The Hidden Cry for Help from Britney Spears. We've All Missed It.

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For over 10 years, Britney Spears's fans have been trying to rescue the pop star from her conservatorship. But Britney's recent strange behavior has fans concerned. And Britney herself seems to want out.
We have a full kettle, and it's about to spill.
This is the final part in our series on the #FreeBritney movement-make sure to watch Part 1 and 2:
Part 1:
Part 2:
[Conservatorship Extension]
[Jayden’s Instagram Live]
[Strange Theories]
[Friends and Family Speak Out]
[Conservatorship Extended Again]
[Pros and Cons of Conservatorship]
[How to Responsibly Report on Mental Illness]
Runtime: 25:37


Spill - 3 måneder siden
This is the final part in our series on the #FreeBritney movement—make sure to watch Part 1 and 2:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Let us know what our next series should be! 🍵
Izzy R
Izzy R - 12 dager siden
verdi agasi
verdi agasi - 2 måneder siden
when part 4?
Anne Celine Blomberg
Anne Celine Blomberg - 3 måneder siden
JHope watches nisekoi
JHope watches nisekoi - 3 måneder siden
Can you a documentary thingy on Michael Jackson or brooke shields plss
Iza :3
Iza :3 - 3 måneder siden
Yy tetep
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 3 dager siden
I know how to pronounce everything
skksks andioop lol
skksks andioop lol - 3 dager siden
I know it all
Luna Malefica
Luna Malefica - 5 dager siden
This rabbit hole goes deep. It feels like they are drugging her and oppressing her purely for the money, as they probably have been since she was 15. Make her look crazy, throw her in mental institutions, and continue profiting off of her. As a person whom was also thrown into a mental institution purely on the whims of my mom and former stepdad, I can imagine how frustrated and lonely she must feel; only compounded and made worse when her own family fails to defend her and willingly look away from the situation. I sincerely hope that she can regain her independence and freedom soon...
sminkle - 6 dager siden
They've extended her conservatorship for the 4th time at the end of 2020. Now it's extended until Sept 2021.
Ryan A
Ryan A - 6 dager siden
《• Adley animations •》
Should i be concerned about the fact my last name is spears? No joke it really is.
E&E allAround
E&E allAround - 10 dager siden
I think she had personal problem but not sick ...I think her dad n everyone who made money of her...her ex- husband was nothing but a back up dancer to her nothing( money wise) I think they just used her....I hope she free by now! awful!
GOP Khap
GOP Khap - 10 dager siden
Wonder why Justin Bieber acting crazy
Lizzie Kurzawa
Lizzie Kurzawa - 10 dager siden
OK Miss Jamie spears and nothing is wrong with Britney then why is she posting on every Instagram post the same picture the same time the same place the same everything the same outfit nothing changes NOTHING!
Nicolishoss - 11 dager siden
She's a grown woman who's made her own money. I'd be fuming making millions and have some1 else tell me what i can spend it on. I think her dads jst a gold digger
Jessica Drake
Jessica Drake - 14 dager siden
My mom tells me when she looks at her insta that her makeup is weird and does not seem right... I feel like this weird stuff is something her dad is making her do to seem like she is having another breakdown so he cannot lose control of her.
Toby Sainsbury
Toby Sainsbury - 15 dager siden
lovgoddess - 19 dager siden
Conservatorship, specially when family is involved, is extremely complicated, and even when you're involved directly from the inside, I don't know why anyone in the outside can have a clear understanding of what's really going on. It's so heartbreaking to hear how much of Britney's privacy gets violated. What's hard to swallow, is that most of us just want to find an answer on ways to help Britney and many others with Mental Health conditions. GAH!!!!
Yajaira Gonzalez
Yajaira Gonzalez - 20 dager siden
BILLY was DONE with all of y’all
alierengam - 25 dager siden
help I've fallen and cant get up i need @someone
william Lemus
william Lemus - 27 dager siden
She can't even go to a pennie store
Goga Gogic
Goga Gogic - 27 dager siden
She s closed all this time??? Anyone ask her something??
Allee Fleming
Allee Fleming - 27 dager siden
Jamie Spears: "We don't want those kinds of fans"
THERE IS NO "WE" in BRITNEY SPEARS. The fact that he thinks it's a WE speaks volumes about how he perceives himself. Bruuuh you have no fans, believe me.
Allee Fleming
Allee Fleming - 27 dager siden
She's never had the *OPPORTUNITY* to do "every day tasks". How freaking frustrating and demeaning to assume she cannot figure out how to manage her OWN LIFE. How defeating that must feel. "You're not capable of doing simple things because you haven't ever done them." IF SHE'S CAPABLE OF TOURING THE WORLD, LEARNING ROUTINES, ETC.–SHE CAN LEARN TO DO EVERYDAY TASKS.
