Tana Mongeau Forced to Expose Her Show, Jeffree Star Speaks Up

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Tana Mongeau lies to her doctor, then exposes her show on Twitter - making many fans upset.
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kendaldrye - 5 dager siden
When are people going to finally realize that Tana is just not a good person?!?!?
2am anon
2am anon - Dag siden
dunno man
T T - 9 dager siden
“I don’t really see myself as someone who has to be taking that kind of medicine right now” girl what?? Should I just say that about my mood stabilizers ?
Bree Brown
Bree Brown - 3 måneder siden
*hits my inhaler*
P J - 4 måneder siden
But like why is Tana so mean sometimes🙄
Taylor Farry
Taylor Farry - 5 måneder siden
a wonderful, young, kind friend of mine died from an Asthma attack in his mid 20's. what she said was so ignorant. i cant Wait to see where she's at in 5 yrs
Mayaswellbethewifesaccount - 5 måneder siden
As someone disabled with a husband with asthma it is nothing to sneeze at. You need to worry about your health. If you have something wrong DO THE RIGHT THING
Raphael Long
Raphael Long - 5 måneder siden
Tana is just a little 2 year old
Glen Coco
Glen Coco - 5 måneder siden
Tana: *says she doesn't care about her health*
Jordan: *tells her that her condition is serious and why she should care more*
Tana: *screams at Jordan for not caring enough about her*
Stephanie Jackson
Stephanie Jackson - 6 måneder siden
Asthma is no joke.2018 January the 30th.Lost my mother from that monster called asthma.
Julia Kaz
Julia Kaz - 6 måneder siden
That show portrayed her in the worst light possible and will completely destroy her career. I could literally not believe what I was seeing
Dahlia Rose
Dahlia Rose - 6 måneder siden
I have asthma but not as bad as when i was 17. I almost died one morning from an awful asthma attack that lasted ten minutes. I ran from my room to the kitchen and tried the inhaler, and then back to my room on my knees grabbing my neck with tears in my eyes as my father watches me cry and struggle to breathe. My throat kept closing and closing up as i took in air. The inhaler was meant to be taken every 4 hours. So asthma can really harm someone. My lungs will forever be scarred because of pneumonia.
Sydney Portillo
Sydney Portillo - 6 måneder siden
Who thought it was a good idea to give her a show anyway 🙄
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez - 6 måneder siden
I think one of her many issues, is the fact that she's 21 and thinks she's got life figured out, so everyone else should just bow before her. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Aditi Arora
Aditi Arora - 6 måneder siden
Ok um... 😳
Yan Li
Yan Li - 6 måneder siden
Haah, dum-dums.
Jan-baby - 7 måneder siden
‘I will never will’ she’s so thick
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger - 7 måneder siden
Poor Jordan
Fish Stick
Fish Stick - 7 måneder siden
I have exercise enduced asthma
IronPiedmont1996 - 7 måneder siden
I don't get why disgusting people like Tana become famous. Meanwhile legitimately talented people often go unrecognized.
Lola Wolf
Lola Wolf - 7 måneder siden
I’m sorry ‘I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE TO SAY THIS’ they have to have the content for them to cut down to it just saying.
ghadeer thabata
ghadeer thabata - 7 måneder siden
Why do you guys care about what she is doing it is her body and her choice and idgaf about what you think I don’t think it is your lungs getting affected sooo... ya
Cassidy Sanchez
Cassidy Sanchez - 7 måneder siden
I’m sorry, but am I supposed to actually believe tana’s parents were that bad when she’s so clearly a HUGE brat? Yeah miss me with the BS hunny. Struggle recognizes struggle and that ain’t it.
Megan Bailey
Megan Bailey - 7 måneder siden
Tana literally could just take edibles and not smoke to help her lungs do some healing or take legal lean🤦‍♀️
Hena Ljajić
Hena Ljajić - 7 måneder siden
I have asthma
arb Deal
arb Deal - 7 måneder siden
Did the doctor look like a bobble head to anyone else?
