Rich YouTubers CAUGHT w/ MILLIONS in COVID $$$ at the Expense of Others (Jeffree Star, MrBeast...)

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Jeffree Star's, FaZe Clan's, and MrBeast’s businesses have received millions of dollars in government relief loans, and fans are outraged.
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Clare Ivinson
Clare Ivinson - 3 dager siden
Always helping the rich and famous.... No wonder the world is in such a mess!!! Corruption at its best!!!!
Onions - 14 dager siden
This just makes me angry.
because of the injustice of it all. Rich even benefit from a bloody pandemic. It is almost a blessing in disguise for them...
Fatal Chocolate
Fatal Chocolate - 15 dager siden
Bcuz its a plandemic. Its only a political thing to change the entire world...aka the great reset. Ofc only the rich would obtain the money. They have to get rid of the middle class...
Jocelyn S
Jocelyn S - 29 dager siden
No. Did you think about shipping slowing his products and then the factories slowed greatly so not as much product. Money goes to the business not just him
Kik Rothschild
Kik Rothschild - 29 dager siden
Covid is an enormous transfer of wealth. Amazon is bigger than ever, they’ve taken so much $$ from small businesses. It’s really sickening.
Doggo - Måned siden
Eyy mr beast give money away
Leroy Potts
Leroy Potts - Måned siden
It’s a loan, they pay it back. it’s not like they get it for free ?? They still have to pay it back, ffs. you people sound bitter.
Little Red
Little Red - Måned siden
I feel we can pass mrbeast on this one... Atleast he is a person who supports others
gg sunbeam
gg sunbeam - Måned siden
Wowwwww I’m LIVID our money was stolen by the 1%. AGAIN. Biden better fix this ASAP
gg sunbeam
gg sunbeam - Måned siden
Or else I vote we just govern ourselves at this point
noobie plazz
noobie plazz - Måned siden
I don't actually live in America, but this system is unfair.
MillyMe - Måned siden
Why is anyonene surprised?? It is tha tale as old as time. Laws and rules exist to assist and protect the rich and widen the gap between them and us.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak - Måned siden
I think that's how the world runs...
Lila Kibler
Lila Kibler - 20 dager siden
@Robbert Congrats lol
Robbert - Måned siden
Lucie - Måned siden
It’s a loan wouldn’t he have to pay it back anyway?
Roberto Morales
Roberto Morales - Måned siden
Yes. They would have tonpay it back.
cdXxXdc - Måned siden
Aaaaaand who’s paying for it? The tax payer.
Paramore Parks
Paramore Parks - Måned siden
"The meek shall inherent the earth"
Silvia DBD
Silvia DBD - Måned siden
Bruh... maybe mr beast used to help people...
Lewiskwb - Måned siden
Yeah this is why they shouldn't have accepted the offer from businesses worth more than $1 million dollars
Christinalove Gacha
Christinalove Gacha - Måned siden
Krissy G
Krissy G - Måned siden
And im sitting here can't pay rent delivering groceries
jake daly
jake daly - Måned siden
its almost like none of the complainers understand why a buisness was given money as apposed to a person with no job ....
Krissy G
Krissy G - Måned siden
????? You realize unemployment comes from having a job right 😂😂😂 or are you mad about the stimulus? No one in my house got one and our jobs shut down
Christina Garcia
Christina Garcia - 2 måneder siden
y’all realize u have to PAY BACK loans???
Jamuriel Kinnard
Jamuriel Kinnard - 2 måneder siden
They mad at everybody but the government 🤣
Jocelyn Traywick
Jocelyn Traywick - 2 måneder siden
This all just makes me so mad. We suffered financially cause of this pandemic. And it hurts me to know these people got the PPP loan but my husband job who is a actual small business that was actually struggling never got the help. Waited months and never saw a dime. Couldn't even get help through unemployment. My husband had to leave the job he loved and take on a different job where he had to take a big pay cut. Been living pay check to pay check. No money to fall back on in case of emergencies cause we had to go through that while hoping our government actually helps us.. Figures that they didn't
But it's nice to know they were all for helping the wealthy when they didn't really need the help. Gotta love this country
California Rebel
California Rebel - 2 måneder siden
Ruth's Chris Finessed their way right out of the conversation....Saying you'll pay it right back, then why take the loan in the first pla-...
d f
d f - 2 måneder siden
Yes it pisses me off. But it doesn't surprise me. The blame should be put on both the business and our government for allowing it.
Robin Maida
Robin Maida - 2 måneder siden
Eat the richhh
Nizhoni M
Nizhoni M - 2 måneder siden
Imo small business means making less than 1 million a year. These giant YouTubers are scummy🤮 especially when they live is multi million dollar houses, drive luxury cars and have wild spending habits. And don’t even get me started on those other businesses like Shake Shack and all the other
I Do be Lazy Doe ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I Do be Lazy Doe ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - 2 måneder siden
I didn’t know that Mr skeleton stated talking after 2019.