Allee Fleming
Allee Fleming - 27 dager siden
God this is frustrating even for me. She's a very smart and CAPABLE WOMAN. Get these controlling fraudsters she calls 'family' AWAY FROM HER
i love sunghoon
i love sunghoon - 29 dager siden
this is actually sick, britney is a human too - not an object to make money out of
Tata Beha
Tata Beha - 29 dager siden
Britney's Ignorant Uneducated and Mentally ILL "fans" will get her more hurt than her actual legal supporters.
Wicked Vibrations
Wicked Vibrations - Måned siden
Definitely a case of Stockholms imo
xkoosh - Måned siden
The Conservatorship should have been dropped when she returned to work. Family members would still have the ability to 302 her if she was a threat to herself or anyone without a conservatorship. She has the right to spend her money till she go broke like all the other celebrities.
tracy lee moss
tracy lee moss - Måned siden
Her rocking in the second video sign of serious anxietal stress , the quick unemotional static tone in her RSP d words...and the very dark circles undereyes... exactly in line with Amanda Bines actions
Dior Spears
Dior Spears - Måned siden
this is sad, Britney used to be my idol bc we shared last names but then she was my dol and still is because kind and caring she is. And it hurts to see someone I love, hurt .
Tammy_South-African - Måned siden
This situation reminds me of the black mirror last episode with Miley Cyrus.
xSoulEateer - Måned siden
Man... what a strong woman i can't believe she's still standing on her feets... wow
Rachael Reid
Rachael Reid - Måned siden
She's being used as a cash cow for her dad and everyone involved. Her money is hers, she earned it not them, she should be allowed to do what she likes with it. Yes she needs support and help to keep her mental health on an even keel but she absolutely doesn't need to be treated like a 5 year old. She needs help to live an independent life, not kept from ever being allowed to be her own woman
uejj3 hj2j2j
uejj3 hj2j2j - Måned siden
This is SCARY stuff😢...........
A - Måned siden
take Britney's journey and replace her figure with Di Caprio, Adam Levine, or any male artist that is highly successful and rich - -- could you imagine it? no? cause it would never stand.
Evan Romeu
Evan Romeu - Måned siden
I don’t know who to trust
Julia B.
Julia B. - Måned siden
You know she was made to change her singing voice..... Britney has been controlled all of her life. Makes sense when she was a kid and teenager, a lot of money being made. But it looks as if the conservatorship was kept in place to control her as an adult. It seems like everyone around her tries to latch onto her, in anyway possible, with the hopes of getting paid..... Managers, lawyers, boyfriends even friends. Poor woman can not trust anyone but her family and even that is debatable. I hope and pray she gets what is truly best for her well being and not what is best for everyone else's pockets.... IsA.
Alya Batrisyia
Alya Batrisyia - Måned siden
8:38 so true
RavageRaps - Måned siden
Why you censor the word “threatened”?
LMW2086 - 25 dager siden
@Ziggyzaggy 300 You mean demonetised 😀
Ziggyzaggy 300
Ziggyzaggy 300 - Måned siden
Because anything related to death and stuff might get you demonized
Meep Meep
Meep Meep - Måned siden
Can we appreciate how Spill takes the time to censor any words that might be triggering? Love your vids
Ziggyzaggy 300
Ziggyzaggy 300 - Måned siden
Nah. It's just because you might get demonized
Hailee - Måned siden
I feel so bad for her 😔
Lilith Chan
Lilith Chan - Måned siden
Anne Lappalainen
Anne Lappalainen - Måned siden
People, listen to Human Cloning Center, Donald Marshal tells us about cloning, Britney and other celebrities..
hilda majano
hilda majano - Måned siden
Dude she is a grown women; not a little kid who you can just control.
Just Josie
Just Josie - Måned siden
Lass Bass sounds like a cop out.
Matt Brooks
Matt Brooks - Måned siden
I pray that she is able to just finally have some peace in life and be free!! She absolutely deserves it
Evie170 - Måned siden
This is a form of domestic abuse. I hope justice will be done, and someone can really help Britney.
Apollo Selispeks
Apollo Selispeks - 2 måneder siden
If she needs to be under a conservatorship she should be able to have the right to discuss that herself in court and address it publicly. She should be able to have the basic rights they stripped away even within the conservatorship given back to her. Then we will be able to learn how she truly feels about it. IF she decides to share it. Let's help her! But let's not get crazy and violent and cruel! We must do this with love and compassion.