Giselle :3
Giselle :3 - 7 måneder siden
Shes sick of the way she looks to the public eye but she created the image
PlAsTiC bAg
PlAsTiC bAg - 7 måneder siden
As someone with severe asthma, I am a sickened by how Tana acts towards it. I have had three asthma attacks, two of which I was rushed to the ER. I am on three types of medication to control my asthma. Asthma is triggered by so many things that it’s dangerous to go places without an inhaler. Ugh! People need to realize asthma is more dangerous than meets the eye.
alex gannon
alex gannon - 7 måneder siden
I think Tana is just in denial. She acts out because she doesn’t want to accept reality. I don’t think she is a bad person. I just think she is just covering up for how she really feels.
luvingili - 7 måneder siden
Don Joe
Don Joe - 8 måneder siden
Darwin, where art thou?
Nathalie - 8 måneder siden
as an asthma patient that can't even be around smoke let alone actually smoke myself, this is really disappointing
Abukwe Zoko
Abukwe Zoko - 8 måneder siden
Jordan should leave tana so she can realize that she needs serious medical help
RIP Vine
RIP Vine - 8 måneder siden
Are we gonna ignore the fact that she might actually have tuberculosis
RIP Vine
RIP Vine - 8 måneder siden
No one:
Tana: I will never will
Isuzu Jdjxudh
Isuzu Jdjxudh - 8 måneder siden
I don't understand how Tana is even a discussion.. Shes an ignorant brat and always has been. WHYYYYYY is she still relevant? why was she ever relevant? I just don't get it.
Hyper Toonz
Hyper Toonz - 8 måneder siden
Petition to sacrifice tana in order to restore humanity.
David Hernandez
David Hernandez - 8 måneder siden
Dude fr imagine saying it hurts but getting lip injections 🥱😂
PastelDiscordance - 8 måneder siden
If she wants to destroy herself then let her. There’s no point in trying to change her mind.
Bayleigh - 8 måneder siden
My mum has been in intensive care multiples times with asthma I’ve colasped and seen paramedics it’s not a joke
Bayleigh - 8 måneder siden
Ignore typos I was mad
Yara يارا
Yara يارا - 8 måneder siden
I think tana just needs to convert to islam XD
1 1 1
1 1 1 - 8 måneder siden
Tana’s like the girl who threw it back on tiktoks with her friends and ate hot cheetos in the middle of a presentation.
anxiouspacifist - 8 måneder siden
shoutout to jordan for being the only decent human being on this show. he cares about everyone’s health and is trying his best to keep his client in check as a manager, he could just not care and leave her to do what she wants but he’s going out of his way because he’s worried. honestly, he deserves better, i hope he gets recognition for his work and gets an amazing job with someone non-toxic and disgusting and disrespectful! 💕✨
Y /n
Y /n - 8 måneder siden
8:13 these poorly educated “adults”
Feistea - 8 måneder siden
How can anyone work for her?! Jordan, how do you survive?!
Chanel Cupcake
Chanel Cupcake - 9 måneder siden
If she dies she dies
almightybeanchild - 9 måneder siden
She's so unpleasant. How does she have any followers or fans??? This life is so strange
Kyani Tyrrell
Kyani Tyrrell - 9 måneder siden
Absolutely disgusted by the type of person she is. So many people don’t even have the opportunity or privilege that she has to be able to access doctors and prefers to make excuses.
Marilyne Desroches
Marilyne Desroches - 9 måneder siden
Ok there she's having a anxious mental breakdown cause of doctors... Not because she's living a pathetic life. Anyone else notice how so many YouTubers and celebrities eventually start drowning in anxiety when they just making large amount money without a meaningful life purpose.
Hiro Tadashi-Hamada
Hiro Tadashi-Hamada - 9 måneder siden
Does kids n teens watch her show? I hope not.
Kracks - 9 måneder siden
Being rude is not what will make a reality show "successful"...
