Shane Dawson Dragged Over LIES?! Joey Graceffa Breakup UPDATE, Jeffree Star Speaks Up?

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Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda announce their breakup, Jeffree Star is spotted, and officials get involved in Shane Dawson's drama.
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Spill - 6 måneder siden
Hi everyone! We have moved captions to the CC function to give you the option of turning them off/on.
We personally write the captions ourselves, and upload them to YouTube's CC.
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Bluesky The Fox
Bluesky The Fox - Måned siden
and then you stopped captioning your video that doesn't have subtitles in it. congrats.
S R - 4 måneder siden
Love you guys ❤️
T Hartman
T Hartman - 5 måneder siden
Rebecca Loggs
Rebecca Loggs - 6 måneder siden
Why aren't you covering serious topics such as Simplynessa15 and other black NOburnrs speaking out about Tana? I've been asking since this video came out!
Bumblebee - 6 måneder siden
The "(inaudible)" at 10:28 is "owed statements" :)
Marie Lawrence
Marie Lawrence - Måned siden
the way she read: "SO THAT'S WERE YOU'VE BEEN!!!!!"
『goldentatsu』 - 3 måneder siden
Destiny and spill are my all time tea source periodt.
lvnv - 3 måneder siden
i feel bad for those of you who didn't know who joey and daniel were cause i like grew up on them and they were my first example of a healthy relationship, still are.
lvnv - 3 måneder siden
i miss the old captions
Sav Innit
Sav Innit - 3 måneder siden
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage - 4 måneder siden
Joey and Daniel sadly joking and laughing together is the most bittersweet feeling ever-
They were so mature in the handling of the break up video and the 3 months they took let it set in a while irl before announcing it. You can see they care about eachother even off of the internet 🥺 i hope they’re doing well
Annika Ruelo
Annika Ruelo - 4 måneder siden
Omg really they broke up? They were so cute together. Hope they find happiness.
Tammy Stratton
Tammy Stratton - 5 måneder siden
I guess Daniel's Mom Maria is heart broken right now. This is just very Sad. JOEY AND DANIEL WAS good for eachother.
eman azouz
eman azouz - 5 måneder siden
Not to make this about me or anything, and I know that, ironically, me saying that is making it more about me, but they uploaded the video on my birthday! Now whenever I have mine, I’ll remember this! BTW I’m not saying it’s there fault!😭😭
Kayla LS
Kayla LS - 5 måneder siden
ps guys Daniel loves his new home! he’s happier there. it’s his dream home and he’s doing very well
Zoey x Jake
Zoey x Jake - 5 måneder siden
So so so heartbreaking to see them break up :( I remember when they got together when I was a fan of Joey back in the day, I would check in like once a year to see if they were still together, I don’t understand why people breakup and lose 6 years of a relationship when you’re still in love?! You can grow together, but if this is what they want I totally respect it xx
Markus Michaels
Markus Michaels - 5 måneder siden
Love is dead what part of that do you not get it's dead and it always will be, don't ever love anyone else.
idek lol
idek lol - 5 måneder siden
anyways stan Joey Graceffa for clear skin 💕
Ami Diago
Ami Diago - 5 måneder siden
I don’t think Trisha should be getting involved like that, she’s going to drag herself into this
Tracy Johnson
Tracy Johnson - 5 måneder siden
Those two guys that broke up in the first story are still very much in love, you can see how they gave this speech together. Their body language is very much still very lovely and close. It's a shame cos they look like a good couple and I know nothing about them, I dont have Instagram so have no idea who they are.
It's so good to have a healthy breakup and these guys seem to have made the decision to do that. I wish them both luck and love in their future
T Hartman
T Hartman - 5 måneder siden
Shy Booette
Shy Booette - 5 måneder siden
I wouldn’t trust anything Trish says! She’s mentally unstable herself.... if you know, you know
NDT111 - 5 måneder siden
Who payed you spill?
Wonho Bubbles
Wonho Bubbles - 5 måneder siden
Can someone explain to me why Shane and Joey aren't talking anymore??
Wonho Bubbles
Wonho Bubbles - 5 måneder siden
@Khushi Modi ohhhh i see. yeah i used to watch their old videos and i thought that they were gonna be friends for a very long time.
Khushi Modi
Khushi Modi - 5 måneder siden
@Wonho Bubbles no joey said that they just grew apart but looking back you can kinda tell that Joey was very uncomfortable around Shane like when he is with colleen he is so happy but with shane he seemed very uncomfortable
Wonho Bubbles
Wonho Bubbles - 5 måneder siden
@Khushi Modi finally someone has actually told me. do you know why?
Khushi Modi
Khushi Modi - 5 måneder siden
They stopped being friends in 2018.
