Shane Dawson DRAGGED for Deleted Tweet, YouTuber: "Jeffree Star Manipulated Me"

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Jeffree Star's past comes back to haunt him, and the fallout from Dramaggeddon 2.0 continues.
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Spill - 6 måneder siden
Hi everyone! This video was already completed before Shane uploaded his new video. We'll be covering that video and any additional updates in a future video 🍵
Mr. Sujeet
Mr. Sujeet - 4 måneder siden
11:41 the best part
S R - 4 måneder siden
Love your videos! 🍵
Peter Mertens
Peter Mertens - 5 måneder siden
In n
brooke lagoe
brooke lagoe - 6 måneder siden
betch okツ hm vhm I’ve v
mr krabs
mr krabs - 6 måneder siden
What are these clips called, that you used for this video? Gifs ?
Jonathan Tapia
Jonathan Tapia - 5 dager siden
i like how you read everything verbatim 😂
Bichtram Nguyen
Bichtram Nguyen - 7 dager siden
I miss the wholesome days of Michelle phan 😭😭😭
Summer Panda
Summer Panda - 18 dager siden
It’s so obvious that jeffree is jealous of James
Summer Panda
Summer Panda - 18 dager siden
Lolll Tati is 30 and was mad at someone half her age for promoting gummy bears. Even though he said sorry like a million times just Bc she got mad cause of some gummy bears😂😂😂😂😂
Sareena Carter
Sareena Carter - 19 dager siden
Let's not talk about how Shane called James a "Young, ego centric, power-hungry guru, that needed to be served a slice of humble pie the size of the f*cking Empire State Building".
Aliway - 20 dager siden
People need to start living in the real world!!
Meredith - 21 dag siden
I thought kameron's dog was a wig
Noreen Felix
Noreen Felix - 23 dager siden
Very sad how some people never grow up. Jeffrey and Shane are Great actors and Tati should just be ashamed that you would act so hurt because your friend chose to support another vitamin!! REALLY GROW THE F@$# UP ALREADY. They all bvb try and act as if they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but OBVIOUSLY forgot where they came from and how fast they can get back there.
Rory Triscuit
Rory Triscuit - Måned siden
I'm not a makeup person so much. I'm just sitting here, in my 30s, wondering why the heck people my age would pick on a teenager. Be a freaking adult. Good grief.
Justaperson - Måned siden
Jeffree is obsessed with harassing James. It's practically confirmed.
Yes Yes
Yes Yes - Måned siden
I don't even know what to believe
Cherri Cotton
Cherri Cotton - Måned siden

*pulls out camera
Jenny Osterberg
Jenny Osterberg - Måned siden
This is sad. I. Glad I'm a hermit. Shame on the ones for hurting others to quote shine! God save us!!
rahman dehghan
rahman dehghan - 2 måneder siden
Vanilla_ Bean_Nöel
Vanilla_ Bean_Nöel - 2 måneder siden
And all this because of makeup?
Ms DarkstaR
Ms DarkstaR - 2 måneder siden
I have to say that Tati turned out to be one if the most disappointingly confused, lost, easily influenced, weak and manipulative human beings I've ever seen. The people she was influenced by are just horrid individuals!
