Rose Caught w/ Someone Else? Big Ed DRAGS Her LIVE on 90 Day Fiance

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Ed embarrasses Rose on 90 Day Fiancé, and she decides to expose him on social media.
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James Arnold
James Arnold - 4 timer siden
The guy literally has a hat named trash.
Lisa Villafuerte
Lisa Villafuerte - 23 timer siden
Hello bad breath!!! 😂😂😂
arabella lovett
arabella lovett - Dag siden
Ed built like a Lego man
Joshua's Inspiration
Joshua's Inspiration - Dag siden
he reminded me of SHREK
From a golddigger 🤧
Ravana's Boo
Ravana's Boo - Dag siden
Honestly, if I were Rose, I wouldn't have been with him at all. Wouldn't it feel so weird that your daughter is OLDER then you?
Actor Benandtonic
Actor Benandtonic - 3 dager siden
It’s okay for women to seek men for security. That’s the point.
Gilgabro - 3 dager siden
I thought brew is the bigest of the bunch. :D
Forever Meimei
Forever Meimei - 3 dager siden
I actually don’t think she was a scammer. Like some of the couples on this show are hella iffy, I think she had actually feelings for him and that the good life was a dream but that at the end of the day she wanted to be his wife.
Also, it’s not selfish to end up having kids for people in poverty. Those parents give up their food for their kids, many of the parents in “good” countries hire someone to help taking care so how the fck is it wrong to have family that helps? It’s normal for family that helps out there, so they are not selfish.
Sue Seven
Sue Seven - 3 dager siden
Ed is ungrateful person. He so rude.Hope Rose have another man who really love her.
R DA-GAMA - 4 dager siden
Have a question? if Rose had money she would have been given him a chance?
Anne C
Anne C - 4 dager siden
Laigeofalltrades - 4 dager siden
This video is too kind to Rose. People imagine they know her thoughts and feelings. She from a different culture and unless you experience it you have no real idea. Filipinas are not shy to ask for money, and thier family will ask to take your property and for hand outs.
Elaine Lingenfelter
Elaine Lingenfelter - 5 dager siden
He's disgusting. He doesn't have any processing skills to know when and where and what to or even how to be a gentleman
Noob Slayer
Noob Slayer - 5 dager siden
Let’s be honest people, nothing worse, then bad breath 😷 just sayin.
pARTy PArTy YeAHHhh - 5 dager siden
"hairy legs is less feminine"
i mean having no neck isnt very masculine is it
MC Mau
MC Mau - 6 dager siden
Your video sucks
stickful animator
stickful animator - 7 dager siden
Spill pronounced Caloocan wrong it's Calo o can
kevin anduhol
kevin anduhol - 7 dager siden
Maggie Cheung
Maggie Cheung - 7 dager siden
Why was the part where he refused to take the STI test not shown?
He had the nerve to ask her to take it, but not show her that he is also free of STIs
bad s juju
bad s juju - 7 dager siden
I don’t blame rose, she doesn’t deserve him 😂 she’s too good for him
Gorilla UMP
Gorilla UMP - 7 dager siden
"No neck ed"- hahaha!!
Jennifer Navarro
Jennifer Navarro - 8 dager siden
ichigo - 8 dager siden
Why is he criticizing the house? I love that house, it doesn't matter about how it looks it matters about the comforting relationship in the home, thats what makes a home. My great auntie has a home thats like that and I love being there the way we all communicated and there was no arguing- it was just so comforting and a great place to be in I wish I stayed there with her longer.
Mathew Lee
Mathew Lee - 8 dager siden
Is his clothing line designed for people who don't have necks?
Winnie - 7 dager siden
that's a good question....
Mathew Lee
Mathew Lee - 8 dager siden
He'd be 5'2 if he had a neck.
Vin Tage
Vin Tage - 8 dager siden
it is not easy to save money when you're actually living with a joint family also in POVERTY
It is easy to just say those words but if you havent been in the situation where you skip a single meal just to save some money to run your family
Cashh Washington
Cashh Washington - 8 dager siden
And he also smashed on the 1st night. Thats he dont trust her 😂
Cashh Washington
Cashh Washington - 8 dager siden
I remember her refusing to kiss him but all of a sudden she was in love. Foh 😂
JustMargs17 - 8 dager siden
Bruh philippine mothers are really good at taking care of kids. Even if they are poor or not. They find ways to keep their kids healthy and happy. I'm pretty much offended with what people say
clay madden
clay madden - 9 dager siden
No neck ED!!!! LOL perfect for him
Adriana Toma
Adriana Toma - 9 dager siden
I think if she wanted him only for money, now she was still with him!
Demon 967 YT
Demon 967 YT - 10 dager siden
Wow an filipino so am i!
Puli Z
Puli Z - 10 dager siden
Rose is like Erin from the office
Mr. Quiles
Mr. Quiles - 10 dager siden
If Ed gave a toothbrush to Rose
Rose should Give A NeckLess to him
Mr. Quiles
Mr. Quiles - 10 dager siden
If Ed gave a toothbrush to Rose
Rose should Gave A NeckLess to him
Arthur Topacio
Arthur Topacio - 10 dager siden
Holy molly look at that appearance..
