Netflix Cuties Gets Even More Disturbing.

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Netflix released a new film about children reaching stardom, and people are outraged. Many who came across Netflix's Cuties poster were scandalized, but when the movie got released on September 9, it got even worse.
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TikTok Bash
TikTok Bash - Dag siden
idk how to feel about this movie
awkward cutie
awkward cutie - 2 dager siden
I really missed something 👁️👄👁️ I don't think this was on swedish netflix so- I'm glad... If I know sweden right it would be a really popular topic to talk about
Abraham momani
Abraham momani - 2 dager siden
islamaphobia and sexulising chilldren so discusting
bagi - 3 dager siden
This is truly disgusting
Jeremias - 3 dager siden
Absolutely not defending this abomination, But it could’ve been so much worst, SO SO MUCH WORST
Muaaz Awan
Muaaz Awan - 4 dager siden
Guys... they removed Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 and 4 :(
7amoor - 5 dager siden
The fact that they put a Muslim 11 yr old the lead who twirks
Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler - 6 dager siden
You can stop saying black like that lady is really black she’s French she’s not a real African American
Reman in your area
Reman in your area - 7 dager siden
Plz just make this movie disappear.....😤
Jeremiah mcclellan
Jeremiah mcclellan - 7 dager siden
2021 and it's still up
CuteYoshilover - 7 dager siden
This movie is a large mistake and this is the worst netflix movie of all time!
Yumms - 7 dager siden
Lol, people getting upset that an 11yr old girl twerks at a movie. Ladies and gents, this film is opening ur eyes to whats happening around society that you dont see. People need to ipen their eyes more. Just because you don’t see it in ur regulat daily life doesn’t mean its not there. Ive seen worse that happened in real life, and parents dont know to discipline their kids, and kids do this thing behind their parent’s back.
Yumms - 5 dager siden
@Jordan Not defending it, just saying that I am not surprised.
Jordan - 5 dager siden
Are you defending this? Thats disgusting, the movie is using actual kids and making them do inappropriate things. Theres no excuse.
Little_nony - 7 dager siden
thats disrespectful to our religion like, if shes muslim okay but make it good not saying that her mom is bad for not letting her *11 year old* twerk. like what no mother would want that and for her to being a muslim its wrong? all of this film is wrong what is going on in this world. gosh *TALK ABOUT THIS.*
SERENA WU - 7 dager siden
If you're defending this movie, you're disgusting.
Michael Hamandishe
Michael Hamandishe - 8 dager siden
to be honest that movie was representing what is happening in the world rn
Teresa - 8 dager siden
She needs to be investigated
GUARDIAN PIZZA - 8 dager siden
Throw the entire app away
Kashaf Siddiqui
Kashaf Siddiqui - 8 dager siden
Surprising how people support this behaviour like peeps , they disrespecting our religion, I don’t get why Netflix targets Islam most of the time!!
Kashaf Siddiqui
Kashaf Siddiqui - 8 dager siden
This movie just teaches, u to be who u like without listening to your parents even at such a young age, it just shows parents are wrong for stopping their children like maaan, no 11 year old is mature enough to think about their life decision is obviously.
tupacshakur246 - 9 dager siden
still up btw
Abi J
Abi J - 9 dager siden
uhm twerking eleven year discovering her femininity at that age you don't have any femininity
Mia Costa
Mia Costa - 10 dager siden
Hummm... Really?
A - 10 dager siden
All the parents upset about this movie are going to be hella shook when they find out what their kids are doing to on TikTok...
Mark Dayandante
Mark Dayandante - 10 dager siden
If the director want to film girls dancing and coming to age, she wouldnt chose twerking and sexualize dancing although that kinda happen in real life when twerking is a thing
J West
J West - 12 dager siden
This narrator’s voice is terrible.
King Jean
King Jean - 12 dager siden
I’m watching the movie and it is so 🤮 like I just started watching the beginning and a girl is getting forced by these girls to take a pic of this boy’s thing but this is just the beginning it can’t get any worst right?😥😬
Peachy Gaming
Peachy Gaming - 12 dager siden
Twerking isn't feminity....
Wink Wonk
Wink Wonk - 12 dager siden
Take this movie down and put Digimon back up
Catherine Pueyo
Catherine Pueyo - 12 dager siden
All i gotta say is WHAT THE FU-
scp 2552
scp 2552 - 12 dager siden
thank you spill
Iman Feroz
Iman Feroz - 13 dager siden
Bruh why isnt anybodyy talking about that they made her a muslim!!
