Myka Stauffer's Neighbor EXPOSES What REALLY Happened to Her Adopted Child?

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Family vlogger Myka Stauffer placed her adopted son with special needs with a new family-and people are outraged.
Part 2:
[Early Days]
[China Adoption Journey]
[After the Adoption]
[Missing Son]
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Moon Rain
Moon Rain - 10 minutter siden
People who wear the jailhouse stripes like Micah, I believe they have criminal minds. It is a subconscious expression of knowing the self is a criminal or that another you speak to is a criminal which you’re about to take under,
Karla Diaz
Karla Diaz - 5 timer siden
Watching this made me so sick. That poor baby living in a horrible home.
Leanne Underwood
Leanne Underwood - 19 timer siden
They are disgusting people. Monetizing their children especially Huxley. Giving up a child like it's nothing. Horrible horrible people. I have never seen or heard anything so awful. Why do they still have subscribers. They should be band period
yaya804 - 19 timer siden
If they already had 3 kids and they both have careers, its not the best idea to go adopt...if her kids were grown, or close to it, I would say that's better because a new baby takes all the attention and way more effort, considering his handicap...people don't think things through. To have love for a child is awesome but making them think you're gonna commit then sending them to someone else is why they said they didn't want to foster to YOU want the option to change your mind but don't want the state to have that power? Okay...that is very fishy..
L.J. Sartika
L.J. Sartika - 22 timer siden
She wanted to be a superhero and just adopted him as part of making contents. She doesn't deserve him.
Gloria Tranchina
Gloria Tranchina - Dag siden
People are never satisfied. Never. It's disturbing to me. It don't matter if I like this couple or not they did the right thing. When they realized they couldn't give this child what he needed, whatever that was, it doesn't matter what, they gave him up so someone more capable will be taking care of him properly. What's wrong with that? I open my eyes in the morning and there's another child dead all over the internet, tv, news. The only thing I can argue with was getting the child in the first place..They really didn't think it three enough it seemed to be rushed and like it was just a light bulb moment. "Hey let's get a kid". "Oh yea great idea."... kinda thing. Children aren't assesories. They aren't a trend used to keep up with the Jonses. It's ridiculous. And charity starts at home ok. If your going to adopt, adopt here in your own country ok we have plenty of children in need right here People! Oh then you can't be a marter!! These 2 are complete idiots who are just clueless. But don't knock them for giving the child up!! It's the only thing they've done right!!!
Michelle WestLA
Michelle WestLA - Dag siden
She seemed more like a nanny not a mother to the baby that's just my opinion
Michelle WestLA
Michelle WestLA - Dag siden
Any kids with speal needs or no special needs always needs a hug first
akiru300 - 2 dager siden
We felt unconditional love for this boy.
And then... they didn't..
horusheritic - 2 dager siden
Wish there was a way to parse the numbers between the folks/fans who are just unable to read an individual and those who knew that derailment was destined as soon as this train left the station.
katden220 - 3 dager siden
That was a fit???? Are you kidding me?
Rebecca Torres
Rebecca Torres - 3 dager siden
She looks allllll around the room when she’s saying she would love him forever and not “return him” 😅
Jamerra Roberts
Jamerra Roberts - 3 dager siden
I mean adoption isn’t for everyone. Some people are stronger than others and if she wasn’t able to care for him like she should and she knew that I’m glad she did the right thing and gave him away and hopefully his new family will have the time to love and care for him
Worling Awungshi
Worling Awungshi - 3 dager siden
Disgraceful people , treated this child like a puppy bought for Christmas then changed there minds when it got tough . Hope they not allowed to adopt again
Clodagh O Donovan
Clodagh O Donovan - 4 dager siden
Vile disgusting omg
Danielle Preston
Danielle Preston - 4 dager siden
My thing is we have so many children that need adopted or foster but they’re too old in our own country.
