The Hidden Signs Left by Robin Williams in His Final Days. We've All Missed Them.

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Robin Williams was a beloved comedian, actor, and entertainer. And his sudden death shocked millions of fans around the world. To people outside of Robin's inner circle, this came out of nowhere. But to those who knew him best, it had been brewing for a long time.
In this series, we'll explore what really happened, and why the truth is more confusing than what meets the eye.
Part 2:
Robin by Dave Itzkoff:
Runtime: 24:32


Crazy Sinbiote
Crazy Sinbiote - Time siden
Shii i called that 2 months b4 he offed hiself to many signs js
Bill Smith
Bill Smith - Time siden
Life gets less funny as old age and mortality become more prominent.
Marc Begg
Marc Begg - 4 timer siden
The Fisher King
Atypical Male
Atypical Male - 4 timer siden
My dad was misdiagnosed with Parkinsons. Honestly doctors don't know enough about other brain disorders to differentiate them from Parkinsons. So they just blanket them as Parkinsons until proven otherwise.
M Howard
M Howard - 5 timer siden
Robin Williams, is his name. Not Robin William... therefore, when speaking about the family, it'd be spelled Williams', as in the Williams' family...js
Marie-Ève Canuel
Marie-Ève Canuel - 6 timer siden
Everything in this just sounds like parkinsons dementia, must be tough
KryptonianAI - 6 timer siden
Signs are ignored. No one pays attention until something breaks.
Makeshift Virus
Makeshift Virus - 7 timer siden
Sounds like severe alzeihmere disease lack of feeling and desensitization coupled with the constant delusions and asking the same questions over and over again like “the time” and for some people it’s incredibly scary and they can’t take the feeling of being robbe: of their mental faculties after being in control of their mind all their life.... I have a grandpa who suffers the same thing with the same frustration .....
Wendy Lott
Wendy Lott - 8 timer siden
It's so sad that like many stars, he was surrounded by all the wrong people. He just wanted to feel something, anything. Poor man just wanted love and companionship and no one around him could truly be bothered. I know exactly how it feels. I can understand how he must've felt it at least been in the ballpark. I wish I could have known him and been there for him. His passing is something I don't think I'll ever get over.
Vidit Jain
Vidit Jain - 9 timer siden
What always makes me mad is how people see the signs, get concerned yet still dismiss it as nothing or personal and something that's none of their business. Like dude, if you know someone whose personality has drastically changed and you're someone who has been in constant contact with that person in some way or other, just sit down with them and talk.
Vee Cambo
Vee Cambo - 10 timer siden
Robin William will always be one of the most best comedy man I know. will and always is still a FAN
LifeAsLauren - 11 timer siden
I will always remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news of him taking his own life. He was such a bright light in this world.
Beau Sorensen
Beau Sorensen - 11 timer siden
I remember the day he passed away. It was very sad and I never weeped for a celebrity before he was a huge part of my childhood. He was an amazing talent
Jaco Tromp
Jaco Tromp - 12 timer siden
Most people forget or deny it in themselves that these stars are just human beings. They also suffer from depression, anxiety and bad times. Robin talked a lot about his depression, but we all missed it. People with depression and who is suicidal ALWAYS talk about it, but they do it through jokes, or will always laugh it off. I know this, because I do it. I am always talking about my depression, always talking about how I want to end my life, but nobody takes it seriously. I am not angry or disappointed in them, because they all have theirnown problems and issues. I feel sorry for Robin, and I truly hope he has found the peace he wanted and needed from this life that was a constant thunderstorm inside himself.
Simon Geist
Simon Geist - 13 timer siden
How's it hanging guys?? Biden 2020!
Earl Gray
Earl Gray - 14 timer siden
I wish Robin Williams could have furthered his career in dramatic roles the way similar to the way that Tom Hanks and Will Smith did. In the 2000's the kind of comedic films Williams made in the 80s and 90s were dying out. All that was left were raunchy comedies and light-hearted superhero movies.