Boomega - 13 dager siden
Why is the world normalizing rebellion, can't we have someone that actually follows their family's laws, culture and religion?
Can't belive we live in a world that normalizes rebellion and going against parents
Ab Dnmw
Ab Dnmw - 13 dager siden
Moonlight Inaya
Moonlight Inaya - 13 dager siden
0:55 as a Muslim IM OFFENDED Like Muslims are not like this, MUSLIMS ARE ALLOWED TO DANCE!!!
Tali The Strange
Tali The Strange - 15 dager siden
Could they not use adult women playing teens?.. How hard is that? Bruh y'all used reall 11 year olds for the film. This is sick
funny cat13
funny cat13 - 15 dager siden
Would it be justified if i tortured someone to show how bad torture is? No.
Twenty Pıłøts
Twenty Pıłøts - 16 dager siden
Someone makes a joke:
14 y o white girls: tHaTS oFFenSIvE tO *insert religion here*
Netflix: releases a movie about TWERKING 11 YEAR OLD GIRL WHO IS MUSLIM
14 y/o girls: 🙈🙉🙊
Alexa Glipo
Alexa Glipo - 16 dager siden
if you enjoyed this movie. ..

*i will scoop your eyes and ego using a spoon*
ST0RMY - 16 dager siden
Why doesn't Netflix make a movie about kids not disobey their parents wishes and culture?
Monique Martinez
Monique Martinez - 16 dager siden
We just not going to talk about the mental impact to the children actors? Those who could very well be battling uncomfortable thoughts because they had to endure this script?
Jülide Ece
Jülide Ece - 17 dager siden
Yaa, offf... its soooo cliche and annoying for us Muslims to constantly see our belief in films like this. I mean honestly is there one film that became worldwide known about how respectful, honest religion it is? You might not agree or islamophobic but don't you come at me saying it's objectively done. Film industry needs to have a reality check.
Edit: are you really OK with calling yourself Muslim if you are agreeing to portray a role in such films? Oh dear...
XxXSukina_ChanXxX - 17 dager siden
Maybe it's time to think that we're all pedophiles...?
starshine_lue - 18 dager siden
One question.
Why is the world up in arms about the movie, but not the actual real world situation. I once saw a girl, probably about 13 or 14, doing a berlesck number at a competition for teenage choreographers, she supposedly made it up herself, but there was no way. She had a chair and a revealing costume to, and one of the judges complimented it!
But is the world gonna talk about that? Thats just one of the times
Carolyn De Coteau
Carolyn De Coteau - 18 dager siden
No❤️. Just ✨ s t o p ✨. 👀💢
My crazy world gacha
My crazy world gacha - 18 dager siden
sexualised kids and islamophobia. Why did the producer though that that was a good Idea😑 what a great movie😒 I understand the idea of saying to kids to don't sexualised their self but it's not the good way😑
Toothless nh
Toothless nh - 19 dager siden
well atleast the director was right about being overly sexualized on soc. media makes people famous but this doesnt necessarily make it right 😒😒😒
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin - 19 dager siden
Nah, Netflix isn't canceled. 🤨
Adna oatmeal
Adna oatmeal - 19 dager siden
And they got the muslim coulture wrong. We are not ashamed of our bodies, and we do talk about them. But we keep that private. We talk to our parents, a doctor and nobody else.
Adna oatmeal
Adna oatmeal - 19 dager siden
Culture* honestly my insomnia is on point now ✨ 4:17 an di can not see anmore
Jon T
Jon T - 19 dager siden
There was a trained counselor on set and the movie was approved by the French Child Protection Authority, that being said, I would love to hear their reasoning for that.
Lisa Najafi
Lisa Najafi - 20 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about how it uses Islam like imbso offended what gave them the rights to use Islam like that's so disgusting why did the use Islam im offended
Not_ChloeeT - 20 dager siden
Why would they put *children* in the film and not *adults* ? Just a thought.
Vihaan Sharma
Vihaan Sharma - 21 dag siden
I feel disturbed about netflix and chill 😭😭😭😭😭😭
I - 21 dag siden
Who canceled their subs to Netflix 🙋‍♀️
WildSage Diary
WildSage Diary - 21 dag siden
There were girls who were already doing this because of what they seen on social media. This is happening ALL AROUND THE WORLD. On and off camera. She made the movie to show the effects. She (the director) depicted nothing more than what is actually happening in society. She brought attention to the real problem that to little girls, being a woman means you must be over-sexualized.