J - 2 måneder siden
It's a loan, they'll pay it back.
Khyrul Anwaar
Khyrul Anwaar - 2 måneder siden
Good ol' America; where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.
RiotGrrl92 - 2 måneder siden
But are we discussing the fact that the government knowingly allowed rich business to benefit from this? The problem is at the root
Alanna Shea
Alanna Shea - 2 måneder siden
How are people not talking about this??????????????
The Kardashian’s and Kanye getting loans is what really gets me smh 🤦‍♀️
Killsad - 2 måneder siden
They literally have employees, that’s what it’s needed for
Ecem Tozaki
Ecem Tozaki - 5 dager siden
Queen Of Spade
Queen Of Spade - 2 måneder siden
Woo!! Madison Harnish!! Our anti MLM girl!! Go Madison!! 🙌🙌❤❤
Angel - 2 måneder siden
An empire must fall for it to regrow
Janvest Carmelo Castillo
Janvest Carmelo Castillo - 2 måneder siden
Im not mad at Mr beast cause im a fan but why would the government give Mr beast loans?
When google says mr beast has over 22 million dollars of net worth so why did the government did that???
Observations By Bill
Observations By Bill - 2 måneder siden
The Government is a laugh both republicans and democrats received ppp loans. You should not have rich people in government, they have their own agendas.
Star_ Games
Star_ Games - 2 måneder siden
They should have never got the money, I’m pretty sure JS bought a house for 14M.
ChikoSkiii - 2 måneder siden
ok i hope this video doesn’t drag mr beast through the mud bc he gives away so so so much money
Adhdoom 365
Adhdoom 365 - 2 måneder siden
I feel like faze clan isn't doing it to get more money , they actually used it to help employees and plan to pay back instead of keeping it for personal gain
Izuku Haruya
Izuku Haruya - 2 måneder siden
People should be angrier at the govt for even giving the money to ppl who didnt need it as much
Ecem Tozaki
Ecem Tozaki - 5 dager siden
HurricaneKitty67 - 2 måneder siden
How about our “bff’s” I s r. A e l taking MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF that money, whether for their propaganda lobby on college campuses where they made it illegal for students to criticize them but took money from small AMERICAN businesses, money that ORIGINATED FROM AMERICANS PAYCHECKS TO BEGIN WITH, that they also took home to I s r. A e l to pay dual c I t I zens. Would anyone happen to know if any of these people are j’ ish or wear a red rope bracelet like the one ivanka, Britney Spears, Ariana grande & Madonna wear?? Cause that would explain a lot.
lauren simpson
lauren simpson - 2 måneder siden
I will say I’m not to mad about Mr Beast as he is most likely giving it away. I am upset with Jeffree Star as he has NO reason to be taking money.
Madeline Stuart
Madeline Stuart - 2 måneder siden
My dad is self employed and got rejected due to lack of funs and my family is struggling to make ends meet I agree that they need to pay employees but it seems completely u fair when extremely well of companies get millions upon millions of dollars are businesses who really need it can’t get a dime money like that can really save someone’s life right now and should be taken advantage of by already rich people when the money is meant for the struggling
Gill - 2 måneder siden
If this is true I find it so shocking. Mr Beast...
jay pen
jay pen - 2 måneder siden
Like how can he get any worse omfg
JenLovesTool - 2 måneder siden
Nickelback is Canadian! How did they get PPP loans? That makes no sense.
KJ - 2 måneder siden
I see a lot of people missed the part when Donald Trump said he wanted to keep the rich, rich while taxing and taking from those barely making it and those living worst than that!!! So, no wonder a lot of our local businesses have either gone belly up or hanging on the best they can by laying people off.
zahraa almasaoudy
zahraa almasaoudy - 2 måneder siden
Wow throwing so many money on rich people couldnt they put those money in funding for covid-19 research and the environment
Ashura - 3 måneder siden
why did i laugh at the ppp
Ecem Tozaki
Ecem Tozaki - 5 dager siden
same, it a very annoying word
Francisco - 3 måneder siden
They are just Ellen Degeneres clones.
Daria Muro
Daria Muro - 3 måneder siden
eh Mr beast gets off the hook he prob uses the money to give it to people in need
Golden Meatzs
Golden Meatzs - 3 måneder siden
so what? It's a loan not free money they still have to pay it back
People must remember they have to pay people, for products and bills so what if likely it's a fall back
but than again it was wrong for people that's not making money rn
emilyswift - 3 måneder siden
People don’t realize how much money these companies pay in taxes. God forbid they get some back.