Matt B
Matt B - 6 måneder siden
How about we just stop paying attention of these low life make-up people. Let them fade away.
rayhanah mullisi
rayhanah mullisi - 6 måneder siden
the way joey and daniel broke up is good for them, its important to love yourself before loving someone else. they did it in a healthy way and im totally here for that. on the other hand, jeffree is being SO immature. smh. he needs to hurry up and say whats righ, he was in this and he started it so its only right for him to end it. srsly GROW UP. come forward and give people some answers. were. all. WAITING. 🙄🥱
Lady Yvette
Lady Yvette - 6 måneder siden
These gossip channels are so boring. They just repeat what we all already saw in the parties’ own videos. Y’all are just as worse trying to get views and subscribers.
Gherro - 6 måneder siden
Honestly I knew from the beginning. YOU CAN'T HAVE TWO BOTTOMS TOGETHER. HOW'S THAT GONNA WORK? The two most flamboyant dudes put together lol geez. That doesn't work.
ghosty4 - 5 måneder siden
It was about MONEY. And they've got A LOT OF IT now!
Hazza Nezza
Hazza Nezza - 6 måneder siden
I don't even know joey or Daniel but that was actually kinda beautiful
Rachael Horne
Rachael Horne - 6 måneder siden
I broke up with someone I still loved before, you can love eachother but realise you want completely different things in life or a completely different type of relationship or family or work life it doesn't need to be drematic. It can be like in my case a walk through a feild talking honestly listening to eachother and mutually deciding we need to go in different directions and a cuddle before walking home and making the changes to start moving in your own directions. Honestly the best decision we ever made they have there ideal life and I have mine. We are so much better off than Forcing ourselves to stay in a place where it was limiting us in chasing out very different dreams. None of you should be forced to compromise on the kind of life you wanna live.
throw back thursday
throw back thursday - 6 måneder siden
I already think joey is dementing
Alisa Anderson
Alisa Anderson - 6 måneder siden
Joey and Daniel breaking up is just like Liza and David.. 😭💔
Chime In
Chime In - 6 måneder siden
This is actually the most heart wretching REAL breakup vid I have ever seen makes me actually sad
fRaNKiEb0NƎZ - 6 måneder siden
Finally!!! I wish this kind of break up was possible with heterosexual relationships. My life would have been so different if I still remained best friends with my ex girlfriend(s)...especially from high school 😭😭😭
Elizabeth AP
Elizabeth AP - 6 måneder siden
I want to know what percentage of the fans really want "an explanation". Just saying cuz I'm one of them and I am not waiting for Jeffery to speak up about anything but make up, the only reason I subscribed.
kayleighthepisces - 6 måneder siden
Trisha: this person needs serious help !
Everyone else: Trisha, you need help
Kpopstan !
Kpopstan ! - 6 måneder siden
Kylie Jade
Kylie Jade - 6 måneder siden
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - 6 måneder siden
I'm really confused about Daniel and Joey... they seem to both be extremely sad about parting, so why? I really hope this isn't just for attention and views. It's just odd from my perspective.
• Kat •
• Kat • - 6 måneder siden
I dont understand why they broke up! They are both crying about it
Jorja Faxon
Jorja Faxon - 6 måneder siden
Shane has said and done disgusting things but I do not think he has hurt a child
living garbage
living garbage - 6 måneder siden
Wayy too many ads
Pineapple Bitch
Pineapple Bitch - 6 måneder siden
I've never followed them or even know them in any way but like im bawling. Its so sweet and so sad at the same time.
Kirstie Cutler
Kirstie Cutler - 6 måneder siden
Ugh how is Trisha still a thing? And who is she to call anyone crazy? Bish get outta here
MickeyTaterTots - 6 måneder siden
This was my breakup before we got back together 😅
But truly its so much better. I still woulda done anything for him just cuz you break up doesnt mean you cant still care abt them
Sophia Of may
Sophia Of may - 6 måneder siden
theory: jeffree is using shane as a sacrifice to join the illuminadi
sue m
sue m - 6 måneder siden
So we not gonna talk about how literally 7 hrs ago Jeffree star was trying on wigs?
Medbii - 6 måneder siden
Investigation into Shane Dawson for what though??
A Hippy
A Hippy - 6 måneder siden
No way would police tell anything to utubers about jeffree or Shane. It would be a breach of the investigation. Why on earth utubers think the police would tell them about an on going case is crazy. Who on earth do trisha keem Jeffree and Shane think they are? It’s like they believe they are way above the law and they think police will tell them anything because they have interviewed a few z list celebrities on there channels.
No trisha the police will not disclose anything with a stripper , troll , muckbang person. Then Jeffree ? Why would police tell him private investigation stuff?
