Absolutely deplorable human beings. Re-homing is what people use when giving up animals. Who uses that word for a child?
Leo Martinez
Leo Martinez - 16 dager siden
I mean if it is true the kid was hitting the smaller kids then and he is happier than I can blame them a bit less for what they did
Kristen Kenzie
Kristen Kenzie - 16 dager siden
Shes so dramatic he was like 4. Yes hitting is bad but she acts like he's a 20yr old running around hitting people. Hes a child. Also dramatic saying her other 4yr old son will need to be in therapy forever because it was so traumatic for him. 🙄
16watch - 17 dager siden
The make it sound like this boy was an uncontrollable violent monster. I don’t buy it for a second. They didn’t expect to get a child who would be too much trouble for them. They treated his adoption like an Amazon purchase. Sad and disgusting.
cathal butler
cathal butler - 17 dager siden
The person claimed!!
Heather 41
Heather 41 - 17 dager siden
My grandson has Autism and this hits really hard for me. I'm just so glad that the little boy is safe.
M Kaylan
M Kaylan - 17 dager siden
You put duct tape on child's hands every day, so how do you expect him to stay calm? and of course he doesn't respect others because you didn't show respect for him first. ugh.....
uniqueLeo08 - 17 dager siden
I heard you mention detail geek in the beginning, stayed to hear what he had to do with this, heard nothing. Did I miss it?
Searra Nolan
Searra Nolan - 17 dager siden
Any other special needs parents gag when she said she looked up to you 🤮
Inayah Cee
Inayah Cee - 18 dager siden
Listen, if it was better for the kid to go somewhere else rather than stay with people who don't know how to help him, then that's what's best for him. I'm glad this happened to be honest. We can go on and on about how she should never have gotten him in the first place, but that's done now, there's no point in beating that dead horse, time to accept that this was a good decision for him. If she was describing him as "adopted child" VS "child" and giving him duct tape early on, then clearly they're unfit and if they kept that child the mistreatment may have gotten worse.
tammy kramer
tammy kramer - 18 dager siden
What they did was criminal and nothing short of child trafficking. What prevents a couple from going to another country and passing all the background checks and interviews and then turning around and giving the child to anyone you choose? No background check ? Nothing. What if these ppl aren’t good people? WTH.
Hannah Mae
Hannah Mae - 18 dager siden
The most disgusting thing for me is the separation of their adopted child and their biological children. When you adopt s child, they become yours, just as much as your biological children. If you dispute that then you don't deserve to adopt a child. This poor, poor boy has already been through so much trauma at such a young age and this vile, greedy, despicable couple chose to be white-saviours and adopt a child from China for the sole purpose of parading him around as an accessory to their lifestyle. These are the worst kind of people. They used and abused this poor boy and are still playing victim about it.
Ashley M
Ashley M - 18 dager siden
Seems like they don’t know how to be adults and handle adult situations. Pathetic.
Jade White
Jade White - 18 dager siden
Not her making the former son sound like the villain to push the blame off her. Disgusting.
Anna KW
Anna KW - 18 dager siden
"former" son sounds so strange
Brandie Gram
Brandie Gram - 19 dager siden
Of course no charges.
Red Rum
Red Rum - 19 dager siden
Myka ticks every "loud and proud" narcissist box. Rehoming animals cos some other breed/type is in "fashion" is bad, but to do it over and over shows lack of empathy and using the animals presence to fulfil her desires only. To act the "white saviour" to a foreign child with special needs, without her seriously studying every aspect was cruel and unnecessary. Yet again she writes on the effect "rehoming" him had on her. She did opt for the cheapest therapy going, and that's OK if that's all you can afford, but she appears to be in a more "blessed" financial situation to afford much better. It seems she wasn't going to put money into her "project" as she'd decided he wasn't a keeper (just like the pets) move on and replace. Her mental logic is on a par with Diane Downs, so far as getting rid of a child and just get another. Downs too had children to love HER, not her love them and this is the vibe I immediately got from Myka, when she reported on the first day having Hux in the hotel "I felt pushed away by him, I wanted him to want me, be clingy to me, cuddle, but he wanted James. He was a strong child and I couldn't physically control him. I felt rejected" (not verbatim but all those feelings and points were raised in Mykas early adoption vlogs) That's exactly the logic Downs had, she was diagnosed with a myriad of personality disorders such as , socio/psychopathy, narcissistic and histrionic personality disorder and a query hung over MPD too. I see these traits in Myka and its concerning people look up to her on social media 🤷‍♀️
Yessenia Garcia
Yessenia Garcia - 19 dager siden
Those “private therapists” must have some false f******* certificates.
Heliana Banes
Heliana Banes - 19 dager siden
Bottom line, this kind of stuff happens, this isn't the first or the last time, the problem is having it all be in the public eye. To all family bloggers, "don't do this to your effing kids you absolute vampires."
vampvivid - 19 dager siden
I knew about The Stauffer family before they adopted.. when she did the live chat, she was really fun to talk to. It's so sad to see her and family that went through this. This is why I don't want to be popular... I vlog daily but it's so scary how judgmental the world can be. Myka and James, I hope you guys are ok ❤️
yabi Osorio
yabi Osorio - 19 dager siden
So your telling me this woman didn’t do research and blames it on the price even though she can go on a vacation but not use it wisely on help for her kid she’s terrible for going over her head
LoloEM - 19 dager siden
Imagine having a former son.
ThatsWhatSheSaid 01
ThatsWhatSheSaid 01 - 19 dager siden
Would she re-home any of her bio kids if they had autism? No, huh. Why do they think an adopted child is different in that way?