Molly Ha
Molly Ha - 9 måneder siden
" I ALwAys CaRE AboUt PeOplEs HeaLth"
*Flashback to Tanacon
Reconnecting Connector
Reconnecting Connector - 9 måneder siden
I understand the fear of doctors, but for goodness sake she sounds like she would be the type to be a flat earther and anti vaxxer
Madi H
Madi H - 9 måneder siden
bro can you imagine if a famous influencer died of TB in the year 2020 like what on earth
TheyLuv_Tiah Marie
TheyLuv_Tiah Marie - 9 måneder siden
My sister has asthma and she uses her pump it’s not that hard but I dont think I was supposed to i used to always take it but I was young
Grace shih
Grace shih - 9 måneder siden
Why do people think being uncaring is cool
Sushi Chai
Sushi Chai - 9 måneder siden
Here’s a fun drinking game take a shot every time the word ‘like’ is said
Sushi Chai
Sushi Chai - 9 måneder siden
“I will never will” -Tana Mongeau 2020
stovegas - 9 måneder siden
wait this is really only the 4th episode? I feel like this has been around for so long now
Joshua Marshall
Joshua Marshall - 9 måneder siden
Like can we point out she refused a tb test. Like if she has early stage of it she could be super contagious.
Alisha Pannell
Alisha Pannell - 9 måneder siden
I've had athema since way young to the point was admitted to hospital at one years old try seeing a small child who can't breathe with breathing tubes it's not nice
Temsulong Lemdur
Temsulong Lemdur - 9 måneder siden
I really don't understand how such self entitled people become famous and appeal to a majority of the demographic.
badd dexter
badd dexter - 9 måneder siden
It’s LA what do y’all expect 🤷🏽‍♂️
Victoria Tacha
Victoria Tacha - 9 måneder siden
I haven't seen a single eps of her show and i don't even know her... Seriously who is she...
Noah Lou
Noah Lou - 9 måneder siden
Last year in late November, my best friend Martin passed away from a sever asthma. He was 15. We were still in school. None of us ever got to say goodbye. It happened at 4am when we were all asleep. We don’t know how much he suffered and we may never know. It is not a joke.
Afianna Gift
Afianna Gift - 9 måneder siden
Honestly with the friends she have I'm not surprised she acts like that
Dalila Idkmanwhatmysurnameis
Dalila Idkmanwhatmysurnameis - 9 måneder siden
"just asthma?"
Excuse me girl but as someone who suffers from asthma let me assure you. It aint no joke.
Erdnussbuttertoast - 9 måneder siden
oh my goddddddd this woman is 21 years old, she's not a baby anymore. She should get over herself. also, the dude is her manager, not her babysitter
Dominik Krieger
Dominik Krieger - 9 måneder siden
I can‘t understand how anyone gives a fck about this.. this is incredibly unimportant
Britt Lyn
Britt Lyn - 9 måneder siden
i think everything u all are saying is super super valid and i think her behavior on the show is horrible, but if you did watch her video covering this, she says she was in a horribly dark place and being depressed and feeling like nothing matters can cause people to act out like this. i’m not saying her behavior towards the doctor was excusable, but i don’t think it makes her an inevitably horrible person. i think she showed maturity in that video and seems to be growing. i could be wrong, but that’s my best assessment as of now
cristal meza
cristal meza - 9 måneder siden
Noticed she said she doesnt want to be percieved as a bad person. Not that shes sorry or that she isn't a bad person.
Fanni Nagy
Fanni Nagy - 9 måneder siden
She didn’t even mention to the doctor that she was coughing up blood. Like... she might have tuberculosis🤦🏽‍♀️
neversaygoodbye - 9 måneder siden
Why give her a show? Why is this entertainment?
dreamyxally - 9 måneder siden
cough?I think tana got the cough from Jake. Remember when he had the cough?
NoraIsAGamer 29
NoraIsAGamer 29 - 9 måneder siden
Props to Jordan, I hope he finds better people.
