Nikita Dragun LOSES IT After Getting EXPOSED: "Things Are Getting Twisted"

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Tyler Oakley called out LARRAY, James Charles, Nikita Dragun, Tana Mongeau, Charli D'Amelio and other influencers for partying during the quarantine-and some of them spoke out.
[The Story]
[Spreading the Virus]
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Spill - 5 måneder siden
The kettle is BOILING! 🍵
Teddy Martin
Teddy Martin - 15 dager siden
@【•νιηтαgє ѕυηƒløωєя•】 lol
【•νιηтαgє ѕυηƒløωєя•】
@Teddy Martin Oh shi-
Teddy Martin
Teddy Martin - 17 dager siden
No tea should be at 195°!!!
Honey Jack The Honey Bee
Honey Jack The Honey Bee - 20 dager siden
@【•νιηтαgє ѕυηƒløωєя•】 umm chile anyways so
【•νιηтαgє ѕυηƒløωєя•】
Todoroki: 👁👄👁
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 6 timer siden
I dont have breathing issues please no
Taina Lopez
Taina Lopez - Dag siden
wait so influencers aren't allowed to party but people are allowed to riot????
Taina Lopez
Taina Lopez - Dag siden
I feel like if the behind scenes were shown everyone will understand !! no one knows if they got tested or not to even go through with this…did any of these influencer and everyone around them get corona though???
Blinknation - Dag siden
The people who are out in large crowds partying every weekend without a mask are the same idiots crying about not having their freedom. Some of y’all can’t be tired of this like you say you are, because you aren’t doing your part to stop the spread.
Lisa Reid
Lisa Reid - Dag siden
Omg people calm down people are needing to relax and these kids are to selfish to understand what is going on in the USA and people need to find a way to relax and breathe a little and if they want to party and take that chance of coming down with COVID19 well then be it...
Alexandria Kay
Alexandria Kay - 2 dager siden
I DONT wear a mask and 10:12 is why! It doesn’t do ANYTHING If you touch what anyone else touched and I know everybody touching everything in that store!! Period, tf is a mask gonna do if I already touch a infected droplet??? Plz tell me.. either way I’m opening that public door everybody touched on the way in!! Be SMARTER MASKS DONT HELP 100% so STOP ACTIN LIKE THEY WILL SAVE LIVES WHEN THEY CANT
Sunnyside._. Diamond
Sunnyside._. Diamond - 3 dager siden
But i love larray
Griswold the goblin
Griswold the goblin - 4 dager siden
When it’s about losing followers they act all careful and stuff 😭 it’s actually sad
Savana - 8 dager siden
Tana is the LAST person that should be partying with her asthma. She doesn’t care about the pandemic that’s why they keep partying and clubbing without posting it, I hope they get infected.
- LowResDream
- LowResDream - 9 dager siden
that girl tapping the screen looks like the annoying orange had a sister. this is who young girls look up tp these days? female donald trumps? smfh
Hit or Miss
Hit or Miss - 10 dager siden
here in china, we dont even wear masks anymore 😂😂
Lynne Allen
Lynne Allen - 10 dager siden
Another case of self-absorbed little rich kids that have nothing to do but share diseases and disrespect. All the money that it took to make that party they could have had a fundraiser and raise enough money to help families that have lost loved ones to this virus but nobody thinks about other people other than themselves and they have nobody but themselves.👎😣
krystal - 11 dager siden
its just such ashame that there back at it again partying in the bahamas people just dont learn i've been in my house for ten month straight and haven't seen any friends in again 10 month and had to spend a birthday in my house alone to prevent myself and others from getting sick yet they can have 70 people over its sad
Sai Hikawa
Sai Hikawa - 13 dager siden
They're disappointing. Very disappointing.
Nessa D
Nessa D - 13 dager siden
Imagine your whole personality is “party”..:embarrassing
Andromeda Dagger
Andromeda Dagger - 14 dager siden
I'm sick of them being influencers. Who tf still follows them?!
Person Person
Person Person - 14 dager siden
I love larray, but having a party in the middle of a pandemic, is not safe at all.