Amy Chamberlain
Amy Chamberlain - 2 måneder siden
Poor Britney..we are here for you ❤
The Lord
The Lord - 2 måneder siden
Monke Monke
Savannah - 2 måneder siden
How have I literally never learned that Britney has a brother
Andrew Ness
Andrew Ness - 2 måneder siden
Free Britney
Arr Tee
Arr Tee - 2 måneder siden
Even her sister?!?!? I truly hope Britney can get out of this.
Rainbow Jellison
Rainbow Jellison - 2 måneder siden
Project Rose???
Mas Fili
Mas Fili - 2 måneder siden
Pity her... nobody really care about her situation and nobody really listening to her needs... she only being surrounded by people who want to take advantage of her and care about her wealth and her earnings rather than her health and feelings. This include even her son... Poor Britney...
Laurens Van den Broeck
Laurens Van den Broeck - 2 måneder siden
It's true that if you have much done for you and you have barely any control, suddenly getting all control is not good. but that does NOT mean that she shouldn't be able to choose for her own.
She should be able to start making her own decisions, but take things slow
start with small things and let her learn to take the matter into her own hands. Keep a watch on her mental health, but let her choose her own path.
no one should be controlled like that, no one. mental health issues or not.
Maria Damjy
Maria Damjy - 2 måneder siden
Is there anyway we can stop this :( she deserves her own freedoms she seems %100 self sufficent!! Even if she needs a chef or whatevas she can do it on her own accord!! Free Britney!!!
Byleth Eisner
Byleth Eisner - 2 måneder siden
I think Britney just wants to live a normal life not as fame she's still a human
Albert Flores
Albert Flores - 2 måneder siden
The fact that a 40 yr old woman is being controlled is scary and surprising. I mean, God did not control Adam and Eve, and yet they are there being a parent to Britney.
kittycasino29 - 2 måneder siden
Wow, I had no idea it was this bad! I feel so bad for thinking she was crazy back in the day. I hope Britney gets her life back soon!
RIP Saebri
RIP Saebri - 2 måneder siden
nobody even knows her or her family, people only know what they see on the internet and they run with it. but something is def not right if she wants her dad out and thats not possible.
TheCrownOfHonorJR - 2 måneder siden
I don't even like her but.. Dang.. She needs out
M i l k y ༆
M i l k y ༆ - 2 måneder siden
Muslim Cheems
Muslim Cheems - 2 måneder siden
does the kettle have comk in it
Diba Renthlei
Diba Renthlei - 2 måneder siden
She always look like she's wearing the same makeup the day eyes are beautiful but it looks dark now, sad
Quqiun - 2 måneder siden
Idk why but I can agree she looks like she's been sad or something
ari violet
ari violet - 2 måneder siden
If that letter was written by Britney, then why does the letter refer to Britney in second person? That photographer doesn’t seem honest
Dani I
Dani I - 2 måneder siden
Britney hasn't posted online since October 19th. On Instagram the photo was a repeat that we've seen time and time again, and on Twitter she just retweeted things. This is the longest stretch of no posts in over a year
Love Light and Truth
Love Light and Truth - 2 måneder siden
Let her be free
Mary L Martin
Mary L Martin - 2 måneder siden
Agreed she should have control but someone to still be there
Szymon W.
Szymon W. - 2 måneder siden
I really hope she will get better and independent or protected by law system- as far it seems more like oppression.
/Drummerchick2003\ - 2 måneder siden
That note don't look copied looks like the original
Angle_Of_ Darkness
Angle_Of_ Darkness - 2 måneder siden
Dude if she wants replace her father thats her right
itsgracei - 2 måneder siden
Honestly this shouldn't be that hard. Britney wants freedom or more freedom. The family seems to agree on the conservitership ok... Maybe it is what's best. The thing is WHY?
Lesley Cantorna
Lesley Cantorna - 2 måneder siden
So unfair 😒
Karma geddon
Karma geddon - 2 måneder siden
is there any update?
Just Josie
Just Josie - 2 måneder siden
So in #2 of the series, the free Brittney petition made it to the White House. Then what happened?
Just Josie
Just Josie - 2 måneder siden
What makes Lance Bass an expert?
Skysthelimit212 - 2 måneder siden
Woah what Janet Jackson gave her baby to her brother?! Hold on can we talk about this?!
AC Rush
AC Rush - 9 dager siden
Lol. I've scrolled down all this way to FINALLY find someone else who is thinking the same thing? 😂! Guess we gonna have to Google that... 😜
Ashleighe Simpson
Ashleighe Simpson - 2 måneder siden
The ACLU needs to help her. She can’t vote which is a right even for those with severe developmental disabilities.
