Paris Hilton's Doc Has Survivors Coming Forward, Ex-Staff and School Speak Up

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Paris Hilton released a new documentary - This is Paris - that revealed one of her darkest secrets.
In her documentary, she opened viewers up to her world as a socialite and showed that despite being wealthy, she had many struggles due to her troubling childhood.
After Paris's documentary came out, Provo Canyon School released a statement on their website regarding the accusations, but more survivors spoke up and came forward with their stories.
This is Paris Official documentary:
You can help Paris by signing a petition she started to shut down the school:
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Spill - 3 måneder siden
You can help Paris by signing a petition she started to shut down the school:
#BreakingCodeSilence #ISeeYouSurvivor
Penny Gable Webber
Penny Gable Webber - 13 dager siden
Your test has become your testimony...YOU WIN...You can now help so many others !!
The Cool Illusions
The Cool Illusions - 23 dager siden
I signed. I will try my best to share this with everyone I can.
repetitive reality
repetitive reality - Måned siden
So, you're telling me that not even the Hilton family can not close the school down even with "evidence"? Realy?
Miss Relaxed
Miss Relaxed - 3 måneder siden
Thank you for this will definitely sign this
Amby - 3 måneder siden
signed and thank you for using your platform for this
Dee Nora
Dee Nora - 4 dager siden
Change the way you say whats the big issue. Its so wrong >:(
Funny cat compilation 2015
Funny cat compilation 2015 - 5 dager siden
As a teenager I was sent to a ranch in Texas similar to PCS. We were just a bunch of misunderstood kids, any time you questioned the rules or acted out you were taken by force to the “intensive treatment unit” where you would be stripped and injected with geodon against your will. Then they would leave you in an isolation cell for days. They fed us through a slot in the wall. 11 12 13 year old children were locked in cells cold drugged and afraid and they screamed and cried for their parents that shipped them there.
Sally Killingsworth
Sally Killingsworth - 6 dager siden
I know I'm late to this, but I'd like to bring the awareness that schools like this still exist in 2021 and they exist in just about every state you can imagine and in many other countries. I am a survivor of one of these schools, and just got out in 2020. I would share more, but I'm still in a state of shock and some numbness.
All I can say is, this needs to end. It's terrifying, especially when you are released and feel like nobody understands what you went through.
Ayman Al-Tamimi
Ayman Al-Tamimi - 9 dager siden
How is that school not shutdown by now? Kidnapping people, drugging them and putting them in solitary confinement is illegal and everyone running that school should be arrested. Paris parents should also be arrested for allowing all this to happen
Ethan Trenaman
Ethan Trenaman - 14 dager siden
I believe Hilton is a horrible human, but at least this Doc has done something great.
Cartridge gamer 64
Cartridge gamer 64 - 15 dager siden
Paris sadly have bad parents
Armen Ali
Armen Ali - 16 dager siden
thank god im arab my parents will never never never send me to somewhere like this !!! THATS SCARY ASF
Javante Amos
Javante Amos - 16 dager siden
Tell me about it. Lawsuit
kpop rubix
kpop rubix - 19 dager siden
Paris is the number one queen. The only queen.
shannon osullivan
shannon osullivan - 27 dager siden
Can we agree some kids just are bad seeds? Sure, but the majority of children struggling to find their own way shouldn’t be rejected.
I’m an expecting mama, and I couldn’t imagine hurting my child that way. Defying the very trust I earned for no reason, traumatizing my baby isn’t even a thought. And knowing I caused my child to suffer for countless years to come would haunt me every single day.
Marti D
Marti D - 28 dager siden
My brother went to a place like this I give you guess where he is now
kiki246810 - Måned siden
Maybe what these kids need is not not drugs and abuse, but some good parenting where the parent actually put time into the love their kids need. Parents don’t known their kids as much as they think they do.
AabluedragonAH - Måned siden
I’ve always liked Paris Hilton’s attitude towards the world. She’s the first celebrity-type person I’ve ever actually connected to now that I think about it. Huge props to her for speaking up on this issue, that’s a huge, brave step. Here’s hope that institutions like this get shut down soon.
Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat - Måned siden
I can relate about the school and nightmare. I was in a boarding school at 11. I was emotionally abused by the wardens and seniors. That time everyone was normalizing so I didn't even tell my parents about it. Till today I occasionally see myself back in that hostel in my dream. Ik Paris ain't exaggerating
tomatoez - Måned siden
this happens everywhere, guys. in almost every facility. i was diagnosed with substance abuse and sent to a facility called Walker. i have nightmares about it. sometimes i go to my mom at night and cry about it. abuse within the mental health system is so common and we need to do something about it.