Control 24
Control 24 - 14 dager siden
Tyler is sooooo played out! Like boy shut up
Karly - 15 dager siden
Natural selection ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Cotton Clouds
Cotton Clouds - 16 dager siden
I didn't even celebrate my birthday this year....
Summer Panda
Summer Panda - 16 dager siden
When you go to party during the pandemic you aren’t just costing your life you are also costing millions of other lives.. these influencers rlly be saying they are so sorry and won’t ever do it again but then attend OTHER parties that litterly people on the internet have to come for these tiktokers. That just shows that none of these people are atcually being “influencers”
cødy - 16 dager siden
is it jus me or is Nikita using foundation 10 shades darker than her actual skin tone?
rhea - 19 dager siden
what do they even influence.
Tokyonji - 24 dager siden
I do think this isn’t okay, but I’ll still keep supporting Dixie because let’s be honest, at least she isn’t a hypocrite like James cough cough
Denicea Christina
Denicea Christina - 28 dager siden
Must be nice to be so rich you can still give parties while being quarantined
Cake - 28 dager siden
influencer more like Influenza 🤧
yana - 29 dager siden
Nikita should hire me for choosing her foundation :')
Audiophile Archive
Audiophile Archive - Måned siden
Tyler Oakley is a joke
Katherine Lopez
Katherine Lopez - Måned siden
Lol I am not saying that going to a party is bad or not because everyday people go to the store with 100s of people or more depending on the store I am not saying entertainers are also in the right or wrong because they are wrong but just saying people talk but they do the same
itz kiera
itz kiera - Måned siden
idc what anyone says, nikita deserved to be canceled a long time ago
Sairi_Taikutsu - Måned siden
i mean it's no surprise that majority of confirmed cases come from the US
It's sunny
It's sunny - Måned siden
Not to be rude or anything but if I held a party I would only invite myself ✨
Kate - Måned siden
if genies and fairy godmothers are real, i would just wish people experience severe consequences, more severe than anyone is experiencing during this times. sorry for being mean, i had enough.
Arissa Castro
Arissa Castro - Måned siden
I don’t know why people still Stan Nikita. she is literally giving herself a fan and is darker than larray WHO IS A PERSON OF COLOR! y’all keep giving her a platform so she can do blackface, and make fun of poc
Aaron Gurney
Aaron Gurney - Måned siden
Theses influencers are complete and selfish idiots😂
Storm Rae
Storm Rae - Måned siden
The Health Authorities need to step in ESPECIALLY in Tana’s case there needs to be some legal repercussions against them!
Lionel Johnson
Lionel Johnson - Måned siden
Sheesh 😂😂😂 when did the world become so scary.
tacky wacky
tacky wacky - Måned siden
I know they should of stayed but everyone does mistakes it was a one time thing and it didn't happen again so please. Let em be.
Brooklyn_518 - Måned siden
*NATURAL SELECTION* at it's finest!
Jake The Cake
Jake The Cake - Måned siden
Tyler oakley is doing this to just get back to the spotlight when his content is dead and there is no chance for him to get big sorry :/
Jrzy Dy
Jrzy Dy - Måned siden
They should've been arrested - all of them - because they pose a public health threat. In some countries, you get apprehended by authorities when you don't follow quarantine orders. Only in the US is this behavior condoned and even applauded. Yes, you guys "still" have money now. If this pandemic is not contained and is allowed to go on for another year, several businesses will close. INCLUDING food makers. So, you may have money, but what are you going to use that on if no one is selling food? You can't eat your money or your bank account.
Travelamazon - Måned siden
Who cares? These are mostly healthy people and even if they get "Rona" they will be ok. BFD if cases go up.
Bella - Måned siden
They don’t care. They know they just need to apologize and people will get over it. So they didn’t know ?? When they were partying, they didn’t know??