Dangerously Active
Dangerously Active - 10 dager siden
Ed was trash from start.
Evelyn - 10 dager siden
I love the reflection at the end of the video 👍🏻
Alexa Glipo
Alexa Glipo - 11 dager siden
I'm sorry but ed isn't treating rose right, literally blaming her for having body hair
Katrina Law
Katrina Law - 11 dager siden
-If You Only Knew-
-If You Only Knew- - 11 dager siden
What a complete farce. She's obviously a gold digger. Any woman online looking for older American men are nothing but gold diggers.
Anela Tea-ana C
Anela Tea-ana C - 11 dager siden
Yeah I guessed that correctly too
Amanda Lawson
Amanda Lawson - 11 dager siden
How did she use him to come to the US when she broke up w him. I'm sure Ed would've taken her w him if she wanted to go but she didn't. So..?
Cristina Casiple
Cristina Casiple - 11 dager siden
About the std test he should say to rose like this so rose won’t feel offended.....
Like why don’t we take a test for STD he should involve himself....
And explain to her that this is important for both of them ...
Because I might have or you might have ....
If you approach a woman man don’t play as honest person always....
You must involve yourself in that way the woman would feel comfortable doing it not offended or embarrassed
Tiffany Cao
Tiffany Cao - 12 dager siden
Ed is the most feminine person I’ve seen on 90 days... he reminds me of my girl cousin that cries when she can’t get her iPhone because she has to clean her room
tony Garcia
tony Garcia - 12 dager siden
Did she actually got the neckless
Michigan - 12 dager siden
see rose is just shifty because she abuses the language barrier to use him for money
1-800-sparklii - 13 dager siden
Ngl I was offended when Ed was talking about Rose's house. As a Filipino, it's really normal to have/live in houses like that.
Why didn't Ed say those stuff in p r i v a t e.
To me, Rose is a really nice person. A humble person I say...
And that person who said "Get her and her son tf out of the Philippines" are offending (?) Like if Rose is comfortable living there then let her live. Having a nice life that doesn't always mean living in a different country...
Charles Ostman
Charles Ostman - 13 dager siden
Still can't decide if this is actually real, nothing in real life could be this ridiculous. But OK, just saying if it is, they were both scamming each other just a bit. However, if Rose really had to suffer being "intimate" with this subhuman toad, she's earned her green card.
Andreas Sofocleous
Andreas Sofocleous - 13 dager siden
No neck Ed is clearly a narcissistic, self sabotager, and gets the treatment he’s earned
ZIqran YT
ZIqran YT - 13 dager siden
Imagine one day Ed say that he did this becuz he new he would be a great meme
overlook jay
overlook jay - 13 dager siden
No neck ed? More like no di-
Lesley Chennell
Lesley Chennell - 13 dager siden
Imagine waking up to that. Nightmare 🤢🤢🤢
Sky Storm
Sky Storm - 14 dager siden
He's 54?!?
cyrah potestas
cyrah potestas - 15 dager siden
umm.....................also Philippines are beauty full because baras Rizal has many swimming pool's
Patricija Fijan
Patricija Fijan - 15 dager siden
It's easy to say: "just save money"
How do you save money if you have no money, like bruh what?
ShellingOut - 16 dager siden
Ed had a lucky escape, she would have been funding a boyfriend back home until she got her visa and went home to marry the fella. She was dodgy and he’s wrong
SB W - 15 dager siden
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Oh honey....
Rein B
Rein B - 16 dager siden
Too picky 😝 shame on you Ed
Dont blame Rose
Lorna W
Lorna W - 17 dager siden
I'm sorry but that is not someone I would date. The way he put down Rose and acted was just too much and childish.
Rossel Balunan
Rossel Balunan - 18 dager siden
Big Ed?
More like...
lisa permata
lisa permata - 18 dager siden
Can you guys tell me what is that STD test?
Anime Lover ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
She's 23 and he's 54 uhhhhhhh...😲🤔🤔🤔 Is this illegally bad someone tell me please
Phuii Gaming
Phuii Gaming - 18 dager siden
Really?? She is younger than his daughter....🤦🤦🤦🤦. What planet m i living now
ximbabwe0228 - 18 dager siden
You should shave before meeting up with someone you're gonna get extracurricular with. It's not about gender roles imo. Men should do it too unless you know for a fact the other person likes you hairy
Kyle Nugent
Kyle Nugent - 18 dager siden
Ed's daughter is 5 years old than Rose? Its pretty disgusting the age gap between some people.