Billy Meadows
Billy Meadows - 15 timer siden
Mieka Degerness
Mieka Degerness - 16 timer siden
Robin Williams was a great actor . Robin how to make People laugh . So sad he suffered like this . May He Rest in Peace
Peta Ribbon
Peta Ribbon - 17 timer siden
God bless Robin/family
Toribot - 19 timer siden
You speak fast and loud makes your voice high annoying
Good information thought thank you
Perry Cuenot
Perry Cuenot - 19 timer siden
I met him at the Cleveland Clinic in 2009 he was there for some cardiac procedures!! This man was more concerned with what was going on with me! Like we had been friends forever!! Robin was a truly compassionate person and cared about everyone around him!! He talked to me for about ten minutes that day!! When he passed it felt like I lost a family member!! That day Robin and myself were scheduled for procedures around the same time! A chance meeting that I will always cherish!! God rest his soul!!
Lisa McWilliams
Lisa McWilliams - 20 timer siden
Great entertainer, i miss him but know his depression all too well! 😫😪
Zachary Devan
Zachary Devan - 21 time siden
He didn't owe us anything.
raynarayskye - 22 timer siden
The fact that there's an ad on this is disgusting
NiteRida - Dag siden
If you were paying attention, you would see that Chris Reeve’s accident devastated Robin. Once Chris died, he was completely destroyed.
John Roberts
John Roberts - Dag siden
Leave the man alone and let him rest. This is not cool at all he was a troubled man. I don’t watch this video. Just wow the balls on some people
Daniel Fronc
Daniel Fronc - Dag siden
Heck, you don't need to listen to a part two of this story to know what was afflicting Williams. His rigidity and it being in either one arm or two is a 100% spot on pathopnemonic symptom of Parkinson's disease. That he had comorbid mental degredation, especially severe depression, and what presented as dementia are classic signs and symptoms of how someone who was suffering from parkinsons, etc. and who didn't necessarily know why but just knew he was suffering terribly can fall to pieces. All his family members, wife, best friends, co-workers, etc. all saying they saw it in spades just points to how those with depression due to numerous degenerative diseases can be cyclic yet not knowing what to do is classic Hollywood. He sorely needed an intervention, with even admission against his will to a specialty neuro-psychiatric facility. However, not one of all who saw it had the care to set up an intervention. Hollywood friends are the very least reliable people to have in your corner.
Gabriel Henrique
Gabriel Henrique - Dag siden
11:23 *I don't know how to be funny*
Yeah we know, that joke about Brazil buying the Olympiads with drugs wasn't funny at all.
Daniel Fronc
Daniel Fronc - Dag siden
A red light should have gone off when he and his "loving wife" were sleeping in separate beds (something not uncommon in the 1940's -1950's) but truly pretty rare in this day and age. That they were doing so in separate bedrooms in the 21st century should have been a HUGE red light to any therapist or psychiatrist he was seeing, and it was well known that in his youth his great creativity was largely fueled by mania. That and that life tends to grind everyone to dust sooner or later.
tarcms - Dag siden
The Devil got him Hollywood is Evil
DaLulusMama - Dag siden
My heart broke all over again 😢
Bridgette- Ann
Bridgette- Ann - Dag siden
Could he of been a part of the isaac kappy internet team 3 of them were hung also along with Epstein
Angel_eyes65 - Dag siden
He needed Jesus
Onyxian Massacre
Onyxian Massacre - Dag siden
Old Goat
Old Goat - Dag siden
I'm just a hard working man.....Robin made me forget about work, the bills, everyday problems. He made me laugh, and anxious to hear is next line. His movies were spectacular. I WILL MISS HIM, and he is a loss to the world.
Darrin Nunyah
Darrin Nunyah - Dag siden
Im 55 and Ive known a lot of celebrity deaths in my time, but none affected me like the passing of Robin Williams. I grew up, went to war, got married, had children. got divorced and got married again...while watching his comedy. He was practically like having a loveable, manic uncle in my family. To kmow that a man who had brought so much joy and laughter to the world...spent his last days in still very very sad to me. He deserved better. Rest in well-deserved peace, Robin.