Dennis H
Dennis H - 5 dager siden
Imagine my shock that these two are yet MORE christian "huck"sters! Children ARE nonreturnable. If it was their own blood child would they have given him up for adoption?
Hannah P
Hannah P - 6 dager siden
Horrendous, what a pathetic excuse of a ‘mother’.
Jackeline Lopez
Jackeline Lopez - 6 dager siden
Please, people need to be RESPONSIBLE even when adopting a pet!
Ksina V
Ksina V - 6 dager siden
He’s hardly crying and whimpering. Seriously?! “Are you done??” “Are you over yourself?” This woman is clearly out of touch with the reality of life for a child with autism. Children in general can’t understand the world the way adults do! These feelings, these silly emotions for adults are BIG emotions for children, even more so challenging and hard to understand for a special needs child who doesn’t yet understand English. I am so happy and grateful to God that He watched over this little boy and got him out of this woman’s “care”.
Mar Bocatcat
Mar Bocatcat - 6 dager siden
This makes me sick. Pathetic. Shes the lowest type of person I have seen.
Ns Fox
Ns Fox - 7 dager siden
It’s so annoying how she kept rubbing in our faces that he’s adopted. It really does sound like she only adopted him for clout...
Sohini Chatterjee
Sohini Chatterjee - 7 dager siden
Beyond disgusted with this stauffer family 🤯🥵
Elle Michelle
Elle Michelle - 7 dager siden
She’s clearly a sociopath
tiffymarieseesthetea marie
tiffymarieseesthetea marie - 8 dager siden
She is annoying AF
Garbeaux Æ
Garbeaux Æ - 8 dager siden
I have issues with people giving away pets bc adoption of any kind is not to be taken lightly. So I cannot even comprehend giving away a human being. Btw, she’s a nurse but she’s against surgery?! What?! Is she anti-vaccine too?! 🙄
master ugly
master ugly - 8 dager siden
This is the problem with people, humans they throw away things like toys wether it is a living being or a thingy thing
TigerLily - 9 dager siden
This woman is a monster. I kinda feel bad for her biological kids as well, she's clearly narcissistic.
Clever Sim
Clever Sim - 9 dager siden
Where’s the neighbor in this video?
Hey Mike! It's Your Dependa's!
I have watched all of these videos. I am truly disgusted at her behavior. They were lucky enough to be able to adopt a child at all. A child is not a dog for you to re-home at will. They knew what his disability was and should have been smart enough to research his issue's. Your hardships, what about the little boys added trauma from you lack of self education. And filming this baby is also disgusting. I'll never understand this kind of selfish behavior.
Carla Visentin
Carla Visentin - 10 dager siden
Sabrina Stratton
Sabrina Stratton - 10 dager siden
Apparently Huxley has disappeared.....poor baby
JillOfAllTrades - 10 dager siden
The filming of the “meltdowns” makes me highly uncomfortable. When my son acts that way I hug it out with my son and that’s all I want to do to H 😔
mike miller
mike miller - 11 dager siden
A - 12 dager siden
They abused that baby any way! Duck taping his hands and mocking him when having a melt down. EVIL people.
JustDucky - 12 dager siden
We have a family member who adopted a child with special needs (the degree in which they didn’t know until 2 years after the child’s adoption). The child is also from another country which provided a whole other set of challenges. I have learned so much about adoption through them. It is INCREDIBLY hard. It is harder than you can possibly imagine. But recently in conversation with that family member I asked if they regret the adoption. I was told “I have asked myself that in the worst of times, and I would not change anything”. They would never give their child back, no matter how awful it gets. THAT is love.
Julia Kuria
Julia Kuria - 12 dager siden
Disgusting. Don't let these vile creatures near any other children.
Pugzli Pigeon
Pugzli Pigeon - 13 dager siden
amphisConstrictor - 13 dager siden
Why would they try to keep him from being adopted rather than just having higher restrictions to make sure he gets adopted by the right people
cassvii - 14 dager siden
I see a little boy that was desperate for love. She neglected him from the beginning. Disgusting the way she talked to him and treated him. I pray he found someone that can give him the love, attention and care he needs. 😔.