•Vacay li•
•Vacay li• - 3 måneder siden
Briann Langley
Briann Langley - 3 måneder siden
Elexis And Dylan
Elexis And Dylan - 3 måneder siden
I dont find nothing wrong w him asking if he likes james or not. The you dont owe him for like could have been left put but yanno. What can ya do. And as far as the shane phone call, who cares. Everybody has friends who dont like their other friends. But since theyre famous influencers its different? Hm. Weird flex
Wolfafle Art
Wolfafle Art - 3 måneder siden
Lol, I used to be a big fan of Jefree and Shane, pffft i said BYE SISTERSSSSS
lillith77 - 3 måneder siden
Shane is a snake in the grass, too
lillith77 - 3 måneder siden
I'm sure the other people involved are gross people, but Jeffrey is definitely a nasty human being
Empty Space
Empty Space - 3 måneder siden
he really grabbed everyone's money and good riddance tho LMAOKGJALG and the fact that he dismissed Jeffree Star being happy to see his competitor fall... LIKE YALL REALLY WERE "FRIENDS" FOR AT LEASTTT A YEAR AND JAMES CHARLES IS A TEENAGER?? sure he isn't innocent but that does NOT sit right with me
WoW Symergestic
WoW Symergestic - 3 måneder siden
Jeff needs to lay off the coke
Miriam Picozzi
Miriam Picozzi - 3 måneder siden
steven universe movie songs
Prerna Kapoor
Prerna Kapoor - 3 måneder siden
Ok, but what's this background music titled? Its really interesting to listen to.
Does anyone know?
Edgard Penadejesus
Edgard Penadejesus - 3 måneder siden
Seriously...the last 10 minutes of your videos are like the most informative data.. it really wraps up every video... kudos and thank you!! 🙏
Heey Beech
Heey Beech - 3 måneder siden
Oh look james selling STOLEN merch...girl byeee
Errin Aspinall
Errin Aspinall - 3 måneder siden
Remember when the beauty community was only about makeup? Oh those old days.
nguyenminh truongvinh Group
nguyenminh truongvinh Group - 3 måneder siden
eminem lose yourself
Joe R
Joe R - 3 måneder siden
alan watts
Evelyn Anderson
Evelyn Anderson - 4 måneder siden
Can’t believe all of this happened cause of gummies 👁👄👁
Sam É
Sam É - 4 måneder siden
This is why we lost Michelle Phan, 🤧 but I’m somehow happy she stopped.
Sheila B
Sheila B - 4 måneder siden
WHAT. A. MESS. !!! 😥😥😥
emanuely - 4 måneder siden
James: promotes another gummy thing
Jeffree: it's so deep and dark...
blue yt
blue yt - 4 måneder siden
Beauty community: falling apart
James charles: _sips Tea painfully_
*this is fine*
•S0ph1a• - 4 måneder siden
I gave up trying to support people I like when there canceled. I mean at this point there canceled for 2 months then their back
Aubrey 2486
Aubrey 2486 - 4 måneder siden
Has anyone else noticed that if you rewatch all the videos, you can see a big pattern of repeated behavior from these guys, Jeffree said his warehouse was robbed by a professional group of people, yet manages to find a simplest person to buy his stolen merchandise?? Yet no follow up to the alleged theft? And then launches his new makeup?? Hmmm
Kelsey Munro
Kelsey Munro - 4 måneder siden
Is the music is the background from interstellar
LubiClark Hihi
LubiClark Hihi - 4 måneder siden
5:03 I like how you even read the word wrong 😂
Athena Diaz
Athena Diaz - 4 måneder siden
Jeffrey didn’t even say anything about him being black ...
totinos pizza rolls
totinos pizza rolls - 4 måneder siden
Is Shane a grown man? Yes.
Does Shane need to grow up? Yes
Does Shane blame everything on his anxiety? Yes.

Do I agree with what has happened to Shane these past months?

Zoe Apples
Zoe Apples - 4 måneder siden
Explains it, not excuse
amber child's
amber child's - 4 måneder siden
feel sorry for james so sad poor kid
linda tan
linda tan - 4 måneder siden
I skipped most of the essay, it was way too long. How many words was in that? How many no and yes?! Being too defensive means they are guilty.
linda tan
linda tan - 4 måneder siden
I can’t, the grammar and spelling just made me crackup even though tragic sad music was playing. Scrpited and everyting...thank you for spilling the tea!