JenLovesTool - 2 måneder siden
big companies don't pay in taxes and they are too big to qualify for small business loans.
sanchez831.x4 - 3 måneder siden
Be mad at the airlines for getting billions. .
sanchez831.x4 - 3 måneder siden
I mean technically they qualify as a small business.. soo.......... Guess we need to be more specific huh.
Av - 3 måneder siden
lol they're just greedy and there's no justification behind that
Joann C Knapp
Joann C Knapp - 3 måneder siden
Just check he is only giving it to other (Youtubers)!
Madeline Smith
Madeline Smith - 3 måneder siden
I hope the owners of all of these companies/businesses that didn’t need this loan and were granted it and made it nearly impossible for the companies and businesses that actually needed it get the virus. I’m manifesting it for them
Vocaloid Chan!!!
Vocaloid Chan!!! - 3 måneder siden
Well... goodbye earth, i have lived a goodlife here. Im satisfied. Even if i did lived in a cruel world, im satisfied... now goodbye
Kat Phillips
Kat Phillips - 3 måneder siden
I feel like youtubers got monitized (if that’s spelled correctly) more during the pandemic since 99% of people had more time on their hands 🤷🏻‍♀️ is that how it works? They get paid off of the amount of views and subscribers? Or did I get that wrong?
The Procrastination Artist
The Procrastination Artist - 3 måneder siden
I bet jeffree would vote for trump so he can keep getting benefits from the trump administration is doing for millionares.
Alyssa Scola
Alyssa Scola - 3 måneder siden
Get em spilly!!
Larissa - 3 måneder siden
Can this guy be anymore despicable?!?!
A B - 3 måneder siden
Ruth chris can have as much money as they want. With a steak that good I am not caring—- and that creamed spinach 😍😍😌
Avis Coma Phoenixx
Avis Coma Phoenixx - 3 måneder siden
I’m just so done with it, AND ON! they should’ve not taking those loans! but the world is round and the truth shall be known... ✨🔥🕊🔥✨🧿🤍
Thank you your videos are always very informative.
Ophelia H
Ophelia H - 3 måneder siden
I haven’t even gotten my first stimulus and struggling how to keep food on the table..
Tammy Geo
Tammy Geo - 3 måneder siden
No way they would of qualified here in Canada like what a joke . Like are we really gonna believe JS needed it ? We already know how he is 😂
ana lee
ana lee - 3 måneder siden
no, they should not since they have plenty of income, or if they cold no longer afford a big house then buy a smaller one that they can afford.
Muz muz
Muz muz - 3 måneder siden
So, does this mean they had money to make all the sick people during and outside of pandemic get treated but wouldn’t pay cause who gives a 💩
Good to know ‘Merica
Tavita Khan
Tavita Khan - 3 måneder siden
Also be mad at the churches that dont pay taxes but got hundreds of thousands of dollars in government aid. Smh
Masterrem - 3 måneder siden
Why diss on the youtubers? Why not diss on the government who approved of it? The government obviously didnt researched well
Feisty Taco Shanon
Feisty Taco Shanon - 3 måneder siden
Well they may be in trouble now. They are going to be looked out now do to all the fraud.
Mich Xx
Mich Xx - 3 måneder siden
Y’all were mad at Mr.Beast? The man that makes videos about giving to people?
the ice to jennies cream
the ice to jennies cream - 3 måneder siden
just because he gives money to people doesnt excuse him from doing such a immature thing when he clearly has a net worth of 18 million and would definitely be able to keep his business afloat.
MX - 3 måneder siden
Don’t bring the girl scouts into this 🤣😂
the ice to jennies cream
the ice to jennies cream - 3 måneder siden
girl scouts is beyond rich than you would ever think, being a girl scout myself for atleast 3 years, they receive government funding not only during the covid period but all the time even before covid, not to mention they own properties and have girl scouts centers stationed across the world
Jacqueline Brunson
Jacqueline Brunson - 3 måneder siden
yamuna jolicoeur
yamuna jolicoeur - 3 måneder siden
Mr beast gave back money thousands to homeless also has given away cars and more the others well hmmm
the ice to jennies cream
the ice to jennies cream - 3 måneder siden
just because he gives money to people doesnt excuse him from doing such a immature thing when he clearly has a net worth of 18 million and would definitely be able to keep his business afloat
Kim Whitehead
Kim Whitehead - 3 måneder siden
I’m a one woman sole proprietor. It was like pulling teeth to get $9,000. My own bank wouldn’t even consider me. 100% of that money went directly to salary and health benefits. I just don’t get how so many people got so much money. I’m a medical device rep. Literally provide implants for surgeries. All surgeries were shut down during initial lock down. Fractures weren’t allowed to be plated. Yet make-up you tubers get a $1 million?
