The ACE Family DRAGGED over IG Post, Catherine: "I didn't sign up for this..."

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Austin McBroom from The ACE Family uploaded a photo of him and his wife Catherine on Instagram, and people are upset. It quickly caught the attention of many influencers including Logan Paul, Jake Paul and Bryce Hall - turning everyone against Austin.
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Ellie Reynolds
Ellie Reynolds - 19 timer siden
Then only fight I want to see is Ksi vs jake Paul
Life of Jessenia
Life of Jessenia - Dag siden
Ok but how he’s a father and out here looking for problems with little kids....
Someone knock him out
mona moussa
mona moussa - Dag siden
I love how she said chile 😂🥺🥰🥰🥰
Deborah Robinson
Deborah Robinson - 3 dager siden
Austin?! I used to watch them and I haven’t in a while but toxic isn’t even the word!!
Angel Studios
Angel Studios - 4 dager siden
Sorry but I laughed 😂
Nicole Theunissen
Nicole Theunissen - 5 dager siden
Open your eyes in the last days For What is the deal of you gane the whole world but stil lose youre own soul. ..Repent!!!💯Wake up💤
Jc - 6 dager siden
7:40 WOW it’s my first time in years hearing o2”l.... the Fox old days 😭
Cj MIhkel
Cj MIhkel - 7 dager siden
People of nowadays fight a lot on internet but action is weak. Loud talk no action
sofia cardozo
sofia cardozo - 7 dager siden
"Charizard is a big dragon type pokemon"... Charizard is Fire/Flying lol
Liv Jones
Liv Jones - 9 dager siden
Look Austin is not gonna win against anyone he called out
Obebb - 11 dager siden
I also feel bad for his kids
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - 11 dager siden
All imma say is

Social distance ✝️
Barry Graham, Jr
Barry Graham, Jr - 12 dager siden
Austin would get PULVERIZED by Jake Paul...💀💀💀
Lily Orbiso
Lily Orbiso - 12 dager siden
I support Mani pacquiao not any of these ppl 🙃
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau - 12 dager siden
I always get bad feelings about Austin and his brother. Idk why or anything but there’s just something there that always makes me uneasy. I love Catherine and her kids, she is such an amazing mom and strong woman but I can’t handle Austin
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau - 12 dager siden
Austin does a LOT for attention. Especially lately
sydney Cassidy
sydney Cassidy - 13 dager siden
Weren't they friends when jake and tana were in one of their videos? 🥴 something must have happened
Jose Morales
Jose Morales - 13 dager siden
Not dragon. Fire and flying.
A PERSON - 15 dager siden
Manny pacquiao lang malakas
Jaylen Smith
Jaylen Smith - 15 dager siden
They’re all a bunch of tools trying to stay relevant by their fetus demographic
w.y. tao
w.y. tao - 15 dager siden
Isn’t one of the first content house the one ssundee was in?
K.Z Chaft
K.Z Chaft - 16 dager siden
Keith k. M. Jr
Keith k. M. Jr - 16 dager siden
I can def boxed them or wrestle even street fight
Alexis Beever
Alexis Beever - 16 dager siden
ngl i have a diglet an its super good it has op stats
Alex Sherman
Alex Sherman - 17 dager siden
Austin is just pathetic.
Ammar Amsyar
Ammar Amsyar - 18 dager siden
7:13 wait wat charizard is not a dragon pokemon
Bo Bowl
Bo Bowl - 18 dager siden
He’s gonna get the Nate Robinson treat ment😳
Eire Barte
Eire Barte - 19 dager siden
Well we all know josh can't do this rn😔
Ahmad Fadhilah
Ahmad Fadhilah - 19 dager siden
Kira king
Kira king - 19 dager siden
Austin will get clapped by the bodie Logan found in the woods 💀

No offense
Shawn Nixon
Shawn Nixon - 19 dager siden
Floyd Mayweather!??? You serious?? Stop with your rich spoiled talk, all you Tubers, stop it 👎yall are not Tuff 💩
Roi Agripa
Roi Agripa - 19 dager siden
lol if you 1v1 Manny Pacquiao he will lose no cap
ShiroyashaSG - 20 dager siden
just put them on the desserted island, and see they fighting each other like a caveman 😂
Sean Santos
Sean Santos - 20 dager siden
Oooooooo charity... your such a good person for trying to get tax breaks. How about you actually give to the community! Fix a park, street or help families. Charities just keep money for themselves.