M M - 9 måneder siden
Welp good luck to her when she cops the rona
La’Nyah Varns
La’Nyah Varns - 9 måneder siden
I want a friend like Jordan cause 👧🏾❌🐍
Sarah McConnell
Sarah McConnell - 9 måneder siden
Thank you for referencing scientific medical research! Our health is so important and there’s no shame in being sick. It doesn’t make you look weak! Especially if you are taking the proper route to recovery, then you look strong and responsible.
nanawashere - 9 måneder siden
I dunno. I believe in Jordan now, the most sane person throughout this whole series.I'm waiting for Jordan's video now.. Lol
Peppa what are u doin in my room???
Without MTV Tana Mongeau wouldn't be anything tbh..
Jeniffer Larios
Jeniffer Larios - 9 måneder siden
I think she needs to get tested for TB regardless if doctor said it was asthma, it doesn’t hurt to check that off, I had a cough for 3 months straight last year and it turned out to be inactive TB just did a quick 4 month treatment and all done🤷🏼‍♀️ I still need my inhaler just in case tho but idk that’s just my opinion lol she’s her own person at the end of the day...
Multicolored Margay
Multicolored Margay - 9 måneder siden
Asthma is super serious. It leave you vulnerable to many other lung problems. But the lack of oxygen to her brain explains a lot
Lana-Jean Fogel
Lana-Jean Fogel - 9 måneder siden
all those fillers and hair extensions and makeup and everything else she does for her external beauty doesn't matter if her internal health is suffering. her priorities are completely in the wrong place, taking care of yourself is always #1 and she just doesn't get it.
Kate - 9 måneder siden
Maybe she'd like it more if she knew they can get you high
Addison Boles
Addison Boles - 9 måneder siden
My brother almost died from Asthma it’s not a joke and it’s really messed up she isn’t taking it seriously
Annalise Davidson
Annalise Davidson - 9 måneder siden
This is all staged for maximum effect. She's fine at the doctors, she gets lip injections and botox just fine
jessica thomas-langdon
jessica thomas-langdon - 9 måneder siden
Can we please be done with these immature little girls that teach kids this IDGAF mentality. Please.
Wojtek Czemas
Wojtek Czemas - 9 måneder siden
I dont think Tana and her "yes man" understand word "friend" for me personaly to call som1 a "friend" has a meaning.
Jacqueline Accardi
Jacqueline Accardi - 9 måneder siden
About the Trevor thing. Tana didn’t invite him because she knew there was going to be alcohol he decided to go anyway. He did the responsible and mature thing and removed himself from the situation and that’s not an easy thing to do!
KiriKiri SharkyBoi
KiriKiri SharkyBoi - 9 måneder siden
This may sound harsh but if Tana dies bc of this imma be like HAH
arilovegood - 9 måneder siden
neutrally quoting "I will never will" is cold 😂
Aya Balha
Aya Balha - 9 måneder siden
Honestly she needs to act her age because right now all I see is a 5 year old spoiled kid.
Fryho - 9 måneder siden
Hi my name is Tana, I say like
Miss Vidzy
Miss Vidzy - 9 måneder siden
with how irresponsible Tana is, I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up joining the '27 club'
toxic noodle
toxic noodle - 9 måneder siden
Why is nobody talking about how rude she was to the medical staff? Why do people still like her? She’s bratty and annoying.
Darklingstein - 9 måneder siden
I feel terrible for the trees that provide oxygen for her.
Evie Rich
Evie Rich - 9 måneder siden
A lot of people smoke and drink but please put your health first. If something it affecting you so clearly you are clearly over doing it. Asthma isn’t basic.
stacy kang
stacy kang - 9 måneder siden
I just have question to all my english speaker friends here. Is "I will never will" a legit sentence? I am just curious.
Chris Lovitt
Chris Lovitt - 9 måneder siden
Excuses. No, I'm not waiting for her response
Kiwixsss Juice
Kiwixsss Juice - 9 måneder siden
Tbh she is immature and needs to get in a real life cause she is playing with her life and she is not taking these thing seriously and I think if that was me I would’ve acted differently sooooo dats my opinion
OG KPOP STAN - 9 måneder siden
"I will never will." - Tana Mongoose, 2020