There are little girls twerking on all forms of social media. This movie isnt showing something new.
Little girls wanna grow up fast and be women so they imitate what they see because they feel like that what they’re supposed to be. This happens EVERYWHERE. Everyone is focusing on the wrong issues.
The real issue is, we need better examples on what a woman should be with young girls in mind and keep up that standard.
The Stygian Girl
The Stygian Girl - 21 dag siden
I can't believe the 11 years old kids acting all for the movie. I feel devastated for them.
babyapplsharkplaz - 21 dag siden
The parent brain are potato chips to reals there kids are jigging there but to everyone
Lena Oberhofer
Lena Oberhofer - 22 dager siden
it’s so disturbing to think of a bunch of adults filming 11 year olds twerking
and their parents LET them do that
like what!?!?
死Death - 22 dager siden
Imagine using the word “sexualized” in a video 10000000 times and bleeping it each time. :/
Also fk netflix and cuties >:|
niya Rose
niya Rose - 23 dager siden
LilPuppers 123
LilPuppers 123 - 23 dager siden
Why do you care? Sure it's horrible. And I agree. But why are they more concerned with Cuties when they should be worrying of what's happening with their own children. I've seen lots of girls on Instagram and tiktok doing something similar. Yet most dont care. Sure so what if you dont have kids, soon your going to and maybe you will care, maybe you wont. But still, pay attention more to your own child's life than a movie. Cause maybe your child is doing the exact same thing and you didnt notice cause your more concerned with ranting about the plot of a movie.

This came from my big sister and I agree.
k c
k c - 24 dager siden
isn't the whole point of the movie is that the kids are being hypersexualised? that's what i'm getting from all the reviews and synopses. i know it's not cool to sexualise kids but look at the reality of it - kids nowadays ARE being sexualised on every platform and the film is making a point about it? it's a realistic statement about girls coming of age and discovering their sexuality. it seems gross but it's a reality that ya'll gotta face, be real here.
Alessandra Fabian
Alessandra Fabian - 24 dager siden
thank god I never watched the movie
Rylan Schenck
Rylan Schenck - 24 dager siden
I understand her message but does she really need to use 11 year olds to get her point across?? Like we don’t need to see what that looks like
V-incent Bronson
V-incent Bronson - 24 dager siden
How hypocritical can America be?
then go and take your daughters to the beauty pageants 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷👎🏻
Kc Luzano
Kc Luzano - 25 dager siden
Tbh we need a KAREN for this UnU
ʟɪʟɪᴛʜ - 25 dager siden
for once we actually need a karen
Brett Mastema
Brett Mastema - 25 dager siden
I love that this is on the short List for an Oscar Nomination. Oh people are going to lose their Minds HAHAHAHAHA
Diego Kyler
Diego Kyler - 26 dager siden
This movie was the best
Avadena - 26 dager siden
Yall have never seen our Balkan gypsies.. 8-9yo girls dancing to chalga (type of oriental/gypsy/Balkan music) and posting these videos all over the internet. These videos are often make fun of cuz they are simply ridiculous. But at the end of the day it was their choice
Ajla Fontenot
Ajla Fontenot - 26 dager siden
Vallina Moreno
Vallina Moreno - 28 dager siden
Hikaru - 28 dager siden
So if an 11 year-old child isn't allowed by their mother to join a "free-spirited" dance crew, then the mom is abusive? OK, got it.
Monsuco - 28 dager siden
The problem with cuties is that it's a live-action movie and that real children were used to produce it. If they had used makeup and special effects to make adult actresses look like children that wouldn't have been controversial. If this had been a book instead of a movie nobody would have been upset by it. If it had been a graphic novel nobody would have been bothered by it. The issue is that actual 11 year old girls were used to produce a very sexualized movie.
aiden siessmayer
aiden siessmayer - 28 dager siden
This is disgusting.
Marcelo DaSilva
Marcelo DaSilva - 29 dager siden
It’s literally the easiest way and for some the only way to get out of poverty and the horrible things we go thru
Samantha •20 years ago• 8 months ago
LEGIT subbing to everyone who subs to me!