Dalea4rj - 21 dag siden
catherine left michael b jordan for a divorced high school teacher
Jaylen Smith
Jaylen Smith - 15 dager siden
You From diesel patches?
Roshan Pillay
Roshan Pillay - 22 dager siden
BTW who are you calling influencers lady?
Bia Martins
Bia Martins - 22 dager siden
Please these influencers thinking they could actually take on Professionals boxers
Майкл Раваэль Лим
"Charizard is a strong dragon pokemon"
Me: Upset that Charizard aint a dragon type but a flying flight 😭😭
Túlio Sá
Túlio Sá - 22 dager siden
Charizard is not a dragon type. 😭
Ayşe İpek Taşdemir
Ayşe İpek Taşdemir - 22 dager siden
Austin gets boxing as mascunility ı cant- just unfollow him
Ryffh Ryjcg
Ryffh Ryjcg - 23 dager siden
If austin and Jake Paul get fight together so who gonna won😗
Audrey Heginbotham
Audrey Heginbotham - 23 dager siden
Bruh all this you tubers think they are so damm strong GROW UP LIKE YALL JUST KIDS GO DO SOMETHING 🙄
I see You
I see You - 23 dager siden
I hope he gets knocked out 😭😂.
Mmule Selokela
Mmule Selokela - 23 dager siden
Love how she said "Lmafaoo" 😂
Mkayx allysaa
Mkayx allysaa - 23 dager siden
imagine being a grown man with children.. and acting like a child.. 💀💀
Chloe Foo
Chloe Foo - 24 dager siden
I don’t even know these ppl- but, this is entertaining 👀🍵
L - 24 dager siden
That voiceover has me weak
Angelina - 24 dager siden
Why you gotta drag ducks into this
Mindy Vee
Mindy Vee - 25 dager siden
This is all a publicity stunt...they just want more attention
Jasmine Carter
Jasmine Carter - 25 dager siden
Austin Mcbroom: the failure nba player who immaturely runs around kids
Infilit - 25 dager siden
you know oeople said this to many pacman once trust me they regreted it
JUN RIJI - 26 dager siden
honestly why do men-
Jasmine Sanchez Enriquez
Jasmine Sanchez Enriquez - 26 dager siden
Everyone in this video was just f&$king annoying
Aliway - 26 dager siden
Austin is a joke. Stop giving this family attention their disgusting
Şimdi Oyun Zamanı
Şimdi Oyun Zamanı - 26 dager siden
“You’ve been boxing for what? A year? Maybe two?”
Yeah Austin and _youve_ been boxing since when? Never?
Thierno Ndiaye
Thierno Ndiaye - 27 dager siden
I think all of those man is mean
UltimateFireCracker - 27 dager siden
FIRST OF ALL!! Charizard isn’t a dragon type it’s a flying fire type 😂
I g l o o .シ
I g l o o .シ - 27 dager siden
Austin is always the one to start anything, he need to grow up.
shannon osullivan
shannon osullivan - 28 dager siden
LA blaccents sound obnoxiously forced...stop
Yuuna _
Yuuna _ - 29 dager siden
I cant with Austin hes acting like a fricking child oml
K Nicole
K Nicole - Måned siden
Austin acts like a child.
J Mo
J Mo - Måned siden
The way they’re brainwashing they’re fans plsssss
Mafe X_O
Mafe X_O - Måned siden
Soooo mature
Nav - Måned siden
All I am witnessing here is toxic masculinity in all parties here
Arodue En
Arodue En - Måned siden
When Spill roasts Austin.🔥🔥
xuanie xuan
xuanie xuan - Måned siden
I don't understand them inviting people randomly to fight. Whet.. 😂 If these people mentioned in this video are my partners or boyfriend I will be sooooooo embarrassed.