Platinum_Noelle - Måned siden
Why can't people realize that being overly strict and trying to keep someone on such a tight leash that they literally can't do anything they ask to, will only cause them to rebel? When you grow up in an environment where literally nothing you do or want to do, even just normal things kids your age are able to do, then of course you're going to start sneaking around. If you feel like you can't trust your own parents, of course you're going to look for that support outside of the home and not be close with your parents.
Also, of _course_ this school was in Utah and had BYU students as staff, strict religion has a history of neglecting, exacerbating, and causing mental health issues, especially when it comes to some sects of Christianity.
Jamie - Måned siden
they say it was sold to new owners in 2000 but didn’t someone just say their son went their 4 years ago and was abused 😶😶 uhm, nice try with the cover up.
Emanuel Rivera
Emanuel Rivera - Måned siden
I remember going to a school for kids with emotional problems as a kid I was diagnosed with what is known as one foot in and one foot autism meaning my autism wasn't full blown my doctors put me on meds that made me hyper speech and energy my mom is my best friend she didn't trust the doctors and she threatened to sue the school and doctors for putting me on medications
Stephanie Nicole
Stephanie Nicole - Måned siden
Why can't the word "abuse" be said??
Leslie Gill
Leslie Gill - Måned siden
Can someone please tell me WHY I am seeing words like a**sive, bu**ies, S****dal, are crossed off and not said?
Leslie Gill
Leslie Gill - Måned siden
Is it because the"words" can be triggering? Cuz not seeing or hearing the words are triggering me. I feel not seeing or hearing the words are lightning the seriousness of these situations. I also feel it's protecting the f***ed up guilty parties.
Leslie Gill
Leslie Gill - Måned siden
Now as an American I'm noticing freedom of speech is becoming extinct.
bad Karma
bad Karma - Måned siden
This is why people say “you create what you fear”.
That school sounded awful. It did worse than what she could have done to herself if she was really that immature.
Ayanna Powell
Ayanna Powell - 2 måneder siden
If she didn't want to raise her daughter, why not hire full time nanny like the rest do...
Tulasi Devi
Tulasi Devi - 2 måneder siden
Why do you cut off the heads of actors and persons you feature? Really disconcerting.
Christina Marie
Christina Marie - 2 måneder siden
No you shouldn’t send your children there
BlondzRule All
BlondzRule All - 2 måneder siden
3:25 I am a clinical therapist and I work at a residential trauma treatment center. I have so many young adults that come and have been subjected to these so called “reform schools” that kidnap them in the night.
Internally barge into their bedroom, handcuff them, put a bag over their head and haul them off to unknown location, all with their parents consent. This is abusive, traumatizing and they are affected by this. It’s terrifying. I cannot believe parents think this is okay. They just need to sit their kids down and show them emotion, concern, feelings and set boundaries. Instead they depend on others to fix what they have created. It’s very sad and disheartening.
Kristine Tambago
Kristine Tambago - 2 måneder siden
Maybe if i was paris i would prolly secretly transfer fund and then run away
Bigotón Bigotón
Bigotón Bigotón - 2 måneder siden
I dont like the stock photos and stock videos you use in the video
Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea
Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea - 2 måneder siden
The ranch Dr Phil talks about will get sent more kids now... There's too many parents that refuse to deal with/parent their children.
Byleth Eisner
Byleth Eisner - 2 måneder siden
People think famous ones have a perfect life but really there just a human like all of us and Paris shows that she deserves better family
Olivia Odisho
Olivia Odisho - 2 måneder siden
😳Dr. Grande in a spill video. That's it my king has arrived. 🙌
Sabina Alexis
Sabina Alexis - 2 måneder siden
Paris Hilton is an absolute legend
Niyah Life!
Niyah Life! - 2 måneder siden
Isn’t Paris Hilton a man- 💀
ok den
ok den - 2 måneder siden
s k
s k - 2 måneder siden
not a school but san marcos residential treatment center is really similar - we had to use the restroom in front of eachother (toilets lined up with no dividers inbetween), got our clothes taken for self harming, had to sleep on the floor, had barred 1ft wide windows in the isolation room, etc.. most short term but more residential treatment centers in texas are like this and this just shows that elsewhere.. it gets worse
kirstie b
kirstie b - 2 måneder siden
no it’s not ok to send your child away. you aren’t giving the child what they need as parents.