Nicole Skorupsky
Nicole Skorupsky - Måned siden
Everyone is losing their minds during quarantine, if normal people can refrain from partying during a pandemic then every influencer, Hollywood star, and in general any person with a large following and a large public status can as well. Traveling during a pandemic, sure its fine if you take precautions but even after you come back to the US isolate and take even more precautions because in a foreign country you will never know who is sick or not. I’m going to tell you guys right now that me and my friend have been long distance for over a YEAR, yes the distance is not great but we still stay in contact, even before COVID-19 we were long distance since she moved away. Me and my friend group are all online, we met mutually through another friend. I understand that for some people it’s hard mentally and physically, it’s hard for everyone. But this stuff happens in life, life is hard, and we have to overcome any possible roadblocks in life. No influencer with a large public fan base should be excused because you like them. Stay home, and don’t party, please! That’s the only way this will end.
alma hanifa
alma hanifa - Måned siden
influencer??? more like influenza for me
Aaron Malik
Aaron Malik - Måned siden
I guess they should’ve called it a protest and y’all would’ve been okay with it
Joshua Stoner
Joshua Stoner - Måned siden
Honestly most of the people calling others out is because they are just looking for clout. Second the Corona isn't even a new disease its been around for a long time my aunt got it in 2013 and the cured it easily, so dont u think its odd that it all of a sudden there is no cure. We never had a pandemic with the swine flu nor ebola and their deadlier then covid 19.
*_Dead EmUse_*
*_Dead EmUse_* - Måned siden
As my mother says, “Sure you can go out, just bring your own nurse.”
She also said, “it doesn’t matter how many beds are in a hospital, it matters how many doctors and nurses are left.”
Gotta love her-
maddy flahey
maddy flahey - Måned siden
Nikita really thought she did something 🤔
Lallawm Kimi
Lallawm Kimi - Måned siden
I.T. Girl
I.T. Girl - Måned siden
You know the only lesson these kids learned was to not post while at a party...and some of them didn’t even learn that 🙄
Mya - Måned siden
I want 25 feet tf🤣☺️
Mya - Måned siden
In the hype
house half of them actually live there or went to the house every day or every other day but some of them didn’t actually always be there with them so yeah it’s kind of understandable
brooke white
brooke white - Måned siden
i have lived through 3 pandemics :,)
trinity oosting
trinity oosting - Måned siden
so let me get this straight I have had to go places ( grocery store stuff like that )make sure im behing safe and all that and if i say a single word I wont be able to breath? Like litreally HAVE to take the the mask off for like 5 seconds then put it back on so i can not be sent to the hospital And yall out here parting?? sorry about my spelling im bilingue ( French and english)
seer daf
seer daf - Måned siden
See this is why i don't like influencers whatsoever
K !
K ! - Måned siden
Tana : Let me explain what me and Erika meant by “ we don’t care “
Pretty self explanatory 💀
Brandon Mundo
Brandon Mundo - Måned siden
Yall- Nikita looks a bit darker in her Instagram video 🤠
Kasha - Måned siden
Nikita and tana are clowns
Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea
Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea - 2 måneder siden
Welp. Just shut down Cali. Make all the idiots live there that keep helping virus spread by not listening. Let them 'swim in their own filth' so to speak. If they want to be sick let them. But restrict their travel so they can't spread to ppl who have been following quarantine the last year...let me say again YEAR ...
Claudia Diaz
Claudia Diaz - 2 måneder siden
There’s women that can’t even have their husband come with to OBGYN APPTS. Can’t even go with to see their child for the first time. And these influencers throw huge parties without even wearing masks ....
ccLAchica - 2 måneder siden
Tana is the worst type of person
Maria Maecy
Maria Maecy - 2 måneder siden
Why they aren't arrested for this? Is it not considered a crime there to go out during lockdown?
LARRI'S.WONDERS - Måned siden
Well cops did come. And they could have, but I guess they had to pay some kind of fine... And since there SOOOO RICH they didn't go to jail for it.
Jay Wolfgramm
Jay Wolfgramm - 2 måneder siden
Allison Cruz
Allison Cruz - 2 måneder siden
dang.... Its November and yet the cases are rising again :/
miloh the lotus
miloh the lotus - 2 måneder siden
Their IQ is sO bIg
Kmw Tiktokmashup
Kmw Tiktokmashup - 2 måneder siden
Bruh yall just mad because yall cant do that
TSchiap - 2 måneder siden
unfollowing tana rn
TSchiap - 2 måneder siden
they always do this than explain and say they will do better but than repeat it like a bunch of them have done this many times
Amaani Matthews
Amaani Matthews - 2 måneder siden
They just mad because they wasn’t invited! Because if they were they would not be calling this out🙄
Isabel Romer
Isabel Romer - 2 måneder siden
These influencers no not care wether they catch the virus or not. They have enough money to get the best treatments. Calling them out is the the absolute minimum someone can do. Especially if they are promoting going out and party to their audience.