Linda N
Linda N - 14 dager siden
Blackythedoggy's OwnerAabha
Blackythedoggy's OwnerAabha - 14 dager siden
That poor baby omg
MTF - 14 dager siden
I think she Is a bit nuts and she just got in over her head. It’s better the boy be with other people who will love and care for him and his needs
Kylie Sherman
Kylie Sherman - 14 dager siden
They should be barred from ever adopting another child. That poor boy and the trauma they have further out him through. They completely incriminated themselves in these clips then tried to turn around and act like they had no idea what they had coming in that pathetic update video. Complete cowards honestly I try to put myself in peoples shoes and situations but they literally can’t justify their actions. Disgusting.
Cat Lover
Cat Lover - 14 dager siden
There are so many people with a disabled child and you don't see them giving them away. She should have researched all about autism. Each child with autism acts differently. I babysit a child with mild autism and yes he can be challenging but I tell myself that his brain doesn't work like mine. I have so much patiwith him and I go with the flow. He loves me all because I do not yell at him or treat him mean. I do tell him no and time out and he does listen. What they did was wrong and karma will come back with a vengeance.
Lindsay Ware
Lindsay Ware - 14 dager siden
"tons of physicians". wow she really phones in the sincerity, huh?
Kat Scott J
Kat Scott J - 14 dager siden
So I just want to really emphasis that they purposely picked a child they thought had a brain tumor. They had no long term plans for this kid. They only wanted to be able to milk voids out of his tumor journey and his eventual deaths.
Swamp Ophelia20
Swamp Ophelia20 - 15 dager siden
I’ve never heard a prospective adopter talk so often about how they would never return the child or reject them, that was clearly in her thinking and she could not help but constantly leak that out. Most parents just talk about having space and love for another child and that’s it. She is a piece of work, there is nothing real about her...her voice, her mannerisms everything are all contrived.
Charlene Skillen
Charlene Skillen - 15 dager siden
Robert Maki
Robert Maki - 15 dager siden
The body language shows deception.. maybe even self deception
Robert Maki
Robert Maki - 15 dager siden
Obviously, the vanity, narcissism and virtue signaling knows no bounds
Miss Vlad
Miss Vlad - 15 dager siden
Asking a small child if they're done fitting ,knowing hes special needs and has a whatd timenconteolling his "tantrums" is beyond absurd !!!! Why dont you educate yourself, you sh*tty NURSE ,about these things?! Vile person !
Alexandria Romano
Alexandria Romano - 15 dager siden
My family adopted two children who weren’t even labeled special needs and we dealt with bigger meltdowns from older kids. Allowing kids to cry is SO important, especially when they had trauma and especially when they are on the autism spectrum. Kids can’t learn to problem solve if they’re afraid of expression.
Chryssesandchaos - 16 dager siden
Well, she wanted the spotlight, she got what she wanted, right?
bayvillagebug - 16 dager siden
"My child is not returnable."... ummmm.
ツSaiki_K’S_Wifeツ - 16 dager siden
I’m just happy he’s not with her anymore be deserves better
ghost girr
ghost girr - 16 dager siden
when she referred to herself as his “teacher”... no , ur his mom. and u failed him
Charlotte Manon Van Willigen
Charlotte Manon Van Willigen - 16 dager siden
I wonder what this poor child will go through while getting older, I hope little H gets what he deserves a beautiful loving home ❤️
L P - 16 dager siden
H is much better off with another mother. He knew her true character immediately. I think he was not comfortable with her. He is a person not an actor.
TheFoxandTheRabbit - 17 dager siden
Live, and sadly learn. Don't judge , until you've walked in another's shoes. A person can not put safety of other children for one, even if your own. Truth can be hard, and not attractive.