Tara Harrison
Tara Harrison - Dag siden
How can you be doing bad financially after 165000 an episode? One episode would solve every problem I had practically. :/ sighhh. regardless,
Rip rw
Mern Iez
Mern Iez - Dag siden
Anxiety and depression can manifest into extreme physical ailments that most people, *including doctors* do not recognize or connect 😔
It's actually the reason for most addictions.
It happened to me and I've seen it happen the other people..
NOBODY understands, EVERYONE thinks you're a hypochondriac..
so, you stop speaking up, stop seeking help and eventually.. either give up on trying or give up all together.
We NEED positive human connections.
Shelby - Dag siden
hellywoods grip is purely evil...
Vihree Linja
Vihree Linja - Dag siden
clearly hes parkinson had been eating him a loong time and everybody around him tryna milk more cash and for sure reasuring him hes ok and doing the hollywood woodoo routine rather than going to a real doctor as a real doctor spotted his parkinson over a basketball field.
Carolyn Mercer
Carolyn Mercer - Dag siden
Thank you for the story. I only wish people that make these videos would stop having different people in them that are not related it does nothing for authenticity. Robin you are missed.
Adeeb M
Adeeb M - Dag siden
Illuminate 👹☠
OTR Gunner
OTR Gunner - Dag siden
He was a good actor yet alot of people don't know the reality that alot of actors sold their soul for fame and fortune when their time is up this is the reality.
Cathy Waller
Cathy Waller - Dag siden
Oh Robin, Robin😔😔.......
Celah Johnson
Celah Johnson - Dag siden
I love Robin. He was very funny. I'm sorry.
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez - Dag siden
Brittany Murphy's death hurt me so much, when she passed, Robin spoke so lovely about her. It saddened me that two talented people are gone
Victoria - Dag siden
People can only encourage you so far then leave because they have their own lives with problems too. Robin needed to be in a mental hospital for attention ❤ care.
Songs By Lance
Songs By Lance - Dag siden
This man brought me alot of happiness and laughs! To hear how distraught and tormented Robin was is crushing. Rip U beautiful soul, Robin Williams 🙏
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor - Dag siden
You sure talk fast!
Shelby Burgoyne
Shelby Burgoyne - Dag siden
It almost sounds like he was getting onset dementia, as well as his anxiety. His job was everything and he was losing himself :(
Jennifer Scorpio
Jennifer Scorpio - Dag siden
It's hard when you're a naturally hilarious person and you have sharp memory and talents that come so easily to you. Especially when you already feel like your self worth is nonexistent and you were put here for others not yourself.
Then you magically lose the only personality traits that bring you human connection.
Then you have a debilitating disease that you poor alcohol and Psych meds on top of. I've been there... it's a dark hole without a ladder. Thankfully after year's of help and realizing, Even though I may never be my old self, I will learn how to love my new self. Times change and so do we.
Delete This
Delete This - Dag siden
"HELLYWOOD" has taken many of the GREATS......sad
Ephesians 2: Verse 8,9
Robin was k illed by his pathetic nanny.
lemonheaded utuber
lemonheaded utuber - Dag siden
He is the one who kept me happy this year I watched alot of his movies he was in for not only mourning his death I could tell that he was upset when he was night before the museum
Josette Berryhill
Josette Berryhill - Dag siden
I haven't seen episode 2 yet. But I have to say for years I think he was giving us messages. Looking back from Mork and Mindy. To one hour photo and more.. Anyway. I seen signs. I love you dearly Mr Williams. Mr Robin Williams..Mork from Ork..
The Somberlain
The Somberlain - Dag siden
whats the name of the song on piano?
Ally Forester
Ally Forester - Dag siden
Rest in peace Robin.
Kristie Brown
Kristie Brown - Dag siden
That is how i feel after 2020. I dont know how to laugh anymore how to find happiness.
alsuncat - Dag siden
Robin passed away in 2014. A friend told me that he had passed. When the news came on TV I turned it off. When the talk shows brought him up, I turned them off. Six years have gone by and it's the first time I felt I could handle listening about him. I was wrong.