Also, the lawyers saying she’s “like” a comatose patient , well, if that’s the case then why isn’t her bf arrested for taking advantage of her, and why can her father force her to work if she can’t consent. Hmmm... it’s all sus and really really tragic playing out in front of all of us.
Marsa - 2 måneder siden
She should have a neutral fiduciary, simple as that.
Jean Dixson
Jean Dixson - 2 måneder siden
I do I think Britney had some issues and now the money is why she is being held for ransom
Jayna Marie Arsenault The Certifiable One
Mildred - 2 måneder siden
i bet if something happened and she stopped earning money they’d let her go
Sherry Thomas
Sherry Thomas - 2 måneder siden
That's the whole point of not working anymore.
teresa duffy
teresa duffy - 3 måneder siden
You must have done a lot of work to put theae videos out. You did a great job and I like how you posted all your sources
teresa duffy
teresa duffy - 3 måneder siden
Her brother made sense. Nobody knows what's going on. Also, imagine if this was in your family. So many people speculate.
her friend who made the instagram post is awesome too. She is a human. She's beautiful and strong and if she wants to be in control with people that care to help when needed, then let her. I don't know enough.
He made the best post ever.
teresa duffy
teresa duffy - 3 måneder siden
Watch the video for everytime. That is my all-time favorite britney song
Genesis Rebecca
Genesis Rebecca - 3 måneder siden
we need steady britney updates 🙏🏼
Megan Job
Megan Job - 3 måneder siden
My parents are OVERLY controlling. 99% of it is my Mom. She manipulates the situation saying I NEED protection because of the "dangers of the world"(which it can be pretty dangerous BUT she OVER exaggerates). Meanwhile she knows VERY well that I know how to deal with situations most people don't know how to deal with. I have also been in MANY abusive relationship's in the past, whether it was friend's or.... family... And let me just say this Brittney Spears is in a OBVIOUSLY VERY abusive and controlling relationship with her father. But sadly people are just to blind to see that or don't realize it because they have never experienced being abused or controlled.
N I Q O L E - 3 måneder siden
People actually care if she wears the same clothes more than once? Sheesh!
Kayla Morton
Kayla Morton - 3 måneder siden
She looks like peeta in the hunger games when he got kidnapped and tortured after every video he looked worse and worse.
Short Dreams
Short Dreams - 3 måneder siden
She needs to escape like run away take money and make a new identity then wait 2 years and come back and see the differences
John M
John M - 3 måneder siden
This entire BS is a crime against humanity.
【Tatsk00 MMD】
【Tatsk00 MMD】 - 3 måneder siden
yeah, i remember back when i was a kid they called her crazy, and that she was crazy because she 'was too famous and didn't know what to do with all the money she had'
i'm gonna graduate uni soon and things JUST start to come to light? and not even the whole truth yet. it's been that long. thats awful
Pepper the dogo Deal
Pepper the dogo Deal - 3 måneder siden
Wow,this is the first Brittney Spears video
I’ve just Woow
Stephanie Fortney
Stephanie Fortney - 3 måneder siden
God bless us all amen trust in Him and love and help one another
Alexandria Hatcher
Alexandria Hatcher - 3 måneder siden
It’s honestly pathetic what a family does within itself for the riches. She’s a 40 something year old woman, not a child incapable of taking care of herself. It’s about time to stop taking advantage of her.
Alexandria Hatcher
Alexandria Hatcher - 3 måneder siden
@beast mode25 oh my bad.
beast mode25
beast mode25 - 3 måneder siden
She's 38
The Procrastination Artist
The Procrastination Artist - 3 måneder siden
Upperclass Conservative parenting sounds soooo fun. :/
Sharon Bodimeade
Sharon Bodimeade - 3 måneder siden
Absolutely nobody cares about her, other than her being their cash cow. It seems that nobody is actually working with and for her to become independent. They are all too concerned about controlling her and they are scared that she actually WILL be able to cope if she regains her freedom. The way she’s been treated is absolutely disgusting
Sara Bernes
Sara Bernes - 3 måneder siden
I hope Britney stays strong, and one day - lets us all know the truth🙏
Jon JD Dez
Jon JD Dez - 3 måneder siden
Yes free Britney she would probably be spending more money on Chanel and clothes and be even more fabulous
Lady Maga USA
Lady Maga USA - 3 måneder siden
Breaks. My. Heart.
Robert Green
Robert Green - 3 måneder siden
I'm sad for her
wavygirljessie - 3 måneder siden
I don't understand the part about the zoom call. I teach on zoom and I have to actually let the children in and accept them. And I can also kick people out if I want too 🤔🤔