Epstein believed he was above the law and this lot seem to think they can infiltrate criminal investigations. It’s pathetic. They are so far away from reality yet only utube viewers know who they are , It’s maybe 1/1000 of the population or even less.
Mot people never heard of trisha Shane or Jeff. Literally the people who know who they are are mostly between 12 and 25 years old
Katie Purcell
Katie Purcell - 6 måneder siden
Earth: Omg 2020 sucks
2020: *"Oh, and there's another thing-"*
Kaylee Johnson
Kaylee Johnson - 6 måneder siden
It is so sad that now days all the relationship are ending
Bailey Shantz
Bailey Shantz - 6 måneder siden
I am a MESS after that breakup segment
Mei Mei
Mei Mei - 6 måneder siden
I dont understand some couple if they still love each other and sad why break up?????!!!
Mariam Emara
Mariam Emara - 6 måneder siden
I remember 2014 when Joey and Daniel were so happy and now seeing them on the verge of tears is extremely heartbreaking
Mariam Emara
Mariam Emara - 6 måneder siden
I remember 2014 when Joey and Daniel were so happy and now seeing them on the verge of tears is extremely heartbreaking
CloudySkySun - 6 måneder siden
Trisha ain’t one to speak
alien w flower eyes
alien w flower eyes - 6 måneder siden
Ashley M
Ashley M - 6 måneder siden
I think that Spill like Sanders Kennedy is stirring things up just to stir things up. Good job.
yEeTeR sKeEtEr
yEeTeR sKeEtEr - 6 måneder siden
steptoef - 6 måneder siden
your video has so many adds it makes the video unbearable
M. Hafizh Yahya
M. Hafizh Yahya - 6 måneder siden
I will always love you two Joey and Daniel ❤️❣️❤️💕💟❤️💕💟💕💟❣️❤️💓😘❤️💖💝💓💕
Tab - 6 måneder siden
Love Daniel and Joey and will continue to support both of them and I think keeping there private matters quiet for 3 months was in there best interest. As for the rest it’s all going to be left in the hands of lawyers and we may or may not be left in the dark of what happens. But with Trisha I fell everyone is starting to feel sorry for her and her past disrespectful behaviour is forgotten, I don’t condone Jeffree’ s behaviour but I’m yet to see Trisha own up to hers too.
Serena Kay
Serena Kay - 6 måneder siden
Their breakup video broke my heart... I’m so proud of how they handled this. I wish the best for both of them❤️
Nicole Guzman Amaya
Nicole Guzman Amaya - 6 måneder siden
what is "read the room"?
alyssa & kylie
alyssa & kylie - 6 måneder siden
at the beginning I cried oml-
Jazmin Vieyra
Jazmin Vieyra - 6 måneder siden
when joey started crying, he looked so hurt, i’m sorry babies 🥺
lampbrady - 6 måneder siden
honestly i think joey needs to get off the internet. i feel like he’s fallen off the past couple of years. i use to watch him and adore him. he was one of the people that helped me come out, but i think that he needs to get off and just live life off of social media. i really do wish the best for him.
Khushi Modi
Khushi Modi - 5 måneder siden
He loves doing yt but he is taking like a break cuz he his only posting gaming and after everything that went down i think he is keeping it to himself but i don't think he should quit cuz that is what he loves
Jojocuevas06 Bot
Jojocuevas06 Bot - 6 måneder siden
But who was top or bottom
Khushi Modi
Khushi Modi - 5 måneder siden
Daniel was the top and joey was the bottom
Delilah Salas
Delilah Salas - 6 måneder siden
Joey and Daniel breaking feels like my parents just told me they r divorcing. Joey and Daniel were my childhood but I’m happy they’re happy :)
Esai 650
Esai 650 - 6 måneder siden
I swear to god Trisha gets into everyone business! 🙄
shanell3569 - 6 måneder siden
If they still love each other and want to be there for each other - why break up? Work through whatever it is. That is what people did way back when, they did not just break up, they worked things through over and over again (As long as the love is still there) too many people today are just giving up to early. Sad.
jane doe
jane doe - 6 måneder siden
Omg I only watching this because it said it had 666 views
Mister Preda
Mister Preda - 6 måneder siden
Thank you for speaking so kindly and respectively. This made me cry again lol. ❤️ xoxo
Lou M
Lou M - 5 måneder siden
What lovely people you both are ❤️
Rachel Wharton
Rachel Wharton - 6 måneder siden
I didn’t follow or know you guys before seeing this, but thank you so much for spreading the message that separations don’t have to have bad feelings and showing that even a breakup can still be filled with respect 😊
Desi - 6 måneder siden
Personally, Idont get why people break up and cry about it and stay friends and like break up because they loved each other? but i guess they just arent good together or something and like they said need to work on themselves. Its sad but im glad they will be happy. Personally i rather work through my personal problems with that person i love and stay committed relationships arent always gonna feel good and i feel you should stick through them but i get some people cant and need to part to work on themselves. But everyone is different. Im happy that they figured this out together.