King Unda
King Unda - Dag siden
It was a case of a once in-demand actor struggling coming to terms with being a has-been.
Charles Darwin provided the ultimate solution.
ricky tricky
ricky tricky - Dag siden
did he have a nervous breakdown?
Paul Austin
Paul Austin - Dag siden
Long time ago I heard his voice and seen his films and still there is hope thereto be had modernation
K8 B
K8 B - Dag siden
Lewy body dementia is rapidly progressing, and directly impacts our logic and decision making abilities and ability to manage our mood. God bless. It is no ones fault, but the fault of the disease.
drewski 15
drewski 15 - Dag siden
😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔 almost 7 years since that day and it still hurts alot that he's gone
Judith Bissett
Judith Bissett - Dag siden
Hes not dead
He faked it to go into
The government protection act.
Yall are gonna just mess your pants when you see who all is alive and who has been executed.
Sooooo much.
Buckle up
Hello Micheal,
JFK jr
Maralyn Monroe
Gen Flynn's mother
President Kennedy is his father.
Jackie O.
Anthony Bourdain.
Joan Rivers
Martin Luther King
Just think of all the strange so called deaths. Nope
They are truth tellers.
We are all called conspiacy theorist.
Created by the CIA to make truth tellers truth look crazy.
We are the true modern day profits. and truth is the thing is the evils biggest fear.
The truth is setting humankind free.
Right now
Potus trump is our 19
Michelle Compton
Michelle Compton - 2 dager siden
Half way through, i'd say diabetes
Toni McCambridge Vallo
Toni McCambridge Vallo - 2 dager siden
What a loss 💞😢😢
AC Love
AC Love - 2 dager siden
At first I was thinking he may have parkinson's because of the rigidity. Sakit ng mga oldies talaga.
Wag din balewalain ang depression. So sad.
ancadaniela spataru
ancadaniela spataru - 2 dager siden
Maybe he got suicided
Christ Powell
Christ Powell - 2 dager siden
I think he was murdered,and we need to look at his wife.
Amanda - 2 dager siden
24 minutes is so long of a video.
K King
K King - 2 dager siden
If your Brain gets like this, and you can't get help~ Please Research taking Methylated B vitamins and Get help from a Nutritionalist, or a Functional Medical doctor.
Karen DeGenerous
Karen DeGenerous - 2 dager siden
Well researched and a pleasantly worded ode to the larger-than-life Mr Amazing Robin Williams, and the reader has nice voice, but, there were far to many edited cuts, no pauses between many readings, so it was like one tribute etc went into the next and into the next, which is very irrational, because nobody speaks like that, and it ends up looking like a rushed job, which is not good for anything, but particularly on an ode to a brilliant man who has died.
Shablé - 2 dager siden
Robin was way deeper than a clown. Mime is how he started, but if you look closely at his dramatic roles, you can see how complex and brilliant he was, not just a man with a big heart but issues within his inner self
SN L - 2 dager siden
I get it.
elijah Djinn
elijah Djinn - 2 dager siden
R.i.P Robin williams you ARE and will always be one of the greatest may a candle always burn for you
Anna D
Anna D - Dag siden
wanda crump
wanda crump - 2 dager siden
It still hurt me to my heart that he's gone, growing up watching Robbin Williams, he will be remembered and sooo missed
BëllëNome7xChanson - 2 dager siden
Yeah ok
BëllëNome7xChanson - 2 dager siden
And when you don't want to comply anymore they start to threaten your career, your life. Like old saying goes.

The devil came to collect.
Go watch Richard prior roast , where richard was outing out some of them peoples business, Robin Williams was at the table. Richard went in on everybody. They all smiled and laughed it off but at certain points in the video , they looked at him like he lost his mind.