Rye Gingerale
Rye Gingerale - 19 dager siden
a troll not only was married once before, but was even able to find a woman to cheat with. What a world
RedTxlips - 19 dager siden
They broke up, And she is Bisexual.
tasha bourbonnas
tasha bourbonnas - 19 dager siden
Love ❤️ you Rose And as for you Ed.. Neckss
Maricel Rosal
Maricel Rosal - 19 dager siden
A lot of Filipinos go to America and find it a lonely, expensive place. Sometimes it's better to be poor / happy than rich / lonely.
Maricel Rosal
Maricel Rosal - 19 dager siden
I lived in the Philippines for years.
The girls are beautiful but will use you if you don't know the language or culture. Now I know both n love it more.
JNNXT - 20 dager siden
0:03 dude rose is so pretty
Maida Abdiwali
Maida Abdiwali - 21 dag siden
Ed daughter is older than the one he falled in love with
TakaS013 - 21 dag siden
He's such a terrible person.
addyson chavez
addyson chavez - 22 dager siden
When people that go after rose thats really wrong big ed knew she had a kid and its not right for him to shame her for who she is though amd rose also said big ed had ask her for a s*x vidoe and her being 23 yonger then his daughter is daughter being 29 im really dont know alot about this but I know some to where I can some things I'm really not on big eds side im more on rose side but ed also has some thing thats wrong.
Alicia Logan
Alicia Logan - 23 dager siden
Rose is cool but edd is 😤😤
Moksh Sanghavi
Moksh Sanghavi - 24 dager siden
Everyone Follows The Disclaimer 😂😂
aesthetic kid
aesthetic kid - 24 dager siden
Rose didn't want to be with ed after he told her he didn't want kids
jordi rtwl
jordi rtwl - 24 dager siden
No one talks about how rose took ed money from his wallet without his confirmation?
Zonic Gaming Yt
Zonic Gaming Yt - 24 dager siden
e X i l i u s
e X i l i u s - 24 dager siden
LOL. This is so biased. There is nothing wrong with asking someone to take an STD test. It's the mature and safe thing to do before getting into a long term relationship. This is all against Ed lolol.... clear obvious bias.
NovaList - 19 dager siden
He handled it the wrong way. Also, isn't that a private conversation?
Zaylee Don
Zaylee Don - 24 dager siden
He is 😎 🆒️
No No
No No - 24 dager siden
The person who said Rose should just save money to get her son out of the country obviously has no idea what goes into leaving certain countries.
Cincothakid - 25 dager siden
That boy build like the clown from spawn
Adolf Obama
Adolf Obama - 25 dager siden
They are both dirtbags, they are perfect for eachother
Simulated Being
Simulated Being - 25 dager siden
Cheaters who divorce won't ever stop cheating until they are too old and there's hardly anyone to care for them
Duh me
Duh me - 25 dager siden
She has a son, she is so young, I mean women I usually see have their 1st child at 24-29 even (I'm very very sorry) as poor as rose
•Dxrling• - 26 dager siden
10:36 no matter how poor,humid,or whatever the philippines is,it is and always will be rose's home,she lived there for years and bet her son was born there too,they are attached to that place,it even took me a long long time to get over the fact I had to move to another country,and her family is there and it isn't easy getting a job in the philippines, exactly why there are a lot of over seas Filipino workers,and she can't easily become an ofw without money or an offer and even if she did have that,she can't bring her child because that would complicate things,she also supports her family and like I said earning money in Philippines is rlly hard,I am really insulted bc of that comment,I may not be full Filipino but I've lived there and unlike rose I didn't get to experience those hardships,I was pretty well off but that just makes me admire her even more like tf is wrong with yall who don't support rose-
sohana sediqi
sohana sediqi - 26 dager siden
After this im going to tell my mom
Ghost Blue
Ghost Blue - 26 dager siden
Her kid has f8cking shark teeth
PRAK SAVUTH - 27 dager siden
Peepz Snap
Peepz Snap - 27 dager siden
I hope Rose is in a better place now. Praying for her 🙏🏾
Charles Ogeto
Charles Ogeto - 27 dager siden
this show made me appreciate myself as a better man
Janelle Hudson
Janelle Hudson - 28 dager siden
If she wanted money she would've stayed with him like a stuck up brat and gold digger but she didn't and in the Philipines most women are forced to marry somebody She got up and left not staying
Eddie Chui
Eddie Chui - 28 dager siden
Lol she makes the
jay bee
jay bee - 28 dager siden
Big Ed 4 11 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
jay bee
jay bee - 28 dager siden
Prince father Baraka?!
jay bee
jay bee - 28 dager siden
Rose Marie is the devil
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes - 28 dager siden
It's so annoying how people think filipinas always sleeps around.
Carol Pardukita
Carol Pardukita - Måned siden
I really dont see anything bad on asking someone for an STD test, i mean, is being smart and careful, thats it...
NovaList - 19 dager siden
@Charissa Naomi F. Dela Cruz If he wanted to, he should have asked discreetly, and off camera. That's my view.
Charissa Naomi F. Dela Cruz
i respect your opinion but asking someone to do STD test just because you have been into many relationship is like they're not trusting you but i also think doing STD test is very safe ^^.