Sofia Marie
Sofia Marie - 2 måneder siden
why y'all black out the word bullies tho 🧐
w o l f i x x s m i d n i g h t
w o l f i x x s m i d n i g h t - 2 måneder siden
Aww I feel so bad for her that so mean if I was the parents I would never do dat btw thanks for Blurring that bad words she did not deserve it:(btw my option none of them derseve it they derseve better
Abby Rudy
Abby Rudy - 2 måneder siden
If you are a parent or want to be, remember that your kids are their own person. They will have their own personalities, dreams, and interests. If you only want to be a parent so you can live your dreams through them, don't. You should only be parent if you want to raise a unique individual. You will have similarities and differences, those are okay. Differences are not bad and definitely not an excuse to abuse your child. There may be cases where some type of intervention is needed when it comes to inappropriate or violent behaviour but there are plenty of options that don't involve abusing your child. Read reviews. Believe your child. Love your child. Allow open and honest communication. If you want a relationship with them after they move out, don't send them to abusive schools.
Elixxirr Official
Elixxirr Official - 2 måneder siden
Dont ever have kids. If you are going to send them away when things get difficult.
Krn. - 3 måneder siden
I saw those hotel I didn’t know it was linked to her family’s
Cabbyla - 3 måneder siden
I like how you used a valley girl accent while quoting her lol nice touch.
ToxicLife - 3 måneder siden
I fear I will end up in Provo
Alathka - 3 måneder siden
I worked there at Provo Canyon and Paris was one of my last kids on my floor before I quit, because it was such a horrible experience with the day staff and some night. I wrote places after trying to tell them the awful things I saw (trying to help kids stuck in that, after). No one listened to me, but I tried. I told everyone after not to let their kids go there.
MrMoyo - 3 måneder siden
No offence to Paris and KVD. But them excusing their parents is a tell sign what the school has done to them.
‘‘ - 3 måneder siden
This happens in a lot of other hospitals also. it’s nice and relieving that she’s spoken out about her trauma
cathytakami - 3 måneder siden
my mom’s trying to send me here. i haven’t done drugs, alcohol, sneak out, and i’ve never even had a boyfriend. i don’t rebel against her, talk back, yet she wants to send me here for my grades. praying for the best.
princess peach
princess peach - 3 måneder siden
y are u not saying all the words there not bad words
Sliver Halo
Sliver Halo - 3 måneder siden
Great Video!
Jessica Jackson
Jessica Jackson - 3 måneder siden
I have anxiety just listening to this it sounds like a mental institution a mental hospital that’s crazy that her family did that to her I would’ve never thought
MountainDewThursday - 3 måneder siden
I didn't know any of this till this week. My son was there for a year(not my choice). I find out now about the abuse he went through, and feel horrible about what he had to go through. I am beyond angry.
sarah tariq
sarah tariq - 3 måneder siden
this brings me to tears. :(
Jennifer Cederholm
Jennifer Cederholm - 3 måneder siden
I work at the school she used to go to. It’s a completely different camp now but everything looks exactly the same we even have the same building names still
Skelter - 3 måneder siden
why are words marked out and edited that are not bad at all?
#Nine - 3 måneder siden
My entire opinion of Paris Hilton has changed because of this documentary. She has my total respect for this. Why would ANYONE send their children to these places? I pray she and all the others who have been subjected to this horrific “treatment” can find some kind of healing. She’s a brave woman for exposing these places to the world.
Hermione Malfoy
Hermione Malfoy - 3 måneder siden
I wonder if Britney Spears also experienced a similar thing, (maybe until now?) and how many other seemingly okay, happy go lucky people also experienced this. Also, this Provo school makes Trunchbull from Matilda seems like a child's play...
carrie Brown
carrie Brown - 3 måneder siden
All celebs have an onstage persona. That's not news that someone in their private life is different to what you see in public. Her mother is an arse though and that was awful. I was treated badley for being a normal teenager. It messes you up for life . I now don't trust or believe the majority of people .
Katerina Liakou
Katerina Liakou - 3 måneder siden
The fact that there's still boarding schools is disgusting. Imagine being such a useless parent and needing to send your kids that can't fully defend themselves, to live with strangers for months! Don't be a parent if you don't feel like patenting you criminals.
Julia Buonincontro
Julia Buonincontro - 3 måneder siden
It’s not just PCS. A lot of these issues are the norm for residential and inpatient facilities in my experience as recently as 2019
Aleyna aleyna
Aleyna aleyna - 3 måneder siden
London Tipton?