Crystal Clearr
Crystal Clearr - 4 måneder siden
i watch you and sebastian
Suggar art
Suggar art - 4 måneder siden
Me sat here trying to learn how to do my eyeliner 👁👄👁
Nathan Fuller
Nathan Fuller - 4 måneder siden
Jeffree Star is a dirty & manipulative person. He went after James Charles because he was competition. Period. He had no business getting involved in that mess. Makeup pallets and launches were not as big a deal as they are now before James Charles. They should be thanking him instead of trying to ruin his career. Jeffree is right about karma and he is getting what he deserves. Same goes for the rest of that dirty bunch.
kimk ro gf wife husband orange cousin and uncle
The kettle is boiling 🍵
Darkn Deviant
Darkn Deviant - 4 måneder siden
Imagine blaming someone else for your insecurities.
Unknown shadow
Unknown shadow - 5 måneder siden
Honestly idk how to feel I mean I haven't rly watched any of them in a little bit and havent even heard of any of this until now idk how I feel. This is shocking I mean shane I rly didn't see tht coming... Dang this is insane.
bacon bacon bacon
bacon bacon bacon - 5 måneder siden
I used to love Shane but I did some digging and I am no longer a fan after what I heard him say about kids ON LIVE PODCASTS and what he did to his cat ALSO ON A LIVE PODCAST
Smol Dani
Smol Dani - 4 måneder siden
What’d he do??
GracefulCubix - 5 måneder siden
.to think that this started all cause of the wrong gummy vitamins
Lps adventures /Gaming
Lps adventures /Gaming - 5 måneder siden
I think Jeffrey is trying to like everything away from James Charles and so cool and like you can have you on things viral and stuff and it's just not cool like his make up line got bhyro more stock a firearm and now hes making this big C and that's all I have to say by
Hannah Shaw
Hannah Shaw - 5 måneder siden
peliculas completas en espaol
simbelina22 - 5 måneder siden
Question: Why do you read the spelling mistakes in the posts you use in these vids? Why not just read the word you know they were trying to write?
AddyLovestar - 5 måneder siden
if you could also list the music you use, that'd be great
Ady s
Ady s - 5 måneder siden
Welcome to the Blame Game
Mae-AlphaStudios - 5 måneder siden
I'm scared.
‘chåłłėngė’ - 5 måneder siden

Shane is definitely satan.
AlbaDoggy - 5 måneder siden
I will say that everything Shane said about the makeup industry is exactly how I feel about the fashion world. Truly disgusting but someone's gotta change it. Lol just wanted to say that even though it has nothing else to do with this video.
Brittany Casto
Brittany Casto - 5 måneder siden
Can everyone do me a favor and stop being little Karen jrs.
Mantas Dapolskas
Mantas Dapolskas - 5 måneder siden
the beauty community isn't toxic

it's dramaticly problamatic lol
Snbsbe ejdjrvrve
Snbsbe ejdjrvrve - 5 måneder siden
these adults are so immature and im only 15 and more mature then all of them ;- ;
Lu Lu
Lu Lu - 5 måneder siden
Waiting for the day that a genuinely good, none racist person gets ahold of Jeffrey's formula for his products and makes their own brand. Like hmu when that happens. I dont want to support jeffree anymore but I love his formula for his products
Fish Bowl
Fish Bowl - 5 måneder siden
When you buy cosmetics from a brand cause you like makeup but get called racist because apparently liking a certain brand means you support that individual beings choices-
Amy Wood
Amy Wood - 5 måneder siden
Jake Paul's house is being raided by the FBI right now.
Maria Torres
Maria Torres - 5 måneder siden
as bowling with soup once said: “high school never ends”
.:EmoDere:. - 5 måneder siden
We need to stop supporting ppl like this.