Filly Beverhousen
Filly Beverhousen - 3 måneder siden
Nikita really needed that confidence boost huh
Kay Green
Kay Green - 3 måneder siden
people can’t even have funerals for love ones because of the pandemic and y’all are out here partying ???
Hammy - 3 måneder siden
Influencer? No
Martina MBJJ
Martina MBJJ - 3 måneder siden
I actually forgot that she exist, I guess she's not important.
Quinten Stutler
Quinten Stutler - 3 måneder siden
People forget that they are all GROWN ADULTS and they can do as they please
lillith77 - 3 måneder siden
Anyone taking advice from anyone mentioned is probably not the wisest
Marie Lawrence
Marie Lawrence - 3 måneder siden
We’re Jeffrey at?!
Shira Irem
Shira Irem - 3 måneder siden
No one:
Nikita Rant
Selina Han
Selina Han - 3 måneder siden
Nikita somehow made this ab herself 😂😂😂😂
Dani Villard
Dani Villard - 3 måneder siden
It’s funny how mad people are getting because they weren’t invited. I was mad too but I’m not acting like a little bi***h about it 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
saiki kook
saiki kook - 3 måneder siden
the fact that LARRAy is in the cover...
i live for it
Wicked - 3 måneder siden
These people apologize all the time which means nothing if u keep doing it over and over again.
Shirunda - 3 måneder siden
I think ou chould be allowed to go to partys or cons only when everything is reguleaded like a mask inside and outside Waschung you hand all the time on so on
Caitlin N Morris
Caitlin N Morris - 3 måneder siden
My only thing is, they wouldn’t have apologized if nobody would’ve called out and that’s the tea sis🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Invisible Doctor
Invisible Doctor - 3 måneder siden
I'm sorry for getting caught x100
I'm at the point where I don't believe a word of their apology because if there's another party you know most of them will be there again especially someone like Tana
Scribblebytes - 3 måneder siden
I just threw up in my mouth.
Michelle Martha
Michelle Martha - 3 måneder siden
Larray is more of a youtuber tho
Suzie Sunshine
Suzie Sunshine - 3 måneder siden
Is Nikita black facing ? 😂
christina x heart
christina x heart - 3 måneder siden
Wash your hands everyone 😉
Brittany At Home
Brittany At Home - 3 måneder siden
I don’t believe in social distancing. Party on up! Wish I could
Livid Horizon
Livid Horizon - 3 måneder siden
I wish he could have called out blue face to
Ray Ray
Ray Ray - 3 måneder siden
It makes me sad because I’ve lost 2 of my relatives have died due to this virus and to see Larray (who is the one I watched the most and have watch his vids ) it really hurt me personally. He should still be held accountable but I love that he at least apologized
Juliano SB
Juliano SB - 3 måneder siden
You can't spell nikita dragon without can, but the smell won't let you.
she doesn't even go here
she doesn't even go here - 3 måneder siden
me thinking the 'scary' thing Nikita was talking about was the worldwide pandemic 🤡🤡
Cat Lady
Cat Lady - 3 måneder siden
I thought ny had the highest? I just did a project for school with statistics on covid cases and i think the only reason they say CA surpassed them was because ny doesn't include the cases recorded in nyc for some reason its weird. Maybe im wrong idk
Vicka Dara
Vicka Dara - 3 måneder siden
Lol I thought dixie and her sister are smarter, I guess they are still just a kid
Julie Bell
Julie Bell - 3 måneder siden
Okay 1. I didn’t know Tyler Oakley was still around in the social media stuff. I kinda forgot about him.
2. While Nikita has a valid point about whatever she was saying, she LITERALLY did not talk about the topic at hand. It was like she was really trying to avoid it
ice demon
ice demon - 3 måneder siden
Whos Tyler oakley?.