Shane Dawson DRAGGED After Trisha Paytas Accidentally EXPOSES Him On Twitter

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Trisha Paytas posted controversial photos and Shane Dawson is facing backlash.
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Risu Hijirikawa
Risu Hijirikawa - 3 måneder siden
I think if the party only consist 3 people, it's okay as long as they sanitize themselves first... it's become problematic if they have a large scale of party
Amy Sirawsky
Amy Sirawsky - 6 måneder siden
Sure it’s not the best, but if they both strictly quarantined (more like how Shane described in his other tweet of not going out at all and sanitizing anything coming in) for 2 weeks prior it isn’t that bad. And besides there are plenty of people who are doing worse.
louise brind
louise brind - 6 måneder siden
Most of those who complained were more than likely at BLM protests and therefore not following distancing guidelines either 🤔
Lexi - 6 måneder siden
I am so happy that I don't live in America. The whole world is laughing at this country.
Nutella tubby
Nutella tubby - 6 måneder siden
Let's be honest here, only a few hundred people actually out here social distancing, and I'm not defending Shane as I do not like him atm, but lets be honest here
• Kira
• Kira - 6 måneder siden
them: soCial diStanCinG
me: * partying with 10 people in my house 'cause 18th 🍾🥂 *
ᵖ.ˢ. ⁱ ˡⁱᵛᵉ ⁱⁿ ᵃ ᶜᵒᵐᵖˡᵉᵗᵉˡʸ ᵈⁱᶠᶠᵉʳᵉⁿᵗ 
ᶜᵒᵘⁿᵗʳʸ ʷⁱᵗʰ ᶜᵒᵐᵖˡᵉᵗᵉˡʸ ᵈⁱᶠᶠᵉʳᵉⁿᵗ ʳᵘˡᵉˢ 🤩🤰🏻
Peaced - 6 måneder siden
i cant see my parents since theyre both doctors in another country and they out here breaking social distancing
HeyItzDarius - 6 måneder siden
ummmm all these people mad but still going to public places that aren’t follow social distancing guidlines
Bella McCallum
Bella McCallum - 6 måneder siden
Let’s not forget how all of you suddenly forgot about Covid to go protest and riot? There’s a difference between being with family and friends WHILE WEARING MASKS. And going out in public with hundreds of thousands of people without a mask.
Hanako Kun
Hanako Kun - 6 måneder siden
Yara Azzeh
Yara Azzeh - 6 måneder siden
Yall over reacted, people in my country still do weddings like weddings not, 3 people meeting up
James Provost
James Provost - 7 måneder siden
Ryland got a Hair transplant it looks like it
Jd Homeschool Help
Jd Homeschool Help - 7 måneder siden
It makes sense if they are hanging out if they are siblings. I thought they share the same father...
QueenCoCoaMocha - 7 måneder siden
Awe, poo-poo😒
Mary Katherine
Mary Katherine - 7 måneder siden
Look trish is the real issue here... let’s be real. In fact my phone autocorrects her name to “trash” every time I type it. Omg.
Poshie Poo
Poshie Poo - 7 måneder siden
Arno Taljaard
Arno Taljaard - 7 måneder siden
It ain't even that deep
P Sandcs
P Sandcs - 7 måneder siden
All of this sounds like Mean Girls but online.
FroyoSwir - 7 måneder siden
I’m pretty sure you can stay a lil close to close friends and family
alexa moore
alexa moore - 7 måneder siden
There are people rioting and partying in huge groups but people are stressing over 3 people have having a birthday party?
That makes a lot of sense🙄
Ashle Y
Ashle Y - 7 måneder siden
I like how when famous ppl have party’s during covid 19 but when ppl aren’t famous it’s a hole different story that makes me so mad
J - 7 måneder siden
Trisha isn't mentally ill. She just needs constant validation. She craves attention, good or bad. Her inferiority complex motivates her every move. The adage, "There's no such thing as bad publicity" is her mantra.
AB Film
AB Film - 7 måneder siden
Y'all just bored huh? People can be friends with anyone. Who aren't anything to these people, they don't know and probably don't care about you sorry honey.
The F.B.I
The F.B.I - 7 måneder siden
Noah Neck
Noah Neck - 7 måneder siden
Idk if people realize this but none of this is their business
Sig S.