Ry Bread
Ry Bread - 5 måneder siden
Okay Jeffree has had plastic why is he hating on James?? It’s his body, his choice...leave the guy alone
Olemossy Wood
Olemossy Wood - 5 måneder siden
People need to wake up about blm! It's a scam for political reasons. All proceeds go to democrats. You really believe these people care about b lives? Blm is a manipulative tactic to cause division for political reasons! Wake up please. We are being used and manipulate d
mary Goodrich
mary Goodrich - 5 måneder siden
In my opinion they all sound like a bunch of teenage girls too the point who gives a f more important things to worry about who does what
Samm Justine
Samm Justine - 5 måneder siden
Didn’t Shame completely destroyed Bobby Burns’ whole life basically? But he’s had no malice. Pffftt oKaYyY 🙄
Crypto Tonight
Crypto Tonight - 5 måneder siden
I have no idea why this is important. :/ this is such pretty high school bs. None of this would matter if the fans weren't eating it up.
meatbeatmaster2000 - 5 måneder siden
This deadass wouldn't have happened if the people in the beauty community didn't always feel like someone on the rise is a huge threat to them and they have to find dirt on them and take them down to keep their place in power.
Ricky Campos
Ricky Campos - 5 måneder siden
Your videos are too quiet. Turn up that volume please
Shelbie Keffer
Shelbie Keffer - 5 måneder siden
Has anyone else heard about James and a 14 year old
Ashlee Nowzari
Ashlee Nowzari - 5 måneder siden
no that was proven to be false
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat - 5 måneder siden
What are we doing here? I mean theres people dying in YEMEN...
Monika Ritter
Monika Ritter - 5 måneder siden
overlord op
bobsteve md
bobsteve md - 5 måneder siden
how did I not release this has the same animation from Brew .man I love these guys
Ms Grande
Ms Grande - 5 måneder siden
Ik this may not be related to this video but plastic surgery is fine tbh idc if James got plastic surgery
geminiisun - 5 måneder siden
shane really took the zootopia fox advice and answered his own questions thinkin it looks good huh
Theresa Parsons
Theresa Parsons - 5 måneder siden
Let me say I love your videos. Your voice is so soothing and you just speak on what's happening not what you think. And that's what sets you apart from other tea or whatever you want to call it channels. Much love keep up the great work.
Aleisha H
Aleisha H - 5 måneder siden
Why do I feel like this WHOOOOLE thing is just so shane can do a 47 part series about it in 3 months?
carol - 5 måneder siden
13:18 He just described Jeffree without realizing it. Lol
Orgils Vlog Orgils Vlog
Orgils Vlog Orgils Vlog - 5 måneder siden
This is the news .
I’m not unfair to anyone
I’m fair to everyone
DoggoMakes Art
DoggoMakes Art - 5 måneder siden
It’s disgusting he has to shame someone for getting plastic surgery
Savannah Murray
Savannah Murray - 5 måneder siden
What I don’t get is if you want all white people for something then what’s the issue? So many things have all Asians or POC, or Latinos, etc
Bootchie Woo
Bootchie Woo - 5 måneder siden
They're all crazy😂😂
V A - 5 måneder siden
Shane is deflecting.
V A - 5 måneder siden
Jeffree is obsessed and jealous
D Gervais
D Gervais - 5 måneder siden
All of them are terribke including gage
Vlogs with Sasa
Vlogs with Sasa - 5 måneder siden
SHANE AND JEFFEREY ARE RUDE, im not speaking anything but FACTS 😌💅✨
ღ BabeyGraham ღ
ღ BabeyGraham ღ - 5 måneder siden
Just because he said his cosmetics are good does not mean Jeffree is a good person
JUANITA MASON - 5 måneder siden
Milly Da Mermaid
Milly Da Mermaid - 5 måneder siden
Jess Wonder
Jess Wonder - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree is literally the devil in a wig and Shawn is his demon sidekick lol
Jess Wonder
Jess Wonder - 6 måneder siden
They are all trash but Tatti is the most poisonous
Ragmatical Rachel
Ragmatical Rachel - 5 måneder siden
At least she isn't a racist or creepy to kids...wall as far as we know