Jordan Mabasa
Jordan Mabasa - Måned siden
That is absolutely embarrassing, you are a grown man with children it’s as if at this point he’s not not even trying to give his kids a good healthy childhood. If he was my father I would be so beyond disappointed, my heart goes out to his family. Honestly speaking grow up. Pathetic.
Sophie - Måned siden
Omggg he called them ducks scaryyyyyyyy
Sophie - Måned siden
Ok they all think they are allll that
Que te importa A.
Que te importa A. - Måned siden
My opinion, let them all fight. I wanna see them bust each other while i eat popcorn.
Natalia Pacheco
Natalia Pacheco - Måned siden
OMG I never tought I’ll be supporting the Paul brothers but PLEASE OH PLEASE somebody accept his money and reorganize Austin’s face. Please.
Caitlyn Nicholas
Caitlyn Nicholas - Måned siden
I get these lot are like *the* most problematic influencers out there, but Acoustic McBroomstick needs to be put in the bin.
AE - Måned siden
Austin is narsistic AF
【•νιηтαgє ѕυηƒløωєя•】
Imagine to be called out by a man scraped from the bottom of the barrel. Like Austin needs to *CHILE*
Wendy Palacios
Wendy Palacios - Måned siden
I mean why is Bryce hall by the way not hating saying he is 30 and he said he called him out which were the ace family members telling him he said name people not only Bryce hall like um...
Often Unsaid
Often Unsaid - Måned siden
I think Catherine is just tolerating him. Like she’s probably not happy anymore and is staying with him just for the kids sake.
Roxy Candice October
Roxy Candice October - Måned siden
This screams desperate!
emily jordan
emily jordan - Måned siden
how is this family still have a platform?? exploiting their children bc they have no other way to make money was their first down fall and now the father of toddlers is doing this on instagram?? pathetic
TheNraveles - Måned siden
It’s something when someone makes the Paul’s and others seem decent honestly.
Literally nobody likes Austin. No one. He’s a horrible person.
VIPER SPIKE - Måned siden
This vide os so great 😂😂😂
VIPER SPIKE - Måned siden
Jake Paul is such a fire dude 🤣🔥🔥🔥
Cat girl
Cat girl - Måned siden
Austin should break his leg again remember he fight one of the Paul's and broke his leg lol
Fine Curls
Fine Curls - Måned siden
Evelyn Torres
Evelyn Torres - Måned siden
not trying to be rude but you just pronounced it horribly wrong at 3:48
Yasmine Faumuina
Yasmine Faumuina - Måned siden
Sooo who are these people?
Chrissy Curtis
Chrissy Curtis - Måned siden
Logan tied with KSI on the 1st match.
the_third_amigo - Måned siden
lowkey worried about austin
Faryal Hafeez
Faryal Hafeez - Måned siden
Andrea Fussaro
Andrea Fussaro - Måned siden
When I watch tea videos on celebs I don’t even watch I feel like an alien watching earth burn from space
Tim Cook
Tim Cook - Måned siden
I’d be embarrassed to be a smelly piece of 💩
Milk Animation
Milk Animation - Måned siden
What is happening with the ace family now😂🤣
TheShallow Cone
TheShallow Cone - Måned siden
Austin is so immature plus Austin just want attention and in our country that's called K.S.P ( please don't be mad at me )
nadine Martin
nadine Martin - Måned siden
tr6pyy - Måned siden
are you a 5 year old? your prolly gonna get beaten up.
Sayeta Zonen
Sayeta Zonen - Måned siden
Everyone literally just been chilling with this Covid stuff then here comes Austin outta nowhere with this boxing stuff like bro, relax 💀💀
Baby Blue
Baby Blue - Måned siden
Boys will be boys 😒
halcyon. - Måned siden
why dont he just go be a father he got a new kid every year😭
Charles Arian Kinjo
Charles Arian Kinjo - Måned siden
Manny in the corner sipping apple juice 🧃
manny pacquiao : Children’s......😎
[Owlrie] - Måned siden
“Dont forget to tag who you want to see me in the ring with”
Every filipino: *@Manny Pacquiao*
I feel bad for Catherine, she has to take care of 2 daughters and one big man baby, she a strong one
FrankTheTank77 - Måned siden
Fact Check: Logan didn’t lose the first fight with KSI.. It was a draw.. (They Tied)