Shane Dawson SORRY for This, Nikita Dragun in Trouble, Jenna Marbles Forced to Delete Video

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Shane Dawson made a public apology, Jenna Marbles was called out by fans
Gigi Hadid snapped at Jake Paul, Nikita Dragun posted a controversial Instagram Story, and Finneas O’Connell was called out for his tweets
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[Jenna Marbles's Dog]
[Gigi Hadid and Jake Paul]
[Nikita Dragun's IG Story]
[Finneas O'Connell’s Tweets]
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w o l f i x x s m i d n i g h t
Not trying to be rude but jenna is not THE BESSSSST dog pepole ever but is one of them :) 😊it's a win win
Ally Westfall
Ally Westfall - Måned siden
Maybe im missing something but why did she have to apologize for buying a fish bowl for her fish?
Cherry SHurbert
Cherry SHurbert - 3 måneder siden
Ok so when Nikita posted her wearing a durag I said, “ WOW she looks pretty!” (not trying to start beef with anyone) then went on with my day. Then other people thought it was necessary to post on social media of how inappropriate and what a bad thing she did, all she wore was a (correct me if I’m wrong) black cultured durag to supposedly prevent friz (idk).
When I saw this I actually said out loud it’s just an article of clothing meant to be worn on your head, I genuinely don’t see the big deal.
Den’s Videos
Den’s Videos - 4 måneder siden
The way spill says durags are to “help with frizz and fly always”
They’re for waves sis lol. I have frizz but I wear a bonnet.
holly - 5 måneder siden
the Paul's apparently don't know how to mind their own freaking business LOL Zayn and Gigi were just minding their own business and the second Zayn decides to yell at logan and jake to leave him alone because they wouldn't go, he gets recorded. smh at those 6' feet tall fe fi fo fum giants
holly - 5 måneder siden
yes Gigi stand upp for your baby daddy! we don't stan jake paul periodt
Peter D
Peter D - 5 måneder siden
Kirmit crys over everything
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez - 6 måneder siden
Zayn he so funny
Magical Marzipan
Magical Marzipan - 6 måneder siden
Jenna would never harm any of her dogs, those dogs are her life lol
Reagan Chester
Reagan Chester - 6 måneder siden
why did I get a joyride ad during this lol
Laman Lamansson
Laman Lamansson - 7 måneder siden
Famous person: *Does a small mistake*
Fans: YoU wAnT aTtEnTiOn AnD yOuRe MeAn
DarkRubberDucky - 7 måneder siden
They both agreed the dogs didnt like them and wouldn't use them. They were testing the product. Fans know this was not mistreatment. They are some of the best dog owners I have ever seen.
Ken ben Savage
Ken ben Savage - 7 måneder siden
To be fair Kermit will cry if u give him everything in the world marbles gets exited and peach is very very excitable soo....
Melon2frosty - 7 måneder siden
People are too sensitive now a days, you can never do anything without someone being so negative towards you lol..
Peppa - 7 måneder siden
I swear, some people are NEVER satisfied with what famous people do. Let’s say a famous actor posts a questionable picture on Instagram. If they apologize, people will think they’re doing it for clout. But if they ignore the problem, then they say they’re being ignorant? Make up your minds. 🤦🏼‍♀️
Sloane Price
Sloane Price - 7 måneder siden
Omg...are we not gonna talk about how there was a girl in zanes room!?!? What about Gigi 😭😳
Idk, it’s me?
Idk, it’s me? - 7 måneder siden
“You have an iPhone so you can buy a Mac-“ bruh no. That’s not how it works.
badass soccer mom
badass soccer mom - 7 måneder siden
badass soccer mom
badass soccer mom - 7 måneder siden
right as i'm watching this there are 666,666 views UwU
Silvia the Collie
Silvia the Collie - 7 måneder siden
O god 666k views XD
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin - 7 måneder siden
Did anyone notice it got a little louder at 6:27 or is it just my phone?