XxMagdaKita123 - 6 måneder siden
Who is joey
Khushi Modi
Khushi Modi - 5 måneder siden
Ya and he was on billboards for his show escape the night
cloboba - 6 måneder siden
Joey Graceffa, he's a NOburnr who got really popular around 2013 - 2015.
Mimi - 6 måneder siden
Did Joey get a brow lift or something?? His eyes look so much further apart than it did years ago, and his whole eye/brow area is completely different
sabina finley
sabina finley - 6 måneder siden
J* just posted a video no surprise he didn’t acknowledge his racists past or defend Shane. True colors are shown, I’m no longer a Stan of his
Beanie baby Queen12
Beanie baby Queen12 - 6 måneder siden
Danny and Joey stay strong and have love and happy lives.Even though I’m crying.😢
Rebekah - 6 måneder siden
You’re not losing your best friend 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
A Derion
A Derion - 6 måneder siden
Joey and Daniel is the first breakup I have seen tell their audience....and it's the first one I have seen that they haven't done it for views. It was very emotional.
Daniella Janiel Love
Daniella Janiel Love - 6 måneder siden
I’m sad because in that psychic video they said Joey and Daniel would be married in 3 years.
They also said that Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda are the power couple..
Daniella Janiel Love
Daniella Janiel Love - 6 måneder siden
Still love Daniel Preda and Joey Graceffa
Janiel forever in our ♥️
Maya is Lame
Maya is Lame - 6 måneder siden
I don't know who most of these people are
Kirishima - 6 måneder siden
Seeing my boi Joey cry like that. Boi I'mma cry with you!!! 😭😭😭
donna :p
donna :p - 6 måneder siden
it’s like david and liza again 🥺💔
J.J. Creations
J.J. Creations - 6 måneder siden
Did danny take storm!!!!!
Khushi Modi
Khushi Modi - 5 måneder siden
Brandy Nettleton
Brandy Nettleton - 6 måneder siden
Obviously we don’t see everything and know why they’ve come to this, but just as obviously they still deeply care for each other and I hope that whatever happens is exactly what they want and need. Watching their clips was absolutely heartbreaking.
GoobGaming - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree should make a pallet called “Silence”
hey u, ur worth it
hey u, ur worth it - 6 måneder siden
STOP...IM GONNA DROP MY REPUTATION- ugh such rude people
Sara McGrenra
Sara McGrenra - 6 måneder siden
Bruh if joey graceffa and Daniel can't do it, how am I supposed to.
A normal and non-suspicious box
A normal and non-suspicious box - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree is silent since he doesn't want any of his loyal fans to know💀
Hayden Mae
Hayden Mae - 6 måneder siden
soooo that’s where you’ve been ahahahah
Gabbie’s graveyard
Gabbie’s graveyard - 6 måneder siden
Daniel and joeys break up hurt me so much. I’ve been a fan since forever and when they started dating I was amazed. And then a few days ago my sister said they broke up I started crying.
B - 6 måneder siden
This vid was a little bit more biased this time.. especially at the end there. Js
Melody Garrison
Melody Garrison - 6 måneder siden
Oh wow, what a surprise... Trisha calling someone crazy.
char90303 - 6 måneder siden
Don’t care about Shane Dawson or Jeffree Star.
Shane Safriet
Shane Safriet - 6 måneder siden
Bout to pour!!!!
filippa gartmann
filippa gartmann - 6 måneder siden
It’s literally disgusting that Jeffree isn’t even like saying anything. Shane was/is his friend and he isn’t saying anything smh
Gabriella Vides
Gabriella Vides - 6 måneder siden
Joey and Daniel are like prime examples of how it’s the right people but not the right time. My heart hurts for them
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee - 6 måneder siden
ive never seen joey cry before...
Erika With a K
Erika With a K - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree @ 7:39
Riqochet Rose Tarot
Riqochet Rose Tarot - 6 måneder siden
I don't really buy that break-up as being completely finished. I wouldn't be shocked if they reunite in the near future. Lots of love there, probably just needed a break.
Ally McGee
Ally McGee - 6 måneder siden
i actually had a feeling joey and daniel had broken up or were having a rough patch for a little while, but i checked and nothing had really changed yet. i’m so sad to hear about the break up and the pain they must be going through. ending a loving relationship after being together for that long is truly life shattering. but i’m so proud of them for doing what they needed and i hope they are able to grow and find new happiness. much love to both of them. ❤️
Meeko 00
Meeko 00 - 6 måneder siden
Okay I don't believe in love anymore...😭