Sig S. - 7 måneder siden
Do we still care, really?
Marlie Smith
Marlie Smith - 7 måneder siden
Honestly the fact that Shane and Ryland are willing to be friends with Trisha after all of the stuff shes pulled really shows what kinds of people they are. And i know that they have been friends for years, but someone needs to put that mental case in her place
Shepherd Wong
Shepherd Wong - 7 måneder siden
My birthday is really soon, and the thought of being alone is saddening. No doubt in my mind that they were being safe while celebrating with Trish, they were being good friends. Why should we have a solid opinion on a birthday party?
Ndimuhulu Matamela
Ndimuhulu Matamela - 7 måneder siden
Smh. 🚶🏿‍♀️
Princess Talkss
Princess Talkss - 7 måneder siden
Imagine watching every spill video
Totally Not me ii promise...
Pastel Pink123
Pastel Pink123 - 7 måneder siden
the music already makes me saaaadddd
Evil Idk
Evil Idk - 7 måneder siden
I think they are overreacting I have seen six birthday party’s this month in my neighborhood and Trisha is his friend I understand that he didn’t want to leave her
ddootzles - 7 måneder siden
Idk how it is in the States, but where I am, you're allowed to be with at most 10 people from 3 different households. I don't see the issue
Naughtylisted - 7 måneder siden
I'm out here in Georgia acting like this entire thing didn't happen smh
Teddie Sage
Teddie Sage - 7 måneder siden
I think people are overreacting. Seriously.
Ray Matthews
Ray Matthews - 7 måneder siden
Please get something better to report on. I'm falling asleep over here.
Brujo - 7 måneder siden
It really makes me wonder if Shane ever talks to Trisha about her behavior. It is SO inappropriate. She is 32 y/o! SHE IS A WHOLE ADULT!
Vick vic
Vick vic - 7 måneder siden
I'm watching this and question if this is fr cz like bruhhhh why y'all getting mad for he's trying to celebrate a friends birthday they are wearing masks he stood one foot to close everyone freaks out plus there's ppl doing worse things they gather in big groups these are just 3 ppl and I'm pretty sure they are being safe
Napoleon Martinez
Napoleon Martinez - 7 måneder siden
Hay Shane dawson's merch isn't shity it is great and beatiful a d good quailiety
Napoleon Martinez
Napoleon Martinez - 7 måneder siden
I am I wrong
HitThat Vibe
HitThat Vibe - 7 måneder siden
They were wearing masks. This is literally not that big of a deal. Trisha is also a huge troll her goal is to make people mad.
Yandere Estrella Solano Calleja
Yandere Estrella Solano Calleja - 7 måneder siden
Idgaf leave our poor wholesome Queen's Shane and Ryland coming at them like that !! wish them well love them both and love Morgan ❤️ too
Ahmed Hussein
Ahmed Hussein - 7 måneder siden
So no one's gonna talk about the dolan twins, larray, and addison meeting up to make videos????
Tori Melody
Tori Melody - 7 måneder siden
Oh is that it??? Short as video and the tea was luke warm at best
Mercedes Grimmer
Mercedes Grimmer - 7 måneder siden
Alright but the Dolan twins haven't been social distancing AT ALL
Jonathon Lawver
Jonathon Lawver - 7 måneder siden
All Americans are being irresponsible soooooo.....😒
bruh ella
bruh ella - 7 måneder siden
Rizzo Barajas
Rizzo Barajas - 7 måneder siden
White people brought over smallpox they don’t care about covid.
35nananana - 7 måneder siden
People need to social distance themselves from the overhype of misinformation on this virus and do some research. Plenty out there and you'll see why most states are open and infection rates aren't increasing and the survival rates is well over 99.5%. Have opinions about youtubers- that's fine. But please educate yourselves away from mainstream media about this virus.
akaGoodBoy - 7 måneder siden
This is the tea?
Wake me up when COVID is over/vaccinated
Zeta Holleman
Zeta Holleman - 7 måneder siden
Dude. Let the people who are not coming into contact with you alone. If you’re so obsessed with not getting the virus than that’s on you but other people who wanna talk to there friends LET THEM BE
Mauricio Garcia
Mauricio Garcia - 7 måneder siden
Everyone be hatin on this but when it comes to Larray they keep their mouths shut......
ThePessimisticRatt - 7 måneder siden
People get mad over this?