Andrea Brava
Andrea Brava - 17 dager siden
Being a you tuber or other social media maggot should exclude you from adopting a kid.
lozis15 - 17 dager siden
She looks mean to him in every video he’s having a meltdown
lozis15 - 17 dager siden
The woman literally complained that he stared at them while they ate... 🤦🏻‍♀️
Heike TheAngel
Heike TheAngel - 17 dager siden
Good grief, they’re worse than I thought! I hope and pray that the boy is safe and not returned to China in an orphanage there. I trust them to do everything bad. 🤮
Karey Middleton
Karey Middleton - 17 dager siden
Why adopt that precious baby? Thank God he's away from them! They are patheic!
JPavilion 2
JPavilion 2 - 17 dager siden
Basically she got the child for money. This is why these child laws exist.
Clinton Lewis
Clinton Lewis - 17 dager siden
YouTuber cried funds a special needs child from China... what could wrong?🤦‍♂️🔥🤬
Lain Faltin
Lain Faltin - 17 dager siden
The fact that she’s so entitled is extremely off putting. She puts herself before her children and that’s disgusting. She doesn’t deserve her husband and she doesn’t deserve her kids. What a disgusting person.
Viet Le
Viet Le - 18 dager siden
How irresponsible is her having another child...
Viet Le
Viet Le - 18 dager siden
The kid is crying and she’s not even trying to console him.
Georgina Mcallum
Georgina Mcallum - 18 dager siden
That a melt down?/
Omg! She is so self center.
That little boy is so calm.
Sweb 35
Sweb 35 - 18 dager siden
Seriously, good loving ride for their children stable financially and mentally parents would never give up their child regardless of mental issues criminal issues whatever issues and would never give up on their child/ren. Love is always being there for that person. Now I do understand putting your child out if the child is 20 and fing up not a 3 year old. IMO of course. This lady probably did it for the views and money and money making opportunities. But ... maybe not idk
Dancin 2020
Dancin 2020 - 19 dager siden
She thinks she's Angelina Jolie lol
I feel so sorry for the children of narcissists but sometimes they thrive because they have to raise themselves
SpaceCase0810 - 19 dager siden
He is a baby , when he is having these so called tantrums , she didn’t hold him once or try to physically console or comfort him at all . She disgusts me .
Audrey stamm
Audrey stamm - 19 dager siden
Omg, we nurses don't claim her. She is full of herself. From what I have seen of this sweet boy is a smart engaging little boy. Why did they have another child if Huxley had such challenging behavior?
She is sad because he rejected her, get over your self!
He is not profoundly developmentally delayed!
James Wilson
James Wilson - 19 dager siden
this adoptian proces makes me ill all church people and if you got money poor wee kids linda in scotland
Ana - 19 dager siden
She’s so messed up! I can’t believe it still
Ashna Rahman
Ashna Rahman - 19 dager siden
truly disgusted
Selena Y.
Selena Y. - 19 dager siden
"I wish autism and adoption trauma had a manual to direct you through it all". First off, any child with any type of need and/or having a trauma isn't a bookshelf. Regular babies that aren't adopted & don't have autism doesn't come with a manual. Btw adoption trauma? More like childhood trauma. She even had the audacity to put hashtags.
d3000 - 19 dager siden
They adopted that child for views ONLY. They are heartless individuals
Emily Brown
Emily Brown - 19 dager siden
I'm glad that baby isn't gonna grow up with a mom like Myka anymore
Ricardo Angel
Ricardo Angel - 20 dager siden
Man she would be a terrible mother.
Clarines - 20 dager siden
Ali Catt
Ali Catt - 20 dager siden
Wow I just heard about this lady n I’m shocked she literally says he’s not returnable but she RETURNED HIM LIKE A PUPPY!!! god I pray this little boy found a great family and these people are never allowed to adopt ever again!!!