Aiden - 5 måneder siden
It happened to me too, you aren’t the only one
A rgh
A rgh - 7 måneder siden
Jake said he feels sorry for childhood stars wasn’t he literally on Disney
Meliyah Huerta
Meliyah Huerta - 7 måneder siden
Stop👏 putting 👏 subtitles 👏 please 👏
coke - 7 måneder siden
I LOVEEE how one of the tweets was all about an Iphone.
Tree Jasmine
Tree Jasmine - 7 måneder siden
Maybe ya'll should leave zayn
Julia - 7 måneder siden
Honestly there has been so many controversys with zayn i would not be surprised at all
ATZthetic - 7 måneder siden
y’all are so bored you’re coming for jenna -.- whack
matt batman
matt batman - 7 måneder siden
I think that zayn was over dramatic tbh he can take his aditude and shove it up his greedy a$$
Padoru Nero
Padoru Nero - 7 måneder siden
Jenna's fans should know better.
Soph__? Johnson
Soph__? Johnson - 7 måneder siden
let’s be honest jenna is an unproblematic queen
Manuela Rodrigues Medeiros
Manuela Rodrigues Medeiros - 7 måneder siden
Jenna Marbles lost her marbles with that tweet.
Stan Islife
Stan Islife - 7 måneder siden
Who would wanna be next to jake anyways. Jenna Marbles “abusing” her dogs ? Plz
Brooklyn - 7 måneder siden
The only reason people are coming at Jenna is because they know they will never be as a good dog mom as her.
II SmileyBun28 II
II SmileyBun28 II - 7 måneder siden
Dude, Jenna TRIED a fking product... she said it’s bad and won’t use it! What r y’all mad about????????
Wet Fetus
Wet Fetus - 7 måneder siden
The people who are made a Shane are obviously 9 year olds they shouldn’t have instagram
Goh Rou_Xee
Goh Rou_Xee - 7 måneder siden
Does that really sound like zayn tho???
Rhii •
Rhii • - 7 måneder siden
The only child viewers Jake Paul really tried to pick a fight w/ actual celebrity. He didn’t respect his boundaries.
bad.b - 7 måneder siden
Sooooooo are we gonna talk about her tan????
alex gannon
alex gannon - 7 måneder siden
People were more worried about the durag, but no one said anything about how dark she was
SiSi Erbagan
SiSi Erbagan - 7 måneder siden
I’m happy that you aren’t like some people who just pick sides while spilling tea, but instead look from everyone’s point of view.
Adina TheBest
Adina TheBest - 7 måneder siden
Im a black female, and like, i think its really is unfair that "white" people cant wear stuff that black people use, like some of the things, like the durag, i mean, im not offended if someone would have wore that.
Itsumi yeeiiih
Itsumi yeeiiih - 7 måneder siden
Y'all be really coming for Jenna marbels, smh 😔
First Love
First Love - 7 måneder siden
These influencers are slaves to their fans. Fame ALWAYS come at an expense
kylee_97 - 7 måneder siden
You can tell how long someone has been a fan of shane by how easily they're offended by him. I've been here since the beginning so that post was literally nothing 😂
Hadley Sovarp
Hadley Sovarp - 7 måneder siden
Kermit is always crying at weird situations and timings, only people who watch her will know
Katherine Lachcik
Katherine Lachcik - 7 måneder siden
Jake is the guy who calls a girl a lesbian after asking her out repeatedly and getting declined.
Derpstick - 8 måneder siden
My dad wears a durag bc he's bald and it keeps sweat from his hearing aids
Alex Is Lost
Alex Is Lost - 8 måneder siden
"Jenna's fans" hello, those ain't fans. Jenna fans know Jenna loves her dogs with her whole heart. She would never put her dogs through an uncomfortable situation for an extended amount of time. Like calm down
Rabbit uwu19
Rabbit uwu19 - 8 måneder siden
Why did nika look like this in the tumbnail
Novemba V
Novemba V - 8 måneder siden
Nikita is right those people are wrong Dorags keep black people’s hair from frizzing and is used for wigs to I’m black so I know
Glittersngoo - 8 måneder siden
I’m pretty disappointed in this video...