AmberandJaryn - 7 måneder siden
Arizona is over here going to bars and eating out 🤭😭
Poptoon Cat7
Poptoon Cat7 - 7 måneder siden
Me: let them be people. and let them do what they gonna do. it's none of my business or yours.
Ariana Milan
Ariana Milan - 7 måneder siden
My area of Florida is like fully back open
Brittney Hardy
Brittney Hardy - 7 måneder siden
Leave them alone guys for hanging out! They were masked and honestly it’s time to start hanging out again, just wear masks and stay the required distance apart.
Spirit H
Spirit H - 7 måneder siden
Oh I can’t stand these overreacting Karen’s
Nui Harime
Nui Harime - 7 måneder siden
While I understand some point in which why they're (Shane &Co. + Trisha) are still friends, THEY as friends should HELP Trisha mend her ways and help her mental health. I know if my best friend is behaving a certain way, I should intervene and help her out.
Michelle Vill
Michelle Vill - 7 måneder siden
Dude. It's up to the person if they want to social distance. We are all aware of the dangers. If people want to go out then that's their business. Scared? then stay the fuh in doors. Where I live they've opened restaurants, gyms. The rules are becoming less restrictive.
MulishaGirl - 7 måneder siden
People need to chill the fk out.
Rina x
Rina x - 7 måneder siden
LOL where I live that’s not even a thing anymore, we’re allowed to meet up, even Restaurants are open again
KamillenTee x
KamillenTee x - 7 måneder siden
Will people ever realize that I don't have to agree with everything my friends do and I don't have to support and celebrate every opinion and can still maintain Friends?!
Dea - 7 måneder siden
Way to many Karen’s in Twitter these days...😒
Tobio Kageyama
Tobio Kageyama - 7 måneder siden
People dragging Shane and Ryland while the all tiktok community are getting together. Example: Nikita Dragon and Tony Lopez getting together. 🙂
sad2015 - 7 måneder siden
I mean I think it’s a little bit ridiculous to expect people not to spend time with their friends? Having a small get together and staying as sanitized as possible is perfectly fine. I’m glad to see young people taking the pandemic and the advice of experts seriously, but there’s a difference between going clubbing or throwing a full on party, and spending time with your friends. The isolation and general anxiety about world is going to have very toxic effects on people if they also isolate themselves from their support network. Our Vice President attended a clinic swamped with covid patients without wearing a mask despite being instructed to. Politicians are trivializing suffering and death and pushing their employees to go back to work because they’re terrified of sharing their wealth and can’t let their corporate buddies sacrifice luxury. People are making extremely harmful documentaries that tarnish the scientific method and our ability to flatten the curve. Again, I think it’s great that young people care and I wish more of them would speak on issues like that rather than their celeb squads personal lives
June Bug
June Bug - 7 måneder siden
Personally I think if they did there two week complete quarantine then I see no problem with them spending a day together,I mean there literally wearing masks and (I think) gloves. now if there like constantly going out and seeing a bunch of people then we'll have a problem
xandxe - 7 måneder siden
Tf people overact like crazy now
Droppedmybaby - 7 måneder siden
Trisha is a self proclaimed troll, so that’s why she does what she does lol
dirtymindedhoe - 7 måneder siden
Dude people be getting mad for EVERYTHING!!! Like get a life and stop shading people tf 😒
99averyny - 7 måneder siden
Everyone is hanging out with multiple people and partying without masks so this is ridiculous these people should go after the people partying and they are best friends before r u going to bail your best friend when they do something wrong, no you will be there for them
Chum BC
Chum BC - 7 måneder siden
I understand the upset over the scandals with Trisha and the lack of social distancing. However, it is unreasonable for people to expect Shane to just stop being friends with her. A much better way to help Trisha improve in this sense would be for Shane to be there for her and educate her. Also, people now-a-days are so used to celebrities dropping friends in a second to protect their public image. Shane has mentioned how special Trisha is to him. I think it says something for his dignity that he doesn't just drop his friends because his fans want him to.
MOU$E - 7 måneder siden
the thing people don’t understand is that Shane knows this woman personally. We know her from the internet.