D N - 20 dager siden
To think that she said our child is not returnable..... Who talks about a child like that! This broad used that boy for views.
Green - 20 dager siden
Adoption is a huge business with huge profits. I don’t really understand why people would want to adopt internationally. A lot of corruption and there is a chance the child will feel ostracized in a foreign culture with foreign looking people. if your planning on adopting, please do it domestically or from a country you are from/have a connection with the culture to.
Emi Cv
Emi Cv - 20 dager siden
China dont let you adopt unless the child has special needs? Can someone from china verify that?
Green - 20 dager siden
I’m not from China, but I do know that China won’t let them get adopted internationally. they must be adopted from someone who is living in China.
Maryne Steyn
Maryne Steyn - 20 dager siden
Look at my eyes: you do not adopt and exploit a child for clout
: no narcissist
: narcissist not nice
Look, look in my eyes: no narcissist, no exploiting a child for clout. That not nice
Georgia Creed
Georgia Creed - 20 dager siden
So sad 😞
koez koez
koez koez - 20 dager siden
I'm. Guessing the adoption day shopping trip, didn't last for the 1000's of years it would really take to "soften their hearts" /lump of coal these 2 have instead.
Rani Zerkel
Rani Zerkel - 21 dag siden
she is gross
bailey norris
bailey norris - 21 dag siden
It was obvious from the beginning that she used this amazing kid for clout.. her husband and her dont deserve this amazing kid.
Sira Kim
Sira Kim - 21 dag siden
I could not believe my eyes, he’s coming out of a closet?
Loris Boutros
Loris Boutros - 21 dag siden
It’s all a show she didn’t want that child from day one what a clown
Anna Cox
Anna Cox - 21 dag siden
Nobody knows the whole story so they should shut it until anything is proven.
Catherine Courson
Catherine Courson - 21 dag siden
My little brother is adopted from Korea. In the community of people who have adopted from Asian countries, specifically East Asian countries, it is common knowledge that if you are adopting from East Asia the child will most likely have special needs. The main reason kids are given up for adoption in that area is either they have special needs, they’re a girl (specific to China, also common knowledge) or they were born out of wedlock. The majority of the children are special needs though and anyone who is planning to adopt from there learns that. It is so blatantly obvious even in that first line quoted from the article that they were not adopting to give a child a home, they were adopting specifically and asian child for the sole reason that they are Asian. I understand how a family may not want to adopt a special needs child bc they don’t have the resources to take care of them (financial, medical accessibility etc) but they obviously have those resources and just gave up on that boy.
Sheena Carla
Sheena Carla - 21 dag siden
If the kid is so strong she can't hold him down, so the husband has to... Wouldn't you question the need to be holding him down in the first place?! Not getting upset that the baby had a connection with the dad.
If my kids have a connection with their dad I praise that. Why wouldn't you want this little scared boy to get a connection with someone new?!
Kristen Marie
Kristen Marie - 22 dager siden
“Were you a fly on the wall, watching all the terror for the last couple years?”
What exactly was “the terror”? The poor little boy? These people are despicable. It breaks my heart what they did to him, but according to her friend we should feel bad for her and her husband cause they went through so much “terror” the past few years. Give me a break...
Kristen Marie
Kristen Marie - 19 dager siden
@Andrea Elyse I agree completely
Andrea Elyse
Andrea Elyse - 19 dager siden
Only one who went through terror is the little boy with special needs who was forced to live in a house with a family that didn’t care for him and blasted him all over the internet putting his life on display for views & money.
Eunice Loy
Eunice Loy - 22 dager siden
Having worked with special needs individuals, it's a full time, 24/7 hour, for the rest of your life job. It never ends.
HOOPIE304 - 22 dager siden
They adopted a child for views, and when it wasn’t working out any more they got rid of him. End of story. That kid was calling them mommy and daddy for God’s sake.
Sheena Carla
Sheena Carla - 21 dag siden