Dank Boi
Dank Boi - 2 dager siden
Legends know him from Jumanji 😔✊
SBQQM Twitterprofile
SBQQM Twitterprofile - 2 dager siden
He’s alive dummies don’t listen to this garbage. He escaped
Nova Nero
Nova Nero - 2 dager siden
What’s sad is that the majority of people today underestimate the value of time bc they’re too busy being distracted by worldly things. Most people are also so self-absorbed that they can’t see when someone’s hurting on the inside bc they’re overly concerned with what benefits themselves. Yeah, Robin may have been surrounded by many many people, but what quality of people? I’d rather be surrounded by poor folks with good intentions than vain rich people.... not saying everyone around him was like that, but...... the man obviously felt very alone in this world.😔❤️
SBQQM Twitterprofile
SBQQM Twitterprofile - 2 dager siden
I get it💯
R Littlejohn
R Littlejohn - 2 dager siden
It doesn't seem possible. Its like Santa not showing up for Christmas.
R Littlejohn
R Littlejohn - 2 dager siden
Crying on the inside and smiling on the outside.
R Littlejohn
R Littlejohn - 2 dager siden
Tortured genius.
Vic tacey ettle
Vic tacey ettle - 2 dager siden
He broke the mould when you need him he made him very special we've never had a friend like him
SisterInChrist - 2 dager siden
My father, who died two years ago of emphysema, most of his life suffered from bipolar and manic depression and I saw the toll that it would take on him mentally and even physically. It's a chemical imbalance in the brain
Marko Feller
Marko Feller - 2 dager siden
'night at met' is my most favorite stand up act ever
trina De
trina De - 2 dager siden
Alcohol and drugs, another washup who went off the deep end. Everything he did in life caught up with his brain and body.
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez - Dag siden
You don't know that
Tamara Kennedy
Tamara Kennedy - 2 dager siden
If he had none of those what was it?
Tamara Kennedy
Tamara Kennedy - 2 dager siden
Did he have contact with someone daily that fed him insecurities if he didnt want to go to parties how much did his wife want to be socializing is this why she failed to stay in the apt while he was filming?
Tamara Kennedy
Tamara Kennedy - 2 dager siden
Tamara Kennedy
Tamara Kennedy - 2 dager siden
SBQQM Twitterprofile
SBQQM Twitterprofile - 2 dager siden
Tamara Kennedy
Tamara Kennedy - 2 dager siden
Lithium causes the plaques and tangles of the neurons that are responsible for Parkinsons and dementia.
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez - Dag siden
Is that true?
Rossy Z
Rossy Z - 2 dager siden
The only truth I see is that he was murdered. Everyone was probably told what to say to make him look incompetent, I'll, and unmotivated.
Liberty - 2 timer siden
Rossy Z I agree with you and I think you know a lot of information that a lot of us know but most people are asleep and don't know what is really happening in the real world.
Wouter - 2 dager siden
This is such a weird video, are a lot videos mostly made by computer programs that just stick images together relating to things said in the text or something?
We're being told a sad story about one of the most beloved people on the planet and at some point the narrator talks about Robin keeping watches in socks and I'm watching someone who's stuck in a cardboard box wiggling their feet with white socks and I'm like: what on earth am I watching here??
Posty - 2 dager siden
Wow i can't even believe it was 2014... it seems like it happened around 2018. That movie jumanji is still my favorit. sometimes i even forget that hes not alive anymore. i hope if there is an after life hes doing ok there. *we love you Robin* 💖
Lopezgen Lopez
Lopezgen Lopez - 2 dager siden
It seems that nobody wants to face the inevitable. He is at the stage in life where compassion and kind understanding is much needed so he could face life and accept reality. Alzheimer’s is quite challenging for the person and family hence professional help is very important to understand the situation and learn how to deal with it.
pistol breath
pistol breath - 2 dager siden
Jeffrey star glittery boi pussi
pistol breath
pistol breath - 2 dager siden
Sounds like he was getting drugged
pistol breath
pistol breath - 2 dager siden
Did I get to sappy i must see u i doubt u plagiarized that spill i swear I hope that coffee addict beats u