MOU$E - 7 måneder siden
“Partying with their friends in their mansion “ literally 3 people gathered in a room
Mya Kaye
Mya Kaye - 7 måneder siden
There should be a video about Bryce hall and durte dom and their fight
Chris Mould
Chris Mould - 7 måneder siden
"omg why is everyone so offended" - because whilst we may not know the full circumstances or how long they stayed , it sets a bad example to thousands of impressionable fans who will now think it's ok to go round each others houses. People saying that they're wearing masks so it's fine, the virus also lingers on surfaces. I'm sure the meeting itself was harmless enough but I think that anyone with the influence that these guys have should think twice before posting something like this
Noah Yang
Noah Yang - 7 måneder siden
Y’all really just boreddddddd....
IIAndyII - 7 måneder siden
I get it. It’s insensitive to people stuck in harsh situations due to COVID-19. But they were safe about it and aren’t disrespecting those people. Calm down.
Trish May disrespect those communities (And that’s of course completely awful) but BFF’s aren’t going to give each other up so easily. Especially when one is known to have breakdowns and have know each other for years.
Scooby - 7 måneder siden
I don’t understand why shane supports trish, like bruh
Lee Murdock
Lee Murdock - 7 måneder siden
Yes. They are being irresponsible and tone deaf. If it was just about being together then why post it?
Dark Angel
Dark Angel - 7 måneder siden
I dont understand why people get offended easily 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Roxy Harley
Roxy Harley - 7 måneder siden
I don't understand how people can support Shane Dawson he's just so gross looking he looks like he smells like he doesn't take showers I swear I don't get it I don't understand people how can you not like him?????????
Don W
Don W - 7 måneder siden
I think this was a useless video. That’s what I think.
Pebble - 7 måneder siden
wearesupernovas •
wearesupernovas • - 7 måneder siden
Your friends are not responsible for your behavior it’s not that Shane is not supporting LGBT by not standing out against her it’s just his friend and they are allowed to have different opinions AND what if she was suicidal on her birthday? You have no idea what’s going on
Christopher Rascati
Christopher Rascati - 7 måneder siden
But people are going to beaches and parks in a pandemic.
yea wtv
yea wtv - 7 måneder siden
people r really getting heated about this? please get a life they r clearly wearing masks and also Shane can be friends with anyone he wants to be friends with its his choice not urs, he can support anyone he decides to support
Moxy Girl
Moxy Girl - 7 måneder siden
People can't afford to go to loved ones funerals ? How is that Shane's fault tho ?
It's not
PastelWitch - 7 måneder siden
Im late but ive had people everyday ive worked ask me for birthday balloons since this started. Theyre not the only ones.
Chelsea Grega
Chelsea Grega - 7 måneder siden
People out here bitching about EVERYTHING.
Kristin Williams
Kristin Williams - 7 måneder siden
A pandemic wouldn’t be stopping me from seeing my friends on their birthdays either🚨🚔🚨
mad hatter
mad hatter - 7 måneder siden
but it should
nano - 7 måneder siden
i dont see the big deal, they were 6 feet apart and were wearing masks.
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs - 7 måneder siden
Shane Dawson and whatever his little boyfriend is are not interesting. Trisha paytas is pathetic Haha, like idk. I guess your target audience have an IQ that's less than their shoe size.
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs
Elise Brodeur-Jacobs - 7 måneder siden
@spill your content is getting lame
xksandx - 7 måneder siden
Guys stop! Trisha is really needing help right now. You can see from her videos her mental state is unstable.
Chloe Humphrey
Chloe Humphrey - 7 måneder siden
Literally no one is social distancing here in oklahoma so what is the problem it's their health not yours you can decide to stay inside or not
Delilah Nez
Delilah Nez - 7 måneder siden
This was tea? Very disappointing
Lily Reading
Lily Reading - 7 måneder siden
omg get over it it is three ppl w/ mask like its not ur buissness
Isabella Paredes
Isabella Paredes - 7 måneder siden
In Texas, almost NO ONE wears a mask and respects social distancing whatsoever. At least they were wearing a mask and trying to take some precautions...more than what I can say for where I live, smh.
Emma Madison
Emma Madison - 7 måneder siden
Shut everything down and have all the people in a walmart is fine. But 3 people in a house oh no the horror.
Camryn Barber
Camryn Barber - 7 måneder siden
The fact that normal day to day people leave their houses to already planned events or get togethers and then some one relatively famous does the same thing... yall really that bored huh ??