Dorlan - 7 måneder siden
baddie bil
baddie bil - 8 måneder siden
At the beginning i was like:wait-FINNEAS WHAT!!!!!!!!
никол друмчева
никол друмчева - 8 måneder siden
1:23 she has a point doe
Anie Eno
Anie Eno - 8 måneder siden
so billies brothers girlfriend looks just like billie ..................................
rblx08 - 8 måneder siden
Nikita looks like an 18+ Barbie doll.
Zoe Bomberger
Zoe Bomberger - 8 måneder siden
Wow now Nikita black-fishing to
Zoe Bomberger
Zoe Bomberger - 8 måneder siden
Jenna marbles: puts her fish in a fish bowl
Other people: ITS ANIMAL ABUSE
Me: what do u expect a freakin ocean
Zoe Bomberger
Zoe Bomberger - 8 måneder siden
Jenna: leaves her dog in a harness for 30 seconds then it off because her dogs didn’t like it
Everyone else: OMFG ITS ANIMAL ABUSE!!!
Me: so if her dog cries it’s animal abuse
Kitty Stenz
Kitty Stenz - 8 måneder siden
Kermit always does cry
Kitty Stenz
Kitty Stenz - 8 måneder siden
Do NOT come for Jenna
Zahraa Loved
Zahraa Loved - 8 måneder siden
I mean the poor dogs
Brylee Davis
Brylee Davis - 8 måneder siden
Nikita gets attacked for wearing a durag, Kylie Jenner wears one and no one cares
FerretDoodle - 8 måneder siden
isnt kermit like crying all the time
nini // chxrmise
nini // chxrmise - 8 måneder siden
Brocken Bunny
Brocken Bunny - 8 måneder siden
I’m sorry but did I really just hear she apologized for purshasing the wrong fish bowl? Wow I love the internet XD
((Don’t get me wrong it’s important to purchase the right items necessary for any type of animal it’s just that isn’t it a little too much she got recommended a fish bowl but turns out wasn’t the right one for the fish and makes an apology vid 👏👏 like wow!!👏))
Demon Hybrid
Demon Hybrid - 8 måneder siden
I've bought my dog a harness for the car too (she's too big for it now) but fixed it so that when I took my pup to the vet, she would be laying down comfortably on a large pillow she took everywhere instead of sitting up because...well...sitting up like Jenna's dogs were isn't a position a dog should be in--obviously she understood it after but she was just trying to find a way to keep those babies safe.
PastelDiscordance - 8 måneder siden
How y’all gon get angry at Jenna 🥺
Taryn Varley-Twyman
Taryn Varley-Twyman - 8 måneder siden
They taking about cermet crying like it’s because he’s in pain from a harness....

Cermet never stops crying
KenzieRblx. - 8 måneder siden
Just because the dog cried- my dog cries like 15 hours a day no matter what
Dragon Legend
Dragon Legend - 8 måneder siden
Seriously, like everyone else, Jenna Marbles is a GOOD dog owner. I have been subscribed to them for a little over a year and I love some of her videos. She literally took like 10 hours to make a SOAP BED out of her dog's favorite soap. Like who tf does that and then supposedly abuses the dog? Obviously those people never saw the video when one of their dogs fell into the pool. BOTH Jenna & Julien were INSTANT to react and get them out. Also, Kermit is known to cry a LOT. Even when he doesn't get attention.