J - 3 måneder siden
They did not approve their own applications, they did not bribe anyone, they did nothing wrong.
Rachel G
Rachel G - 3 måneder siden
Is there a list of companies who were approved? I'd like to quit supporting these large multimillion dollar businesses by taking my business elsewhere.
Rachel G
Rachel G - 3 måneder siden
I work in property management and I've had so many people call unable to afford rent due to businesses closing. This is just an example of people looking out for themselves. No one knows how long the pandemic will last..... everyone is afraid of loosing their jobs. Even people who have more than they'll ever need.
It's a disgusting display of human greed.
Becky Lynn
Becky Lynn - 3 måneder siden
JS is a small business by size and also he paid every employee the whole time he was closed so he qualified just like other small business.
Don't Worry be Happy
Don't Worry be Happy - 3 måneder siden
Mrs. Unspoken
Mrs. Unspoken - 3 måneder siden
The fact that you read it as Mr. Beats the way they wrote without correcting it proves you're not biased😂😂😂😂
Courtney T
Courtney T - 3 måneder siden
The information in this video is very misleading. Not to defend these people, but the small business I work for got one of these loans (it has less than 25 employees). They are required to use this money for employee payroll and essential bills like electricity, water, phones and stuff like that. We were required to keep really strict record for how the money was used and I would assume that for these much larger companies, they would have the same rules. In the case of J*, we know that he was paying his employees full salary even while they were unable to work so that's what that money would have gone to most likely. They even had a stipulation that employees that made over $1900/week could not be paid out of that money because they were not the most in need. I don't know about the others mentioned in the video, but that's my experience with these loans and how they work.
Elliott Delgado
Elliott Delgado - 3 måneder siden
are you guys ok? I've seen a major shift in the videos and now you're making trailers for videos. did Shane buy y'all or something?
German_Girl102 - 3 måneder siden
Come on...don’t ruin MrBeast for me
Gustav Vigolo
Gustav Vigolo - 3 måneder siden
If They Got the loan fair and square then dont blame Them but the goverment
Debbie Cakes
Debbie Cakes - 3 måneder siden
small businesses are barely even getting through because fewer customers they that rate, they wouldn't ever pay back that PPP wouldn't be worth it to shut down the business and be in debt.
lunabloodmoon_chanYT gaming gacha
just don't assume what rich youtubere or cleabs do with the money you don't know their side of the story
lunabloodmoon_chanYT gaming gacha
@the ice to jennies cream i didnt say tthink there poor just ask them there side of the story
the ice to jennies cream
the ice to jennies cream - 3 måneder siden
yeah t0tAlly lets assume they are very poor and in need to such big help that they need help from governments
Kitana Foucault
Kitana Foucault - 3 måneder siden
I don’t think Mr. Beast should be a part of this personally because he’s actually willing to give his money away for good causes but the other people in the story does not so don’t be attacking someone that’s doing good things for people
the ice to jennies cream
the ice to jennies cream - 3 måneder siden
just because he gives money to people doesnt excuse him from doing such a immature thing when he clearly has a net worth of 18 million and would definitely be able to keep his business afloat
Rebekah Parr
Rebekah Parr - 3 måneder siden
If anyone thinks a business of any size is going to pass up on free money, you’re crazy. Our family didn’t need the money the government put in our account but so is life.
SwitchSmip - 3 måneder siden
Disgusting... people can never have enough money
Lauren - 3 måneder siden
Businesses getting aid is no oneeeee elsessss business.
Lauren - 3 måneder siden
ALSO these are loans, not free money.
Substikan Infinka
Substikan Infinka - 3 måneder siden
im pretty sure they deserve the loans more in the mainstream eyes. They are more reliable in terms of staying open and paying back the LOANS
First Name, Surname
First Name, Surname - 3 måneder siden
All I have to say is many of you need a basic economics course
Stephanie S
Stephanie S - 3 måneder siden
I’d like to add some small businesses are also misusing their PPP loans. I was waiting to pick up food the other night to take home for dinner and I overheard a conversation where a lady and her husband were bragging about how they bought two houses with the money they got . One in Hawaii and in California and were showing the photos to their friends. Like are you kidding me?! It’s disgusting ! People are so selfish it makes me sick
THECOZMIKTRUTH - 3 måneder siden
Misty Msp
Misty Msp - 3 måneder siden
Why get angry at the youtubers? They’re just using the system as intended. If you want to to stop, it’s useless bickering over Twitter. Vote out Nancy pelosi and the rest of the corrupt elitists in congress and vote in ppl who actually care for Americans.
Emieon - 3 måneder siden
If billionaires/millionaires shared out their money to everyone, nobody would be “poor” and “homeless”. It’s just that the wealthy are too self absorbed to help out other people