Not just another guy
Not just another guy - 3 måneder siden
I was sent to a similar place (not in the US) because I told social services about the abuse I was experiencing at home from my parents. It took a lot of me to say something about what had been going on for many years, and instead of getting the help I was asking for they blamed me for causing trouble and sent me away to some sort of camp where they treated children much like described in this video. Luckily I was 17 and by the age of 18 you're allowed to check yourself out, so I did. Took years to get over the experience though, and even though I no longer suffer from any trauma I am still angry at them and mostly I'm frustrated that they're still open to this day. I actually confronted them once, only to tell them what I feel about the place, but they started playing the same psychological games in response to my critique, claiming that the reason I "feel that way" is because I quit the program, and that if I'd just followed through I would have "a better life". Note: Nothing wrong with my life, I am happier than ever and I'm in medical school, but they're just disappointed because they missed an opportunity to brainwash yet another young teenager. (Even scarier is that the few people I've managed to get in contact with who actually live there defend the place, but as soon as they get out their opinion shifts radically. Just another proof that the "therapeutic methods" they swear by are in reality a form of brainwashing.)
Nelda Smith
Nelda Smith - 3 måneder siden
Funded by our government, Provo Canyon school experiments on children with MK-Ultra Mind Control Techniques.
Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly - 3 måneder siden
If u can’t handle a child and the responsibility that comes with it the don’t have kids. “Sending them away” is not a solution it’s just sad and disgusting...
marisol gonzalez
marisol gonzalez - 3 måneder siden
I saw this on the news, and Paris’s dark backstory was noticed.
Tenille Oosterbaan
Tenille Oosterbaan - 3 måneder siden
"he loves me that much, he's going crazy". i just got waves of goosebumps aye.
GotitoGaara8 - 3 måneder siden
Just an fyi, Mayo Clinic is not a good source, ever. Even for just definitions it's better to back it up with legitimate sourcesfor accountability sake
Esther Hamalka
Esther Hamalka - 3 måneder siden
And this is only one school or issue out of many. Today parents are the children, and children are the adults. 😇
Jessie Tijerina
Jessie Tijerina - 3 måneder siden
That poor child. So many children will be better off due to her bravery.
dArkqueenXX - 3 måneder siden
I still think that she is being used! I honestly think that this whole thing was planned (not from her but from the one controlling her like sheeraz hassan, her parents, the elite etc)
Alyssa Clarke
Alyssa Clarke - 3 måneder siden
And like, and like, and like.....
Anna LaBella
Anna LaBella - 3 måneder siden
I have always loved Paris and this is so awesome!!
Amby - 3 måneder siden
Her parents are narcissists. She's the result of that; rebellious and over achieving. Her mom is gross and envious of her daughter.
ItsssErstaunlich - 3 måneder siden
The sad part is, this same isolation and abuse is happening in public schools as well. They need reform across the board, not only a private behavioral health schools. Ending seclusion in school would be a saving grace for many special needs children.
MrTrollstien - 3 måneder siden
That's like my biggest fear , Not having control over my life
gnasty Widdit
gnasty Widdit - 3 måneder siden
Wow this changes everything in terms of how I think of her ... She's actually one strong woman . Big ups to her. We are with her.
Tirza777 - 3 måneder siden
My parents made it simple- You live here, you follow the rules. You don't want to follow them? leave. You can't leave? Looks like you're stuck following the rules.
Even now, as im almost 30, i understand that youths these days behave extremely entitled, thinking no rules apply to them and their parents should continue to foot the bill. I left home at 23 when I got married and still maintain a close relationship with them. Rebellion is natural, yes. And i got into plenty of arguments, but at the end of the day, it was their money and cars and time that paid my bills and took me to extracurricular activities and out to eat and to friend's houses. Therefore, respect needed to be paid.
Tirza777 - 2 måneder siden
@Apollo Rayken Yeah, so do mine
Apollo Rayken
Apollo Rayken - 2 måneder siden
@Tirza777 there's a border between discipline and control, and my parents' know thay
Tirza777 - 2 måneder siden
@Apollo Rayken @Apollo Rayken No, my parents gave me and my siblings an allowance and taught us how to budget. I'm not sure where you got what you did.