ANIMATION_ studio - 8 måneder siden
Once you said finneas O’Connell I was shocked
Eleanor - 8 måneder siden
Nikita can wear what she wants and it's her decision so I dont get why people would be so mad. Like can we not wear sandles now because thats disrespecting people in history who wore sandles? 🤔
Sami Cifuentez
Sami Cifuentez - 9 måneder siden
Okay look
If I were Zayn I would flip out to if someone wouldn’t leave me alone and follow me to my hotel room
So Jake you’re wrong
Madelyn Alexander
Madelyn Alexander - 9 måneder siden
so much tea in the first 16 SECONDS
Samantha Brandt
Samantha Brandt - 9 måneder siden
Jenna is the last person that would mistreat her animals. Come on people.
Smellanie - 9 måneder siden
Kermits always crying, marbles is constantly vibrating and peach is peach.
Grace Mosely
Grace Mosely - 9 måneder siden
If you listen to the video of zayn he sounds American and he’s actually British
Clonk - 9 måneder siden
Y’all obvi dont dont anything about her
NaughtySRT 420
NaughtySRT 420 - 9 måneder siden
I think anyone who gets upset over any if these issues are the problem with society today.
FatttyDevine - 9 måneder siden
Jake and Paul Logan are both annoying and idiots, so I dont blame Zayne for not wanting to hang out with him/them.
Cassandra Schulze
Cassandra Schulze - 9 måneder siden
Jenna Marbles... Kermit cries non stop all the time. Clearly people who commented she was mistreating them aren’t true fans of Jenna. Anyone who’s been a fan of Jenna for any period of time, knows that her and Julien treat those dogs like babies.
nikki chavis
nikki chavis - 9 måneder siden
Ok honestly, Nikita's haters are being a little uneducated on this one. Yes people do wear durags for waves but they also do it for wigs to prevent frizz and fly aways. You don't have to come at people for every little thing especially when you know nothing on the subject. On the other hand her skin looked pretty dark in that photo, that's my main issue
Shook - 9 måneder siden
Oh come on give finneas a break
Kevin Abel
Kevin Abel - 9 måneder siden
I like Nikita's Chibi-Usa make-up.
5 - 9 måneder siden
okay, Kermit crying, you cant use that as a thing agenst her, kermit cries, like, all every second of his life.
Lemonhead - 9 måneder siden
Leave Jenna out of this she is the nicest person also a great dog and pet owner
Abby Alexander
Abby Alexander - 9 måneder siden
It’s obvious that Phineas’ manager told him to say that
lilaglrz _
lilaglrz _ - 9 måneder siden
Kermit cry’s all the time for no reason sometimes
Mirabai - 9 måneder siden
everyone freaking out about shane just shows the internalized homophobia his fans have
Lizeysaurus - 9 måneder siden
You tuber: *gets popular*
Racist tweet from 9 years ago: hey
Miss Egg
Miss Egg - 9 måneder siden
I think Nikita is perfectly OK to wear a durag, tf wrong with some of y'all?
Rhys-Christian Mobsby
Rhys-Christian Mobsby - 9 måneder siden
One dog -Kermit - is crying.

heyitshenry - 9 måneder siden
I don’t get why people be getting butthurt by Nikita wearing a durag like she don’t gotta explain why she’s wearing one. Last time I checked any one can wear one . 💁🏻‍♀️
Voeun Hing
Voeun Hing - 9 måneder siden
why can't ppl let nikkita lits live her life like she can where what ever she wants
Help jimin to find his jams
Help jimin to find his jams - 9 måneder siden
Jake flop.
Angela Lourdes Casas
Angela Lourdes Casas - 9 måneder siden
Kermits aways crying😂
Megan Moore
Megan Moore - 9 måneder siden
Jenna is the least problematic person ever, Jenna and Julian clearly care for their dogs and she would never put her dogs in any stressful situations or any danger. This woman cares for her dogs more than some people care for their children. She did nothing wrong in her video, she did everything right. Plus kermit cries in every situation
Mariah Toennies
Mariah Toennies - 9 måneder siden
Jenna Marbles, mistreating her animals? guys. come on.
astro galaxy
astro galaxy - 9 måneder siden
dumb bitchg
dumb bitchg - 9 måneder siden
cry i would cry spill