Dude. This is the time we need the karens. Bring out the ssg karen and case closed in 0.1 seconds.
bbieheels - Måned siden
well i havent watch it but her mom is right to protect her daughter
b a d b l e e p
b a d b l e e p - Måned siden
Im literally vomiting after watching this...the mother is trying to keep her child in the right path but she-
Asa Henry
Asa Henry - Måned siden
The girls who are acting in it aren’t even old enough to watch it- uhm
Chuan Cheng Lau
Chuan Cheng Lau - Måned siden
ah yes this is what I came to spill for : humanity being a dissapointment of a race
Tenth Basilisk88
Tenth Basilisk88 - Måned siden
Tik tok 2018: *sees cuties*
hel nah
hel nah - Måned siden
i know the movie has good reason behind it. but do they really have to zoom in little girls body parts? that's not okay. that's not the right way. whoever defending this movie is straight up disgusting.
Sky - Måned siden
I miss thw O.A!!! I was sooooo excited at the end of season 2. He finally made it to OA' s world. People that watched the show probably opted out after the first episode...if only they were patient. After OA went to Docs house in season 1 and went in the basment...I was hooked. Than when the magic happened toward's the end of season 1 I was triple hooked! ♡♡♡
Yes season 2 was pretty crazy but theubhad to introduce new elements for the story...just bummed we won't ever see it. Netflix has all of the rights to the show so they can NEVER create season 3.
buried corpse
buried corpse - Måned siden
2 months since this video was posted and the movie is still up here in Denmark 😬 yikes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes - Måned siden
I don't like how they're calling a little girl a woman 😑😒
Flaca .B
Flaca .B - Måned siden
I mean her intentions where in the right place but as it went about the message was WAAAYY too provocative ! Especially using 11 year olds... I like her concept but not the way the movie was too explicit with children .. she should have just remade the movie "Thirteen" 😅 now that movie was good AF
Raeganforlife Plays
Raeganforlife Plays - Måned siden
When I watch cuties I literally need a bucket to puke if you rated the movie you are disgusting when I finished watching the movie I was just confused and disgusted
Invision TM
Invision TM - Måned siden
Minorities and race are being used now to disregard things/discussions... It is totally weponized rn.
Huā Gwihan
Huā Gwihan - Måned siden
The islamophobia in this one is real.............
Huā Gwihan
Huā Gwihan - Måned siden
As a muslim,i just want to tell these so called liberals that no,we are not being held hostages or being oppressed in our households.We are perfectly happy the way we live.i don't know what these liberals' obsession with showing muslims as conservative or controlling and muslim children being forced to practice their religion..its nothing like that! And to make a movie like this,which sexualizes a literal child and do her dirty like that is just beyond disgusting.if this is "female empowerment" and "following one's dreams" than i don't want a woman,i am disappointed at this representation of our gender..this director knows nothing about feminism or the concept of following your dreams.
yetus the fetus
yetus the fetus - Måned siden
who here from the brew crew
\-: - Måned siden
The parents r money hungry
Princess Kaelyn
Princess Kaelyn - Måned siden
If my dad saw this, he would FREAK OUT and warn me a billion times not to do the same thing they did in the movie.
Shriya S B
Shriya S B - Måned siden
You can show these serious themes and dark sides WITHOUT exploiting kids. There's a way to tell and not show. And they could have hired older people to act these. When we see 27-29 year olds play 15-16, why couldn't they hire 18-20 year olds to play 11 year olds??? To the people who said this was done in an artful way. You are artistically blind.
Saffron CSF
Saffron CSF - Måned siden
The Director could’ve probably approached hard topics like this in a better way
Xof Ydal
Xof Ydal - Måned siden
I don't understand the religious part though. Why _specifically_ mention she's raised in a Muslim household and stuff, and then make her do things _extremely_ prohibited in that religion.
Like, exactly the point made at 2:53 and 5:35 and some other tweets. We should acknowledge it.
Xof Ydal
Xof Ydal - 14 dager siden
@wn exactly
wn - 15 dager siden
Yeah at the same time the movie also promotes islamophobia
『나탈리』 - Måned siden
It’s still up...and it’s DECEMBER
Chloe Zeng-Smith
Chloe Zeng-Smith - Måned siden
3:47 wait the mother was supposed to be the antagonist?? 😀 huh-
Everyday we stray further from god.
This is like purposely hitting someone with a car just to tell people that you should slow down.