Apollo Rayken
Apollo Rayken - 2 måneder siden
So you're saying... Money is an excuse for your parents to use u as just a backup plan for their lineage? And that you should 100% follow them?? That's incredibly toxic and i thank god everyday my parents are sympathetic and caring than the dictator ones
xomelissamariee - 3 måneder siden
MyFairDiva - 3 måneder siden
That Provo Canyon school sounds like taken straight out of a horror movie. I’m proud of Paris for raising awareness and finding survivors.
gurlfiend76 - 3 måneder siden
We've been sharing, screaming from rooftops for decades. Our internet campaign shut Elan DOWN
Glad it took Paris to shine a light on what hundreds worked tirelessly on, got death threats over.
munira yusuf
munira yusuf - 3 måneder siden
i feel sorry for paris but she is a strong person
Chloee Sheldon
Chloee Sheldon - 3 måneder siden
18:44 I love the video but I disagree with that after the intro, I'll get back with y'all, I think imma type it up snd I'll have it posted soon! It'll really help you with your teens, I promise you. I'm 17 and ive been throughquite traumatized things through out my life. I'll get the things you really should do with your teenagers typed up first but I think I really might write a novel!
Madam Lt
Madam Lt - 3 måneder siden
I think she really needed to hear her mother say “ I’m sorry”
Free Range
Free Range - 3 måneder siden
Wow like oh my God like I had no idea like she's such a saint I'm like so sure she would like be my best friend, ya know?
Victoria Widner
Victoria Widner - 3 måneder siden
Why do so many simple words have to be bleeped out?
kellypryb26 - 3 måneder siden
If you don't like them, then you shouldn't be watching them, and then you wouldn't know about the giveaway so I say no I wouldn't take the money I can't enter a contest if I don't support somebody
Elle - 3 måneder siden
Wait, why aren’t these parents being investigated for potential abuse & neglect? 🤔 It sounds like they SEVERELY traumatized their kids & aren’t being held accountable for the part they played in it! 🤨 I mean, just look at what Paris’ parents did! It’s beyond messed up! 🤬
💁🏾‍♀️ THIS is exactly why I keep saying that we NEED some sort of test or certain requirements that need to be met before you can ever have kids! 👶🏻👶🏼👶🏽👶🏾👶🏿
As someone who’s experienced extreme abuse & neglect 😣, & has been suffering through a pretty severe case of C-PTSD (on top of my already difficult to deal with autism, OCD, & ADHD 🤕), I wanna make sure NO ONE 🙅🏾‍♀️ ever feels or experiences the horrible things that I have, & it all starts with making sure that the parents 👫👭👬 are even fit to be parents! 👍🏾
Hayzie Layne
Hayzie Layne - 3 måneder siden
Thanks for the tea sis
Julia C
Julia C - 3 måneder siden
There are many cases of similar schools. They arent even actual schools, theyre horderline prisons of child ab**e
Ethan Klee
Ethan Klee - 3 måneder siden
ERM, it's May-Oh, not Maio... Any other Minnesotans here?
B Denise
B Denise - 3 måneder siden
Anyone ever went to Krause in Katy tx.? Sounds a lot like it.. lmk.
Brittanni Murphy
Brittanni Murphy - 3 måneder siden
I have so much more respect for her now. Beautiful person in and out
Jackson Danley
Jackson Danley - 3 måneder siden
Paris Hilton walked so Kim kardashian could run.
Gaz man262
Gaz man262 - 3 måneder siden
I'm sorry if you all didn't know something was off with her then your certainly blind.....
Alya Saam
Alya Saam - 3 måneder siden
They are called hiltons
More like hellton 🙄
Karl Martin
Karl Martin - 3 måneder siden
Is this brew for girls? Am I allowed to be here?
mikah ong
mikah ong - 3 måneder siden
"Its our little secret."
That was the no. 1 rule growing up for me. My family and the school they sent me to has similar abuse tactics as the one described here.
Stoned Huntress
Stoned Huntress - 3 måneder siden
God I feel so awful for how I used to feel about her as a kid... I'm so amazed at how hard this must be on her but she's handling it amazingly. Good for her.
These kinds of schools should be illegal... we have to do better for these poor kids...
Hi - 3 måneder siden
Purple Haz3
Purple Haz3 - 3 måneder siden
Funny how PCS says it’s been different and better since 2000 yet there’s reviews from 1-5 years ago
Lauren Doherty
Lauren Doherty - 3 måneder siden
Sometimes I wonder if she has DID, and that “baby voice” persona is an alter meant to protect her from trauma.
HoneyBee 13
HoneyBee 13 - 3 måneder siden
Looks to me like the school works bc they are all better behaving human beings